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And most of them True Dough Feb 2021 #1
In Indonesia Wuling provides 3 year warranty, 5 years on the drive train. Klaralven Feb 2021 #2
More reliable, simpler design. marble falls Feb 2021 #13
More reliable? True Dough Feb 2021 #19
Standing next to each other an electrical drive system is easier to design, simpler in design ... marble falls Feb 2021 #20
Don't get me wrong True Dough Feb 2021 #21
100% more reliable Spider Jerusalem Feb 2021 #24
Did you research this at all?? Nt USALiberal Feb 2021 #7
Eh, still better build quality than Tesla sir pball Feb 2021 #18
Kinda neat... A wanna be electric Mini... Now if we could build them here in the US with US labor mitch96 Feb 2021 #3
Couldn't build and sell it here for less than $20k IMO Amishman Feb 2021 #5
I can dream, can't I?.... It would be neat if it could happen..Keep the economy here.. nt mitch96 Feb 2021 #9
Might be good for someone who drives almost exclusively in cities Amishman Feb 2021 #4
I want one!!! essaynnc Feb 2021 #8
I'd love to see tons of small minis in towns mdelaguna Feb 2021 #6
Chinese made cars edhopper Feb 2021 #10
And yet, in 'Merica, the top 3 selling vehicles in 2020 were gas guzzling trucks. Ferrets are Cool Feb 2021 #11
Guys here in Missouri have to have a truck. leftyladyfrommo Feb 2021 #26
Exactly what I need for 90% of my driving. marble falls Feb 2021 #12
Mercedes-Benz WHITT Feb 2021 #14
Looks really cheaply made, and tiny, you can get much better quality in a used Nissan Leaf for $5000 Baclava Feb 2021 #15
Smells like a Yugo. melm00se Feb 2021 #16
DAYUM! My first reaction was, "I suppose an EV version of the Yugo was inevitable!" bullwinkle428 Feb 2021 #17
The thing that caught my eye was "1.5-meters wide" wackadoo wabbit Feb 2021 #22
After a meeting in Paris, a colleague gave me a ride to the restaurant in a 1.48 meter wide car Klaralven Feb 2021 #23
$4,500? ProfessorGAC Feb 2021 #25
Is this the (old) Beetle come to electric cars? Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2021 #27
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