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71. This is the first I've heard of gun owners wanting changes in laws for their benefit.
Sat Sep 14, 2013, 02:19 PM
Sep 2013

There are already laws that limit weapons ownership - the obvious being nuclear weapons, missiles, and other heavy artillery reserved for the military. In exchange for universal background checks, mag limits, and restrictions on convicted domestic abusers owning firearms (these are the restrictions the Colorado representatives supported that got them canned), what do you think is reasonable?

Your fear of confiscation is not really reasonable given that it's not ever been brought up for serious discussion on a bill. Sure there are people who would love to see all guns confiscated from owners but since when did the extremes of an issue become the starting point of coming up with solutions to a problem. It seems to me that if there were sensible measures in place to keep guns out of the hands of people we *know* should not have them - convicted violent criminals, domestic abusers, mentally incompetent, etc. - then there would be far less outcry about the ease of access to firearms. It would protect against any movement to confiscate all guns (of which there is none - repeat, there is no movement to confiscate all guns from lawful gun owners).

So what is it you want that you do not have now that you would like to get in exchange for things such as universal background checks, mag limits, and restrictions on gun ownership for those reasons mentioned above?

Get Ready For Secession in CO Over Guns otohara Sep 2013 #1
Why do you want pro Obama districts to ceede from CO? davepc Sep 2013 #2
They Won't Be Blue After This otohara Sep 2013 #3
Or you can pull a fast one and change the rules by not allowing mail in ballots in this effort... CTyankee Sep 2013 #29
We need to make Zimmerman the posterchild of pistol owners coldmountain Sep 2013 #4
It didn't work when he was relevent... John_Carter Sep 2013 #6
I agree but you'll hear nothing but crickets from our gun enthusiasts on HIM! CTyankee Sep 2013 #31
He was YOUR poster child for gun control rl6214 Sep 2013 #40
Oh, his infamy will live on... CTyankee Sep 2013 #43
His infamy may live on but rl6214 Sep 2013 #48
Of course you are "glad" to see him over and done with. Only he clearly ISN'T, is he? CTyankee Sep 2013 #49
It was a victory Turbineguy Sep 2013 #5
But tonight they sleep soundly in their beds, safe from the hoards of liberals who might otherwise gtar100 Sep 2013 #7
They sleep soundly having reminded their legislators whom they represent badtoworse Sep 2013 #27
It all comes as a package. Republicans do not support any of those issues. They are all about the gtar100 Sep 2013 #37
There are plenty of Democrats that support RKBA badtoworse Sep 2013 #50
Hey, I support the right to keep and bear arms too but not indiscriminately. gtar100 Sep 2013 #62
This message was self-deleted by its author Koko Ware Sep 2013 #68
Man, did you misread my post. Unless you meant to respond to the person gtar100 Sep 2013 #69
A couple of points in response badtoworse Sep 2013 #70
This is the first I've heard of gun owners wanting changes in laws for their benefit. gtar100 Sep 2013 #71
What I would want in exchange? badtoworse Sep 2013 #73
Regarding the politics of this recall, I think the issue is more complex than two reps getting their gtar100 Sep 2013 #72
No reasonable person supports threats of violence in a political process badtoworse Sep 2013 #74
But pro gun Dems are a shrinking minority coldmountain Sep 2013 #65
If it was that simple, why did they change the rules on the mail in balloting? CTyankee Sep 2013 #47
What difference does that make? Both sides were subject to the same rules. badtoworse Sep 2013 #52
It's a voter suppression tactic, designed to get the minority a win. CTyankee Sep 2013 #54
I didn't follow it closely enough to know whether it was legitimate or not. badtoworse Sep 2013 #57
the facts in this case are pretty clear. CTyankee Sep 2013 #58
AWBs are risky propositions for Democrats aikoaiko Sep 2013 #8
That's what the NRA keeps telling us SecularMotion Sep 2013 #9
And rational democrats. aikoaiko Sep 2013 #10
And election results. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #11
And trolls. SecularMotion Sep 2013 #14
troll on dear, SecMo. aikoaiko Sep 2013 #20
Only if you consider outing NRA shills as "trolling" SecularMotion Sep 2013 #21
Is that what you think you do? aikoaiko Sep 2013 #23
Please explain the mechanism by which citing election results is shilling. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #25
Bill Clinton is an NRA shill? oldhippie Sep 2013 #32
No - that is what election results keep telling us. nt hack89 Sep 2013 #12
Bloomberg outspent the NRA 6:1 rl6214 Sep 2013 #42
Sadly, it wasn't even an AWB. sir pball Sep 2013 #60
This argument is perhaps the weakest in favor of gun control. Bazinga Sep 2013 #13
Bullshit TheMastersNemesis Sep 2013 #15
Apparently. Bazinga Sep 2013 #16
Well played Fla_Democrat Sep 2013 #33
And I see you started early. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #39
You are right warrant46 Sep 2013 #24
They Come From The Same Element That Is OK Attacking The Vulnerable. TheMastersNemesis Sep 2013 #34
I understand where you are coming from warrant46 Sep 2013 #46
People who endorse self-defense want to keep people vulnerable? Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #55
This lack of self-awareness goes to 11. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #28
Nice. Your humanity is overwhelming. aikoaiko Sep 2013 #30
I'm pretty much in favor of a universal RKBA; but I'm thinking TMN shouldn't be allowed to own guns. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #56
The irony meter...is asplode! Lizzie Poppet Sep 2013 #35
Who are you saying can't be reasoned with? Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle. badtoworse Sep 2013 #36
And another bunch of baseless accusations. rl6214 Sep 2013 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author wild bird Sep 2013 #59
Nicely-stated. Welcome to DU! n/t appal_jack Sep 2013 #17
Great post. (n/t) spin Sep 2013 #18
At least in NH, the gun huggers make a convincing argument Mopar151 Sep 2013 #19
PPOTD... ileus Sep 2013 #38
Nice job. So much repeating the same, and wanting a different solution. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #41
Sour grapes. They were smart enough to win the election. badtoworse Sep 2013 #22
Apparently they were also outspent by Bloomberg et al 6 to 1 warrant46 Sep 2013 #26
What's worseforus Democrats is we had our troops out door-to-door. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #45
Gun control should be dropped as a priority by Democrats badtoworse Sep 2013 #53
"Guns" didn't appear in the national Democratic Platform before 1968... Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #64
... rrneck Sep 2013 #51
They used peaceful, legal, democratic process. GreenStormCloud Sep 2013 #61
Gee...if only we consulted you before every decision. NaturalHigh Sep 2013 #63
SAdly, they own Congress Yandorio Sep 2013 #66
And ordered to move to Wyoming or Idaho Koko Ware Sep 2013 #67
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