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15. they should lose health care for themselves, their families and staffs
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 09:36 AM
Oct 2013

they wanted to cut Obamacare - that seems like a reasonable place to start - and end.

a rock pie sounds appropriate too. n/t Whisp Oct 2013 #1
A tee-shirt and a baseball cap to match would be a better compromise Coyotl Oct 2013 #8
I AGREE 100% SEND IN THE MARSHALS! dreampunk Oct 2013 #48
lol! HappyMe Oct 2013 #2
A time out. NuclearDem Oct 2013 #3
poop. give them poop. Lil Missy Oct 2013 #4
A wedgie. MgtPA Oct 2013 #5
The finger mmonk Oct 2013 #6
I think a recommendation from the 60's remains DonViejo Oct 2013 #7
Heh... I still have the album MgtPA Oct 2013 #10
LOL. Me too! eom DonViejo Oct 2013 #12
Kay and Arr. n/t L0oniX Oct 2013 #33
i was thinking of a hankie n/t librechik Oct 2013 #9
Anybody see The Help? MiniMe Oct 2013 #11
Love it! mountain grammy Oct 2013 #13
Stutzman sounds like a 5 year old getting ready to throw a tantrum in the checkout line ... Myrina Oct 2013 #14
Ya know what the problem is with this site? Jackpine Radical Oct 2013 #30
they should lose health care for themselves, their families and staffs rurallib Oct 2013 #15
My cats have generously offered . . . Brigid Oct 2013 #16
Ha! Even better! (nt) PotatoChip Oct 2013 #18
mine are throwing in justabob Oct 2013 #21
Lol! Perfect! PotatoChip Oct 2013 #17
How about....an indictment? Half-Century Man Oct 2013 #19
This ^^^^^ and since *they* don't wanna close Gitmo... Amonester Oct 2013 #24
Yeah on their way out! florida08 Oct 2013 #20
Give them discounted tickets to see "Atlas Shrugged II" at the DC Multiplex. Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #22
That's prohibited by the Constitution. Brigid Oct 2013 #46
Heh Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #47
I'm not generally in favor of negotiation on this but a2liberal Oct 2013 #23
Here's Michael Corleone With Your Offer Of Compromise, Republicans ChoppinBroccoli Oct 2013 #25
Just let them defund ACORN again MSMITH33156 Oct 2013 #26
I think an appropriate reward landolfi Oct 2013 #27
A kick in the ass out the door would work for them....!! nt MADem Oct 2013 #28
I think something better would be Thav Oct 2013 #29
Or Jackpine Radical Oct 2013 #31
How about a chemical peel and some botox to sweeten the deal? nt Zorra Oct 2013 #32
Marlin Stutzman ...the new batshit crazy replacement! L0oniX Oct 2013 #34
In this case, it should be spelled "stoopid" ffr Oct 2013 #35
I'm thinking more a package of Earl Gray tea, wrapped in a note that says "go *&%$ yourselves" av8rdave Oct 2013 #36
Don't waste good tea (Earl Gray) on those jerks bigbrother05 Oct 2013 #44
As long as they don't fit, I am OK with that. Motown_Johnny Oct 2013 #37
And a bag of sand and a hammer. nt awoke_in_2003 Oct 2013 #38
I year's supply of dihydrogen monoxide krispos42 Oct 2013 #39
I'll give them my pony. bluesbassman Oct 2013 #40
Actually, I would give them a brown paper bag caseymoz Oct 2013 #41
What to really give the Republicans OLDMDDEM Oct 2013 #42
Tea is misspelled, bigbrother05 Oct 2013 #43
I'll throw in a fart in their general direction. TheKentuckian Oct 2013 #45
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