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Mon Oct 7, 2013, 12:34 PM Oct 2013

Does the Washington Redskins' name and logo honor Native Americans or not? [View all]

20 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, the name and logo honor Native Americans and financial proceeds go directly to Native Americans as a result
0 (0%)
Yes, the name and logo honor Native Americans but no financial proceeds go directly to Native Americans as a result
4 (20%)
No, the name and logo do not honor Native Americans and the logo was not chosen for their benefit.
16 (80%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Not until they square off against the Pale Faces BeyondGeography Oct 2013 #1
Or the Angry White Farmers. Kaleva Oct 2013 #6
The Fighting Irish are not a pro team jberryhill Oct 2013 #15
Cowboys vs. Redskins anyone? Leopolds Ghost Oct 2013 #7
The name predates the Cowboys' existence by almost 30 years Recursion Oct 2013 #75
I got no problem with the name Leopolds Ghost Oct 2013 #92
The name certainly isn't intended as an insult LittleBlue Oct 2013 #2
so how much money goes to Native Americans from the lucrative logo and name? CreekDog Oct 2013 #4
Probably none. But they are not required to LittleBlue Oct 2013 #12
but then how does it honor Native Americans if it's just to make the team money? CreekDog Oct 2013 #16
I don't think it was chosen to make the team money or honor LittleBlue Oct 2013 #18
just use what's supposed to be their name and likenesses to make money CreekDog Oct 2013 #19
They are just using a name brand they've built over 70+ years LittleBlue Oct 2013 #22
most of that history they wouldn't hire black players --is that the history they should hold onto? CreekDog Oct 2013 #29
I reject the idea that the logo is racist LittleBlue Oct 2013 #37
why am i even arguing with you? CreekDog Oct 2013 #40
Argue with Robert "Two Eagles" Green LittleBlue Oct 2013 #43
so you're saying one guy who likes the names trumps all those who thinks it's offensive? CreekDog Oct 2013 #45
He said the majority of this tribe don't find it offensive LittleBlue Oct 2013 #53
it's still just one guy CreekDog Oct 2013 #57
Polls please LittleBlue Oct 2013 #61
so you tell me that one guy's opinion is enough for you CreekDog Oct 2013 #63
I just gave you a poll of Native Americans LittleBlue Oct 2013 #71
degenerate is not the same thing as denigrate hfojvt Oct 2013 #69
Most Native Americans seem to be fine with the name at least according to polling. PragmaticLiberal Oct 2013 #60
The National Congress of American Indians JonLP24 Oct 2013 #66
Absolutely, there are Native American groups advocating a name change. PragmaticLiberal Oct 2013 #72
The name is arguably racist but i fail to see how the logo is MadBadger Oct 2013 #68
So all it takes is some money and you're not insulted? krawhitham Oct 2013 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author CreekDog Oct 2013 #20
No, but I think that the lack of money makes it obvious any "honor" intended is hollow CreekDog Oct 2013 #32
Maybe when the team name was created in 1933 as the Boston Redskins, the term was not seen as Fla Dem Oct 2013 #26
I'm curious if instead of the 49'ers.... A HERETIC I AM Oct 2013 #27
No, "redskins" is a derogatory term based off Native American skin tone Scootaloo Oct 2013 #86
If Native Americans say it doesn't, then it doesn't. randome Oct 2013 #3
How many Amerindians does it require to validate or invalidate something as an insult? LanternWaste Oct 2013 #21
How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? randome Oct 2013 #30
No, it's a racial term that should be done away with. NuclearDem Oct 2013 #5
Must we say goodbye to the Fightin' Irish, too? Comrade Grumpy Oct 2013 #9
Yes, we should. NuclearDem Oct 2013 #10
NCAA actually considered it JonLP24 Oct 2013 #35
Yes they should do away with the "Fighting Irish" coldmountain Oct 2013 #91
I think it's that whole fighting spirit thing. Indians had a rep as scary fighters. Comrade Grumpy Oct 2013 #8
"Packers" is region related? n/t A HERETIC I AM Oct 2013 #31
Yes. nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #34
So there are no meat packing houses outside the region of Green Bay? n/t A HERETIC I AM Oct 2013 #36
Why would this be relevant? Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #39
The poster I responded to said.... A HERETIC I AM Oct 2013 #50
They had packing houses there. That's all I meant. Comrade Grumpy Oct 2013 #81
so there are soldiers that weren't scary? CreekDog Oct 2013 #38
I've never seen a sports team called The Fightin' Conscientious Objectors Comrade Grumpy Oct 2013 #42
The Fighting Papal Guard LittleBlue Oct 2013 #47
so only Native American fighters were brave and scary? CreekDog Oct 2013 #49
You ought to learn logic. That does not follow from my post. Comrade Grumpy Oct 2013 #78
There are examples where it's debatable but the Redskins and the Cleveland Indians? el_bryanto Oct 2013 #11
Chief Wahoo must go KamaAina Oct 2013 #14
yeah, that's an absurd design n/t Divine Discontent Oct 2013 #25
I don't know. HappyMe Oct 2013 #13
/\/\/\/\ yes/\/\/\/\ dembotoz Oct 2013 #23
The correct answer IMHO-if Native Americans are insulted (and I would be)-then change it. Boomerproud Oct 2013 #51
So, my answer was 'incorrect'? HappyMe Oct 2013 #56
great-grandmother was Cherokee, she was fierce I'm told Divine Discontent Oct 2013 #24
"Braves" and names after specific tribes (i.e. "Seminoles") are one thing. Tommy_Carcetti Oct 2013 #28
This controversy has been around for a long time arikara Oct 2013 #33
Nine of you think the name "Redskins" honors Native Americans? Iggo Oct 2013 #41
Do you think they chose the name to dishonor them? Comrade Grumpy Oct 2013 #44
because they were so honorable that they were banning blacks from their team at the same time? CreekDog Oct 2013 #46
The person who came up with the name JonLP24 Oct 2013 #48
"Fight For Old DIXIE" was the original lyric. . . DinahMoeHum Oct 2013 #83
Yes. I think that. Iggo Oct 2013 #55
2 of the names don't surprise me JonLP24 Oct 2013 #54
I do not think the logo is disrespectful, Jenoch Oct 2013 #52
and what were the other ways that the University of North Dakota honored the Sioux? CreekDog Oct 2013 #58
You obviouosly no little about UND. Jenoch Oct 2013 #65
:/ Go Vols Oct 2013 #64
As a Minnesotan, Jenoch Oct 2013 #67
Its an excerpt from Go Vols Oct 2013 #76
I should have know from your username. Jenoch Oct 2013 #77
If they gained support from local Dakota tribes JonLP24 Oct 2013 #70
There are two tribes in North Dakota, Jenoch Oct 2013 #74
I saw that after my post JonLP24 Oct 2013 #80
Change it to the Washington Wienies and let Oscar Mayer sue them. Tierra_y_Libertad Oct 2013 #59
Context is all. Orsino Oct 2013 #62
We know why it was chosen: when they moved to Fenway they wanted to tie in with the Red Sox Recursion Oct 2013 #73
I don't follow basketball, so I didn't vote. MineralMan Oct 2013 #79
Heh. Smart move. Comrade Grumpy Oct 2013 #82
I'm always interested in who declines to participate Capt. Obvious Oct 2013 #84
Most DUers decline to participate. pintobean Oct 2013 #87
I think these 'internet polls' are bullshit, that's why I stopped Jenoch Oct 2013 #88
Believe it or not, the Washington Redskins have decided to change their offensive team name. Jenoch Oct 2013 #85
Hell no. Jamaal510 Oct 2013 #89
Long Island towns named after Native tribes HockeyMom Oct 2013 #90
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