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Mon Oct 7, 2013, 01:58 PM Oct 2013

Please dial back the hysterical rhetoric. [View all]

I am not a fan of these right wing blackmail tactics. Comparatively few people are, and that number is decliding every day. This is fantastic for us as a party, and a disaster for the GOP. They are increasingly viewed as being disconnected and irresponsible -- rapidly heading toward dangerously unhinged. Our party, despite all the false equivalence noise from the media, is seen by the public as the responsible adults in a room a shrieking children. Much of the credit for this goes to our President who has addressed this in a calm and mature manner.

This is the correct tone.

The Republicans are acting like ten year olds scratching dirty words on grade-school bathroom stalls, children practicing destruction for spite. We should be like the street cop who has caught them and is dragging them home to their parents. Hysteria is NOT called for, calm maturity is.

What they are doing is not treason, it is not a coup, it is is not even illegal. Claiming that it is any of these things and posting about it publicly makes us sound as silly and over the top as the people we politically oppose. Deal with it as you would an out-of-control child. Point out the damage that they are causing and leave it there. No comments about their theoretical motivations -- they have no plan, so stop crediting them with having one.

And no, nothing these imbeciles do will cause any long term ill effects to the world economy. Not so long as the calm rational people (that would be us) are seen as standing by waiting to intercede. Right now they are largely just harming themselves, and doing a bloody good job of it. When your opponents are doing something stupid let them do it. When the enemy army is marching into a swamp don't march after them. Just shake your had and wave goodbye.

In my opinion.

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yeah? grasswire Oct 2013 #1
+1000 valerief Oct 2013 #30
+1000 Katashi_itto Oct 2013 #85
What would you call Conspiring to destroy the countries economy? lostincalifornia Oct 2013 #2
Real liberals advocate indefinite detention under the Patriot Act and colorful definitions. NuclearDem Oct 2013 #3
All right thinking people know this. Nuclear Unicorn Oct 2013 #6
Hysterical is fine matt819 Oct 2013 #4
They have a plan--see link to incredibly important article: Peregrine Took Oct 2013 #5
LOL: Hey everyone, let's be more respectful of the asswipes that are wrecking the economy FSogol Oct 2013 #7
Because exaggerating on an Internet message board would be treasonous. Orsino Oct 2013 #15
If this counts as avoiding hysterical rhetoric, check out the OP's avatar. FSogol Oct 2013 #22
Hey Terp, welcome to the Big 10! Scuba Oct 2013 #45
Thanks. Hopefully we won't spend too much time in the cellar there. n/t FSogol Oct 2013 #48
No, there's always Indiana in football and (now) PSU and Nebraska in basketball to take that place. Scuba Oct 2013 #52
Nah, they're long gone. n/t FSogol Oct 2013 #61
My niece is a Freshman at UM leftynyc Oct 2013 #58
Good for her. UMD is an awesome place to go to school. n/t FSogol Oct 2013 #82
Too Funny! I hadnt noticed till you pointed it out! Katashi_itto Oct 2013 #107
BWHAHAHAHAHAH!! Segami Oct 2013 #26
Check out this comment ProSense Oct 2013 #59
Great find. n/t FSogol Oct 2013 #62
nice. this guy's something. Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #91
Yes. They took our jobs. Let's just calmly let them take our ACA, our Social Security, our JDPriestly Oct 2013 #93
"nothing these imbeciles do will cause any long term ill effects to the world economy" geek tragedy Oct 2013 #8
We are not defaulting on our debt... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #14
Ugh, you don't understand the debt ceiling issue at all. If Congress fails to raise the debt geek tragedy Oct 2013 #24
No expert here, but I am familiar with the issue... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #40
Well, how would you characterize deliberately trying to ruin America's economy? geek tragedy Oct 2013 #41
I would argue not that ruining the economy is treasonous, but that ... Scuba Oct 2013 #46
I agree with you on all points, except that I do think deliberately ruining our geek tragedy Oct 2013 #53
Agree. But just use Sedition not Treason. Katashi_itto Oct 2013 #97
Point taken. Sedition it is. nt geek tragedy Oct 2013 #102
Or both quakerboy Oct 2013 #114
Insane and irresponsible. Discuss the FACTS. In this case that's all that is necessary... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #54
Are you in favor to the cuts to Social Security and Medicare that Boehner alluded to in his JDPriestly Oct 2013 #94
If they cause us to default then there will be lasting damage no matter how calm and rational anyone TheKentuckian Oct 2013 #9
Yes, but the uncertainty and damage will be FAR greater if we join them in their foolishness... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #23
I respectfully disagree with you. LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #10
So address their plight without spewing nonsense about sedition and treason and all the rest... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #20
Did you see this? Doesn't sound like hysterics to me and apparently a lot of others. Default AlinPA Oct 2013 #11
Oh, they do have a plan. Not a good one. nt snappyturtle Oct 2013 #12
No, they really don't. They are doing what their Social Conservative voters want... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #35
Well said. 1000words Oct 2013 #13
People who exaggerate are no better than koala bear lobotomists. Bucky Oct 2013 #16
they might even have boxes in their garages. nt grasswire Oct 2013 #29
Dealing with the potential impact of a default enlightenment Oct 2013 #17
Of course. I didn't say ignore what's going on. nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #18
just don't call it 'illegal' or 'sedition' or 'treason' because *THAT* is what is over the top. LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #27
The GOP already looks like loons. Why join them? Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #47
Calling it what it is, calling a spade a spade is not 'over the top'. Acquiescing to the inside the LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #50
Of course, what's going on shouldn't be ignored. HappyMe Oct 2013 #21
Not calling it those things IGNORES what they're actually doing. LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #28
No, it doesn't. HappyMe Oct 2013 #34
Well said. nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #49
Point made. I do think we can at least call them "unprofessional" Taverner Oct 2013 #19
There is no shortage of things we can say that are ACCURATE and DAMAGING. nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #25
Say them. That would be better than criticizing Democrats on Democratic Underground. FSogol Oct 2013 #32
I have. I am not speaking to "Democrats on DU" but to the relative few who are going over the top... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #37
We can call them worse than that without stepping MineralMan Oct 2013 #31
No. This is Unprecedented fredamae Oct 2013 #33
It's not unprecedented at all... sibelian Oct 2013 #72
I believe at this point fredamae Oct 2013 #84
I see your point but it is not in our interest to sit arthritisR_US Oct 2013 #36
So counter their lies with facts rather than emotion. That's what I believe we need to do. nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #42
Ya, that's where I'm at. n/t arthritisR_US Oct 2013 #104
This message was self-deleted by its author BluegrassStateBlues Oct 2013 #38
Who said anything about defending the GOP? They are killing themselves... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #44
I just saw a post saying they should be sent to Gitmo. Skeeter Barnes Oct 2013 #39
That's exactly the kind of silliness we need to avoid saying. nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #43
please post a link to that, thanks nt grasswire Oct 2013 #110
At times, I'm absolutely convinced ProSense Oct 2013 #51
President Obama is handling this perfectly. nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #55
The terrorists have taken the country hostage. ProSense Oct 2013 #57
Did he call them traitors and suggest rounding them up? No? Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #64
Fuck 'em ProSense Oct 2013 #66
When it comes to the Nobel Peace Prize? Yes. Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #67
You have the audacity to tell people to "dial back the hysterical rhetoric" ProSense Oct 2013 #71
Get a grip. nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #74
The OP is hypocritical bullshit. ProSense Oct 2013 #76
+1 n/t FSogol Oct 2013 #79
i thought i remembered something like this from the OP JI7 Oct 2013 #83
the enemy army isn't "marching into a swamp." grasswire Oct 2013 #56
No, they do not have that power... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #63
they don't have that power if they remain within the Constitution. grasswire Oct 2013 #73
Captain Edward Smith of the Titanic: Zorra Oct 2013 #60
I'd just like to jump in here and draw attention to an AWESOME argument on THIS HERE VERY SITE... sibelian Oct 2013 #65
bullshit warrior1 Oct 2013 #68
I'll say what I want and when I want. If you don't like the drama, you can alert them Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #69
Thank you for being today's "Tone Monitor." nt. Blue Idaho Oct 2013 #70
Agreed, the "treason! and "round them up and throw them in jail!" nonsense is embarrassing quinnox Oct 2013 #75
This is for ProSense Oct 2013 #78
They could do great damage to the world economy. Laelth Oct 2013 #77
I always go to 'Who Benefits?".... dawnie51 Oct 2013 #80
John Boehner: Pathological liar, political extortionist, economic terrorist ProSense Oct 2013 #81
Huh!?! BKH70041 Oct 2013 #86
Chicken little would be a perfect avatar Chico Man Oct 2013 #87
You seem concerned! stonecutter357 Oct 2013 #88
Hey! How long has it been since you had a two-year-old in your house. JDPriestly Oct 2013 #89
They are Extortionists. Extortion is a THREAT. In this case, a threat to damage JoePhilly Oct 2013 #90
The Tea Party agrees that government should be drowned in the bathtub. mnhtnbb Oct 2013 #92
Dear GOP: Please dial back the hysterical rhetoric. Coyotl Oct 2013 #95
I'll dial back well-placed concerns on what morons with power may do . . . hatrack Oct 2013 #96
Surely, you're better than they are. 1000words Oct 2013 #98
you know what's REALLY offensive about your OP? grasswire Oct 2013 #99
GOP crazy talk is decidedly working to the Democratic Party's advantage 1000words Oct 2013 #101
Because! Adults screaming vapid emotional insults at each other is awesome! nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #106
there is no evidence for your assertion... grasswire Oct 2013 #109
In my experience, there's nothing to gain by dialing down the tone. backscatter712 Oct 2013 #100
Ahhhhhh! It's the Attack of the Comportment Teachers again! Squinch Oct 2013 #103
Hell No !!!...Call an Assclown an Assclown ! RagAss Oct 2013 #105
They DO have a plan. They've been working on it for years. In refining it they ruined nations. xfundy Oct 2013 #108
^^^^^nt grasswire Oct 2013 #111
Just watched this last night -- amazing markpkessinger Oct 2013 #115
at points in our past we had a name for those who tip-toed past ... grasswire Oct 2013 #112
The salaries of hundreds of thousands of Americans are being held hostage right now. moriah Oct 2013 #113
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