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Thu Oct 10, 2013, 08:30 PM Oct 2013

Should it be illegal or legal to charge women more than men for health insurance [View all]

In your opinion, without regard to current law or proposed laws, on the question of gender equality in health insurance rates:

22 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Time expired
It should be illegal to charge women more for health insurance based on gender (both genders should be charged equally)
16 (73%)
It should be legal to charge women more for health insurance based on gender (both genders need not be charged equally)
6 (27%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Would the coverage be identical? E.g., would the man's policy cover maternity-related cost? hooverville29 Oct 2013 #1
For sure. The man has a baby, insurance covers. You betcha. Nt seabeyond Oct 2013 #2
and if his wife wants viagra, that's covered too CreekDog Oct 2013 #4
Lol. Yup. Nt seabeyond Oct 2013 #5
LOL freshwest Mar 2014 #107
Negative. Maternity coverage usually separate package in individual policies. Here's a good article hooverville29 Oct 2013 #14
Fucked up- don't they know most pregnancies are CAUSED by men? bettyellen Oct 2013 #26
A succinct and scientific explanation, that! But men don't believe it. No, they really don't... freshwest Mar 2014 #108
that's how Federal employee insurance policies work now CreekDog Oct 2013 #3
What the hell does that even mean? Does my policy cover prostate Squinch Oct 2013 #7
yes, your insurance should cover prostate issues CreekDog Oct 2013 #9
Right? It's a question that doesn't even make sense! Squinch Oct 2013 #12
Why wouldn't it? Lars39 Oct 2013 #10
If they are humans, all human medical needs would be covered. Even separation of conjoined twins, kestrel91316 Oct 2013 #13
You think men will balk at covering their wives on their insurance account? Hekate Oct 2013 #20
My husband was mimi85 Oct 2013 #57
Men do have babies BainsBane Oct 2013 #27
You do realize if you truly believe that SQUEE Oct 2013 #66
when it comes to the cost... no, men do not get "choice" and it does not effect women choices. or seabeyond Oct 2013 #67
I agree SQUEE Oct 2013 #69
Looks to me like some are coming up with excuses BainsBane Oct 2013 #73
If he does't want a baby BainsBane Oct 2013 #71
yup. we have had huge arguments and to suggest no sexist is misandry, or something, lol. nt seabeyond Oct 2013 #72
Is your contention that men have nothing to do with children? BainsBane Oct 2013 #70
Where babies come from BainsBane Oct 2013 #75
Women have cheaper life insurance premiums fitman Oct 2013 #80
so we save cost with our ability to use preventative care. we should get a bonus. and to suggest seabeyond Oct 2013 #82
and why am i not even a little surprised after just a couple weeks, this would be your position. seabeyond Oct 2013 #84
someone genetically inclined to illnesses will use more insurance. for getting genetic markers to seabeyond Oct 2013 #85
The discussion is on health insurence... me b zola Oct 2013 #98
Illegal, but the decision is not a slam dunk. lumberjack_jeff Oct 2013 #6
However, women pay more in health insurance due to their long lifespan. uppityperson Oct 2013 #29
Hmm. lumberjack_jeff Oct 2013 #40
women are dying younger, and men are living longer so the number will meet up more. but... seabeyond Oct 2013 #64
Great question! nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #8
thanks. for some reason, question is too hard for you CreekDog Oct 2013 #11
Before I jump on bandwagons I like to think for myself... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #15
Gotcha. Gender equality is a "bandwagon" CreekDog Oct 2013 #17
Equality is such a fuzzy word... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #33
so you're saying the overall system is flawed so it's wrong to fix specific flaws CreekDog Oct 2013 #43
I am fairly certain I never said any such thing... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #45
glad to hear that CreekDog Oct 2013 #46
Solidarity, eh? PETRUS Oct 2013 #16
Both sexes should pay the same...we're all humans and should be equal. Auntie Bush Oct 2013 #18
I wonder if folks here feel the same way customerserviceguy Oct 2013 #34
i have to wonder why, in your 50's you are still in the position of costing more. having two sons seabeyond Oct 2013 #63
what about discrimination based on age, which is still permitted by the way? dsc Oct 2013 #19
How about a single risk pool labeled "Human Being"? How about we stop thinking that men are... Hekate Oct 2013 #21
I notice you aren't mentioning age here dsc Oct 2013 #24
As a woman whose insurance has paid for many treatments for men when coverage of birth control... Hekate Oct 2013 #44
but again apparently not for older people dsc Oct 2013 #89
What about senior citizen discounts? fitman Oct 2013 #90
and funny how pretty much zero people are complaining about older men paying more dsc Oct 2013 #93
Young people make less. lumberjack_jeff Oct 2013 #42
Interesting question. Not as simple as it appears. BlueCheese Oct 2013 #22
The cost for everyone should be the same: zero. Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #23
How do you get a zero-cost healthcare system? Self-building robot doctors? (nt) Recursion Oct 2013 #41
He means single-payer. The "payer" being the government. nomorenomore08 Oct 2013 #47
I don't know of a country where the doctors work for free, do you? Recursion Oct 2013 #48
Where did I say doctors should work for free? I was just making the point that every other developed nomorenomore08 Oct 2013 #51
You mentioned "single payer", not me. But even socialized health care is not free Recursion Oct 2013 #53
Of course it's not free. Just, generally speaking, a lot more efficient. nomorenomore08 Oct 2013 #54
Oh my gosh I had no idea single payer systems cost a lot in taxpayer money Quantess Oct 2013 #105
You pay for it through the tax system. Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #59
Maybe we should present male infants with the insurance bill for their gestation costs? Starry Messenger Oct 2013 #25
Let me guess BainsBane Oct 2013 #28
Men are charged more for car insurance. So FoxNewsSucks Oct 2013 #30
Do you have children? BainsBane Oct 2013 #31
Some dim bulbs round these parts here, today. boston bean Oct 2013 #32
What did I say about birthing or children? FoxNewsSucks Oct 2013 #35
That the baby isn't just the woman's BainsBane Oct 2013 #38
Some countries (Denmark for one) give new fathers an equal amount of paternity leave. nomorenomore08 Oct 2013 #49
Some companies do that too BainsBane Oct 2013 #50
if my understanding is correct it is the law to give maternity leave (fhmla) to both men boston bean Oct 2013 #58
It is. Agschmid Oct 2013 #78
not paid leave though BainsBane Oct 2013 #94
right, so what that posters beef? boston bean Oct 2013 #95
I couldn't begin to figure out someone like that. BainsBane Oct 2013 #96
Of course you couldn't. FoxNewsSucks Oct 2013 #97
I saw your choice on the poll BainsBane Oct 2013 #99
You're still wrong, FoxNewsSucks Oct 2013 #100
And life insurance. I would be more sympathetic to eliminating Plays In Traffic Oct 2013 #102
Illegal because insurance should be illegal. Health care must be commons. TheKentuckian Oct 2013 #36
It should definitely be illegal cristianmarie533 Oct 2013 #37
One big pool, everyone covered, everyone with an equal investment. Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #39
Odd that no one is bringing up age rating eridani Oct 2013 #52
That's probably because that's not the topic of the thread. nt. Mariana Oct 2013 #55
Age rating was a huge give-back to the for profit insurance companies. Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #87
When it comes to having children defacto7 Oct 2013 #56
Pay more if you are still childless and over 30? HockeyMom Oct 2013 #60
It should be free, and that's equal. nt bemildred Oct 2013 #61
Young males pay more for auto insurance than young ladies. Savannahmann Oct 2013 #62
are you a man? are you upset? why dont you start your movement instead of expecting others to do seabeyond Oct 2013 #65
Oh, but if he did "start (his) movement..." opiate69 Oct 2013 #106
The ability to drive a car legally is not on the same level of urgency Lyric Oct 2013 #76
I didn't say it was equivelent. Savannahmann Oct 2013 #81
It should be legal for insurance companies to charge whatever they want for health insurance. Dr. Strange Oct 2013 #68
Among the many bizarre things about this is that some who voted it is OK to charge different rates.. stevenleser Oct 2013 #74
Under the current system it should be legal. This is not a question of equality. NCTraveler Oct 2013 #77
It should be illegal to charge anyone more for reasons beyond their control. BenzoDia Oct 2013 #79
possibly the best answer on this thread. race/gender/sexual orientation La Lioness Priyanka Oct 2013 #83
Health insurance is not only about individuals, it protects families and communities Vox Moi Oct 2013 #86
If you were born Aerows Oct 2013 #88
In the UK there are no differences in NHS rates between men and women. dipsydoodle Oct 2013 #91
I do not see any (consistently) valid reason to charge female patients more than male patients LanternWaste Oct 2013 #92
11 people think insurance company profits are more important than women's lives BainsBane Oct 2013 #101
Minnesota hasn't allowed different rates for men and women for years dflprincess Oct 2013 #103
California too CreekDog Mar 2014 #109
If I hit someone in my car and cause them expenses/damage, then my insurance pays for what I did DebJ Oct 2013 #104
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