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Wed Oct 16, 2013, 01:14 PM Oct 2013

My condolences, you pitiful, dumbfuck freepwads [View all]

Your tea party is over, morans. Oh, you idiots will still elect some, but your teathuglican heroes overplayed their hand to such an extent that the power they've wielded just diminished substantially.

You hate Boehner. You're so batshit insane you think very conservative members of Congress are liberals. Now you're going after your favorite, Ted Cruz.

You folks are done. This country is becoming more diverse. You repellent racist shits are aging and dying off. There won't be a civil war or secession, idiots. You'll just become increasingly irrelevant and insignificant over the next decade.

And the republican party? You teathugs managed to damage it big time. We thank you for that.

Wallow in your misery. You richly deserve it.

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Recommend. nt Zorra Oct 2013 #1
K and R gopiscrap Oct 2013 #2
Beautifully stated...Sort of lyrical..Thanks cali...n/t monmouth3 Oct 2013 #3
I was thinking the same thing... Demoiselle Oct 2013 #51
Now they can enjoy a life of joy and peace jsr Oct 2013 #4
NO condolences from me. NOTHING but silence. benld74 Oct 2013 #5
Notice what a VERY low profile Rand Paul has maintained through this bullwinkle428 Oct 2013 #6
that's a good and interesting point. Smart move. Much as I hate to say that. cali Oct 2013 #8
Yep, but now McConnell is really probably toast. He's already getting primaried. dballance Oct 2013 #29
Not at first Gore1FL Oct 2013 #30
Kick Kick Kick! truebluegreen Oct 2013 #7
I had to go check it out SamYeager Oct 2013 #9
Love this freeper reply fitman Oct 2013 #10
teh stupid burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! noiretextatique Oct 2013 #11
I heard she was born in Kenya. Arugula Latte Oct 2013 #17
indeed noiretextatique Oct 2013 #20
Kenya? Thought you said Kansas.... mwooldri Oct 2013 #28
the long-form birth certificate, please frylock Oct 2013 #32
So I guess Ted Cruz isn't. n/t Mr.Bill Oct 2013 #35
lol!! OMG! Sissyk Oct 2013 #23
Immigrate from a blue state, obviously NewJeffCT Oct 2013 #75
"natural born citizen of Texas?" Heh. yellowcanine Oct 2013 #66
right on. cali!!!! noiretextatique Oct 2013 #12
But, how do you really feel? silvershadow Oct 2013 #13
Tea and frumpets Blue Owl Oct 2013 #14
Ted Cruz is now admitting this was all about getting suckers on their campaign donation list. Snake Plissken Oct 2013 #15
Sweet Indeed! Cryptoad Oct 2013 #16
Aww, that was sweet. Arugula Latte Oct 2013 #18
Amen! volstork Oct 2013 #19
Gladly K&R! Sissyk Oct 2013 #21
Standing ovation!! nt rivegauche Oct 2013 #22
They'll get no condolences from me. calimary Oct 2013 #24
I love this rant! Vashta Nerada Oct 2013 #25
why thank you. cali Oct 2013 #27
I have butted heads with you before Ishoutandscream2 Oct 2013 #26
k to the r! frylock Oct 2013 #31
K&R stonecutter357 Oct 2013 #33
Why do you have to sugarcoat everything Shampoobra Oct 2013 #34
Kiss Dem ring ya looosers flamingdem Oct 2013 #36
Rest in Pieces stage left Oct 2013 #37
My thoughts exactly. Many tiny pieces. Left Coast2020 Oct 2013 #59
Alas, their carriage has turned back into a pumpkin. lpbk2713 Oct 2013 #38
Bad buy falls in poop... ThoughtCriminal Oct 2013 #39
I Hope They Are Done colsohlibgal Oct 2013 #40
Obama and Democrats didn't cave, but ProSense Oct 2013 #41
LOL Cali Oilwellian Oct 2013 #42
The textbook definition of epic fail! Initech Oct 2013 #43
Well said, Cali!!! warrprayer Oct 2013 #44
I'll wait to celebrate until the House adopts the Senate budget plan and Obama signs off on the deal derby378 Oct 2013 #45
Bwahaha!! Jester Messiah Oct 2013 #46
And the racists that aren't aging or dying off are being marginalized by a society increasingly ... Scuba Oct 2013 #47
You forgot to mention, their finacial backers are backing away as well. No money no funny.... Rebellious Republican Oct 2013 #48
I will count it a victory when Sarah Palin is no longer accorded air time. mnhtnbb Oct 2013 #49
Hey, you can't say that about Sarah Palin japple Oct 2013 #54
I stand corrected! mnhtnbb Oct 2013 #55
Sarah Palin is considered so repulsive, that her mere presence is a plus for our side. PBass Oct 2013 #71
Hear, hear!!! ailsagirl Oct 2013 #50
They shut down the government while we are at war in Afghanistan. TwilightGardener Oct 2013 #52
I have a feeling we have not seen the last of them... yuiyoshida Oct 2013 #53
That's just beautiful . . . n/t WoodyD Oct 2013 #56
Sorry cali. I appreciate that you have condolences for them, Autumn Oct 2013 #57
hear fuckin' hear nt arely staircase Oct 2013 #58
In the big WoW raid of American life, they're the ones standing in the fire Scootaloo Oct 2013 #60
Couldn't have said it any better. Phlem Oct 2013 #61
I wish quakerboy Oct 2013 #62
+1 well said lunasun Oct 2013 #64
Unfortunately, you're right NewJeffCT Oct 2013 #76
AMEN TO THAT !!!!! IrishAyes Oct 2013 #63
The worlds tiniest violin playing just for the freepers: Initech Oct 2013 #65
You have a way with words, cali... KansDem Oct 2013 #67
Help me out. rhett o rick Oct 2013 #68
I'm glad the tea terrorists exposed themselves as racist traitors workinclasszero Oct 2013 #69
Gosh... nikto Oct 2013 #70
Ah, I love you cali... a la izquierda Oct 2013 #72
back at you, ali cali Oct 2013 #73
Kick for profanity, lol grahamhgreen Oct 2013 #74
K&R for a great rant (nt) Autumn Colors Oct 2013 #77
Poetically stated Mira Oct 2013 #78
Ah, sheer poetry. malthaussen Oct 2013 #79
... and yet, some "Polls" on local news sites say POTUS & the Dems are to blame ... Myrina Oct 2013 #80
The tea-hadists are in full meltdown here. ffr Oct 2013 #81
Nate Siler, who I have the highest regard for, has a slightly different take. SlimJimmy Oct 2013 #82
that was written a week ago. I don't see that he's factored cali Oct 2013 #84
As I said in my response, never ever say never. We've seen the repugs come SlimJimmy Oct 2013 #86
+1 for the headline alone. countmyvote4real Oct 2013 #83
Some of these people are in nursing homes.... Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2013 #85
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