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Sat Nov 2, 2013, 01:14 AM Nov 2013

What the hell has happened to CBS news? [View all]

Have they brought in some right-winger to wreck the place?

"60 Minutes" does two discredited stories, one on "disability fraud" that is a tiny percentage of disability claims, and now a Benghazi "exclusive" using a guy who lied about what he did.

Not to mention CBS news running with fake ACA stories.

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That happened years ago when they fired Rather Warpy Nov 2013 #1
Yep. ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #3
I have not watched 60 minutes since CBS fired Rather Samantha Nov 2013 #9
I stopped watching 60 minutes then too. Lasher Nov 2013 #10
It seems like it's really gone over to the dark side in the last six months or so. factsarenotfair Nov 2013 #2
When did Norah come aboard? watrwefitinfor Nov 2013 #24
wow...."hell-bent to destroy this country" ??? demwing Nov 2013 #37
It seems to me she was a centrist and has been moving rightward. factsarenotfair Nov 2013 #49
Yes. You should watch some corporate network news watrwefitinfor Nov 2013 #50
The Redheaded O'Donnell is NBC's Kelly Stainless Nov 2013 #55
She joined CBS News in 2011, the Morning Show since July, 2012. factsarenotfair Nov 2013 #48
Edward R Murrow is rolling in his grave. longship Nov 2013 #4
My intro to Murrow was his "See it Now" program Submariner Nov 2013 #23
Well, they are pitching to a smaller and older audience on a budget Eleanors38 Nov 2013 #5
I think you give them too much credit. Enthusiast Nov 2013 #19
Simple or serving, they are in it for keeps. Which is how they got to where they are. Eleanors38 Nov 2013 #33
Golden Girls ended when Bea wanted it to end, after 6 top 10 years the 7th season Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #25
Maybe so, but they had a following who could spend. Eleanors38 Nov 2013 #34
I've been wondering the same thing. LuvNewcastle Nov 2013 #6
The define the media's role to peddle a "middle course" (between Cruz & Baucus). Faryn Balyncd Nov 2013 #7
You got it. Enthusiast Nov 2013 #18
mainstream radio and tv are wastelands SHRED Nov 2013 #8
I've quit watching, too NJCher Nov 2013 #11
We dumped watching ABC at dinner and had switched to CBS...Scott Pelley seemed to have some cred... SoapBox Nov 2013 #12
Is anyone with a brain cell working still watching the totally discredited sabrina 1 Nov 2013 #13
Apparently, sadly so. I'll admit to tuning in about once a month, just to see what bullshit they're adirondacker Nov 2013 #35
I watch regularly to get the official line. Comrade Grumpy Nov 2013 #45
I gave up on US nightly news reports a while back due to their rightwing slant. area51 Nov 2013 #14
Agreed. Their affiliate radio "news" station in Los Angeles (1070 AM), is no longer listenable. tofuandbeer Nov 2013 #15
CBS? Enthusiast Nov 2013 #16
Turn em Off. blkmusclmachine Nov 2013 #17
They're "Main Stream"... ReRe Nov 2013 #20
I had to stop watching CBS News. Blue_In_AK Nov 2013 #21
You thought CBS was exempt from committing acts of crappy journalism? Fridays Child Nov 2013 #22
That's what makes everything seem so pointless. mucifer Nov 2013 #26
Right. The USSR couldn't fight its propaganda and it degenerated greatly. nt valerief Nov 2013 #29
Same thing with CBS radio news that runs at the top of the hour on local radio GoneFishin Nov 2013 #27
Conservative Bullhorn System. nt valerief Nov 2013 #28
Certainly Bull Shit. nt adirondacker Nov 2013 #36
+1 freshwest Nov 2013 #38
The Daily Show and later The Colbert Report kydo Nov 2013 #30
We need to give them negative feedback so they know they are alienating the audience. Shrike47 Nov 2013 #31
So much for liberal bias! JEFF9K Nov 2013 #32
we don't have news, we have entertainment alc Nov 2013 #39
What is CBS ? RagAss Nov 2013 #40
Their Recent Hit Piece On The Disabled otohara Nov 2013 #41
"This Sunday on "60 Minutes" Archae Nov 2013 #42
My fear, and I am not commenting specifically on CBS here, is that there is a perception stevenleser Nov 2013 #43
Don't watch it. Iggo Nov 2013 #44
they've been like this for years, and it's just as bad on CBS radio news librechik Nov 2013 #46
Always a Mellon owned corporate mouthpiece. nt. Mc Mike Nov 2013 #47
cbs is not what it used to be. started going downhill after Dan left lostincalifornia Nov 2013 #51
No clue. LWolf Nov 2013 #52
Who owns it? annabanana Nov 2013 #53
The corporate media is first, last and foremost, the corporate media. Uncle Joe Nov 2013 #54
Seriously, the only ads I see on TV are insurance commercials... Blanks Nov 2013 #56
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