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Mon Nov 25, 2013, 03:46 AM Nov 2013

With all the anti-pornography talk, can we have a sex positive thread? [View all]

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Over the past 100 years our society has really begun to open up about sex. From the increasing acceptance of sexual minorities to a reduction of stigma towards adult engaging in private sexual behavior of any type they choose, the sexual revolution is a beautiful thing and I support it in it's entirety.

Politicians who sneer at other's private sexual practices and demand the government stop them like Rick Santorum are a dying breed.

Media is finally able to commonly portray sexually themes and issues without fear from government censors. Some of these have been beautiful and meaningful, while others are admittedly very crass displays, but the important thing is that we're finally properly acknowledging something that has been so suppressed in our society for so long.

Sex, when consensual of course, speaks to universal truths about the human condition, such as our need for love and touch of fellow human beings. Even what some people would consider brutal sex, like BDSM, speak to a willingness to trust your partner even in extreme circumstances.

A lot of people bemoan the availability of pornography, but I don't see it as universally bad, especially the phenomenon of amateur pornography. I am outstandingly happy that there are couples out there pointing their cameras at something that brings them close to share it with anyone interested. I'm completely willing to talk about what kind of effects pornography can have on society, but I hope that most of us can agree that we caused far more problem by throwing people into jail for it than we ever solved. Openness and honestly toward our society's demand for sexually explicit material allows us to finally examine under the spotlight of societal scrutiny the issues that do exist.

Our society still has some horrible and glaring issues with sexuality, especially in the realm of unwanted sexual contact and the prosecution of that behavior. But you know what, while very far from ideal, I feel like our society is closer to "getting" sexuality more now than ever. There is increasingly an acceptance and understanding that private consensual behaviors shouldn't be punished and that unwanted sexual contact like rape is completely unacceptable. We have a long way to go, but things are probably better now than they have ever been.

So yeah, sex is awesome and I like that our society is finally starting to open up about the topic. People who used to suffer in silence like gays are finally learning that they were never really alone and that there are always people out there who are like you. No one is a "freak" for what they are into sexually, because the only real freaks are the kind who violate other people's rights like rapists and those who want to micromanage the activity of others bedrooms.

Prudish and control freak mentalities toward the sexual practices of others is one the big differences between conservatives and progressives. Personally, I am proud to be part of a movement that is willing to talk realistically about the state of sex in our society, including any problems that do exist.

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Sex is totally awesome
42 (95%)
Boo sex is bad
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Well said LittleBlue Nov 2013 #1
I agree, it isn't a coincidence the most sexually violent have strict sex laws. Kurska Nov 2013 #2
I don't know that it is prudism so much as rrneck Nov 2013 #3
Might be a little of both Kurska Nov 2013 #4
True. rrneck Nov 2013 #7
So, I'm a woman and I have a daughter... renie408 Nov 2013 #11
There is nothing wrong with having mixed feelings about something like rape porn. Kurska Nov 2013 #14
Yes, no question. renie408 Nov 2013 #17
Rape is completely unacceptable, but so is censorship. Kurska Nov 2013 #20
No, censorship is not unacceptable. We censor things all the time. renie408 Nov 2013 #26
Best post in all of the rape-porn threads. n/t A Little Weird Nov 2013 #45
I would be more open to the idea of legislating censorship... lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #120
porn stops rape? then we should feed our rapist porn to stop them from raping? and they seabeyond Nov 2013 #130
The fact that you (or I) don't like it isn't enough to call it harmful. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #136
are you saying, cause supposed numbers are down, porn stops rape? seabeyond Nov 2013 #137
I'm saying there's ZERO evidence to support the opposite argument. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #145
"Your argument is this: porn causes rape and therefore should be banned." ONE post. seabeyond Nov 2013 #146
Okay, then in ten words or less, what is your argument? lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #155
i am gonna have to think how to stream line it in under ten words or less. lol seabeyond Nov 2013 #158
btw. out of the 6, you are the first to ask without doubling down on a false accusation seabeyond Nov 2013 #159
One problem is there seems to be a conflation of "rape porn" with "all porn" which is not nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #361
That is certainly interesting renie408 Nov 2013 #162
This message was self-deleted by its author lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #175
Do you have a graph for that one? renie408 Nov 2013 #154
across the nation reports of downgrading and not filing reports of rape is a huge part of the seabeyond Nov 2013 #157
I don't trust tbe numbers in the posted graph, either. renie408 Nov 2013 #161
another point. date rapes. in the 70's we did not even know what date rape was. seabeyond Nov 2013 #166
Thought you were done with this thread lillypaddle Nov 2013 #182
huh? are you gonna go after me cause i decided to add something in this subthread? really? seabeyond Nov 2013 #184
"go after you?" lillypaddle Nov 2013 #192
passive aggressive.... lol. ah ha. woman. check out your posts. that would be passive aggressive seabeyond Nov 2013 #195
+1 nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #368
This message was self-deleted by its author seaglass Nov 2013 #216
lilly has been jumping on my posts for a while now.... nothing new. seabeyond Nov 2013 #219
This message was self-deleted by its author seaglass Nov 2013 #223
certainly is an obsession. for sure. nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #225
no, really, tell me, am i "allowed" to come in and even reply to you? seabeyond Nov 2013 #186
This message was self-deleted by its author pacalo Nov 2013 #358
Think this through. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #183
because we have a net saying 45-75% of claims are false, intimidating reporting. and cops the seabeyond Nov 2013 #188
The NCVS isn't about crime *reporting*, it's about perceived victimization. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #198
and here would be the flaws in ncvs. and this is without much work looking for issues seabeyond Nov 2013 #202
If the NCVS underestimates crime today, it did so 40 years ago too. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #226
40 yrs ago we did not even consider date rape. 40 yrs ago there was no awareness seabeyond Nov 2013 #227
So you're saying that 40 years ago NCVS underestimated even more than it does today? lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #232
i am saying, what you are proposing is we are about at a zero rape rate, per your numbers. seabeyond Nov 2013 #234
The NCVS has been asking this question for 40+ years lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #245
three women standing on the porch. i ask, how many rapes. THREE rapes with one seabeyond Nov 2013 #190
Ask 77,397 more people that question and you duplicate the NCVS. n/t lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #200
wrong. and that is why i KNOW your ncvs is flawed. and sure enough. easy to find. nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #204
You're absolutely right that even "relatively lower" is still too high. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #371
. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #160
I got to it. renie408 Nov 2013 #174
It is a very significant drop, though. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #258
There is a massive difference between censorship on a private message board Kurska Nov 2013 #164
What if their sexual interest is children? renie408 Nov 2013 #178
for argument's sake, let's go way, way out on the uncomfortable logical limb. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #193
2006. 8 yrs ago. when internet porn was really getting going. when studies to see that actual seabeyond Nov 2013 #199
Got a cite for this 'fact'? Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #264
There are feminists who believe that almost all coitus is coercive and violent Major Nikon Nov 2013 #510
Here's where she is getting that totally rather, er... hard to believe figure: Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #522
I must be watching the wrong porn. Blue_Adept Nov 2013 #283
There's way too much "violence and aggressiveness" in porn. I don't think many people would nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #363
I would say this needs a lot more study... renie408 Nov 2013 #327
+1 nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #364
Children and farm animals can't consent. Kurska Nov 2013 #221
So, as long as it is simulated child porn or farm animal sex renie408 Nov 2013 #320
Yeah, how dare someone be ambivalent about wank-off material that realistically depicts nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #365
hence why I think both child and beastality pronography should be outlawed. deafskeptic Nov 2013 #508
excellent post. well said. thank you. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2013 #212
"I think we can all agree though... NaturalHigh Nov 2013 #19
That's not true gollygee Nov 2013 #125
Those who produce consensual "simulations" need to more clearly differentiate their product nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #353
The question isnt whether there is nasty negative stuff out there, for sure there is. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #18
Oh, I don't care if the adults in the rape porn are consenting. renie408 Nov 2013 #23
I don't think a coherent definition of "rape porn" has emerged. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #24
Which leads.me.to.wonder... renie408 Nov 2013 #27
I'm perfectly happy to admit that I've seen some porn in my lifetime. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #29
It could also quite possibly go the other way Major Nikon Nov 2013 #28
"I kind of wonder about WHY that would be your cup of tea" rrneck Nov 2013 #165
That was a generic 'you', not a specific 'you'. renie408 Nov 2013 #170
Ah, all good. rrneck Nov 2013 #187
I am male ... Fantastic Anarchist Nov 2013 #205
When folks are continually incapable of arguing against CONSENTING ADULT behavior without Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #5
Here here! NaturalHigh Nov 2013 #10
To which, the response to your post would go something like this: Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #13
If a lot of the posters were being honest... NaturalHigh Nov 2013 #16
I'm just waiting for the usual suspects to come out and... DRoseDARs Nov 2013 #30
I think there is a small but vocal minority on DU that are using the cover of Feminism to promote Katashi_itto Nov 2013 #36
+1000 RC Nov 2013 #113
Dear god I am saving your post. You put it so succintly! Katashi_itto Nov 2013 #168
amen!! lillypaddle Nov 2013 #189
You pretty much hit the nail on the head. HappyMe Nov 2013 #201
Or being told that we obviously don't get it. Sissyk Nov 2013 #329
Rule #1 xulamaude Nov 2013 #243
Are you trying to tell me All Women, Everywhere are innocent of misogyny? RC Nov 2013 #251
Nope. nt xulamaude Nov 2013 #255
Yup. HappyMe Nov 2013 #259
Perhaps I should elaborate - xulamaude Nov 2013 #271
I seem to recall a poster whose pet phrase Union Scribe Nov 2013 #379
Yup, I remember her as well maddezmom Nov 2013 #381
Bye bye life (and all that jazz) xulamaude Nov 2013 #386
Indeed LadyHawkAZ Nov 2013 #389
Precisely. It's not that women don't participate in their own repression - sure they do - nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #564
+1 BuddhaGirl Nov 2013 #314
Seriously? Are you really blaming hatred of, and violence against, women on "pseudo-feminists"? nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #562
Yes they can, for the reason already explained. RC Nov 2013 #568
But it seems like you're almost - not quite, but almost - blaming women themselves for abuse. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #575
No. Only a few women. RC Nov 2013 #577
Okay, fair enough. Thanks for clarifying a bit. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #579
I sometimes can be clearer too. RC Nov 2013 #580
Sure, I get that. It's kind of a built-in hazard of Internet communication. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #582
Or maybe it's because people aren't listening to them at home and their daily lives. nt ProudToBeBlueInRhody Nov 2013 #208
I looked to see who voted in this poll. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #49
not a single pm. it is the stupidest damn OP yet ont he subject. oh... lets all talk about sex seabeyond Nov 2013 #51
not a single pm? Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #53
ya. right dude. play games? whatever... seabeyond Nov 2013 #54
A lot of people think very highly of themselves here. EOTE Nov 2013 #97
Nope. gollygee Nov 2013 #215
Right, that would be obsessive. Like setting up an off-site board to coordinate with banned members Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #331
I haven't seen anything like that gollygee Nov 2013 #335
Try plugging these three words into google: Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #338
You mean there's more than one Overlordess? xulamaude Nov 2013 #342
I don't know what you mean Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #343
Thanks for the welcome. nt xulamaude Nov 2013 #350
Eye opening maddezmom Nov 2013 #345
Indeed. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #348
Well I am more of a Pilates freak and walker/hiker maddezmom Nov 2013 #354
Yeah, I don't ever seem to get bored these days. I always have way more projects I'd like to Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #355
OK, well that's the first I've seen it gollygee Nov 2013 #356
It's okay, they didn't invite me either. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #359
You..... You've got a gift, my friend... opiate69 Nov 2013 #479
And, a special purpose. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #480
Lmao! opiate69 Nov 2013 #482
That was weird enough to tempt me to do it eridani Nov 2013 #526
Someone once said that "Character is what you do when you think no one is looking" Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #528
Because, yeah, it's simply not possible that women xulamaude Nov 2013 #334
I'VE HAD IT WITH MEN!!! Skittles Nov 2013 #6
How the hell do you manage your schedule, Skittles? Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #15
If you kick enough ass, you have time for anything. n/t A HERETIC I AM Nov 2013 #21
easy: chronic insomniac Skittles Nov 2013 #25
I thought you looked familiar. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #32
/Thread winner Dash87 Nov 2013 #305
it's a Skittles classic, Dash87 Skittles Nov 2013 #311
... RainDog Nov 2013 #336
LOL Skittles Nov 2013 #372
Dinah Washington RainDog Nov 2013 #432
I miss The Far Side...... neverforget Nov 2013 #501
lulz...nt Jesus Malverde Nov 2013 #566
Feminist science fiction author Joanna Russ once said eridani Nov 2013 #8
Good quote. NaturalHigh Nov 2013 #9
Exactly, pornography is, at best. a very poor substitute. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2013 #210
People shouldn't extrapolate from the American porn industry to porn in general. redgreenandblue Nov 2013 #12
Very true Fearless Nov 2013 #22
"all sex is rape" ONE post where anyone on du has said "all sex is rape". ONE. just ONE. seabeyond Nov 2013 #46
Alice Schwarzer: "heterosexual sex involves inevitable subjugation of women" redgreenandblue Nov 2013 #96
well, since that "crowd" is so very very small and i do not even hear them, golly, and certainly not seabeyond Nov 2013 #98
I assure you, my post was not intended as a personal attack against you or any other Duer. redgreenandblue Nov 2013 #248
Like I said, putting words in your (and others') mouths. I suppose both "sides" do that sort nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #405
I have nothing against sex as long as it doesn't Douglas Carpenter Nov 2013 #31
"Your wife was just showing us her Klimt" Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #33
i am not against sex - but I do think it is overrated Douglas Carpenter Nov 2013 #34
That's sort of how I feel about Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #35
then you are doing something wrong, once you find your kink, fetish etc then it becomes. wow loli phabay Nov 2013 #72
I have been there and done that and I have seen through the illusion Douglas Carpenter Nov 2013 #100
Maybe you just haven't de-personalized it enough. PassingFair Nov 2013 #128
you're probably right - i have always had this weird, kinky tendency of associating sex with Douglas Carpenter Nov 2013 #141
I find that "sex positive"!! PassingFair Nov 2013 #240
To each their own. Different people have different ideas (and ideals) RE: "intimacy." nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #409
I don't think we should be accusing anyone of doing it "wrong" Xithras Nov 2013 #207
it was more in humour post than a chastisement, but point taken loli phabay Nov 2013 #519
You might be doing it wrong then. bluesbassman Nov 2013 #516
that's a pretty arrogant thing to say. Some mature to a point where they recognize that somethings Douglas Carpenter Nov 2013 #534
"like many if not most things in life - it is just over rated"... bluesbassman Nov 2013 #549
Quite the contrary. It's called accepting reality - and the more I have Douglas Carpenter Nov 2013 #556
Its not sex which is totally awesome dipsydoodle Nov 2013 #37
Eh, I beg to differ. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #40
Your partner must feel so .... PassingFair Nov 2013 #131
did you read what I.... Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #289
I'm guessing... Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #300
I did Skittles Nov 2013 #316
Why does it have to be one or the other? Can't you lust for someone intensely and still "cherish" nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #411
Fuck sex! Fumesucker Nov 2013 #38
Who else remembers this chestnut? Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #41
I've got that cd! LuvNewcastle Nov 2013 #43
Great OP lillypaddle Nov 2013 #39
ANY pornography though is exploitive and rather sleazy. Consensual PRIVATE ADULT sexual behavior is RBInMaine Nov 2013 #42
unless they film or take pictures? Schema Thing Nov 2013 #57
Yes, the government doesn't belong in your bedroom... until you bring a camera? n/t Kurska Nov 2013 #179
That's the reducto ad absurdum. But I don't think many people are actually taking the argument nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #413
Exploitative, I think you mean. And WHY is it exploitative? sibelian Nov 2013 #524
Most capitalistic employment is exploitative to one degree or another Major Nikon Nov 2013 #554
with all the anti-KKK sentiment, can we have a racism-positive thread? zazen Nov 2013 #44
Que the conflations of race/sex/consent/non-consent Major Nikon Nov 2013 #48
""anti-pornography" vs pro-sex" such rw lutz labeling. like pro life vs pro abortion. ya. that seabeyond Nov 2013 #58
I agree it's inflammatory Major Nikon Nov 2013 #75
and i explained my refusal to allow YOU and other men to define ME as sex negative. no. seabeyond Nov 2013 #79
It should be pointed out you have no problem using inflammatory references yourself Major Nikon Nov 2013 #84
Hurray for endorphins created by steamy hot uninhibited consensual sex! In_The_Wind Nov 2013 #47
No need for a safe word. Aristus Nov 2013 #362
That's even better. In_The_Wind Nov 2013 #366
Thought you'd like that... Aristus Nov 2013 #367
what is really funny is the people that i hear accuse others of being anti sex are having a hell of seabeyond Nov 2013 #50
You seem to have 'man issues' The Straight Story Nov 2013 #61
did not bother with your post. the point of YOU telling ME i have man issues... end of conversation seabeyond Nov 2013 #63
It helps if you know what people are talking about Major Nikon Nov 2013 #74
it does not matter how you define them. they are used for insult. just.... NO seabeyond Nov 2013 #76
I'm not going to argue with you on this point Major Nikon Nov 2013 #82
thank you. nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #85
"Why do you anarchists hate roads so much, Dorothy"? Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #339
What people do in private is none of anybody else's business. HappyMe Nov 2013 #52
rape porn that make it appear women want to be raped boston bean Nov 2013 #55
Well pardon the fuck out of me. HappyMe Nov 2013 #56
Just pointing out the obvious, and trying to give a clue. boston bean Nov 2013 #60
Thanks loads. HappyMe Nov 2013 #64
you are welcome. hope it helped. boston bean Nov 2013 #66
It helped my key word trash list. HappyMe Nov 2013 #68
Excellent. You must not have trashed any word I used boston bean Nov 2013 #71
It only works in OPs. HappyMe Nov 2013 #73
too bad then, I guess. boston bean Nov 2013 #78
Fair point Major Nikon Nov 2013 #80
what happens in my bedroom, or my streaming or flikr account is no ones business. loli phabay Nov 2013 #69
You got that right. HappyMe Nov 2013 #70
When someone's son or daughter can go out on the web boston bean Nov 2013 #77
thats your job to censor what your kids see online, not mine, loli phabay Nov 2013 #83
Yeah, I realize that you can and should be able to do what you want in boston bean Nov 2013 #87
you realise that webcams, streaming, flikr etc are extensions of our bedroom nowadays loli phabay Nov 2013 #89
Your have a right to do what you want in your bedroom. boston bean Nov 2013 #94
and yet you are the one who wants to interfere with others not me loli phabay Nov 2013 #102
The easy access to it does affect others. boston bean Nov 2013 #173
so does everything we do in life, even your posts effect people loli phabay Nov 2013 #521
Do you think it's any easier for government to do it? Major Nikon Nov 2013 #111
Which is why the point is kind of moot, in some ways. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #423
Suppression didn't work before the internet Major Nikon Nov 2013 #436
I agree. I just find the whole thing depressing, to be honest. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #513
Why worry about it? Major Nikon Nov 2013 #518
I was thinking of the general landscape of the "industry" and how it kind of bums me out. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #520
I have few issues with people making moral arguments about porn Major Nikon Nov 2013 #523
I basically agree. Which is why, even though I support it in principle, I suspect the U.K. law nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #558
Think of the children Major Nikon Nov 2013 #103
you insist your children watch you and your wife go at it cause you feel it is educational, or seabeyond Nov 2013 #81
heres the issue though your line and mine are in different locations, my issue is who draws the line loli phabay Nov 2013 #86
when you use comments like " faint of heart", i stop listening. i am not married to any of this. seabeyond Nov 2013 #88
lol i wondered why you shouted that bit, was nonplussed loli phabay Nov 2013 #90
i could go with that. nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #92
WHY is there an image of a goat flamingdem Nov 2013 #59
Goats go to hell... HappyMe Nov 2013 #62
I'm getting Nissans. I think it has to do with your browsing history. JVS Nov 2013 #144
LOL...no. We can't. Iggo Nov 2013 #65
no iggo we cannot when the premise of the thread is those people do not like sex. seabeyond Nov 2013 #67
I didn't read the body of the OP. I just answered the question in the subject line. Iggo Nov 2013 #150
thank you... clarification is our friend. i appreciate it. go back to the trash bin seabeyond Nov 2013 #151
Props to you for trying. RiffRandell Nov 2013 #91
when a posts intent is to insult, why would you think the insulted is going to stay quiet? seabeyond Nov 2013 #95
I don't think it was supposed to be insulting at all. RiffRandell Nov 2013 #99
sex positive/sex negative. prude.... kinda like pro life. is that offensive to you? seabeyond Nov 2013 #101
Actually.. Upton Nov 2013 #109
yes. a man that speaks out for women regularly. is not offended by sex negative, cause seabeyond Nov 2013 #110
I see... Upton Nov 2013 #112
how do you know i have not expressed my opinion to him? now. done with you. seabeyond Nov 2013 #114
Hmm... Upton Nov 2013 #118
The same person also identifies as a separatist feminist Major Nikon Nov 2013 #132
"Sex positive" as it applies to feminism originated with Betty Dopson, a feminist Major Nikon Nov 2013 #121
Thanks Major.. Upton Nov 2013 #126
That was refreshing. HappyMe Nov 2013 #152
It's calling people who think rape porn is wrong gollygee Nov 2013 #105
A couple of small points... TreasonousBastard Nov 2013 #93
Sex is not an unmitigated "good". dawg Nov 2013 #104
k, your last line put a huge smile on my face.... this. is a very good post seabeyond Nov 2013 #115
Well, I had to give a little shout-out to RT because ... dawg Nov 2013 #119
Which is why the "positive/negative" dichotomy is way too simplistic. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #428
Some people like to poop in the punch bowl. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #106
says who? or is it the right to insult a group of women shaming them thru their sexuality? seabeyond Nov 2013 #116
Why so defensive? Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #134
why accusing i am defensive when i asked you a simple question. seabeyond Nov 2013 #135
Just go away. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #138
so, you throw out a false, stupid ass accusation at duers on this board and cause i want an example seabeyond Nov 2013 #139
The world doesn't revolve around you. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #140
Apparently around here there's no such thing as positive sex. seabeyond Nov 2013 #142
Ah. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #143
why do you keep bringing it to me. you are the one that made the statement. seabeyond Nov 2013 #148
Actually, you brought it to him/her with your post on his/her 106. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #163
actually, he made the point of stating people in this thread.... so i asked who. see how this works seabeyond Nov 2013 #171
And if he/she answered who, you would have alerted. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #177
really? you know this for a fact, or are you once again just throwing out false accusation? the FACT seabeyond Nov 2013 #180
"Some people like to poop in the punch bowl." Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #203
clever but dishonest. "Apparently around here there's no such thing as positive sex. " seabeyond Nov 2013 #206
That's what you initially responded to Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #211
i haev never seen a duer that " there's no such thing as positive sex". enlighten me. seabeyond Nov 2013 #214
I don't understand your post. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #217
you say some duers say " there's no such thing as positive sex". i have never seen a duer that seabeyond Nov 2013 #220
You will just have to use that creative imagination of yours. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #237
well, you would have to be a little more specific what you are taking but regardless, i would seabeyond Nov 2013 #238
.... maddezmom Nov 2013 #374
!! opiate69 Nov 2013 #430
You know, I actually think that thing may be more like "Koyaanisqatsi" Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #539
+1 uponit7771 Nov 2013 #107
Sex rules. Wish I was having it. Arkana Nov 2013 #108
I'm getting some right now. L0oniX Nov 2013 #117
All the same a-holes who accuse you of defending "rape porn" when you defend vanilla porn... TroglodyteScholar Nov 2013 #122
Reading your post, I have to ask one thing: Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #123
It is indeed a shameful burden I must bear.. TroglodyteScholar Nov 2013 #133
not going to be a fun time if you make me mere with your attorney first. seabeyond Nov 2013 #124
I love sex. I just don't have a desire to watch others having sex. PassingFair Nov 2013 #127
Pretty sure non-private consensual behaviors shouldn't be punished either. Schema Thing Nov 2013 #197
...sex is the most awful, filthy thing on earth and you should save it for someone you love." Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2013 #129
LOL Skittles Nov 2013 #390
Pornography is not pro-sex, and opponents are NOT anti-sex or "prudes." duffyduff Nov 2013 #147
So what you're saying is you don't like an industry... Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #156
Should people be forced to look for work in the porn industry gollygee Nov 2013 #167
I would be profoundly surprised if anyone is being required to look for work IN the adult industry Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #543
I didn't say it was happening gollygee Nov 2013 #552
sure thing, Bubba - Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2013 #149
Actually consensual role play that involves simulated rape is in fact sex. Kurska Nov 2013 #169
uhm, Bubba, Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2013 #176
Rape porn is rape play that was recorded... Kurska Nov 2013 #181
Laws can be changed. - Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2013 #191
No one is demanding anything, besides others not censor what they don't like. Kurska Nov 2013 #224
whatever, Bubba. peace out and dueces. Tuesday Afternoon Nov 2013 #229
Have a wonderful life n/t Kurska Nov 2013 #233
did the person that "rape" play lack consent, lack control? cause if there was consent and control, seabeyond Nov 2013 #194
I just served on a jury for this post pintobean Nov 2013 #340
It certainly wasn't meant as a compliment. n/t Laelth Nov 2013 #346
0-6 to leave it pintobean Nov 2013 #349
I know. I was the one on the jury who said it was rude. Laelth Nov 2013 #351
So does Pulp Fiction Major Nikon Nov 2013 #525
Well said! Finally, the US is trying to become mature than stuck in RKP5637 Nov 2013 #153
I would but... ryan_cats Nov 2013 #172
I like to vote. shenmue Nov 2013 #185
Post of the year, all years +1 n/t Kurska Nov 2013 #295
Meh. Sex isn't inherently good (or bad) all by itself. MadrasT Nov 2013 #196
Prude shaming bullshit post. boston bean Nov 2013 #209
So, every point of view a woman can possibly hold should be immune from criticism? lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #228
My lord, no one is saying you don't have a right to be disgusted by whatever you want. Kurska Nov 2013 #235
Any prude who wants to enforce their morality on others deserves nothing but LittleBlue Nov 2013 #249
Women are just so grateful to be judged boston bean Nov 2013 #279
This is life and you will be judged, fairly or unfairly, no matter what laws are passed. LittleBlue Nov 2013 #288
Yes, take your own advice then and don't be so hypocritical, would be boston bean Nov 2013 #302
What law restricting free expression am I supporting? LittleBlue Nov 2013 #304
Prudes should be shunned and shamed... boston bean Nov 2013 #306
Who am I to determine who is a prude? LittleBlue Nov 2013 #308
I am also a free citizen and therefore determine what I please, boston bean Nov 2013 #310
If you've gotten lost in this discussion, there is a record above LittleBlue Nov 2013 #321
I'm not lost, read what I write and respond to it. boston bean Nov 2013 #333
I have a question (and my bad if you've already addressed it) xulamaude Nov 2013 #309
Specifically, prudes who try to enforce restrictions on others LittleBlue Nov 2013 #312
Okay. Thank you. nt xulamaude Nov 2013 #317
I don't think those who would censor porn are prudes. rrneck Nov 2013 #324
Sex is great. I don't particularly care for porn, though. NuclearDem Nov 2013 #213
Obviously no, we cannot. LadyHawkAZ Nov 2013 #218
so your idea of a positive sex thread is insulting women by shaming them their sexuality? seabeyond Nov 2013 #222
My lord, I never said anyone wasn't free to not like sex. Kurska Nov 2013 #239
see, this is the issue. because women talk about rape porn, you tell them they do not like sex. seabeyond Nov 2013 #242
When the hell did I say YOU didn't like sex, why do you even assume this OP is directed at you. Kurska Nov 2013 #246
My beef is with people who don't like sex and want to be sure no one else enjoys it either. seabeyond Nov 2013 #250
No see the and in that sentence indicates a compound thought Kurska Nov 2013 #253
after all the rape porn thread you start an OP ... now can we have a sex positive thread. seabeyond Nov 2013 #256
Yes, I was personally addressing you with my OP. Kurska Nov 2013 #260
you know, i know, everyone on this thread knows who you were addressing. me personally? all the seabeyond Nov 2013 #262
The only people I am addressing are those that want to ban others consensual sexual practices. Kurska Nov 2013 #267
YOU are using womens sexuality to shame them. that simple. you cannot justify that, or validate seabeyond Nov 2013 #269
Saying something over and over again doesn't make it true n/t Kurska Nov 2013 #270
It is a fact. You are try to weasel your way around it all. It bottom lines to you seabeyond Nov 2013 #274
Banning pornography is not a sexual behavior. Kurska Nov 2013 #276
using sex positive to sex negative, using prude, using anti sex then that is exactly what you are seabeyond Nov 2013 #286
I'm so glad there exists people who can tell me what I am doing. Kurska Nov 2013 #292
it is literally your words. so whatever.... nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #296
If you can decrypt 286, please share with the rest of us. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #322
I don't think even the freaking TARDIS can translate some of what I am reading here The Straight Story Nov 2013 #337
I'll get my best men working on it Kurska Nov 2013 #344
Hmmm...breakthrough thought here. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #319
Hey, she loves sex and is sex positive. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #318
I have seen people in these threads LadyHawkAZ Nov 2013 #247
the only other way to "spin it" other than ANTI sex, would be ANTI porn. but what the fuck seabeyond Nov 2013 #252
Nice spin attempt. HappyMe Nov 2013 #263
really? women against porn are anti sex, not anti porn. to say anti porn is a spin? seabeyond Nov 2013 #266
What men are you talking about? HappyMe Nov 2013 #285
sex positive/sex negative, anti sex, prude. what do you think that is saying about people who speak seabeyond Nov 2013 #290
I don't know. HappyMe Nov 2013 #299
you dont know. seabeyond Nov 2013 #301
Well, maybe I do. HappyMe Nov 2013 #303
The 'women' thing implies that we are all of the same mind about everything. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #326
You sound like a prude-negative type person. Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #325
Voluntarily having sex and filming it for others to see LadyHawkAZ Nov 2013 #272
it is a disagreement about porn. i understand your issue on women choosing. seabeyond Nov 2013 #281
The "disagreement about porn" is full of slut shaming, every time it turns up. LadyHawkAZ Nov 2013 #307
You can speak for tthis womannn Sissyk Nov 2013 #376
The whole sex-negative thing is more than just a bit disingenuous Major Nikon Nov 2013 #547
Excellent post. RiffRandell Nov 2013 #297
Perfectly said maddezmom Nov 2013 #341
You got it! nt RiffRandell Nov 2013 #230
you too, are into shaming women their sexuality? i am aghast.... nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #236
"The only freaks are those who violate the rights of others"=shaming women for their sexuallity Kurska Nov 2013 #241
"The only freaks are those who violate the rights of others" wtf? and we are clear what you are seabeyond Nov 2013 #254
That was line from my OP, maybe you would recognize it if you bothered to read it n/t Kurska Nov 2013 #257
anti porn threads, now sex positive seabeyond Nov 2013 #261
See this is what you don't get Kurska Nov 2013 #265
there you go. right there. intent clear. this thread is to declare that women that spoke out on seabeyond Nov 2013 #268
.... Kurska Nov 2013 #273
No, I am a WOMAN who doesn't believe my sexuality is being shamed. RiffRandell Nov 2013 #280
wtf? of course it is not your sexuality being attacked. you are helping to attack other womens seabeyond Nov 2013 #284
Are you accusing Riff of being a gender-traitor? Old and In the Way Nov 2013 #330
Add me to the list. HappyMe Nov 2013 #244
Lulz!!!! Divine Discontent Nov 2013 #515
Different people seem to mean different things by "sex" struggle4progress Nov 2013 #231
Apparently not... Hayabusa Nov 2013 #275
Let's talk about sex! Rex Nov 2013 #277
Here are two women everyone here should read and/or support: (NSFW) kentauros Nov 2013 #278
Awesome links! Kurska Nov 2013 #282
I didn't think about that, so thank you for pointing it out. kentauros Nov 2013 #287
I love Annie! zappaman Nov 2013 #291
"Tit print"! kentauros Nov 2013 #293
She would have a LOT to say in this thread! zappaman Nov 2013 #294
That is true on all points. kentauros Nov 2013 #298
I'm not sure why Americans are so afraid of sex. I have had both good and bad experiences in my liberal_at_heart Nov 2013 #313
I'm so glad I'm gay Prism Nov 2013 #315
"Keep thumpin, my friends" LadyHawkAZ Nov 2013 #323
You. I like you. n/t Prism Nov 2013 #328
Remember, 88% of porn contains "aggressive acts" like ... blowjobs Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #332
"Indian gang rape," "military women raped," and "drunk girl rape" BainsBane Nov 2013 #414
Which has nothing to do with what I posted. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #431
I googled "rape porn" BainsBane Nov 2013 #441
The fact that you googled something and then found the thing you were googling, only indicates that Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #466
I Googled the topic of discussion BainsBane Nov 2013 #470
Okay, point by point. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #478
Not much of a point by point BainsBane Nov 2013 #486
I'm not outraged, Bain. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #514
I am not "people" BainsBane Nov 2013 #529
I am opposed to rape, and support efforts to combat and reduce it. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #531
You do know that simple probability BainsBane Nov 2013 #553
Notice how you didn't get an answer to a direct question Major Nikon Nov 2013 #536
My sentiments: Kingofalldems Nov 2013 #347
Perahps we shoudl hear form George Michael Agnosticsherbet Nov 2013 #352
If Sex is so wonderful and all that, why do women I talked to usually say... BlueJazz Nov 2013 #357
Rape is not sex. It is violent assault BainsBane Nov 2013 #360
The problem appears to be that you think of most sex as rape. last1standing Nov 2013 #369
Bullshit BainsBane Nov 2013 #370
You addressed them to me in a group you had me blocked from. last1standing Nov 2013 #377
spitting venom? You just accused me of thinking all sex is rape BainsBane Nov 2013 #380
You've posted nothing to suggest differently. last1standing Nov 2013 #382
Now this people, is "badass." RiffRandell Nov 2013 #387
LOL! Thanks. But seriously, that poster is writing some very disturbing things. last1standing Nov 2013 #394
Wasn't this also in the Gungeon? Had a certain ring. Eleanors38 Nov 2013 #496
Par for the course Major Nikon Nov 2013 #555
"Pride parades promote homosexuality" Prism Nov 2013 #375
Her previous posts show that she is very comfortable with it. last1standing Nov 2013 #378
Where did she link to those sites? hrmjustin Nov 2013 #398
Wander around in the Feminism Group, you'll find plenty of them. last1standing Nov 2013 #401
You accused her personally of posting from homophobic sites. hrmjustin Nov 2013 #408
Ah! I see, you have no desire to look for the facts, you just want to attack. last1standing Nov 2013 #412
I just provided the one HOF post where I cited any sources BainsBane Nov 2013 #416
Nothing is incumbent upon me when it comes from you. last1standing Nov 2013 #420
So you admit you fabricated that claim? BainsBane Nov 2013 #421
I admit that you post very disturbing comments. last1standing Nov 2013 #424
So that's a yes BainsBane Nov 2013 #429
That's a Yes... last1standing Nov 2013 #434
Then provide text and links to what is so disturbing BainsBane Nov 2013 #438
Everything you're written is disturbing. last1standing Nov 2013 #442
Let me try again BainsBane Nov 2013 #446
Let me try again. last1standing Nov 2013 #448
It seems clear you did not read my last post BainsBane Nov 2013 #450
It seems clear you did not read your own post. last1standing Nov 2013 #451
I've made those points repeatedly BainsBane Nov 2013 #452
Since you couldn't resist spitting venom we can go back to the same old.... last1standing Nov 2013 #453
It is increasingly clear to me that you define hate and venom BainsBane Nov 2013 #455
In future I'll define it by linking to your posts. last1standing Nov 2013 #456
Which you have been asked to do repeatedly to back up your allegations BainsBane Nov 2013 #457
LOL! I love the fact that you're so bothered by that. last1standing Nov 2013 #461
Oh, I see what the venom was BainsBane Nov 2013 #460
No, you made a deliberate attempt to be hateful when I was trying to discuss issues. last1standing Nov 2013 #462
You personally are the repository of all feminist issues? BainsBane Nov 2013 #463
Nope. That's why I wanted to discuss them. last1standing Nov 2013 #465
Where did I ever say women should be "directed by my decree" BainsBane Nov 2013 #474
Seriously, thank you for writing that as I agree with some of it and see more as miscommunication. last1standing Nov 2013 #517
... ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #467
You were the only one, huh? last1standing Nov 2013 #469
I have no dog in this fight. I only wanted you to see the kind of remarks your comments ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #471
This entire subthread probably should be removed. last1standing Nov 2013 #472
I participated in a jury on a comment. ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #473
How about $100 to an anti-slavery group? BainsBane Nov 2013 #476
I give you my honest word I am playing no game. hrmjustin Nov 2013 #418
I didn't say she was. I said she is comfortable with homophobic researchers and sites. last1standing Nov 2013 #422
I am not going to search for this. It is clear you are not going to provide the link which you hrmjustin Nov 2013 #425
Ok. Goodbye. last1standing Nov 2013 #435
So sorry. I missed one: Mother Jones BainsBane Nov 2013 #419
Here is the one post in HOF in which I linked to sources over the past several days BainsBane Nov 2013 #415
Not just there, GD too just yesterday Major Nikon Nov 2013 #527
Hold on. Are you actually equating a pride parade with rape? BainsBane Nov 2013 #384
What I said was precise and clear Prism Nov 2013 #388
So if I don't like rape and rape culture? BainsBane Nov 2013 #391
I'm not reading your post since the first two sentences are dishonest. Prism Nov 2013 #399
If you are not going to read my responses, don't answer BainsBane Nov 2013 #404
This message was self-deleted by its author BainsBane Nov 2013 #392
Well, there is also a thread BainsBane Nov 2013 #395
Are there any prominent anti-pornographers who AREN'T sex negative? Major Nikon Nov 2013 #383
Quite a list and we see some of them quoted here on a regular basis maddezmom Nov 2013 #385
What complete crap BainsBane Nov 2013 #393
I noticed you couldn't come up with any names Major Nikon Nov 2013 #397
BainsBane BainsBane Nov 2013 #400
That's not a name, nor are you prominent anywhere other than here (if that) Major Nikon Nov 2013 #402
So you're not actually interested in what members here think? BainsBane Nov 2013 #406
I asked a question, you have yet to directly answer it Major Nikon Nov 2013 #426
You are painting feminists here as sex negative BainsBane Nov 2013 #437
I'm painting THOSE feminists as sex negative Major Nikon Nov 2013 #443
So your post was essentially irrelevant to the OP BainsBane Nov 2013 #454
"Are there any prominent anti-pornographers who AREN'T sex negative?" Why does it matter kwassa Nov 2013 #440
I asked a question that matters to me Major Nikon Nov 2013 #444
It is off point and it doesn't matter, which is the only rational answer to your query. kwassa Nov 2013 #449
As do we all hopefully Major Nikon Nov 2013 #459
You asked her to back up her claim so of course you don't think women are human beings. last1standing Nov 2013 #407
Rule #2 xulamaude Nov 2013 #403
Their motives are the same Major Nikon Nov 2013 #417
Claiming that porn poisons the culture, as you say, xulamaude Nov 2013 #447
You just said the same thing Major Nikon Nov 2013 #458
Got me! xulamaude Nov 2013 #464
The religious right opposes modern-day slavery too BainsBane Nov 2013 #475
What's red, hangs on the wall, and whistles? Major Nikon Nov 2013 #481
That was your same argument for rape porn BainsBane Nov 2013 #483
THE MAN IN THE WILDERNESS Major Nikon Nov 2013 #485
Heh.. opiate69 Nov 2013 #487
Hey there! BainsBane Nov 2013 #489
... opiate69 Nov 2013 #495
My favorite show! BainsBane Nov 2013 #497
Fuck.. Did Betelgeuse just go supernova? We actually agree on something?? opiate69 Nov 2013 #498
This is the funniest bit BainsBane Nov 2013 #499
Ahh.. "The Germans". IIRC, TV Guide ranked that episode in the top-10 all time. opiate69 Nov 2013 #503
BTW BainsBane Nov 2013 #504
Can't say as I have.. In all honesty, opiate69 Nov 2013 #506
"Purely accidental" BainsBane Nov 2013 #507
Well, given the history, I don't for a second expect you to believe it. opiate69 Nov 2013 #509
There isn't a bad episode in the series BainsBane Nov 2013 #511
You are consistent, I'll give you that BainsBane Nov 2013 #488
I'm not avoiding discussion, you just don't get it Major Nikon Nov 2013 #490
You could try explaining it slowly BainsBane Nov 2013 #491
Others have tried Major Nikon Nov 2013 #492
I've dealt with his points repeatedly BainsBane Nov 2013 #494
Not talking about him Major Nikon Nov 2013 #500
Right, obfuscation BainsBane Nov 2013 #502
That's it Major Nikon Nov 2013 #505
...Hitler? Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #545
I call Godwin Major Nikon Nov 2013 #548
Good luck. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #550
This never happens to progressive feminists. LadyHawkAZ Nov 2013 #433
whatever the reasons I still say stay out of my bedroom. liberal_at_heart Nov 2013 #477
I don't care what people do in their bedrooms nor do I make a judgment on most porn. hrmjustin Nov 2013 #396
False dichotomy Scootaloo Nov 2013 #410
You make me want to watch that My Little Pony show BainsBane Nov 2013 #493
Don't expect an homage to Coppola's "The Conversation".... ProudToBeBlueInRhody Nov 2013 #535
I wonder why so many people are into it? BainsBane Nov 2013 #542
There's a documentary about the Brony culture out there that turned up on Logo ProudToBeBlueInRhody Nov 2013 #544
All sounds pretty harmless to me BainsBane Nov 2013 #546
I don't like pornography, but even with my position, I view many on DU bluestate10 Nov 2013 #427
To answer your question on subject alone: no. No we can't. flvegan Nov 2013 #439
Right? ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #468
Aww, thank you. flvegan Nov 2013 #484
Is it pornography when loving exhibitionistic couples broadcast live video of their love making? Kablooie Nov 2013 #445
Looking at the poll - the answer appears to be HELL YES !!! ConcernedCanuk Nov 2013 #512
So, to recap: No. Not here. Not ever. Vashta Nerada Nov 2013 #530
My poor thread, just another victim of the great DU rape porn war Kurska Nov 2013 #532
I was in the DU porn wars of '05, '08, '09 and '11 Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #533
To Donny....who loved surfing....and bowling. nt ProudToBeBlueInRhody Nov 2013 #537
"And what was all that shit about Vietnam? What the FUCK, has anything got to do with Vietnam?" Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #541
Why does it seem DU generally has porn wars in years there is no election Kurska Nov 2013 #538
Yeah, for sure. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #540
I think you may be on to something... nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #561
Damn, that's a lot of wars to fight... opiate69 Nov 2013 #551
The "Heavy Metal" Soundtrack. Indeed. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #557
'05, I wasn't around here yet. But '08, '09, and especially '11 I remember pretty well. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #560
Hell, I wish one of *my* (admittedly very few) threads would get 500 replies. I'm lucky to get 5. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #559
What does "sex-positive" have to do with pornography, exactly? Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #563
Nothing. Not inherently anyway. Which is why the conflation of the two is rather questionable. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #565
See your attitude is exactly what I'm talking about. Kurska Nov 2013 #567
It's the social attitudes around it that are exploitative. Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #569
Your perception of social attitudes don't matter a fraction of an iota Kurska Nov 2013 #570
Apparently there are plenty of things you don't get Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #571
You're the one saying society should influence how a woman feels about her private sexual behaviors. Kurska Nov 2013 #573
I'm saying society does, in fact. Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #574
I find it laughable you think a woman's private, consensual and enjoyable sex becomes exploitative Kurska Nov 2013 #576
You're arguing that pornography and the attitudes around gender roles and sexuality it expresses... Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #578
I'm arguing that blanket statements on whether a woman should feel exploited or not based on the Kurska Nov 2013 #581
Except you're moving the goalposts, and arguing a point I didn't make. Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #583
Oh my lord, I'm seriously questioning if you even read what you write. Kurska Nov 2013 #584
It isn't necessary to "feel" something for it to be the case. Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #585
And if something is the case and you don't "feel it", you're wrong Kurska Nov 2013 #586
Hah. Spider Jerusalem Nov 2013 #587
"no, they aren't" Yes, men are. Kurska Nov 2013 #588
People fuck. People like cameras. People like watching stuff on screens. Warren DeMontague Nov 2013 #572
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