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14. Your dad and I grew up listening to news about a South American assasination all the time. That is
Mon Dec 2, 2013, 10:28 AM
Dec 2013

not happening so much now but then it was often the only way to take over the government. I remember being glad we had regular elections. So much for Democracy!

"wherever evil needs an adversary" Tom Rinaldo Dec 2013 #1
So will outspoken support of Israel... Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #2
A very often overlooked fact. /nt seveneyes Dec 2013 #7
Even that is attributing too much cause and effect. DanTex Dec 2013 #9
who probably Niceguy1 Dec 2013 #26
Except the fatal shot was behind the right ear and fired from about 3 inches away Ace Acme Dec 2013 #30
And Sirhan Sirhan had a 22 cal pistol PeoViejo Dec 2013 #34
There's that, too (nt) Recursion Dec 2013 #10
Outspoken support of Israel was not rare among US politicians at that time. merrily Dec 2013 #16
Or this time. Spider Jerusalem Dec 2013 #18
This time is not relevant to RFK's assassination, though. merrily Dec 2013 #19
The bullet that killed RFK was at close range to the back of his head. Sirhan, while definitely 1monster Dec 2013 #27
The country has never been the same after his assassination Rex Dec 2013 #3
We went numb. It was like unrelenting hammer blows. It was an awful time in this nation. Ikonoklast Dec 2013 #5
He was my last great hope. I almost stopped voting except for my mother who told me we had to jwirr Dec 2013 #6
It's funny this came up, I was at my parent's Sunday for dinner. Ikonoklast Dec 2013 #12
Your dad and I grew up listening to news about a South American assasination all the time. That is jwirr Dec 2013 #14
RFK would have been president had he lived. Ace Acme Dec 2013 #32
The shootings no longer happen here - but beware of being liberal, charismatic and truedelphi Dec 2013 #39
Just a small correction Wellstone's plane was on its way to Eveleth, MN dflprincess Dec 2013 #42
Thanks for the correction. truedelphi Dec 2013 #46
Your Dad was right (n/t) Samantha Dec 2013 #44
+a zillion truebluegreen Dec 2013 #29
Malcolm X was killed heaven05 Dec 2013 #41
Some of us still remember when wilsonbooks Dec 2013 #4
Reagan & the republicans made it their life's mission to infiltrate the democratic party...and they loudsue Dec 2013 #15
Yep. bvar22 Dec 2013 #23
They left out LIEberman. loudsue Dec 2013 #24
Still miss him and Paul Wellstone Lifelong Protester Dec 2013 #8
We need to change the ways we fight, though. merrily Dec 2013 #17
+ 1 very broken hearted human. truedelphi Dec 2013 #40
I still mourn for Him!! Respect! Thanks for the reminder of who we are! hue Dec 2013 #11
The Day Bobby Died rustbeltvoice Dec 2013 #13
Catholicism also gave us the Dark Ages Stainless Dec 2013 #22
Unless you want to say that Catholicism caused the fall of the Roman Empire Fortinbras Armstrong Dec 2013 #45
well said. truebluegreen Dec 2013 #31
Ughhhhh.... SoapBox Dec 2013 #20
and Massachusetts had three senators rustbeltvoice Dec 2013 #25
I know where that came from underpants Dec 2013 #28
Good thing that once the idea is out there, you can't kill it, though you can try killing all the ancianita Dec 2013 #21
I thought hate radio declared the Kennedy family were actually conservatives Doctor_J Dec 2013 #33
Not just hate radio. Mainstream media had my Mom convinced that JFK Ace Acme Dec 2013 #35
Well... he DID get us into Vietnam... Scootaloo Dec 2013 #36
We were already in Vietnam before JFK took office. Ace Acme Dec 2013 #37
Fair enough Scootaloo Dec 2013 #38
In December 1963, JFK had planned to start withdrawing troops from Vietnam ailsagirl Dec 2013 #43
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