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Nye Bevan

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Sun Jan 5, 2014, 12:59 AM Jan 2014

Is it productive to repeatedly remind white people of how privileged they are? [View all]

38 votes, 5 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes. White people should be reminded of how privileged they are on a regular basis. Such constant reminders will surely help to end racism.
14 (37%)
No. It's more productive to focus on specific issues such as racial inequality in the justice system, voting rights, and employer discrimination, that we can all agree need to be addressed in the fight against racism.
24 (63%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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why are White people being persecuted? VanillaRhapsody Jan 2014 #1
As long as white privilege is denied, attention must be called to it. morningfog Jan 2014 #2
Me personally, no. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #3
How is white privilege is akin to "black crime?" morningfog Jan 2014 #4
Edited to clarify. Sorry I confused you (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #6
You didn't confuse me. morningfog Jan 2014 #17
yeah, I am all too familiar with this bullshit too. what an incredible leap to make. revolting... bettyellen Jan 2014 #27
although not surprising CreekDog Jan 2014 #267
So this is OK for President Obama to say, but not Joe Biden? Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #29
"Are there some things we can do to foster better understanding?" Yes, like discussing morningfog Jan 2014 #32
I do note that President Obama's approach was not to lecture whites about their "privilege" (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #34
So now privilege goes in quotes? At least we are getting somewhere. morningfog Jan 2014 #36
he is certainly hinting at it, in a pretty gutless manner. guess he follows that "x isn't allowed bettyellen Jan 2014 #89
President Obama can never talk about white privilege. phleshdef Jan 2014 #43
Never been a fan of "only people of race X are allowed to talk about subject Y" (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #46
Cultural/social reality doesn't require you to be a fan. phleshdef Jan 2014 #51
Not surprised there. morningfog Jan 2014 #79
he does and tells us we should honor Margaret Thatcher CreekDog Jan 2014 #245
Here's the post where I supposedly defended Chris Christie's lane closures: Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #248
quit playing games, i never said you defended them, aren't you sneaky... CreekDog Jan 2014 #249
Seriously? I make an analogy to Watergate and I am "minimizing them as no big deal"? Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #250
not giving the person who concern trolls racial issues here the benefit of the doubt: CreekDog Jan 2014 #253
here's more bullshit from you: "Why are blacks overrepresented as NBA coaches?" CreekDog Jan 2014 #251
I understand why you want to change the subject from your ignorance of Watergate, Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #252
i understand why you don't want attention in your thread about racism to your "reverse racism" posts CreekDog Jan 2014 #254
OK, your choice. Have a great day (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #255
i am CreekDog Jan 2014 #256
He does. He suggested Obama was elected because he was black CreekDog Jan 2014 #269
WOW. FUCKING DISGRACEFUL. bettyellen Jan 2014 #276
Yep, and don't forget women: CreekDog Jan 2014 #281
yes, we are interested more interested in the opinion of a fellow progressive CreekDog Jan 2014 #290
Like I've said. He's not fooling anyone. Except maybe the admins. morningfog Jan 2014 #294
Surely NONE of this is a surprise to you, is it? Not from that person? Number23 Jan 2014 #300
Not really surprising CreekDog Jan 2014 #302
are you talking about what we in the United States should talk about? CreekDog Jan 2014 #244
I believe that my statement in the post you replied to has general applicability, Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #247
Again, you're playing games, trying to make it sound like I said you, a white person, couldn't talk CreekDog Jan 2014 #268
you think that fosters better understanding? hfojvt Jan 2014 #163
"Black crime"? Heidi Jan 2014 #16
Sounds like someone wanting to (yet again!) remind white people how privileged they are. morningfog Jan 2014 #18
Guilty! Heidi Jan 2014 #28
I was thinking more in terms of how President Obama expressed it. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #23
Agree, and I think discussing white privilege is one of the things we can do to Heidi Jan 2014 #30
So, those OPs do bother you enough to post this poll. Never mind your 'interesting' idwiyo Jan 2014 #45
Not so much that they "bother" me, but they invariably seem to descend into bickering Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #48
the comparison to black crime makes it sound like something Sarah Palin would say…. or rather bettyellen Jan 2014 #128
The point is to encourage people to pay attention to racism BainsBane Jan 2014 #63
Good stuff here brush Jan 2014 #87
This was good. I want to link people to this reply cinnabonbon Jan 2014 #148
+1000 PoliticalPothead Jan 2014 #152
I would call that dualistic thinking hfojvt Jan 2014 #160
racism is about whites BainsBane Jan 2014 #183
Racism is About Whites??? RobinA Jan 2014 #197
Racism is racial prejudice BainsBane Jan 2014 #199
Well, We Will Have To RobinA Jan 2014 #219
Racism affects how people of color see themselves BainsBane Jan 2014 #235
Your brilliance leaves me speechless! Thank you so much! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #258
Amen! FrodosPet Jan 2014 #200
The "white progressive versions of people of color" can be just as bad, if not worse, Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #257
I'm glad to see that someone else sees the same thing as I do on this FrodosPet Jan 2014 #262
Are you married?? *smile* Thank you so very much for this! We need more to speak out! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #264
it is not all whites who perpetrate it hfojvt Jan 2014 #210
Intersectionality BainsBane Jan 2014 #211
except I never said that racism and sexism don't exist hfojvt Jan 2014 #214
Again, about as useful as posting "(insert something negative here) is about blacks". Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #216
Once again, you are one of the most insightful posters on DU! nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #172
Thank you. BainsBane Jan 2014 #173
Black people DO NOT commit more crimes than whites. Your racism is showing right there!! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #138
. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #143
Don't post any Wikipedia shit! Post crime statistics! FBI stats! Not wikipedia. Most crimes ARE NOT Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #145
. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #147
You posted violent crimes. Most violent crimes committed by blacks are directed at other blacks. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #150
I was solely focusing on the race of the perpetrators, not the victims. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #155
What does that have to do with the conversation about eradicating racism in this society???? Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #162
In which post did I "attack a person"? Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #165
you use every opportunity to downplay an instance of racism or racial inequality CreekDog Jan 2014 #270
you are completely right, now the OP is trying to bait you into getting a hidden post- this is bettyellen Jan 2014 #168
"This entire thread is incredibly offensive." As is 99% of the shit that comes from the OP Number23 Jan 2014 #196
No kidding. cinnabonbon Jan 2014 #246
The only "useful strategy" for combating racism is to openly acknowledge its existence, period. nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #174
So we recognize the obvious. FrodosPet Jan 2014 #201
Nope, but like AA the first step is admitting we have a problem. nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #207
You are kicking ass on this thread! I salute you. nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #175
Actually ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #229
Nye doesn't want to talk about "white privilege" he wants to talk about "black privilege", look: CreekDog Jan 2014 #259
This message was self-deleted by its author Lifelong One Jan 2014 #47
Reminded by whom? Jenoch Jan 2014 #5
most white people don't spend their time on random internet forums snooper2 Jan 2014 #7
1500 active DUers? (=0.0005% * 300,000,000) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #9
two years ago Skinner responded to me advising snooper2 Jan 2014 #11
It's usually a good idea to, yes (nt) Recursion Jan 2014 #8
No. Not all Caucasian people are privileged. Racism is learned. democratisphere Jan 2014 #10
We all live in a racist society. We all have to examine ourselves for internalized racism. LeftyMom Jan 2014 #12
Language is important here, it is not productive to remind them "how privileged" they are Hippo_Tron Jan 2014 #13
I think that's the problem. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #14
Who are you speaking for? morningfog Jan 2014 #19
Be that as it may, this is a liberal community... Hippo_Tron Jan 2014 #20
Fucking BS. Privilege is walking down the street in NYC DevonRex Jan 2014 #38
I think most of us here agree that "stop and frisk" and voting rights are important issues. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #44
I thought "racist and morally wrong" summed it up pretty accurately. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #55
It is racist and it is morally wrong, and it is another example of white privilege. morningfog Jan 2014 #78
I'm tired of this essentialist bullshit: Comrade Grumpy Jan 2014 #149
Wrong, grumpy. I'm a white man and I know morningfog Jan 2014 #169
Nice! I applaud you! We need more white people--especially white men like you and Tim Wise--to tell Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #233
I don't have to surrender any privledge right? FrodosPet Jan 2014 #203
Impressive. Laelth Jan 2014 #81
When white people deny or dismiss or down play racism they need to be smacked with morningfog Jan 2014 #77
I haven't seen where anyone on here(this thread) has.... CANDO Jan 2014 #113
The poster has a long history on DU. morningfog Jan 2014 #115
Are You Under RobinA Jan 2014 #198
I fail to see the problem BainsBane Jan 2014 #202
Then they don't understand that just by mere virtue of being born with white skin.... Tarheel_Dem Jan 2014 #65
I have struggled with ALL of those things as a white woman. Starry Messenger Jan 2014 #296
I'm not claiming that every white DUer objects to being lectured to about their privilege. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #298
And inevitably it is white DUers who feel "lectured to" who object. Starry Messenger Jan 2014 #299
Ah, the old "DU is overrun by trolls/moles/Republicans" theory. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #305
In theory a large enough dose of option 2 should eliminate the need for option 1 LadyHawkAZ Jan 2014 #15
Well, you know how arrogant those whites are. Skip Intro Jan 2014 #21
Therefore, white privilege does not exist Iggo Jan 2014 #158
Have you been profiled or harassed by cops because of your skin color? nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #176
I see you've taken a break from carving your likeness into Stone Mountain CreekDog Jan 2014 #272
You're the one who called Trayvon Martin a raicst. n/t Skip Intro Jan 2014 #277
how's the IRS scandal you were fluffing? CreekDog Jan 2014 #278
Deflection won't change what you said. n/t Skip Intro Jan 2014 #279
it won't. your views on racism against blacks, Benghazi and IRS are well known here CreekDog Jan 2014 #280
Again, YOU called Trayvon a racist, not me. n/t Skip Intro Jan 2014 #282
No but keep trying. Everyone knows the players here, they know what I would and wouldn't say CreekDog Jan 2014 #285
You called Trayvon a racist, CreekDog. Own it. Skip Intro Jan 2014 #286
He has also used the phrase "illegal immigrant children thieves". Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #287
no i haven't. not even in your link. CreekDog Jan 2014 #289
actually, you did Skip Intro, you did CreekDog Jan 2014 #288
Sad to see you implode like this, CreekDog. Skip Intro Jan 2014 #291
you must have mixed me up with someone who thinks like you CreekDog Jan 2014 #292
oh and Ron Paul! CreekDog Jan 2014 #293
I don't think repeatedly throwing the idea of privilege in people's faces accomplishes much stevenleser Jan 2014 #22
I would have to agree tkmorris Jan 2014 #33
+1. Here's what the guy who coined the term wrote: El_Johns Jan 2014 #67
Okay Steven, did you read David Brooks' ridiculous marijuana article yesterday? Hippo_Tron Jan 2014 #61
Yes, I read it and I agree, but let's make a distinction on two fronts... stevenleser Jan 2014 #64
Sorry, not playing the race game. CFLDem Jan 2014 #24
+100. n/t Skip Intro Jan 2014 #25
I usually trash those threads about the topic immediately quinnox Jan 2014 #26
^^^ And there you have it. ^^^ Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #69
Shame: DU makes an industry of it. Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #72
"Hectoring tone" is right. And that is being kind. (other words like self-righteous come to mind) quinnox Jan 2014 #88
Watch your language! "Hectoring" is some sort of sexist put down. Comrade Grumpy Jan 2014 #98
Whoa. "Hectoring" is now unacceptable? Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #217
like the tone of your screen name honoring a gun, rather than Eleanor Roosevelt CreekDog Jan 2014 #273
Ba-da-BOOM! Tshhh... Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #295
Me too. NaturalHigh Jan 2014 #159
Bingo... SomethingFishy Jan 2014 #161
"...make white people feel guilty for being white." And we have *liberals* saying things like this? nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #177
Fuck! That's something that fucking Newt Gingrich would say!! When conservatives call liberals Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #263
And notice the high fives that followed. And from the most predictable of places too. Number23 Jan 2014 #301
+100. n/t Skip Intro Jan 2014 #283
It's not obvious. Frankly, I had little idea... Deep13 Jan 2014 #31
The way you worded the poll suggests the question of whether white privilege exists is up for debate morningfog Jan 2014 #35
I guess it depends on the white person Nevernose Jan 2014 #37
That is it. There are some who need to be reminded, or initially educated. morningfog Jan 2014 #41
Good thing you're around to police the board. Comrade Grumpy Jan 2014 #54
I never said this was board specific or even board including. morningfog Jan 2014 #75
Looks to me like we aren't doing it enough. DevonRex Jan 2014 #39
When its necessary to make a point about certain issues, then yes. phleshdef Jan 2014 #40
White privilege getting the same treatment as male privilege. boston bean Jan 2014 #42
A perfect illustration of the us versus "them" mindset that I don't think is especially productive. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #52
Bullshit. morningfog Jan 2014 #80
I have no problem with "us" versus "them" if by "them" you mean MRA's, racism-deniers, and other nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #178
Would that be the 64% minority of DUers who voted "no"? (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #179
If 64% of DU'ers deny the existence of systemic racism then I am out of here yesterday! nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #182
Excellent. So you and I are *both* happy with the results of the poll. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #184
you don't believe there's male privilege either CreekDog Jan 2014 #274
The wording of this poll is so clearly unbiased. 6000eliot Jan 2014 #50
DUers should study H2O Man Jan 2014 #53
+1 nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #180
Thank you! H2O Man Jan 2014 #192
White privilege is no lie. DemLife Jan 2014 #56
We all have varying levels of overall "privilege" due to our individual characteristics. nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #185
I'm sorry, and I'm usually more polite than this, but this poll sucks. ScreamingMeemie Jan 2014 #57
You too, and thanks for posting (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #58
You're too polite DemLife Jan 2014 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague Jan 2014 #60
if that's the goal, then this thread was in service of it CreekDog Jan 2014 #275
To be truthful, although there are *usually* good intentions in mind..... AverageJoe90 Jan 2014 #62
Good, thoughtful reply. I esp. Liked your emphasis on class. nt Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #74
The overemphasis on class is typically an attempt to dismiss the importance of race. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #144
That can work the other way. The important thing without a doubt Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #171
I 'passed' ... LeftishBrit Jan 2014 #66
Yes, so long as there are white people on a Democratic website DLevine Jan 2014 #68
+1 seaglass Jan 2014 #73
There are racist posters on DU, so I agree that it is necessary. morningfog Jan 2014 #76
Is it productive to continually post bull-carp polls? intaglio Jan 2014 #70
Been hearing of "white privilege" for over 40 yrs. Must work! Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #71
work for who? CreekDog Jan 2014 #260
was it good for you? Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #261
it's not fair to ask you to post your opinion since it would get you banned CreekDog Jan 2014 #265
Jeez, I got that kind of power? I can ban myself? Man! Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #297
i'm remembering how you said you were more liberal than me CreekDog Jan 2014 #303
Remember as you wish. Meanwhile, I'm busy with Eleanors38 Jan 2014 #306
Good question. k&r n/t Laelth Jan 2014 #82
This reminded me of madville Jan 2014 #83
Is this the new war on Christmas? sufrommich Jan 2014 #84
I know that it's considered acceptable now Orrex Jan 2014 #85
I don't think the poll offers sufficient answers. Shandris Jan 2014 #86
bookmarked for next time people claim there's no denial of privilege at DU. bettyellen Jan 2014 #90
Sorry, I just looked through the thread for a post that denies that white privilege exists, Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #92
you missed people whining about their sorry white lives? or calling it "privilege" ? bettyellen Jan 2014 #93
Ah, so when a white person says that they are poor, they are "denying" that white privilege exists, Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #95
it's obvious from the pushback and lack of recs that everyone knows what you were saying when bettyellen Jan 2014 #103
Do you agree with the two thirds of DUers who voted "No" in the poll? (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #109
This is a bullshit push poll, absolutely meaningless. morningfog Jan 2014 #111
I agree with the people who called you out on your use of scare quotes around privilege... bettyellen Jan 2014 #127
"Lack of recs"? 8 recs is actually more than respectable for a DU poll (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #181
There is plenty as there is plenty of focus on various forms to avoid the biggest one, class. TheKentuckian Jan 2014 #107
it's a waste of time discussing random personal anecdotes whether it is Chris Rock or a single DUer bettyellen Jan 2014 #191
What the hell are you going on about Beyoncé for? I thought the quote was germane to what I wanted TheKentuckian Jan 2014 #218
Remind them often; they will tend to forget treestar Jan 2014 #91
Poorly worded poll gollygee Jan 2014 #94
It is possible to do things like campaign against the disgraceful racial bias in the death penalty Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #96
So long as people are dismissive about privilege gollygee Jan 2014 #97
I prefer "do you agree that there is a racial bias in how the death penalty is applied?" Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #99
Again, it was a poorly worded poll gollygee Jan 2014 #100
We may not be the *perfect* group to discuss racism, Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #101
Yes we're better than the KKK too gollygee Jan 2014 #102
So, do you agree that white people are privileged? morningfog Jan 2014 #105
Again, a perfect illustration of my point. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #108
Your refusal or denial is very much a part of the problem. morningfog Jan 2014 #110
So, I refer to "the disgraceful racial bias in the death penalty", Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #117
The disgraceful racial bias is easy to acknowledge. It is blatant. morningfog Jan 2014 #121
Like anything, it's possible to discuss issues without being militant about it. ProgressSaves Jan 2014 #104
"I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Zorra Jan 2014 #106
The concept is valid, but misunderstanding and misuse of the word is rife WatermelonRat Jan 2014 #112
Come, come, don't overlook the entertainment value. bemildred Jan 2014 #114
The same could be said of a number of other broadbrush... 99Forever Jan 2014 #116
It's a mix - there are some here who deny white privilege el_bryanto Jan 2014 #118
No. Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #119
I think discussion is good. if you don't want to hear it you can trash the thread or don't read it. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #120
The white population is declining SharpshooterTom Jan 2014 #122
convert a meritocracy buff to a meritocracy critic instead Men Without Waves Jan 2014 #123
I think it is important to remind people . . . markpkessinger Jan 2014 #124
White priveledge effects different people at different levels Shoulders of Giants Jan 2014 #125
There is absolutely class privilege too gollygee Jan 2014 #129
I'm sure you meant 'white males', right? nt left coaster Jan 2014 #126
This message was self-deleted by its author gollygee Jan 2014 #134
There are more white families living below the poverty level leftyladyfrommo Jan 2014 #130
Smaller percentage though gollygee Jan 2014 #131
Let's face it. We have too many people of all persuasions leftyladyfrommo Jan 2014 #132
Yes gollygee Jan 2014 #133
There are a lot of low income white families in urban areas. Gormy Cuss Jan 2014 #154
As long as state justices like Edith Jones tells us, "African Americans and Hispanics are predispose LanternWaste Jan 2014 #135
the OP dog whistled the same sentiment be introducing the concept of "black crime"…..*jaw dropped* bettyellen Jan 2014 #137
I'm inclined to believe you... LanternWaste Jan 2014 #142
"Palinesque"? Or "Obamaesque"? Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #146
a knee jerk leap from white privilege to black crime is NOT Obamaesque, or merely lazy…. bettyellen Jan 2014 #166
Well, on the positive side, out of 3000+ pageviews and 112 DUers voting in the poll, Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #167
Cheerleaders in high school get many views and are quite popular too, regardless of any irrelevance LanternWaste Jan 2014 #189
I think those who are privileged know it already. mstinamotorcity2 Jan 2014 #136
How about "part of white privilege is the ability to ignore white privilege, so just STFU geek tragedy Jan 2014 #139
People who don't see that they are priveleged will shut down when you mention it Bettie Jan 2014 #140
Yes. Iggo Jan 2014 #141
How else will they learn to connect institutional racism... Orsino Jan 2014 #151
Define "repeatedly remind" One_Life_To_Give Jan 2014 #153
Are you doing this for dollars or giggles? Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #156
Absolutely & this thread is a perfect demonstration of why. The privileged don't like being Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #157
This is not a yes / no question Glassunion Jan 2014 #164
This seems like a push poll. n/t Chan790 Jan 2014 #170
Eddie Murphy exposed all this years ago. Boudica the Lyoness Jan 2014 #186
Hilarious! Thanks (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #188
I chose "neither" because it's not an either/or. And honestly, framing it that way seems to border nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #187
What does it mean to say that white privilege exists? Vattel Jan 2014 #190
Both #2 and #3. Not #1 because that's too simplistic. nomorenomore08 Jan 2014 #193
okay, that helps, thx. I guess it is obvious, then, that white privilege exists. Vattel Jan 2014 #194
I'd like to remind people of all colors how destructive Republican politicians are to all Americans. OmahaBlueDog Jan 2014 #195
Using a push poll to get the answer you want here is in itself racist. last1standing Jan 2014 #204
Suggesting that 68% of DUers are gullible enough for me to manipulate them by a "push poll" Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #208
It may be patronizing but not wrong. This OP is racist. last1standing Jan 2014 #209
I don't think it is. Let me ask you a question stevenleser Jan 2014 #212
What's your opinion of the 68% who voted "No" in the poll? (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #215
I Didn't Find It So RobinA Jan 2014 #221
Really? You didn't think the false choice smacked of racism? last1standing Jan 2014 #222
no, cause not all white people Niceguy1 Jan 2014 #205
i think you dont understand what privilege means in this context. it is not the La Lioness Priyanka Jan 2014 #206
Well, I Think RobinA Jan 2014 #220
the term was appropriated in academia and is used/understood incorrectly La Lioness Priyanka Jan 2014 #236
I don't believe it is. Blue_In_AK Jan 2014 #213
OP, I'm shocked, but I shouldn't be that this thread is still open and hasn't been locked. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #223
Threads discussing issues on which DUers are split two thirds to one third are rarely locked. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #224
67% of DUers are not racists. However, this thread is evidence that racism exists. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #226
A thread that posts a poll question is necessarily not itself a solution for addressing racism. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #227
That poll itself and how it was worked was not productive. It was hostile and biased. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2014 #231
I guess the 140+ DUers who chose to vote missed the ridiculousness. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #234
Haven't white people suffered enough? Capt. Obvious Jan 2014 #225
Now THIS is exactly the kind of thoughtful, helpful and productive approach Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #228
White People suck libodem Jan 2014 #230
It's essential when confronted with white privilege assholery... polichick Jan 2014 #232
It is always a good idea to remind people when they have it better than Rex Jan 2014 #237
Yes, People Always RobinA Jan 2014 #238
Well some don't give two shits, I'll give you that. Rex Jan 2014 #239
No, that's not what I am asking. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #240
Well if you frame it like that, then it becomes typical harassment Rex Jan 2014 #241
Relentless hectoring? You must be very upset by such hectoring. kwassa Jan 2014 #242
It does not upset me personally. Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #243
there's no need for the bickering to be "unproductive" CreekDog Jan 2014 #266
I say it's unproductive because most people don't want to acknowledge being wrong alp227 Jan 2014 #271
Actually, there's a simpler way of approaching the issue MrScorpio Jan 2014 #304
do tell us of the vast harm this term has caused you and others CreekDog Jan 2014 #307
meh, some folks are guilty because of their white privilege, sorry, cant resolve you randys1 Jul 2015 #308
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