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12. He can't be at fault ... because he used the levers of government
Thu Jan 9, 2014, 11:11 AM
Jan 2014

in the exact manner in which the GOP thinks they should be used.

But that's an ugly truth that can not be stated.

I think he'll say he's asked his top aid connected to this to resign, perhaps the port authority guy too. They will slide out of the lime light and probably get some side help from some other part of the GOP to keep them quiet (unless they get criminal charges).

Christie will then try to use this situation to show that he's "no nonsense" and acts swiftly when he becomes aware of wrong doing by subordinates.

He'll ask that people not assume that his rough personal style be confused as endorsing such behavior.

Imagine a mob boss on the stand denying that they are the mob boss. "I'm not pretty. I'm rough around the edges, but don't mistake that for wrong doing. I'm helping people ... like I did after Sandy."

I'd be very surprised if he doesn't lean on his no nonsense Sandy response reputation.

See, even a mob boss sometimes does something good for the community.

Something like this is what I expect.

Bridge-ghazi!!!!! underpants Jan 2014 #1
I'm trying to ProSense Jan 2014 #2
Go for it. I've got plenty of popcorn. FSogol Jan 2014 #5
Rec for "Bridge-ghazi" Richardo Jan 2014 #3
Hopefully he can soon be blaming everyone from a prison cell. Shoulders of Giants Jan 2014 #4
He already tried the blame the media strategy...it's too late for that... CTyankee Jan 2014 #6
The one person he would hold accountable is BlueStreak Jan 2014 #7
Not in the republican character to do that. It is always someone else's fault. FSogol Jan 2014 #8
Seems like I left the "not" out of my post. BlueStreak Jan 2014 #9
You probably right about him if he could apologize. One other point is FSogol Jan 2014 #10
He can't be at fault ... because he used the levers of government JoePhilly Jan 2014 #12
Christie has been targeted agent46 Jan 2014 #11
I expect him to reference his no nonsense Sandy response. JoePhilly Jan 2014 #15
"Rough Style" Yeah. agent46 Jan 2014 #23
I'm surprised he did not mention Sandy. JoePhilly Jan 2014 #24
heh blogslut Jan 2014 #13
Liburul media, of course. BobUp Jan 2014 #14
Is "anyone but himself" an acceptable answer? nt TBF Jan 2014 #16
Very true: "Anyone but himself." n/t FSogol Jan 2014 #17
Bridge-ghazi. lol, I love it! Little Star Jan 2014 #18
George Washington GreatCaesarsGhost Jan 2014 #19
I don't think he will blame anyone other than his staff. He will appear humble, contrite and Douglas Carpenter Jan 2014 #20
He has already tried to blame the media and that didn't work. truebluegreen Jan 2014 #21
The Three Billy Goats Gruff? LeftishBrit Jan 2014 #22
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