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Mistrial On Manslaughter Charges SoCalMusicLover Feb 2014 #1
Mistrial on Murder 1 charges. eom DonViejo Feb 2014 #79
Racist scumbag is heading for prison malaise Feb 2014 #2
Sounds like the jury did the job they were summoned to do. flvegan Feb 2014 #3
With the exception of at least one idiot who hung the jury on the murder charge Bjorn Against Feb 2014 #9
Interesting take. flvegan Feb 2014 #11
once the vehicle is fleeing, hard to sell a self-defense claim nt geek tragedy Feb 2014 #15
Dunn did not even make a self defense claim against the other three in the vehicle Bjorn Against Feb 2014 #17
I wasn't there. flvegan Feb 2014 #28
They did not come to a conclusion in the murder case Bjorn Against Feb 2014 #32
It may well be the case. flvegan Feb 2014 #36
So you don't know the facts but somehow you know the jury did what they were summoned to do Bjorn Against Feb 2014 #38
I do know that they did just that. flvegan Feb 2014 #41
We do not have an outcome on the murder charge Bjorn Against Feb 2014 #42
So, you think maybe Dunn was justified in shooting an unarmed kid? geek tragedy Feb 2014 #60
Racist pigfucker? flvegan Feb 2014 #63
Do you agree or disagree with the juror who bought the self-defense claim? geek tragedy Feb 2014 #64
Who said any juror bought the self-defense claim? DonViejo Feb 2014 #81
Same exact thing I've been saying, sked14 Feb 2014 #82
Yeah, there was a jury in the OJ trial, too. WinkyDink Feb 2014 #39
The jury refused to convict him for killing Jordan Davis. geek tragedy Feb 2014 #56
I don't think so Diamonique Feb 2014 #20
You are probably quite wrong about someone buying the self-defense thing Yo_Mama Feb 2014 #46
Since he is guilty of attempted murder and malaise Feb 2014 #70
It seems that the shooting event was divided into subparts... HereSince1628 Feb 2014 #73
I guess you could look at it that way, but... Diamonique Feb 2014 #75
Yes, I agree this is the way the resolution of charges works. HereSince1628 Feb 2014 #80
Yes the jury was given those options Diamonique Feb 2014 #74
Or, there were one or two who were convinced that it should be 1st murder sked14 Feb 2014 #76
I don't see how this makes sense malaise Feb 2014 #77
Actually they weren't the same, and here's why Diamonique Feb 2014 #83
I hear you malaise Feb 2014 #89
I hope he stays there for a long time. cinnabonbon Feb 2014 #4
75 years - 20 year for each attempted murder, avebury Feb 2014 #7
what I can find, says it's consecutive and not concurrent NightWatcher Feb 2014 #24
I heard they have to run consecutively. nt arely staircase Feb 2014 #55
He'll probably be in prison until he dies, even if they run concurrently Warpy Feb 2014 #25
If 46 years old is considered an "old geezer," Keefer Feb 2014 #30
I agree. I'm 67 and am an "old geezer." You've got a long way to go before you achieve ... spin Feb 2014 #34
My bad, I'd heard him described as a retired officer Warpy Feb 2014 #35
I think you are thinking of another case whopis01 Feb 2014 #51
Probably, it's not like it's all that unusual Warpy Feb 2014 #53
There were, I believe, 5 counts demwing Feb 2014 #19
How can one be quilty on attempted murder when the victim is dead? Seems like that would then be jwirr Feb 2014 #69
That's my question as well malaise Feb 2014 #71
And that's what probably triggered the mistrial, sked14 Feb 2014 #78
consecutive sentences, max sentence, are in order nt geek tragedy Feb 2014 #5
Good work JJChambers Feb 2014 #6
Some would not be satisfied unless the jurors personally lynched him Yo_Mama Feb 2014 #13
Agreed JJChambers Feb 2014 #18
In other words, Life in Prison /nt demwing Feb 2014 #23
They can retry him on the one count Yo_Mama Feb 2014 #26
We'd have been satisfied if they convicted him for killing Davis. nt geek tragedy Feb 2014 #57
Given the convictions on the other charges Yo_Mama Feb 2014 #67
Why would I apologize to them…is this one verdict making up for something!!! Tikki Feb 2014 #22
Jacksonville radio station WOKV 690 is covering this trial live... alp227 Feb 2014 #8
Closet racist juror-1 Justice - 0 JCMach1 Feb 2014 #10
Sorry, not correct. demwing Feb 2014 #33
No they just believed that it was justifiable to be threatened by imaginary guns JCMach1 Feb 2014 #44
Don't move the goalpost! You said justice was not served. demwing Feb 2014 #45
No, no, nothing being hung on the murder charge indicates justification Yo_Mama Feb 2014 #49
Realistically, they would have settled for murder 2 if that were the only barrier to consensus. geek tragedy Feb 2014 #61
Exactly! Diamonique Feb 2014 #68
They failed to convict him for killing Davis. nt geek tragedy Feb 2014 #58
The night is dark demwing Feb 2014 #62
Don't think so, if it was a racist juror he/she would have hung on ALL counts. nt edbermac Feb 2014 #37
Good point demwing Feb 2014 #47
Forgive me, I'm not much of a trial expert. Chorophyll Feb 2014 #12
No Mz Pip Feb 2014 #14
Let's hope so. Thanks! nt Chorophyll Feb 2014 #16
60 years minimum before eligible for parole! MoonRiver Feb 2014 #43
Hey, that's life! demwing Feb 2014 #48
Do those sentences have to consecutive or can they be concurrent? whopis01 Feb 2014 #54
They'll run consecutive because each charge sked14 Feb 2014 #59
No he won't walk and the prosecution can retry the case on count one. edbermac Feb 2014 #21
Thanks. Very glad to know it. Chorophyll Feb 2014 #29
is he in custody now? savalez Feb 2014 #65
He's been in custody since his arrest. sked14 Feb 2014 #72
Good enough. DemocraticWing Feb 2014 #27
Juror comments will be interesting Mz Pip Feb 2014 #31
No statute of limitations on murder exboyfil Feb 2014 #40
The prosecution plans to retry Lisa D Feb 2014 #50
as long as they like dsc Feb 2014 #52
I've heard almost nothing about this trial and its evidence. BlueCheese Feb 2014 #66
I didn't follow the trial, what evidence did they have that it was premeditated? Hippo_Tron Feb 2014 #84
Shooting down a teen in cold blood because he's playing loud music Lex Feb 2014 #85
It does to me too, but they have to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt... Hippo_Tron Feb 2014 #86
With even one racist asshole on the jury Lex Feb 2014 #87
apparenlty, someone bought the self defense story and would not go for murder 2 either..... bettyellen Feb 2014 #88
I'd say they ought to re-try for murder 2 then... Hippo_Tron Feb 2014 #90
yeah, no matter how much you explain premeditation can only take seconds- I think people do not bettyellen Feb 2014 #91
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