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Fri Mar 21, 2014, 02:35 PM Mar 2014

My turn to get on my high horse about ACA [View all]

One group of people that have been ravaged before ACA went into effect were people living with HIV/AIDS.

fewer than one in five (17%) of people living with HIV has private insurance and nearly 30% do not have any coverage at all.

Many people in this category that are still able to work could not get health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, nor could they get medicaid because their income. So whats the big deal? they can get Ryan White right? Guess again! Before ACA went into effect in the State of Florida alone there were over 3,000 people waiting to get on the Ryan White program. Those are the cold hard facts & reality before ACA.

Myself, my meds for HIV/AIDS cost approximately $27,000.00 dollars a year, so unless you are making one hell of a good annual salary, these life saving meds are out of reach (I was one of the few lucky one's that had private insurance before I was diagnosed). But low & behold I had a lifetime cap on my insurance before ACA and I have been on these meds since 2005 thats not counting the times I spent in the hospital with them saving my life because of AIDS (you do the math). Yes I was getting close to reaching my cap within the next two years.

Yes ACA is not perfect, and yes there can be improvements to it. But the bottom line is this, it's helping a hell of a lot more people than it's hurting.

So in closing I would like to say this, THANK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA for taking a stand to give the American people what we so desperately needed. And to those that constantly rake Pesident Obama over the coals for doing the right & just thing, a big FUCK YOU!

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Nice. AZ Mike Mar 2014 #1
kick CatWoman Mar 2014 #2
I'm kicking your ass! NYC_SKP Mar 2014 #8
.... CatWoman Mar 2014 #17
This is actually a real credit offering, where credit is due Sheepshank Mar 2014 #3
You are quite correct my friend. William769 Mar 2014 #4
yes PBO gets credit here, once again nt steve2470 Mar 2014 #11
Good post on the reality of ACA, Sheepshank.. thank you~ Cha Mar 2014 #56
I'm reading these testimonies with some fascination. LiberalAndProud Mar 2014 #5
Agreed. William769 Mar 2014 #10
"imperfect as it may be" BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2014 #116
I am very happy for you and for the many people who depend on these meds for life BeyondGeography Mar 2014 #6
Lifetime caps William769 Mar 2014 #13
That's a point that all too often gets missed Bibliovore Mar 2014 #67
Exactly.. the very evil of the "lifetime cap" mountain grammy Mar 2014 #115
K&R. It's working for other groups as well MineralMan Mar 2014 #7
I so rarely agree with you but I do here. Vattel Mar 2014 #111
The removal of the lifetime benefits cap was huge !!!!!! steve2470 Mar 2014 #9
Exactly! William769 Mar 2014 #15
Kick treestar Mar 2014 #12
It saved my bony old ass, too. riqster Mar 2014 #14
... Cha Mar 2014 #59
incredible enid602 Mar 2014 #16
Holy shite. riqster Mar 2014 #114
It has helped my daughter as well. She is madmom Mar 2014 #18
I have a relative with CP who can no longer be denied for a pre-existing condition. Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #19
Helped here, too. blue neen Mar 2014 #20
Good! William769 Mar 2014 #22
My son's went from over $500 to less than $300, for a gold plan. pnwmom Mar 2014 #24
So happy for you, blue neen.. Cha Mar 2014 #60
We have similar stories - my son is now paying $250 on ACA, compared to the $500 on COBRA AnotherMother4Peace Mar 2014 #66
Oh yeah...ingrown toenails are a preexisting condition! blue neen Mar 2014 #69
Thanks pastime Mar 2014 #21
Thanks, William. Very eloquently and passionately put. Whisp Mar 2014 #23
I did it from the heart. William769 Mar 2014 #27
It truly makes me so very happy that you have found good help. Whisp Mar 2014 #30
Thanks for reminding everyone how bad those annual and lifetime limits were. pnwmom Mar 2014 #25
Happy for you...We will be saving significant money each month w/ our new policy Arugula Latte Mar 2014 #26
This is the best thread I've read here in a long time. So thankful to everyone Number23 Mar 2014 #40
Right ON. Thank you for that powerful essay. MADem Mar 2014 #28
wished I could write as well as you my friend. William769 Mar 2014 #31
One of the site owners really laid it out recently--if someone put this to music I could sing it! MADem Mar 2014 #36
Thank you so much! I did not see that. William769 Mar 2014 #37
Another +1 for Skinner and other Obama supporters here. From EVERYWHERE Number23 Mar 2014 #42
I just commented on William's OP downthread and Cha Mar 2014 #64
I read that in ATA the other day. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #96
I wish I could rec YOUR post as well. Raine1967 Mar 2014 #43
Right Back Atcha! Path dependence!!! That is exactly the concept so many of us MADem Mar 2014 #58
Path dependence is something I REALLY wish more people understood Raine1967 Mar 2014 #71
It clicked with me immediately; it's one of those "You know it when someone shows it to you" kind of MADem Mar 2014 #106
Kick and *rec* your reply! Agschmid Mar 2014 #99
It helped me too. llmart Mar 2014 #29
I'm glad it's worked for you. William769 Mar 2014 #33
K & R! Iliyah Mar 2014 #32
Recommended. HuckleB Mar 2014 #34
I am glad the ACA is helping you. bigwillq Mar 2014 #35
Oh this Australian Kangaroo Koala can so get behind that!! I don't have my papers with me so is it Number23 Mar 2014 #38
Completely agree, and thanks, William! closeupready Mar 2014 #39
Good to hear from you my friend. William769 Mar 2014 #41
I rec'd this post just as I rec'd Will's TBF Mar 2014 #44
Best wishes for you and I am glad as many are helped as are. This does not mean accepting this is uppityperson Mar 2014 #45
TY for this post. It's such a relief to read a positive message... Hekate Mar 2014 #46
Thank you for a hopeful post, and wishing you many years of good health question everything Mar 2014 #47
And thank you. William769 Mar 2014 #50
I guess, to be immodest, that I'm just too damned smart to not be grateful. NYC_SKP Mar 2014 #48
DU rec... SidDithers Mar 2014 #49
Huge K&R!! RiffRandell Mar 2014 #51
Aloha William.. Cha Mar 2014 #52
+1. William769 Mar 2014 #61
I am at work so I only have a second. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #53
Thank you sheshe. William769 Mar 2014 #62
Sweet wishes from work, she~ Cha Mar 2014 #63
A hearty Kick & Recommend Pirate Smile Mar 2014 #54
Looks like the right horse to me Egnever Mar 2014 #55
I'm glad things worked out for your family/son. William769 Mar 2014 #65
Amen uponit7771 Mar 2014 #57
So glad to hear, you could get the meds you needed Peacetrain Mar 2014 #68
KICK! Cha Mar 2014 #70
Will, thank you for sharing this story. Raine1967 Mar 2014 #72
I hope your assumption is right. William769 Mar 2014 #74
. PeaceNikki Mar 2014 #73
There is something wonderful about .. yuiyoshida Mar 2014 #75
I am going to borrow that, yuiyoshida Skittles Mar 2014 #89
Its all yours my friend! yuiyoshida Mar 2014 #90
HOLD ON - it's not just AIDS patients who were ravaged KauaiK Mar 2014 #76
I was not trying to make light of anyone with a pre-existing condition William769 Mar 2014 #77
I was starting to believe I was the only one benefitting from the ACA... Walk away Mar 2014 #78
... William769 Mar 2014 #79
Thank you William769!! tweeternik Mar 2014 #80
Very happy for you, William! pablo_marmol Mar 2014 #81
I am happy for you too. William769 Mar 2014 #82
I've invited a couple nay sayers here to see this thread and join in Whisp Mar 2014 #83
Thank you for this! Cali_Democrat Mar 2014 #84
Very happy for you! one_voice Mar 2014 #85
Great post and excellent news. greatauntoftriplets Mar 2014 #86
Thank you. William769 Mar 2014 #91
K & R Great post. I wish you and your friends justhanginon Mar 2014 #87
Thank you. William769 Mar 2014 #92
Beautiful post JustAnotherGen Mar 2014 #88
... William769 Mar 2014 #93
Kick for ACA/Obamacare Life Saver Actions! Cha Mar 2014 #94
K&R William Bobbie Jo Mar 2014 #95
I'm sure i will feel better once my son is being treated and getting meds again iwillalwayswonderwhy Mar 2014 #97
Thank you. William769 Mar 2014 #98
honestly, I don't know all of the details iwillalwayswonderwhy Mar 2014 #102
I would talk to that case worker supervisor and demand a explanation. William769 Mar 2014 #104
And for future reference William769 Mar 2014 #103
thank you for your help iwillalwayswonderwhy Mar 2014 #105
Kick and rec! Agschmid Mar 2014 #100
Thank you....made my night! VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #101
Happy for all the people helped by President Obama's ACA. IrishAyes Mar 2014 #107
KIck FOR ACA~ Cha Mar 2014 #108
K&R lillypaddle Mar 2014 #109
K! Cha Mar 2014 #110
Morning Kick! sheshe2 Mar 2014 #112
K&R Dr Hobbitstein Mar 2014 #113
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