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Tue Mar 25, 2014, 11:19 PM Mar 2014

Is the name "Washington Redskins" in any way insulting, derogatory or offensive? [View all]

43 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes it is and I am Native American
6 (14%)
Yes it is and I am not Native American
34 (79%)
No it is not and I am Native American
0 (0%)
No it is not and I am not Native American
3 (7%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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That's a no-brainer. Smarmie Doofus Mar 2014 #1
If the name evokes prowess and courage, I think it's ok. Maedhros Mar 2014 #18
Chomsky has a view: I think the correct one: Whisp Mar 2014 #20
to whom and how? In my tiny home town we were the Sanford Redskins. we were little kids, dionysus Mar 2014 #2
The word "redskins" has always been derogratory... Jeff In Milwaukee Mar 2014 #5
i get it i, i just mean, growing up, we never saw or meant anything malicious by it. it's for the dionysus Mar 2014 #36
I have a guitar... Jeff In Milwaukee Mar 2014 #54
guitar polish. works wonders for sticker goo... dionysus Mar 2014 #70
This message was self-deleted by its author CFLDem Mar 2014 #53
Not sure where you're getting your information... Jeff In Milwaukee Mar 2014 #57
I stand corrected. CFLDem Mar 2014 #60
To the people mounting a campaign to get Snyder to change it? Recursion Mar 2014 #15
I thought we were the Peoples Front of Laconia?? SQUEE Mar 2014 #65
Of course it is, don't be stupid. flvegan Mar 2014 #3
derogatory terms are not "everything" CreekDog Mar 2014 #4
Milk is not "a chimney" flvegan Mar 2014 #6
have your say CreekDog Mar 2014 #7
True, but... pipi_k Mar 2014 #43
ALL human beings have breasts joeglow3 Mar 2014 #52
That's true, but... pipi_k Mar 2014 #58
I cannot imagine how my User Name, for example, could be offensive to anyone. Maedhros Mar 2014 #19
That's an interesting, subjective and unsupported allegation... LanternWaste Mar 2014 #76
Dan Snyder is never going to change the name, unless NFL forces him npk Mar 2014 #8
Well, Snyder is known for making sensible, well-thought-out decisions, right? Recursion Mar 2014 #14
Brownskins Blackskins otohara Mar 2014 #9
Exactly n/t. Feral Child Mar 2014 #32
Offensive? technotwit Mar 2014 #10
Let us think on it and plug in some alternatives in. TheKentuckian Mar 2014 #11
There wasn't this hand-wringing when the Bullets became the Wizards Recursion Mar 2014 #13
Nope, some folks just love to dig in and maintain as much nasty offense as possible. TheKentuckian Mar 2014 #82
I always wanted a "Fighting Whities" tee shirt.... MADem Mar 2014 #29
Did they have Fighting Whities tighty whities? pintobean Mar 2014 #39
I doubt it, but if they put them on the market, they'd sell out, I'm sure. nt MADem Mar 2014 #42
They could call the practice squad the diapers TheKentuckian Mar 2014 #83
Yup. Shadowflash Mar 2014 #80
Dan Snyder is more concerned with keeping an offensive mascot than recruiting an offensive line Recursion Mar 2014 #12
Cownboys tie-in: The Washington Steers KamaAina Mar 2014 #48
Suppose the name was Washington Rednecks... HooptieWagon Mar 2014 #16
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #17
Just sayin' defacto7 Mar 2014 #21
That didn't sound like what I had heard, so I double checked. Behind the Aegis Mar 2014 #24
I think "Redskins" is offensive, though "Seminoles" is not eridani Mar 2014 #22
What does President Obama think? Aerows Mar 2014 #23
The day is young, but I'll nominate this for best response of 3-26-14. n/t Smarmie Doofus Mar 2014 #33
... bullwinkle428 Mar 2014 #46
Obama has weighed in, I'm surprised you missed it. CreekDog Mar 2014 #50
Oh, okay Aerows Mar 2014 #66
Dan Snyder has already admitted that the name of his NFL team Jenoch Mar 2014 #25
It certainly is to some. bluedigger Mar 2014 #26
. XemaSab Mar 2014 #27
+1 CreekDog Mar 2014 #40
I wish the Indians would do away with Chief Wahoo altogether ok_cpu Mar 2014 #55
Not in the slightest, if they'd only change their LOGO. MADem Mar 2014 #28
16% indian & i am and always was offended. pansypoo53219 Mar 2014 #30
"Redskin" has ALWAYS been derogatory Scootaloo Mar 2014 #31
Apparently, that's not so. Proud Public Servant Mar 2014 #64
Red. Skins. Iggo Mar 2014 #34
To some of course it is. To others it isn't. The dividing line is the question whatthehey Mar 2014 #35
majority of whom needs to be offended? Native Americans? CreekDog Mar 2014 #38
The former would make the most sense whatthehey Mar 2014 #49
I don't need to be NA to be pissed off at deragatory and racist terms for NA. Iggo Mar 2014 #61
I refer you to the first sentence of the post to which you are indirectly responding whatthehey Mar 2014 #63
I'm not saying it's offensive to Indians. I'm saying it's offensive to me. Iggo Mar 2014 #67
Fair enough, but would you not give more credibility to the intended target nonetheless? Why not? whatthehey Mar 2014 #69
Surprised it lasted this long nt treestar Mar 2014 #37
How much pipi_k Mar 2014 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author CreekDog Mar 2014 #44
why don't you do your own work? CreekDog Mar 2014 #45
This isn't something pipi_k Mar 2014 #62
you're more offended at being ASKED if the name is offensive CreekDog Mar 2014 #68
Is that all pipi_k Mar 2014 #72
you are more offended at simply being asked, it's obvious from this and a previous poll/thread CreekDog Mar 2014 #73
Again, being asked pipi_k Mar 2014 #77
You are offended at being asked, it's why you've complained about this poll and the previous one CreekDog Mar 2014 #78
It most certainly is! KamaAina Mar 2014 #47
Unless you're talking about potatoes, it's offensive. Orrex Mar 2014 #51
Yes, not because I find it offensive (my belief doesn't count) rock Mar 2014 #56
This message was self-deleted by its author Proud Public Servant Mar 2014 #59
Quite offensive. Glassunion Mar 2014 #71
I think there are bigger fish to fry. DefenseLawyer Mar 2014 #74
No shit...agree totally... pipi_k Mar 2014 #75
well you think they shouldn't be offended anyway CreekDog Mar 2014 #81
Yes-- it should been changed years ago nt ismnotwasm Mar 2014 #79
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