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Fri Mar 28, 2014, 10:26 PM Mar 2014

Should we add a Dem-bashing clarification to the GD SoP? [View all]

Currently, the General Discussion Statement of Purpose reads:

Discuss politics, issues, and current events. No posts about Israel/Palestine, religion, guns, showbiz, or sports unless there is really big news. No conspiracy theories. No whining about DU.

I propose that we ask DU admins to add the phrase "No FOX-style Dem bashing." By "FOX-style" I mean gratuitous, insulting, over-the-top, topically irrelevant dog-whistling of the type seen on FOX News and other RW outlets. Benghazi's, you might say. Your thoughts?
33 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Great idea! Let's do it.
6 (18%)
Let's at least consider adding "No FOX-style Dem bashing" to the GD Statement of Purpose.
1 (3%)
Let's discuss this thoroughly before doing anything rash.
0 (0%)
Not keen on the idea but wouldn't object to it.
0 (0%)
Terrible idea. Epic fail.
26 (79%)
0 (0%)
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Other: Separate Dem-Bashing forum undeterred Mar 2014 #1
I like it. ucrdem Mar 2014 #3
And it sounds like a party! undeterred Mar 2014 #6
how bout a forum where named democrats are worshipped as the new saviors :-) nt msongs Mar 2014 #2
We already have a group for that. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #4
We sure do! sheshe2 Mar 2014 #28
There's support, then there's worship. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #101
Worship, no. And you can't win without a little zealotry. ucrdem Mar 2014 #103
There isn't a snowballs chance in hell that Palin would ever be president. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #112
That is often what was said about George Bush before he did become President... Spazito Mar 2014 #168
Oh, I see it every day... sheshe2 Mar 2014 #107
You're obviously unaware of the works of Will Pitt, aren't you? Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #110
Oooh I am not unaware. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #119
You still didn't answer my question. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #150
Sorry, Vashta, looks like you've been SERVED by a superior intellect MannyGoldstein Mar 2014 #188
Ha! Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #195
Well... Andy823 Mar 2014 #223
You both have a half a glass of water. Not a drop is added or taken away by how either spins it. TheKentuckian Mar 2014 #165
BOG is here. Ed Suspicious Mar 2014 #13
So very sad isn't it? sheshe2 Mar 2014 #25
I was banned after a few very mildly critical posts about policy direction of the administration. Ed Suspicious Mar 2014 #46
You got all of that because JaneyVee Mar 2014 #62
The ban opened my eyes to the nature of the group. Time and experience with them outside of Ed Suspicious Mar 2014 #66
BOG's theme song is Home On The Range hobbit709 Mar 2014 #151
It is a group not a forum. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #69
I get it now, at the time, the way I used DU was to read and reply to the latest threads. Ed Suspicious Mar 2014 #88
I appreciate your thoughtful response, Ed. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #96
I've gotten caught in a protected group by mistake a time or two. MADem Mar 2014 #189
^^^this^^^ L0oniX Mar 2014 #214
I have an idea! :-) sheshe2 Mar 2014 #17
GD: GG ucrdem Mar 2014 #23
Hey urcdem! sheshe2 Mar 2014 #30
Hiya, sheshe! ucrdem Mar 2014 #35
Hope springs eternal~ sheshe2 Mar 2014 #74
Well they outright admitted that they are here for the money..... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #45
Yes Indeed! sheshe2 Mar 2014 #86
So as Democrats we are NOT supposed to be pleased with them when they do great things.... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #29
No I don't think he/she gets that, VR. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #34
Some how "Punching Democrats" for sport constitutes "supporting them and helping them get elected". VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #43
Well their mission is.. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #105
Well then I guess it is THEY that suck at politics not us.... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #108
Yep voted for him twice Andy823 Mar 2014 #224
We are expected not to like Democrats on a Democratic Forum whose mission states" VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #61
You would think that would be inherent. Bobbie Jo Mar 2014 #5
Sadly they don't think, Bobbie Jo. nt sheshe2 Mar 2014 #133
Other. How about a "No DUer Bashing" codicile? scarletwoman Mar 2014 #7
No objections but I think that's considered a jury issue. ucrdem Mar 2014 #11
Well, you're asking about making an addition to the SOP. This is the addition I propose. scarletwoman Mar 2014 #16
Ah. ucrdem Mar 2014 #20
I think politicians ought to be fair game. Why should they be protected? scarletwoman Mar 2014 #37
I'm not ruling out criticism, just FOX-style bashing. ucrdem Mar 2014 #57
I would say that "FOX-style" is in the eye of the beholder. scarletwoman Mar 2014 #65
The reason is that we want to win elections. ucrdem Mar 2014 #75
Nah, winning elections just for the sake of winning is not the end of politics nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #79
I believe in the truism, "All politics are local". When it comes to elections, what someone says scarletwoman Mar 2014 #95
that is already against the rules.... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #48
Oh great then they just come here and BASH BASH BASH Democrats with no VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #32
Reprisal? How about simply making counter arguments? scarletwoman Mar 2014 #44
that is ALREADY the rules.... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #49
First of all, there are no "rules" per se. There are "Community Standards" and SOP. scarletwoman Mar 2014 #59
There is a mission statement.... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #63
I'm against "bashing each other" - as I clearly stated in my first post on this thread. scarletwoman Mar 2014 #68
How do you make counter "arguments" to hate? VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #51
Who said anything about letting Republicans come? scarletwoman Mar 2014 #72
We ALREADY do not suffer them...BECAUSE all they do is "punch Democrats" on DU VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #81
Are you going to vote in the Midterms? Are you going to vote for Dems running for local offices? scarletwoman Mar 2014 #104
Oh really? treestar Mar 2014 #197
A place called "Democratic Underground" shouldn't be a forum for putting Democrats under the ground. baldguy Mar 2014 #8
In fact quite the opposite....it says so right in the Mission Statement.... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #33
I said no, but would reconsider if the most ardent Bog-ers got to make the new rules list quinnox Mar 2014 #9
I think no Fox style garbage is enough. Bobbie Jo Mar 2014 #10
Ok, but not sure if some of the more hard core supporters would be satisfied with that quinnox Mar 2014 #12
Easy to solve....if they are on DU and NEVER have a positive thing to say about Democrats VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #36
You seem to have this thing all figured out. Maybe you should be one of the ones who help draw up quinnox Mar 2014 #92
If you are here...for the sole purpose of "punching Democrats" and it becomes obvious that it is all VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #97
Wonderful. You can be lead "enforcer" of these new rules. Put us all in line. quinnox Mar 2014 #99
Careful, you are about to get your first ODS red flag! Rex Mar 2014 #106
So... Andy823 Mar 2014 #225
No, some deserve it. Shoulders of Giants Mar 2014 #14
Okay but there's criticism and there's criticism. ucrdem Mar 2014 #15
I voted for Rod Blagojevich Shoulders of Giants Mar 2014 #19
Blago ucrdem Mar 2014 #26
blago was a good gov questionseverything Mar 2014 #54
That was my impression too. ucrdem Mar 2014 #82
yes some hate him questionseverything Mar 2014 #161
Was Rod Blagojevich protecting the 99% when he was attempting to extort a children's hospital? Shoulders of Giants Mar 2014 #230
since the koch's werent gonna fund him questionseverything Mar 2014 #239
Blagojevich is in jail now.... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #38
Bashed into prison... ucrdem Mar 2014 #185
It's too ambiguous defacto7 Mar 2014 #18
Do you support Democrats on DU or do you ONLY come here to criticize them... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #39
I understand the premise defacto7 Mar 2014 #113
That has nothing to do with what I said.....and the rule is already in place... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #191
I like turtles. 1000words Mar 2014 #21
Much too vague tkmorris Mar 2014 #22
It means that IF like a Fox News viewer would do....you ONLY come on DU to punch Democrats VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #41
Systematic bashing of a Democratic President... sheshe2 Mar 2014 #52
Yes we do have abuse of rules here tkmorris Mar 2014 #138
Agreed! sheshe2 Mar 2014 #141
I think we need a whine bar pscot Mar 2014 #24
LOL! RKP5637 Mar 2014 #47
Would that be one of those exploding penguins? Art_from_Ark Mar 2014 #111
Again... Back In The Day... What Would You Do With Joe Lieberman And Zell Miller ??? WillyT Mar 2014 #27
Neither are Democrats now so it wouldn't apply to them. ucrdem Mar 2014 #31
They Were Both Democrats When They Appeared At The Republican Conventions... WillyT Mar 2014 #40
As I understand it DU3 has only existed since April 2011. ucrdem Mar 2014 #50
And I have been around since nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #67
Hosts and juries did not exist prior to 2011. ucrdem Mar 2014 #70
And we still had standards. nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #76
Possibly but this SoP was written for DU3. ucrdem Mar 2014 #78
Derived from the other two nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #80
Thanks, I try to be as transparent as possible. nt ucrdem Mar 2014 #84
Can you explain what DU2 and DU1 and DU1.1 were? They existed long before DU3. madinmaryland Mar 2014 #71
Okay but the current SoP and division of duties is circa DU3. ucrdem Mar 2014 #77
Regardless of which DU version you have been on, WHINING about DU is a quick way to madinmaryland Mar 2014 #83
I'm making a constructive suggestion. ucrdem Mar 2014 #91
The thread opening post just makes a suggestion, asks a question, provides options. MADem Mar 2014 #234
max baucus technically still is...... think Mar 2014 #58
that was then....this is now.... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #42
Have the current SoP enforced, that will go a long way. morningfog Mar 2014 #53
YES the mission says "to support and help elect Democrats" period... VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #56
Might as well require discussion of issues instead of personalities n/t eridani Mar 2014 #55
I don't feel it needs to be part of the SOP. Agschmid Mar 2014 #60
how bout a "don't drink a fifth, smoke crack, or rip bong hits before posting OPs" addendum? dionysus Mar 2014 #64
True, this could happen. Rex Mar 2014 #73
! dionysus Mar 2014 #163
How about we don't waste everyone's time on Democratic Underground whose express mission it is: VanillaRhapsody Mar 2014 #93
Nailed it. There have been elections all year and opportunities to eduate voters on issues wasted.nt freshwest Mar 2014 #145
How about new people stop telling the regulars that we're Doing It Wrong? LeftyMom Mar 2014 #85
You noticed this too? nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #89
Amen to that! (nt) scarletwoman Mar 2014 #109
... laundry_queen Mar 2014 #115
+1 U4ikLefty Mar 2014 #144
Ouch.. Fumesucker Mar 2014 #147
Nailed it. QC Mar 2014 #154
Fuckin' A! City Lights Mar 2014 #157
Actually I like it when they expose themselves as authoritarians. Rex Mar 2014 #164
How many years does a person have to be a member... one_voice Mar 2014 #170
Ignore and trash thread work great too. neverforget Mar 2014 #87
Who the hell worries about this shit? Deep13 Mar 2014 #90
No one is required to vote. ucrdem Mar 2014 #94
Another strict restriction? Like "guns?" Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #98
Define Dem-bashing. n/t Skip Intro Mar 2014 #100
Uuum, give me a second here. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #114
Still whining about that? nt Logical Mar 2014 #118
The sad part. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #120
Not everyone worships Obama! Some are disappointed! Some.... Logical Mar 2014 #121
Yup. You own it! sheshe2 Mar 2014 #124
You are in the minority here! Isn't there some posts from..... Logical Mar 2014 #125
You'd be surprised. nt ucrdem Mar 2014 #130
How am I in the minority on Democratic Underground!? sheshe2 Mar 2014 #132
Sorry. Anyone supporting the DNC platform on equal rights for every citizen IS in the minority here. freshwest Mar 2014 #146
Sad truth don't you think, freshwest? sheshe2 Mar 2014 #169
What Minority ? nt pkdu Mar 2014 #196
I am confused Andy823 Mar 2014 #227
I think that's about as good an example as there is. ucrdem Mar 2014 #129
Great Op ucrdem. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #137
wow, didn't know it went that far flamingdem Mar 2014 #237
if we can also add, "No advocating policies that would be condemned by everyone on DU if they were Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #102
Good one DC. you win the thread! kath Mar 2014 #143
that's gonna go right over their heads, Douglas Skittles Mar 2014 #178
^^^this^^^ L0oniX Mar 2014 #219
Might as well wish for and vote for whether it Cha Mar 2014 #116
Yeah this one might need a little retooling ucrdem Mar 2014 #127
It's a start! Like ACA.. in spite of all the liars trying to get rid of it.. Cha Mar 2014 #134
I love knowing who voted "great idea", not a shock! nt Logical Mar 2014 #117
I love knowing who voted "Epic Fail", not a shock! nt sheshe2 Mar 2014 #122
Notice who is winning! The ones who realize the Democratic Party.... Logical Mar 2014 #123
You and your supporters are winning? sheshe2 Mar 2014 #126
Be a sheep! Fine with me. I will take Will over the poster you support any day! Logical Mar 2014 #128
Well as long as we're picking teams. . . ucrdem Mar 2014 #131
huh? Bobbie Jo Mar 2014 #135
The poor little lamb that was lost astray. sheshe2 Mar 2014 #140
I'd say "other" mvd Mar 2014 #136
Lots of people here bash Obama for signing free-trade agreement after free-trade agreement. Nye Bevan Mar 2014 #139
Possibly the dumbest post I've read all week. Marr Mar 2014 #142
Add it to the TOS, and ban the fuckers that continually engage in it... SidDithers Mar 2014 #148
I thought you hailed from a village? TheKentuckian Mar 2014 #166
+1 we need a DU dog house flamingdem Mar 2014 #233
You mean like not using ODS, Putinista, firebagger, Obamabot and such cui bono Mar 2014 #149
I don't like the dichotomy gollygee Mar 2014 #152
How about something that defines what, exactly, a Democrat IS. djean111 Mar 2014 #153
Terrible idea. bigwillq Mar 2014 #155
I point out that the admins killed Meta for good reasons. Bluenorthwest Mar 2014 #156
But now the toothpaste fails to retreat back into the tube and it just is all over the place. TheKentuckian Mar 2014 #190
Haha, I knew this is where you were heading whatchamacallit Mar 2014 #158
word. KG Mar 2014 #167
+1 Hissyspit Mar 2014 #171
Be honest. You want to get rid of anyone who criticizes Obama or Hillary. NT clg311 Mar 2014 #159
nooooo.....it is strictly Obama Skittles Mar 2014 #176
Nah, much better to have their impotent rage posted here, than to have it ... JoePhilly Mar 2014 #160
LMAO Jamaal510 Mar 2014 #175
A lack of enthusiasm could be considered bashing. nt rrneck Mar 2014 #162
Perhaps. But "FOX-style Dem bashing" is something else. ucrdem Mar 2014 #172
Host duties are centered primarily on placement rather than content. rrneck Mar 2014 #192
Let's make it simple: they're centered on the SoP. ucrdem Mar 2014 #193
That's a distinction without a difference. rrneck Mar 2014 #198
The current GD SoP is 29 words; this would add 5. ucrdem Mar 2014 #200
You're wrong. rrneck Mar 2014 #201
The info I've posted is 100% accurate. Check the link. nt ucrdem Mar 2014 #202
Um, yeah. rrneck Mar 2014 #209
Thank you. nt ucrdem Mar 2014 #210
Everyone can see where that would head. JackRiddler Mar 2014 #173
I'll tell you where: no change whatsoever except GD hosts would have more guidance ucrdem Mar 2014 #174
all of DU would be like the BOG Skittles Mar 2014 #177
Fat chance. And this is soley a lock-leave matter, not a jury direction. ucrdem Mar 2014 #179
aw please Skittles Mar 2014 #182
Why would you doubt it? ucrdem Mar 2014 #183
Well it IS the people from the BOG pushing this. Rex Mar 2014 #180
well no shit Skittles Mar 2014 #181
Careful you are about to get an ODS red card! Rex Mar 2014 #184
It's not criticism that is the problem, it's the nasty, foul-mouthed name calling. MADem Mar 2014 #186
That's why I suggested "FOX-style Dem bashing," ucrdem Mar 2014 #187
Righteous indignation against the powers that be Trajan Mar 2014 #211
Dog whistling like a FOX star is not an essential form of protest. ucrdem Mar 2014 #215
You keep referring to FOX ... Trajan Mar 2014 #220
Well this poll is an epic failure. Rex Mar 2014 #221
Swearing like a fifteen year old at "authori-TEH" is not "righteous indignation" though. MADem Mar 2014 #222
Your interpretation is hardly definitive Trajan Mar 2014 #226
It's definitive enough for most major publications. MADem Mar 2014 #229
+1000 nt Andy823 Mar 2014 #231
Not only no, but FUCK NO, and please don't ask again. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2014 #194
What you mean "WE", Kimosabe? cherokeeprogressive Mar 2014 #199
ROFLMAO that list is like a who's who of socialist DU'ers LOL snooper2 Mar 2014 #203
What list? ucrdem Mar 2014 #204
stare at your OP for a bit and you'll figure it out :) snooper2 Mar 2014 #206
I didn't post any lists in the OP. ucrdem Mar 2014 #207
Just because some posters are literate, perceptive, intelligent, have superior deductive reasoning Zorra Mar 2014 #212
Modest, too. ucrdem Mar 2014 #213
heehee! Aww, did I hit a nerve? nt Zorra Mar 2014 #218
Us little people should not criticize Dems Teamster Jeff Mar 2014 #205
You can criticize Dems on DU. This is about something else. nt ucrdem Mar 2014 #208
Are you whining about DU bro? L0oniX Mar 2014 #216
No. nt ucrdem Mar 2014 #217
Not just no--HELL no. TroglodyteScholar Mar 2014 #228
Send the Doggie Whistlers to the Dog House flamingdem Mar 2014 #232
Or they just don't care. Andy823 Mar 2014 #235
Hmm wonder if they learned that from the Teaparty! flamingdem Mar 2014 #236
lol ucrdem Mar 2014 #238
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