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1. Do you set your own standards as high....
Fri Apr 18, 2014, 12:29 PM
Apr 2014

as the ones for your waiters? Please remember that they help other people besides you and what you consider obvious is not so to others.

Just seems kind of minor to be upset about. The difference between good and great service.

Do you set your own standards as high.... daleanime Apr 2014 #1
I worked in food service from the age of 12 to 26 PCIntern Apr 2014 #2
It sounds typical for a "trendy" place Jesus Malverde Apr 2014 #60
If I may butt in- as a someone who worked more than a decade in food service. we can do it Apr 2014 #9
Making a customer feel unwanted... awoke_in_2003 Apr 2014 #13
Sounds like it was poor service TransitJohn Apr 2014 #18
Snark much? DiverDave Apr 2014 #30
Terrible form and you saw right through it, unfortunately the server will likely continue his duties Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #3
Yes. And thank you for your validation... PCIntern Apr 2014 #4
You're quite welcome. Jefferson23 Apr 2014 #6
I completely agree. we can do it Apr 2014 #10
Meanwhile, while you were out to lunch ... 1000words Apr 2014 #5
That's actually almost funny... PCIntern Apr 2014 #7
I just used that on another thread, that meme is strong today. Jesus Malverde Apr 2014 #59
The change question was totally lame BeyondGeography Apr 2014 #8
You were too generous seveneyes Apr 2014 #11
yep, that's about what I was thinking too 2pooped2pop Apr 2014 #12
No question. PCIntern Apr 2014 #17
well, ya, if you are going to be going back 2pooped2pop Apr 2014 #24
Kelly's? nt kelliekat44 Apr 2014 #14
That's what the family owned PCIntern Apr 2014 #16
Yes, things have changed nadinbrzezinski Apr 2014 #15
You always seem a little full of yourself. Nt Logical Apr 2014 #19
Well, I am.... PCIntern Apr 2014 #21
huh? so you would have just blown DiverDave Apr 2014 #32
This is typical behavior for a trendy restaurant. Jesus Malverde Apr 2014 #61
i think asking about change is something they ask everyone JI7 Apr 2014 #20
Indeed, it's a way of streamlining the process. It becomes rote. KittyWampus Apr 2014 #28
Sounds like you're not hep to the scene daddy-o Fumesucker Apr 2014 #22
+1000. And funny! PCIntern Apr 2014 #23
I am trying to figure out where a server doing his job is rude... ScreamingMeemie Apr 2014 #48
Invading personal space "eight inches from my eyeballs" Fumesucker Apr 2014 #54
White people's problems. Amirite? Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #25
So people of color don't go to restaurants? PCIntern Apr 2014 #26
How could you even imagine that someone else would imagine people of color don't dine out? Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #34
Look at your subject line and read it... PCIntern Apr 2014 #36
"White people's problems" is an established meme as shown by the Urban Dictionary reference. Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #39
Is it now...? PCIntern Apr 2014 #40
Why should I apologize for your white people problems? Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #46
being a waiter/waitress often means streamlining your actions. Standard dialog etc. KittyWampus Apr 2014 #27
I stated that as a measure of respect to the owner since PCIntern Apr 2014 #29
"that's the kind of guy I am". Please. BFD. And you can post anything you want- KittyWampus Apr 2014 #31
Manners, I guess you wouldnt know about that DiverDave Apr 2014 #33
It's called up-selling and it's pretty much SOP -- and a courtesy. Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #35
That is too bad for you. PCIntern Apr 2014 #38
It's amazing how much effort you put in to dodging every point. Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2014 #44
Hijacker... PCIntern Apr 2014 #53
You automatically gainsay anything, don't you? PCIntern Apr 2014 #37
I think the guy was on autopilot- LiberalElite Apr 2014 #41
He wasn't. He was attending to his duties with fervor. PCIntern Apr 2014 #42
That's true - shouldn't be just going thru motions nt LiberalElite Apr 2014 #43
The loud music in restaurants PasadenaTrudy Apr 2014 #45
This post is disappointing. I kept waiting for the part where I would agree with you, ScreamingMeemie Apr 2014 #47
Okay....................... PCIntern Apr 2014 #49
I would not have been able to help had you gotten in touch with me. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2014 #55
Just take solace in the fact you can drop $30.00 on lunch 1000words Apr 2014 #57
^^^this blueamy66 Apr 2014 #58
I'm surprised at some of the responses you are receiving. egduj Apr 2014 #50
I'm not surprised... PCIntern Apr 2014 #51
I actually like a lot of what you have to say PCIntern. Just not this post. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2014 #56
Sometimes I think they say the thing about the change automatically treestar Apr 2014 #52
Asking if I want change is a peeve of mine, too... Phentex Apr 2014 #62
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