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14. The anti-vet bias and bigotry from the media and OP disgusts me
Thu May 22, 2014, 06:52 AM
May 2014

The media always, always must throw out if anybody who does something bad is a veteran. Doesn't matter if the service was 20 years ago, doesn't matter if the person didn't even finish basic training and was kicked out like this case, doesn't matter how irrelevant it was- if if serves to push the "all vets are damaged goods" narrative, it gets pointed out.

But if a vet does anything good not related to military service, do you think they poubt out "Army Vet gets 1000 hour volunteer service award"? Of course not.

And the OP- first pointing out she was a vet in the thread title (despite probably not even legally qualifying as one), then this gem:

"There is no doubt in my mind she was sexually assaulted while serving and that traumatic experience contributed to this. Its so sad those poor beautiful babies never had a chance. "

So based on a few sentences that this woman kind of served a brief while, OP has determined that the only possible explanation is that this woman must have been sexually assaulted while serving and is clearly damaged goods. What an incredibly bigoted and offensive stereotype and assumption.

I'm growing sicker and sicker of people who stereotype and assume just because I am a veteran, or any other veteran, I or we must have psychological issues. It's bigoted, it's not representative of the truth for the vast majority of vets, and stereotypes like that don't help anybody and just serve to feed the growing anti-veteran bigotry and don't help remove the stigma from those who do legitimately need help.

Both the media who insist on interjecting it where it isn't relevant and people like the OP are equally guilty of this crap, and it needs to stop.

Odds are she probably had psychological issues before she enlisted, that is the biggest reason for people washing out of basic, and her military service is probably irrelevant to any of this. But that kind of simple explanation doesn't fit the bigoted narrative, so everyone leaps to "she was a vet!!!"

... shenmue May 2014 #1
That's sort of jumping to conclusions davidn3600 May 2014 #2
Yeah, it is jumping to conclusions davidpdx May 2014 #6
What exactly in the account leads you to believe such a thing? 1000words May 2014 #3
I love internet psychiatrists! MADem May 2014 #4
Yes, reading the rest does put huge doubt into the assumption the OP made davidpdx May 2014 #7
It is a horrible story, but based on the info available, she may not have even finished MADem May 2014 #8
It's got to be devastating for the family davidpdx May 2014 #9
Sounds more like PasadenaTrudy May 2014 #18
Those are FAR more likely possibilities than flashbacks from an Army career she did not have MADem May 2014 #61
OK, Doc, so you've definitely ruled out postpartum depression? Brother Buzz May 2014 #5
In some women, postpartum depression can cause a psychotic break. Lex May 2014 #21
Andrea Yates had postpartum psychosis TexasBushwhacker May 2014 #54
+1 get the red out May 2014 #39
Those poor children Dorian Gray May 2014 #10
yeah, everyone knowns that being sexually assaulted makes one become a homicidal maniac TorchTheWitch May 2014 #11
no doubt a vicious rhetorical cycle Supersedeas May 2014 #19
2 month old baby gollygee May 2014 #12
Agreed. JNelson6563 May 2014 #30
Post removed Post removed May 2014 #13
The anti-vet bias and bigotry from the media and OP disgusts me Lee-Lee May 2014 #14
Great post Orrex May 2014 #16
Great post IronLionZion May 2014 #23
I am a Munificence May 2014 #24
Look at the photoshopped image - it adds an unrelated fetus in the womb pic to the story. blm May 2014 #49
What a horrible story. Inkfreak May 2014 #15
No doubt in your mind, eh? MineralMan May 2014 #17
Adding an unrelated fetus in the womb pic to the photoshopped image isn't responsible, either. blm May 2014 #46
I have no idea. Adding anything to this MineralMan May 2014 #50
Paging Dr. Frist!!!! nt msanthrope May 2014 #20
More like Dr. Phil. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #35
Is he still around...Oproah should be proud. Supersedeas May 2014 #65
An enlightened country would examine her for postpartum psychosis Warpy May 2014 #22
Right. H2O Man May 2014 #44
At least it's in California, not Florida or Texas. Warpy May 2014 #52
I'd also like to add Munificence May 2014 #25
I believe you CountAllVotes May 2014 #34
This problem Munificence May 2014 #37
Again, I agree w/you CountAllVotes May 2014 #38
Yes, being involved Munificence May 2014 #40
how about we get rid of the men in combat troops? TorchTheWitch May 2014 #64
Really? Munificence May 2014 #68
yes, really TorchTheWitch May 2014 #72
I am ready for another apology (or more) Munificence May 2014 #74
Again, where Munificence May 2014 #70
Sorry AnalystInParadise May 2014 #76
+1 to that. Separation May 2014 #63
Well... RobinA May 2014 #69
Yes it Munificence May 2014 #71
"no doubt in my mind she was sexually assaulted while serving" iandhr May 2014 #26
Reporters These Days wercal May 2014 #27
Probably the best way to describe someone who only makes it 3 months Lee-Lee May 2014 #28
Autocorrect, I assume. Sentence reads as if it should say 'formerly'. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #33
Yikes! H2O Man May 2014 #29
Yes, and maybe the OP could provide some proof that she WAS sexually assaulted! MoonRiver May 2014 #31
No, the OP couldn't do that, because there's no such evidence. MineralMan May 2014 #47
But, but, but he was so sure! MoonRiver May 2014 #60
My crystal ball is in the shop. Can I borrow yours? AtheistCrusader May 2014 #32
Pass it along please Supersedeas May 2014 #66
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #36
You used a fetus in the womb for a photo of the child? Why? blm May 2014 #41
The photo is from Telemundo LA 951-Riverside May 2014 #42
No - the photo of the fetus in the womb is not there. Your OP uses a photo op image blm May 2014 #45
It's there look at the first link 951-Riverside May 2014 #48
Doesn't come up when clicked. The other photos do. blm May 2014 #51
They probably removed it from the page sometime after OP grabbed it. stevenleser May 2014 #56
With all the other photos, why grab that to show the 'murdered' children? blm May 2014 #57
Are you referring to the OP or Telemundo? stevenleser May 2014 #58
My money is on postpartum psychosis. Very sad. stevenleser May 2014 #43
Agree. Rhymes With Orange May 2014 #55
What a crazy assumption to make by saying she was giftedgirl77 May 2014 #53
I alerted on this OP Munificence May 2014 #59
Looks like a mostly drive-by turd in the punchbowl. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #67
And just what evidence removed any doubt that this was caused by what you say caused it? cleanhippie May 2014 #62
Besides the obvious, will you check my posting history and diagnose me? NCTraveler May 2014 #73
Or she could be a psychopath..... AnalystInParadise May 2014 #75
You don't know a FUCKING thing about this woman. What is wrong with you? kysrsoze May 2014 #77
Kick for AnalystInParadise May 2014 #78
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