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Thu Jun 26, 2014, 12:49 PM Jun 2014

The Rude Pundit - You Wanna Keep Harassing Women at Clinics? Then Let's Play [View all]

Look at that church. Isn't it a pretty little church? It's St. Mary's Church in Grafton, Massachusetts. It's freakin' idyllic, no? It's also deeply invested in anti-abortion actions. The congregation participated in 40 Days for Life, an action during Lent that 17,000 churches around the world took part in, with another 40 Days planned for September 24 to November 2.

The St. Mary's churchgoers headed over to Worcester to protest at a Planned Parenthood and to "sidewalk counsel" women there. &quot I)s it worth it to stand out in the wind and rain and cold to pray in front of Planned Parenthood?" the church's website asks. And, for them, it was. They convinced one woman to not get an abortion. You can see the baby. It's like a taste of something that will keep them addicted to protesting. A crack baby, if you will. No doubt the church will be supporting the baby and the mother until the baby is an adult. No doubt.

Come September, and maybe even before, the parishioners will be harassing every woman who goes to the Planned Parenthood, even those just going for pap smears and help getting pregnant. And they will no doubt be joined by the anti-abortion radicals, the fetus picture carriers, the screamers, the hysterics who shame women.

"Is it really necessary to be out on the sidewalk instead of praying at home?" St. Mary's wants to know. Look up at that picture again. What do you see in front of St. Mary's? That's a nice, wide, very public sidewalk. The parking lot is across the street, so most of the people attending church services on, say, a nice summer Sunday will have to walk that sidewalk, a sidewalk just like the one outside Planned Parenthood in Worcester. A sidewalk like the one that Eleanor McCullen "gently" counsels women from outside a Planned Parenthood in Boston.

A not-gentle anti-abortion protester shot up a clinic in Brookline in 1994. In 2007, Massachusetts passed a law that created a 35-foot buffer zone around clinics in order to allow for a woman to be able to enter a Planned Parenthood without having people screaming and spitting in her face. And, yes, it prevented the gentle counselors from gently using their complete lack of medical or psychological expertise to advise women not to have abortions. So McCullen sued because Catholic Jesus wants her to save the babies and, quietly, shhh, shame women into changing their minds. And, today, the Supreme Court, in a fairly tepid opinion, overturned the law and said, "Sorry, but in order to protect the slut-whisperers, we have to allow the potentially violent crazies closer contact with you and the staff of the clinics. Use other laws to protect them, if you can." (They can't.)

Now, we can argue over whether or not the idea of "buffer zones" violates the First Amendment and if they are ever right, whether at clinics or conventions or the miles you have to stand away from the Supreme Court, but one thing we can perhaps agree on: If this is the motherfucking law of the land now, what's good for the motherfuckin' goose is good for the motherfuckin' gander.

So let's get out there, every goddamn Sunday, and head to the churches that send their lunatic Jesus-fellaters out to try to shut down Planned Parenthoods, and stand on their sidewalks, just like the one up there outside St. Mary's in Grafton, and let's make churchgoing a living fuckin' hell for 'em. Let's bodily block the access to the walkways that lead to the church. Let's bring signs that have pictures of women who were killed by illegal abortions. Let's go up to them and try to convince them to convert or go atheist, following them until we are on church property and have to stop. Let's block the street by walking back and forth in the crosswalk. Let's force the churchgoers to need escorts to even get inside.

Shit, let's plaster the telephone poles with photos of the priests and church leaders, their addresses, their phone numbers. Let's tell them as they pass, "We know where you live." Let's film everyone going into the church and post those on a website. Hey, it's a public fuckin' sidewalk, man. Let's scream at them about how they're terrible people, how they support raping children, how they have given money to help silence victims. Can't you hear their silent screams? Can't you? Fuck, yeah.

Going to church is a choice, no? Let's make sure they regret that fuckin' choice, however legal it may be for them to make it. Then let's see how quickly they're begging for buffer zones.

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"sidewalk counsel" KamaAina Jun 2014 #1
Right on, RP--I wish I could rec this post a thousand times. nt MADem Jun 2014 #2
Here's my little K & R. But will it happen, will the other 'gentle counselors' harrass the church? freshwest Jul 2014 #121
I gotta think I have better things to do with my time and energy Demeter Jun 2014 #3
yeah but, this is a wonderful revenge fantasy. gotta admit. Tuesday Afternoon Jun 2014 #4
Why is it fantasy? Fawke Em Jun 2014 #35
I agree with you vigorously on this, except - what you (and I too) would love to see is calimary Jun 2014 #39
Worse, what is being proposed, is worse then useless..... happyslug Jun 2014 #49
You are so wrong. In most places in this country legal abortion is no longer available at all. Hekate Jun 2014 #60
But has those attacks actually dropped the abortion rates??? happyslug Jun 2014 #85
Look, these domestic terrorists don't give a damn about either children or women Hekate Jun 2014 #91
DING! DING! DING! DING! You win the internet. valerief Jun 2014 #104
The original rude pundit... americannightmare Jun 2014 #108
You are dreaming, if you think $721 and foodstamps will incentivize Motherhood Demeter Jun 2014 #61
+1 nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #67
I am only mentioning an anti-abortion program that has a chance of working happyslug Jun 2014 #82
wow--you really have no clue about what these woman-hating anti-choicers do at their little niyad Jun 2014 #79
The Studies have indicated that such attacks have no affect on abortion rates. happyslug Jun 2014 #83
They might not stop those particular abortions, but the publicity contributes to an environment pnwmom Jun 2014 #88
Why should women have to go elsewhere to avoid being harassed, stalked, etcc..? WCLinolVir Jun 2014 #102
I don't think it would be a bad thing to show them how it feels to be on the other end pnwmom Jun 2014 #87
Well, I think I can say you have never had an abortion. WCLinolVir Jun 2014 #100
No, these protests are about terrorizing and controlling women's access and choice for legal health suffragette Jun 2014 #105
Huge K & R !!! WillyT Jun 2014 #5
Gotta love Rude. riqster Jun 2014 #6
Fight fire with fire... works RobertEarl Jun 2014 #7
Post removed Post removed Jun 2014 #24
Your misgyny is not well-hidden. WinkyDink Jun 2014 #33
Sorry - I admit that the phrase was rudely written - not intended! erronis Jun 2014 #63
Yet you did not edit. WCLinolVir Jun 2014 #103
Don't forget about birthin babies Bickle Jun 2014 #95
Taste of their own medicine. See how they like it. calimary Jun 2014 #40
And it is just starting, which is why fighting back like this is so necessary randys1 Jun 2014 #51
And after they take away our reproductive rights - just watch. Our voting rights will be next. calimary Jun 2014 #111
Here: calimary Jun 2014 #112
Agree Agree !!! As I tweeted earlier today randys1 Jun 2014 #113
Up close and personal!! Downwinder Jun 2014 #8
The sidewalk Planned Parenthood "counselors" in our city are such extremist freaks... hunter Jun 2014 #9
At my PP it's the Catholics who do almost all of the protesting, and some of them are crazy. HERVEPA Jun 2014 #11
My own relationship with the Catholic Church is... complicated. hunter Jun 2014 #46
Wow. Pretty messy. I'm just your standard culturally Jewish (and Bar Mitzvahed) atheist. HERVEPA Jun 2014 #48
Yep. Once and again "just in case." hunter Jun 2014 #57
As always, you're one of the most interesting posters on here. nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #68
with this ruling weissmam Jun 2014 #29
Hell yes. blackspade Jun 2014 #10
RP column recommend on principle nadinbrzezinski Jun 2014 #12
I don't like the buffer zone around the Supreme Court ladym55 Jun 2014 #13
I don't like the "free speech zones" at political events either. bbgrunt Jun 2014 #25
Fire with fire! bvar22 Jun 2014 #14
The pregnant little rich princesses could also get an abortion by a real doctor emsimon33 Jun 2014 #32
"It was made to stop the unnecessary slaughter of our nation's daughters." nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #69
Amen, Brother Rude. davidthegnome Jun 2014 #15
Open carry SCVDem Jun 2014 #16
Find out where the Supremes park and protest them pulling in. Dustlawyer Jun 2014 #17
I don't know if it's still there, but back when I worked SheilaT Jun 2014 #22
"Koch suckers"--I like it! Well said. emsimon33 Jun 2014 #31
I'm with you. Rider3 Jun 2014 #18
"PEDOPHILE PRIESTS FOR LIFE" sign while wearing the dog collar REP Jun 2014 #19
I'm making my sign. mountain grammy Jun 2014 #20
+2 nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #70
Carry photos of the hundreds of priests in your LuckyLib Jun 2014 #89
fetus fotos ellennelle Jun 2014 #21
Or the ghastly orphanages that used to exist in Romania SheilaT Jun 2014 #23
I've been saying this for years LadyHawkAZ Jun 2014 #26
K&fuckingR.... daleanime Jun 2014 #27
works for me weissmam Jun 2014 #28
This is a great idea! emsimon33 Jun 2014 #30
My new favorite column from the Rude One. JNelson6563 Jun 2014 #34
Great analysis by the Rude One... ljm2002 Jun 2014 #36
Ironically Jake Stern Jun 2014 #42
So maybe a new religion is in order ... sunnystarr Jun 2014 #90
That would be a clever work-around Demeter Jun 2014 #93
So now we all love the Rude Pundit again, huh? tularetom Jun 2014 #37
just because rude botched the last post DonCoquixote Jun 2014 #53
Do that on Sundays - the rest of the week, protect the clinic patients csziggy Jun 2014 #38
I have a better idea maindawg Jun 2014 #41
When we lived in Lincoln, NE from '94-2000, the local anti-choice group, mnhtnbb Jun 2014 #43
Thanks for bringing up Numbers 5:11-31... xocet Jun 2014 #94
Agree with Rude Pundit that what's Jake Stern Jun 2014 #44
Remember, every Cathokic finances, approves if, and celebrates child rape Bickle Jun 2014 #45
Lol Union Scribe Jun 2014 #50
Yup, it will Bickle Jun 2014 #65
Lol! Union Scribe Jun 2014 #73
I don't like them stir her Bickle Jun 2014 #74
Just fyi. Laelth Jun 2014 #106
They do Bickle Jun 2014 #114
I hear you. Laelth Jun 2014 #117
It is if you're teaching them irrefutably wrong things that will harm them Bickle Jun 2014 #118
Yeah! Answer that! ^ bluedigger Jun 2014 #75
Which is filthier? Being a Catholic or being a U.S. citizen? hunter Jun 2014 #109
Belonging to a religion is an entirely conscious choice Bickle Jun 2014 #115
Volunteering for military service is a choice too. hunter Jun 2014 #116
I have a different idea. Bette Noir Jun 2014 #47
One instance where I wouldn't be opposed to open carry... nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #71
I totally fucking agree! gopiscrap Jun 2014 #52
The ugly truth DonCoquixote Jun 2014 #54
Why limit it to abortion KT2000 Jun 2014 #55
What about adult bookstores & porn shops? rickyhall Jun 2014 #56
"Can I open an adult bookstore next to a church?" nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #72
Yep, see how many go from the church to the adult book store... 47of74 Jun 2014 #80
Private booths would probably further increase the traffic. nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #81
Make sure the booth walls have holes to the next booth. PeoViejo Jun 2014 #97
If you're going to have a counter-protest at PP PeoViejo Jun 2014 #98
cannot rec this one enough...n/c passiveporcupine Jun 2014 #58
The beginning of all freedom is he right to be left alone. The Wizard Jun 2014 #59
Works for me. What's with those stupid dicks? marble falls Jun 2014 #62
I'll be there right after the Rude Pundit goes Dreamer Tatum Jun 2014 #64
So true. Puzzledtraveller Jun 2014 #86
"...complete lack of medical or psychological expertise..." nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #66
Amen Rebl Jun 2014 #76
Brilliant Rudie malaise Jun 2014 #77
many of us have recommended this same tactic for years. never really did get anywhere with it, niyad Jun 2014 #78
Thanks meegbear! K&R NealK Jun 2014 #84
Happy to be #268! Thanks Rude and meeg~ Cha Jun 2014 #92
"spitting in her face" -- that's assault & battery. Enforce the laws, Grafton Police! Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2014 #96
K & R ctsnowman Jun 2014 #99
That Worcester Planned Parenthood is where I got my first birth control prescription. Squinch Jun 2014 #101
Great idea - I like it! (nt) nyabingi Jun 2014 #107
K & R Raksha Jun 2014 #110
The Rude One has outdone himself. GoCubsGo Jun 2014 #119
FUCKING K & FUCKING R spanone Jun 2014 #120
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