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Thu Jun 26, 2014, 08:58 PM Jun 2014

So long DU [View all]

I joined this board back in 2003. In those days it was interesting and fun here. You could agree or disagree on a subject and discuss it
rationally and I have changed my mind on many of my political views. This board has changed over the years I think it started around the 2008 election when if you were not an Obama supporter you were ganged up on. Now people go whining to the jury about someone being hurtful if anyone disagrees with them. We have these groups where you have to agree on everything or you are not wanted. If someone makes a comment they don't agree with a snarky reply is made about spelling or grammar. Hey I am sorry I wasn't able to get a college education, I had to go to the army after high school and had to go to work for a living when I got out. So anyway I see no point in posting here anymore and am calling it quits. I know there will be some that say don't let the door hit you in the ass, well you can kiss it. To the others live long and prosper.

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So long DU [View all] doc03 Jun 2014 OP
Much of DU is an echo chamber wyldwolf Jun 2014 #1
DU is not like the rest of America Jeff In Milwaukee Jun 2014 #39
While I completely understand, I hope you'll return, doc. 1000words Jun 2014 #2
Damn! kentuck Jun 2014 #3
If you change your mind, please come back. If not, all the best to you too. n/t Jefferson23 Jun 2014 #4
I hope not. H2O Man Jun 2014 #5
Get a star and join the groups Warpy Jun 2014 #6
you don't need a star to post in groups, the poster is upset they were banned from posting JI7 Jun 2014 #16
Oh, didn't know that Warpy Jun 2014 #25
LOL bettyellen Jun 2014 #59
I second that NJCher Jun 2014 #95
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2014 #7
Are you satire? Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #10
Nah, just bored at the library. nt TBF Jun 2014 #12
there is reason to believe she has acquired a smart phone. mopinko Jun 2014 #67
She has a Chromebook. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2014 #70
bwahaha mopinko Jun 2014 #72
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2014 #90
Hey sweetie. William769 Jun 2014 #93
bwahahaha mopinko Jun 2014 #113
That was a Valentine's Day present from a secret admirer... NYC_SKP Jun 2014 #86
Lately, she's been claiming to have had the same partner for 30 years. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2014 #88
you would, too. mopinko Jun 2014 #114
That's unfortunate TBF Jun 2014 #167
maybe it wont be as much fun mopinko Jun 2014 #172
"Get out while the getting's good!" from someone who has created dozens of accounts arcane1 Jun 2014 #14
Right? That doesn't make any sense unless it is a satire on itself. Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #18
Who is more of an expert on leaving, than someone who keeps coming back? Warren DeMontague Jun 2014 #163
I hate it when long time DUers leave malaise Jun 2014 #8
It may be exactly what the 'bot posters want... villager Jun 2014 #115
I suspect you are right. zeemike Jun 2014 #132
As a good friend likes to say malaise Jun 2014 #165
Check out pscot Jun 2014 #9
Thanks for the suggestion Boudica the Lyoness Jun 2014 #119
Don't leave. Some days here suck. But some are great! Take a week off and come back! n-t Logical Jun 2014 #11
you don't need a college education to understand there is Climate Change JI7 Jun 2014 #13
You're a climate change denier XemaSab Jun 2014 #15
A person has been a member for 11 yrs rateyes Jun 2014 #78
Groups should be able to block anyone who behaves disruptively. Regardless of the topic. nomorenomore08 Jun 2014 #122
He can post anywhere else he wants to on DU - just not in E&E hatrack Jun 2014 #138
. XemaSab Jun 2014 #140
So I guess the hide and ignore features rateyes Jun 2014 #168
you're asking a host to ignore disruptive content in the group they host? CreekDog Jun 2014 #207
what hatrack said CreekDog Jun 2014 #206
It was a good block... SidDithers Jun 2014 #85
There is nothing in the SOP about climate denial RobertEarl Jun 2014 #102
Good fucking question. Soylent Brice Jun 2014 #141
Thank you for providing the background information. nt Cali_Democrat Jun 2014 #200
I don't get it.. OLDMADAM Jun 2014 #218
So long, man LittleBlue Jun 2014 #17
DU hasn't changed. The members have leftstreet Jun 2014 #19
since when is climate change denial a left leaning position ? JI7 Jun 2014 #22
The OP complained about Obama loyalists, not climate stuff leftstreet Jun 2014 #24
because the OP is purposely leaving out info to get sympathy JI7 Jun 2014 #26
Are you saying I'm a 'certain type?' leftstreet Jun 2014 #28
based on your response to someone that is a climate change denier JI7 Jun 2014 #29
You should have posted this info in GD sooner leftstreet Jun 2014 #31
the op should have posted it in the op and in the original op JI7 Jun 2014 #35
There should be an avatar, truly n/t leftstreet Jun 2014 #38
Truth ^^. Obama again? Thanks Obama lunasun Jun 2014 #109
XemaSab blocked him from Environment/Energy. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2014 #27
Oh, just ask Martin Durkin and the remains of the Revolutionary Communist Party unrepentant progress Jun 2014 #32
i'm guessing these are probably the same ones that question 9/11 and how the buildings came down JI7 Jun 2014 #42
There's good reason to question that. n/t cui bono Jun 2014 #66
i haven't heard any good reason for it JI7 Jun 2014 #68
Well based on your responses to people in this thread cui bono Jun 2014 #75
so why don't you explain why you question how the buildings came down ? JI7 Jun 2014 #76
It's not allowed here. n/t cui bono Jun 2014 #92
Seriously, we need a list of all the things DUers may not believe. zeemike Jun 2014 #137
Actually ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #40
No. The opposition was, and is, to GOP policies leftstreet Jun 2014 #94
So President Obama = Bush/gop policies? ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #106
Not Obama personally. The party leftstreet Jun 2014 #120
I'm an Obama supporter .... sunnystarr Jun 2014 #157
Don't you actually have reasons for being a Democrat? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2014 #188
I'm a democrat because sunnystarr Jun 2014 #194
It WAS decidedly and strongly left tkmorris Jun 2014 #118
No ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #129
You've only been here since 2011, Moses2SandyKoufax Jun 2014 #210
Because you was here long before 2011 ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #215
Post removed Post removed Jun 2014 #49
Why are we sickening, Mr./Ms. Name Caller? IrishAyes Jun 2014 #116
Lack of critical thinking skills is not a virtue Skittles Jun 2014 #121
Question for you Skittles. sheshe2 Jun 2014 #144
The lack of response was telling, huh? Number23 Jun 2014 #160
Yes indeed. eom sheshe2 Jun 2014 #205
I'm sure he does. IrishAyes Jun 2014 #198
Thumbs up Number23 Jun 2014 #159
Thank you. IrishAyes Jun 2014 #201
Don't hold your breath. NealK Jun 2014 #123
yeah I know Skittles Jun 2014 #125
we had rules. we have no rules now. that does lead to chaos. but i like your point seabeyond Jun 2014 #55
Mindless? More insults from our intellectual superiors. Metric System Jun 2014 #162
i didnt realize that climate change denial was a left-wing position. nt La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2014 #184
Maybe you'll be able to find a forum where being a climate-change denialist crank is acceptable. Spider Jerusalem Jun 2014 #20
You mean, pretty much every other online forum ever created? hatrack Jun 2014 #133
Don't Leave... You'll Just Let The Assholes Win... Take A Break, Go To The Beach, The Mountains... WillyT Jun 2014 #21
people who accept climate change are assholes ? JI7 Jun 2014 #23
No... But People That Drive Others Off Of DU Are... WillyT Jun 2014 #33
so you think people should respond to views like no climate change, no evolution equally JI7 Jun 2014 #34
You Discuss... You Agree... Or You Disagree... It Ain't Rocket Science... WillyT Jun 2014 #37
Geez, you act as if everyone has read every thread and knows what's going on with every member. cui bono Jun 2014 #41
and yet people who sympathized with the OP assumed a lot from the original OP JI7 Jun 2014 #43
They responded to what was written. You are expecting them to know something they most cui bono Jun 2014 #44
not all responded just to what was written JI7 Jun 2014 #46
+1 lunasun Jun 2014 #110
Oh now you are trying to imply the OP does not believe in evolution... former9thward Jun 2014 #174
No, the departing poster stomped his feet and held his breath 'till blueness hatrack Jun 2014 #135
And BTW... That DUer Has Been Here Since 2003... YOU... Since 2002... WillyT Jun 2014 #36
always sorry to see an old-timer go nt grasswire Jun 2014 #30
I hear you Doc. 99Forever Jun 2014 #45
Yup, the productive discussions are being held elsewhere ... 1000words Jun 2014 #51
put the swooners on Ignore Skittles Jun 2014 #47
^^^ 1000words Jun 2014 #53
the OP is upset about being banned from an environment group JI7 Jun 2014 #60
pretty funny how Skittles and others make their own assumptions. LOL KittyWampus Jun 2014 #77
Not Funny At All... Some Are Chasing Long Term Members Off This Board... WillyT Jun 2014 #99
So Willy....look here. sheshe2 Jun 2014 #151
I missed that thread. Thanks for posting that epic whine fest aimed at Obama fans and women here Number23 Jun 2014 #161
Ahhhh, so that's what THIS post is about, then! MADem Jun 2014 #186
this is the second deceptively worded thread to make the OP a martyr of the BOG...... bettyellen Jun 2014 #97
Good riddance then Skittles Jun 2014 #101
LOL, I think a lot of people are angry and it is turning inward.... bettyellen Jun 2014 #103
What a gracious reply. redqueen Jun 2014 #176
I try to not harbour any ill feelings toward anyone here because there's no point to it bettyellen Jun 2014 #185
Gee we're so sorry we support Obama treestar Jun 2014 #48
worship is different than support Skittles Jun 2014 #52
Using the label worship does not make support, worship treestar Jun 2014 #57
like I said, I know the difference Skittles Jun 2014 #61
No Skittles. No you don't. Worship: KittyWampus Jun 2014 #82
No but... Egnever Jun 2014 #148
Since you clearly DON'T know the difference, IrishAyes Jun 2014 #211
Lol, I know, huh? Well, at least he got a dig about Obama Supporters before he left. 'cause the Cha Jun 2014 #96
Good point rpannier Jun 2014 #127
i am sorry to hear that doc03. things are definately rougher here. and it is not the same kind seabeyond Jun 2014 #50
GBCW......TTFN....!!! nt MADem Jun 2014 #54
It's definitely a different vibe here now than when I joined in 2001 deutsey Jun 2014 #56
BTW... You Are Missed... And Apparently... I'm An Idiot... WillyT Jun 2014 #64
Thank you for that deutsey Jun 2014 #69
Ha...I did not know that. zeemike Jun 2014 #146
Bookmarking for the inevitable return... SidDithers Jun 2014 #58
Good... And I Will Too... But I...Will Celebrate That Return If It Happens... WillyT Jun 2014 #71
Whatever floats your boat, Willy...nt SidDithers Jun 2014 #73
What Floats YOUR Boat, Sid ??? WillyT Jun 2014 #111
At least no animals were harmed in the making of this GBCW post CreekDog Jun 2014 #89
I don't think the servers have the capacity to store them all BainsBane Jun 2014 #152
Just put them on ignore Marrah_G Jun 2014 #62
Safe travels. Live long and prosper. nt Hekate Jun 2014 #63
I'm not going to be snarky--I HATE losing long-timers hlthe2b Jun 2014 #65
reminder to all of us--there are real people behind those anonymous usernames seabeyond Jun 2014 #84
... hlthe2b Jun 2014 #100
good post - agreed tomm2thumbs Jun 2014 #98
Are you leaving because you are deemed a climate change denier? Raine1967 Jun 2014 #74
DU's loss of a climate change denier is a tragedy indeed geek tragedy Jun 2014 #79
You might want to retire to the Outer Banks. Arugula Latte Jun 2014 #80
I'm sorry to hear this, and I hope you'll reconsider. NYC_SKP Jun 2014 #81
The entire jury sustem should be removed. Full Stop deathrind Jun 2014 #83
I've long thought the same thing. The ship sailed better when the admins steered it... Mister Ed Jun 2014 #124
I don't blame ya. L0oniX Jun 2014 #87
Sorry to see you go. AverageJoe90 Jun 2014 #91
LOL! redqueen Jun 2014 #177
LOL...that was definitely pure comedy gold. nt Cali_Democrat Jun 2014 #203
Try Discussionist. Blue_In_AK Jun 2014 #104
As a great man once said,... Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2014 #105
No, no, no! panader0 Jun 2014 #107
But now who will tell us that fracking is awesome, climate change is fake and the EPA kills jerbs? LeftyMom Jun 2014 #108
Louie Gohmert's Website rpannier Jun 2014 #130
Day-um. Orrex Jun 2014 #134
If you leave, you let the invading election-year concernbot terrorists win. nt valerief Jun 2014 #112
Actually, my experience back in 2008 was just the opposite... Strat54 Jun 2014 #117
You were banned from E/E group but wow did you make a lot of folks look silly the lunasun Jun 2014 #126
Hey, don't leave. Some of us want you to stay. And you know you want to stay. tclambert Jun 2014 #128
In Lak'ech Ala K'in DeSwiss Jun 2014 #131
There is a group here that demand lockstep thought and chior duty. Skip Intro Jun 2014 #136
That's funny. Spider Jerusalem Jun 2014 #147
I hope you never wield real power. n/t Skip Intro Jun 2014 #149
Anthropogenic SQUEE Jun 2014 #191
No, it isn't up for debate. Spider Jerusalem Jun 2014 #192
So sez Spider. I disagree.. causation coreleation and all that silly nonsense. SQUEE Jun 2014 #193
Climate scientists don't disagree. Spider Jerusalem Jun 2014 #196
ooooh a pie chart.. SQUEE Jun 2014 #219
Hear, hear. I think you might've won the thread. IrishAyes Jun 2014 #212
Your hyberbole got out of the yard and it's running up and down the street! FSogol Jun 2014 #166
A group is a group. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2014 #189
LOL!!! Cali_Democrat Jun 2014 #204
Hi Cali_Democrat. Skip Intro Jun 2014 #208
Live Long And Prosper G_j Jun 2014 #139
Sad that you are leaving, you have a lot to contribute, please rethink your decision! akbacchus_BC Jun 2014 #142
You're a good egg, doc. cherokeeprogressive Jun 2014 #143
There's a poll up in the E/E: XemaSab Jun 2014 #145
Best wishes to you, wherever you end up petronius Jun 2014 #150
Do what you need to do, but I will miss you and I'm sure others will as well. n/t Cleita Jun 2014 #153
Peace and love. :) nt ZombieHorde Jun 2014 #154
doc03 I hardly knew yee!!!!! mackerel Jun 2014 #155
DU is my comic relief Puzzledtraveller Jun 2014 #156
Same here. 1000words Jun 2014 #158
Oh there's outrage against DUing at work too. IronLionZion Jun 2014 #170
Climate change deniers need to listen and read more and opine less. Quantess Jun 2014 #164
Who said you had to read it? There is an ignore feature available. rateyes Jun 2014 #181
No, that's not what I meant. Quantess Jun 2014 #199
Hey, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, maybe it is one. IrishAyes Jun 2014 #214
Don't let the door hit you in the ass! IronLionZion Jun 2014 #169
You have been a member here for over 10 years..... NCTraveler Jun 2014 #171
Happy Fracking! tenderfoot Jun 2014 #173
So long, fairwell Rex Jun 2014 #175
. Iggo Jun 2014 #178
did you mark off a square acre? snooper2 Jun 2014 #179
He's tried to scent mark the whole damned site. Didn't work. Boo hoo. IrishAyes Jun 2014 #216
It's shameful how a few have responded here DainBramaged Jun 2014 #180
Hyperbole. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2014 #190
then why don't you start an OP in GD asking whether or not climate change is happening? CreekDog Jun 2014 #220
Just wanted to say best wishes to you doc03. polly7 Jun 2014 #182
11 years ago people were no so dramatic as to exit DU, because one group La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2014 #183
No sense in hanging around a place you're so unhappy with. Adios. Paladin Jun 2014 #187
admins need to create a 'farewell du' section d_b Jun 2014 #195
+1, lol. BootinUp Jun 2014 #221
And this post in a nutshell is why Dems so easily lose the blue-collar Damansarajaya Jun 2014 #197
These type threads are stupid. cwydro Jun 2014 #202
I had coffee with another DUer yesterday and we had the same complaint emsimon33 Jun 2014 #209
Sorry I didn't get a chance to know you. Stellar Jun 2014 #213
2008 - yep DrDan Jun 2014 #217
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