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VERY VERY Good question, since there's no indications that Martin was in a fight ...even unbrused uponit7771 Apr 2012 #1
That's what I was thinking. The question was at the bottom but seemed most relevant. vaberella Apr 2012 #2
I think the kid ignored him. izquierdista Apr 2012 #3
Nah. That doesn't jive well, with the 911 call made by Trayvon. vaberella Apr 2012 #4
It's going to be a very interesting trial. RDANGELO Apr 2012 #5
Yup and I can see running while screaming. vaberella Apr 2012 #8
I think that however interesting it is to speculate based on gossip and hearsay, we don't know... slackmaster Apr 2012 #6
Aside from the speculation on the confrontation. vaberella Apr 2012 #7
In court, you telling us (the hypothetical jury) what the undertaker said would qualify as hearsay slackmaster Apr 2012 #9
Okay then. So the undertaker and my speculation. n/t vaberella Apr 2012 #10
My partner said he would of thrown the ice tea first thing.... Evasporque Apr 2012 #11
This sounds about right. vaberella Apr 2012 #12
Where were they found? CAPHAVOC Apr 2012 #13
It's not about the scene but where were they laying. vaberella Apr 2012 #15
I have a strong feeling that asshole shot the kid in the back Cali_Democrat Apr 2012 #14
Ditto. n/t vaberella Apr 2012 #16
I thought so too but the funeral director said he was Solomon Apr 2012 #17
He also said he couldn't determine entry/exit wound Cali_Democrat Apr 2012 #18
Usually this is true . . . mistertrickster Apr 2012 #20
Is someone DOING an autopsy this time? nt mistertrickster Apr 2012 #21
Key evidence we don't have is from the gun wound. mistertrickster Apr 2012 #19
Here's a graphic interaction showing where Martin was shot. mistertrickster Apr 2012 #22
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