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162. Thank you, Chris.
Wed Jul 30, 2014, 10:12 PM
Jul 2014

I remember the avalanche of kindness and love and support I received the night my mom died. I couldn't believe it. It was overwhelming, and so incredibly sustaining. I have thought about it many, many times since, and it's always buoyed me up. One of a lot of reasons why I love this place.

This is so loving and supportive of you! I can only imagine what a difficult time for him and his family. Many of us can sympathize AND empathize, too. Hopefully it will give him strength and solace at this very strange, sorrowful, stressful time. You are a mighty good friend.

Prayers sent... Peacetrain Jul 2014 #1
sending healing vibes and peace to A HERETIC I AM magical thyme Jul 2014 #2
Oh, dear--this is so sad. It's terrible to say goodbye with so little warning. So stressful. MADem Jul 2014 #3
Holding Paul, his Mom and family in my thoughts that comfort and peace surround them at this livetohike Jul 2014 #4
Consider it done Chris madokie Jul 2014 #5
So sorry for Paul. yellerpup Jul 2014 #6
I am so sorry to hear this. My heart and vibes go out to A Heratic I Am. CTyankee Jul 2014 #7
Love, Peace and Shelter. littlemissmartypants Jul 2014 #8
all the best to you, Paul steve2470 Jul 2014 #9
Comforting thought to him and his family as they Skidmore Jul 2014 #10
Sending good vibes and a group hug malaise Jul 2014 #11
Sure. I hope this thread gets a lot of views, too. merrily Jul 2014 #12
I am so sorry. Lugnut Jul 2014 #13
I'm very sorry. In_The_Wind Jul 2014 #14
All the above for you Paul. Liberal Jesus Freak Jul 2014 #15
Thanks, Chris. Paul, all the best to you and yours in this time. riqster Jul 2014 #16
Sending prayers of peace of mind and strength to Paul, and a peaceful passage for his mom. MerryBlooms Jul 2014 #17
Condolences Scarsdale Jul 2014 #18
A candle is lit. Raine1967 Jul 2014 #19
Sending strength and hugs for Paul, his friends and family! onecent Jul 2014 #20
my heart goes out to you NJCher Jul 2014 #21
Sending you positive and supportive thoughts, Paul. Surya Gayatri Jul 2014 #22
Prayers said SnowCritter Jul 2014 #23
Stay strong, Paul, and remember. . .it's OK to cry. DinahMoeHum Jul 2014 #24
Paul, I will hold you and your mother in my thoughts today. I wish you Peace. nt msanthrope Jul 2014 #25
*love* eShirl Jul 2014 #26
Here's hoping he finds the strength he'll need DFW Jul 2014 #27
Sending good thoughts brer cat Jul 2014 #28
best wishes in these difficult times. PowerToThePeople Jul 2014 #29
((Hug)) Paul. May your mother's passing be easy today... riderinthestorm Jul 2014 #30
I'm really sorry to hear this. JNelson6563 Jul 2014 #31
Peace and strength to you and family. antiquie Jul 2014 #32
You are in my my thoughts, A HERETIC AM I catbyte Jul 2014 #33
Wishing peace to all MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #34
Hugs Tetris_Iguana Jul 2014 #35
Sorry he is going through such a difficult time. sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #36
I'm so sorry to hear this A Little Weird Jul 2014 #37
My condolences for the loss of your mom, Paul Oilwellian Jul 2014 #38
Best wishes. n/t FSogol Jul 2014 #39
This is DU at its finest. I know Paul has seen this thread... cherokeeprogressive Jul 2014 #40
Hang in there, Heretic! Mopar151 Jul 2014 #41
Sending healing vibes and love. LiberalLoner Jul 2014 #42
Hugs nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #43
Love and best wishes Greybnk48 Jul 2014 #44
Positive thoughts sent. kairos12 Jul 2014 #45
Sending good vibes his way.. PeoViejo Jul 2014 #46
A good son--best to you and your mom. panader0 Jul 2014 #47
Our best wishes for the best outcome rurallib Jul 2014 #48
Thoughts and Prayers sent. Xyzse Jul 2014 #49
Paul, I send you love and healing energy. peace13 Jul 2014 #50
I am so sorry MissDeeds Jul 2014 #51
Best wishes to Paul and his mother. greatauntoftriplets Jul 2014 #52
Will do! H2O Man Jul 2014 #53
Hugs and loving vibes..... Coventina Jul 2014 #54
Peace to Paul and his mother. LoisB Jul 2014 #55
I will be praying for her and the family. jwirr Jul 2014 #56
Always! Texasgal Jul 2014 #57
A HERETIC I AM! DeSwiss Jul 2014 #58
Wishing you and your mom all the best, Paul! pnwmom Jul 2014 #59
Sending prayers of support, strength, and love! n/t woodsprite Jul 2014 #60
Sending love and light your way Paul..... Avalux Jul 2014 #61
() Jack Rabbit Jul 2014 #62
Best wishes to Paul and family.. mountain grammy Jul 2014 #63
may she have a peaceful walk through time. mopinko Jul 2014 #64
I've lost my mom, and I know what you will be going through.. I send you a ton of good secondwind Jul 2014 #65
Peace and comfort to her, him and the whole family. PeaceNikki Jul 2014 #66
Forwarding positive vibes. Enthusiast Jul 2014 #67
Sending warm onecaliberal Jul 2014 #68
Vibes on their way! GreenPartyVoter Jul 2014 #69
I know this is so hard Paul! Cherish Her love for You: Her love stays with You always! hue Jul 2014 #70
Prayers on the way. 840high Jul 2014 #71
Peace be with you and Mom N_E_1 for Tennis Jul 2014 #72
My thoughts are with him and his mother. MineralMan Jul 2014 #73
(((((((A HERETIC I AM)))))))... TeeYiYi Jul 2014 #74
vibes and prayers for you and your family at this time. May her passing go easy. Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2014 #122
I firmly believe that companionship is the best pain reliever ever discovered... cherokeeprogressive Jul 2014 #161
Thanks. A HERETIC I AM Jul 2014 #164
Loving thoughts to you and your mom. Loki Jul 2014 #76
(((HUG))) WilliamPitt Jul 2014 #77
Thoughts, Prayers, and Love cal04 Jul 2014 #78
. libodem Jul 2014 #79
Hugs and love for Paul oldandhappy Jul 2014 #80
How awful for him... one_voice Jul 2014 #81
Prayers and good thoughts for your mom and your family. raouldukelives Jul 2014 #82
My thought and condoleance to Paul. mylye2222 Jul 2014 #83
courage and comfort to you. navarth Jul 2014 #84
You have my deepest sympathy. trusty elf Jul 2014 #85
Sending peace and hugs to Paul and family. octoberlib Jul 2014 #86
{{{{{ Paul }}}}} May you and yours remember the great times laserhaas Jul 2014 #87
Keeping him and his mom in my thoughts... n/t PasadenaTrudy Jul 2014 #88
Sending prayers and best vibes to Paul and his other. femmocrat Jul 2014 #89
Wishing you and your family strength and peace in the coming days. n/t slipslidingaway Jul 2014 #90
I'm so sorry for your loss, AHIA. LiberalEsto Jul 2014 #91
Paul, I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Sissyk Jul 2014 #92
Sending prayers and peace Sienna86 Jul 2014 #93
Thinking of you and your family... Phentex Jul 2014 #94
Our thoughts are with you and your mom. Karmadillo Jul 2014 #95
{{{A HERETIC I AM}}} wryter2000 Jul 2014 #96
(((((((((((A HERETIC I AM)))))))))))) Tsiyu Jul 2014 #97
I'm so very sorry. Good vibes heading his way. Solly Mack Jul 2014 #98
Vibes sent. Kaleva Jul 2014 #99
I am glad your siblings will be there for support and reminiscence. Tanuki Jul 2014 #100
{{{Hugs}}} shenmue Jul 2014 #101
(((((((A HERETIC I AM))))))) WillyT Jul 2014 #102
I am so sorry to hear this. Lifelong Protester Jul 2014 #103
I send my best to him and his family. nm rhett o rick Jul 2014 #104
Wishing him peace and sending loving vibes. nolabear Jul 2014 #105
My sympathies to Paul and his family. hamsterjill Jul 2014 #106
k&r... spanone Jul 2014 #107
That's very sad...vibes coming his and his family's way... joeybee12 Jul 2014 #108
Dear Paul, My father, when he went, made my childhood a gift of half century. Antonio Porchia nt Snotcicles Jul 2014 #109
Sending him wishes for strength, peace and much love. herding cats Jul 2014 #110
Much love to AHIA and his mother and his family. Good vibes in progress.... nt ChisolmTrailDem Jul 2014 #111
Sending positive vibes your alsame Jul 2014 #112
Prayers going up. ColesCountyDem Jul 2014 #113
Sending thoughts of strength KT2000 Jul 2014 #114
Lighting a candle for you Paul - haele Jul 2014 #115
peace and love to he and his fizzgig Jul 2014 #116
chanting for A Heretic I Am BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2014 #117
So sorry, Paul. Hugs. kaiden Jul 2014 #118
Peace and Vibes for HERETIC I AM denbot Jul 2014 #119
There's not much anyone can say, is there? westerebus Jul 2014 #120
For peace and strength to the living; for gentle passage to the departing Hekate Jul 2014 #121
I'm sorry, Paul. I know how hard those last moments can be. Buns_of_Fire Jul 2014 #123
BIG hug to Paul and his family at this difficult time Triana Jul 2014 #124
Hugs... FLyellowdog Jul 2014 #125
My sincerest, deepest condolences, A H I A. Zorra Jul 2014 #126
I send all the love I have. It is one of lifes worst aspects that we have to part from each roguevalley Jul 2014 #127
Paul, my sincerest condolences babylonsister Jul 2014 #128
My deepest sympathy. Worried senior Jul 2014 #129
My sympathy goes out to you, Paul. OnyxCollie Jul 2014 #130
{{{Hug}}} NealK Jul 2014 #131
Holding the family in the Light. n/t TygrBright Jul 2014 #132
Peace & warm FL good vibes to HERETIC & his mother & family. n/t DirkGently Jul 2014 #133
Peace be with the family. Ishoutandscream2 Jul 2014 #134
May love bring you comfort and peace at this time passiveporcupine Jul 2014 #135
I'm so very, very sorry. cordelia Jul 2014 #136
Peace to you A HERETIC I AM defacto7 Jul 2014 #137
I'm so sorry. Blue_In_AK Jul 2014 #138
May her passing be peaceful; may your grief be followed Jackpine Radical Jul 2014 #139
Prayers for an easy passage for both of them! hedgehog Jul 2014 #140
My mother on her wedding day. Oct.,1951 A HERETIC I AM Jul 2014 #141
She's beautiful. QED Jul 2014 #155
How beautiful. Granny M Jul 2014 #174
Be well Paul. Vincardog Jul 2014 #142
Prayers and positive thoughts. Unknown Beatle Jul 2014 #143
I'm so sorry.... mithnanthy Jul 2014 #144
Best thouhts to him, kiva Jul 2014 #145
Best wishes to Paul and thanks cherokeeprogressive. n/t wildbilln864 Jul 2014 #146
(((((((A HERETIC I AM))))))) csziggy Jul 2014 #147
All my best to you and yours, Heretic TheKentuckian Jul 2014 #148
I little more positive enrgy 2naSalit Jul 2014 #149
... progressoid Jul 2014 #150
I wish his dear mom a peaceful passing. redwitch Jul 2014 #151
(((Paul))) Stellar Jul 2014 #152
Peace to you as you say farewell to your Momma... Punkingal Jul 2014 #153
I am sorry to hear about this. Peace. nt Curmudgeoness Jul 2014 #154
So sorry, Paul. You have all my best wishes. n/t Bossy Monkey Jul 2014 #156
(((((hugs))))) for Paul, his mom, family, and friends. nt cry baby Jul 2014 #157
Paul... thecrow Jul 2014 #158
Hugs to you and your family & friends SoCalDem Jul 2014 #159
prayers and healing vibes for your mother, paul, and for you and your whole family in niyad Jul 2014 #160
Thank you, Chris. calimary Jul 2014 #162
Blessings WheelWalker Jul 2014 #163
Peace and good vibes Maynar Jul 2014 #165
So touching to rush down to kiss yer Mam one last time. God love him. My best to him. mackerel Jul 2014 #166
Sending healing white light and love. Maraya1969 Jul 2014 #167
My best to mom and to Paul. mac56 Jul 2014 #168
Paul has my heartfelt condolences. pacalo Jul 2014 #169
Healing and peace to you and your mother. AllyCat Jul 2014 #170
My Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to You and Your Family Oldtimeralso Jul 2014 #171
Sending hugs and best wishes tblue Jul 2014 #172
Glad to hear he could be with her. That's rough. Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2014 #173
support is so essential at a time like this SleeplessinSoCal Jul 2014 #175
I have you in my thoughts Paul. . B Calm Jul 2014 #176
(((PRAYERS AND HUGS))) mfcorey1 Jul 2014 #177
Condolences to you and your family. gademocrat7 Jul 2014 #178
Dear cherokee and Paul, my thoughts are saidsimplesimon Jul 2014 #179
They will be in my prayers Gothmog Jul 2014 #180
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