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Sat Aug 16, 2014, 07:02 AM Aug 2014

Is Hillary currently your first choice for US President in 2016? [View all]

Simple question.

78 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Already got my Hillary 2016 bumper sticker ready!
4 (5%)
No, but I'd still be excited for her.
4 (5%)
No, but I'd vote for her grudgingly.
11 (14%)
Nope, and would never vote for her.
7 (9%)
Just plain No
51 (65%)
i like 2 vote
1 (1%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Too soon JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #1
Is this poll flame-bait or a purity test? n/t leeroysphitz Aug 2014 #2
yes. plus a list of recs, just to be thorough. djean111 Aug 2014 #4
... Kurska Aug 2014 #5
It's not that I am adverse to either one. I was just curious. n/t leeroysphitz Aug 2014 #6
I'm just curious how supportive of Hillary DU is. Kurska Aug 2014 #7
Me neither. bravenak Aug 2014 #11
Be realistic. Kurska Aug 2014 #12
THREE?? bravenak Aug 2014 #15
How bout 3 threads with 3000 replies. Kurska Aug 2014 #16
I'm down with that. bravenak Aug 2014 #19
In the big picture I don't think it matters what DU believes. MADem Aug 2014 #17
True that AgingAmerican Aug 2014 #81
Al Gore lost me at Lieberman. Voice for Peace Aug 2014 #85
I've never been crazy about her, or Bill. However it did seem she was the inevitable candidate Voice for Peace Aug 2014 #84
Smells like both to me. nt MADem Aug 2014 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author wyldwolf Aug 2014 #35
Purity bait? AgingAmerican Aug 2014 #82
Why would you think that? If someone is being pushed on the people for an important sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #83
k&r for Elizabeth Warren. n/t Laelth Aug 2014 #3
k&r for your k&r. Go Elizabeth Warren. marble falls Aug 2014 #61
Hear, hear! n/t Laelth Aug 2014 #87
More like absolute last and even then reluctantly. hobbit709 Aug 2014 #8
Hee hee hee!! bravenak Aug 2014 #9
Who is? If I may ask. EOM Kurska Aug 2014 #10
1SBM. bravenak Aug 2014 #13
Why not all of DU? Kurska Aug 2014 #20
No, but it sounds fun. bravenak Aug 2014 #21
Writing the state of the union is all fun and game, until you accidentally declare war on plankton. Kurska Aug 2014 #22
Which Manny? bravenak Aug 2014 #23
Sounds good Kurska Aug 2014 #25
Oh, me too. bravenak Aug 2014 #30
Pft, ATF all the way. Kurska Aug 2014 #34
Is the ATF the one who steal all the weed from people? bravenak Aug 2014 #37
New policy at Kurska ATF Kurska Aug 2014 #41
Have I told you that I love you, yet? bravenak Aug 2014 #46
Trust me the feeling is mutual. Kurska Aug 2014 #48
You have been on a roll!! bravenak Aug 2014 #51
I'm flattered. Kurska Aug 2014 #78
You got that job! JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #38
I'M WITH YOU!!! bravenak Aug 2014 #45
Yep! JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #47
Ooooh!!! bravenak Aug 2014 #49
She would be awesome in that role! JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #50
As long as I get to handle the DEA. bravenak Aug 2014 #52
But she has to get elected . . . JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #53
We can hire AverageJoe90 to Gerrymander. bravenak Aug 2014 #56
Oh hell to the yeah! JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #58
I'll take Randy. bravenak Aug 2014 #60
Amen to those JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #74
This list is awesome!! bravenak Aug 2014 #75
I accept! Even though I know nothing about it.. it sounds like a lot of fun! Cha Aug 2014 #68
Nobody had experience!! bravenak Aug 2014 #69
+1! JAG! sheshe2 Aug 2014 #94
I love it! JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #97
I am not as good as the two of you are.... sheshe2 Aug 2014 #98
White American Teen Pregnancy Task Force. bravenak Aug 2014 #54
I just found out about that JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #55
! bravenak Aug 2014 #57
I'd like to contribute a word on behalf of our nation, and hopefully it will avoid war. Voice for Peace Aug 2014 #90
Oh, Don't fuck with that guy. Warren DeMontague Aug 2014 #96
Now that's funny! Cha Aug 2014 #64
I want to be on TV. bravenak Aug 2014 #66
Good luck with that, bravenak! :) Cha Aug 2014 #70
Thanks!! bravenak Aug 2014 #71
Yes, but I do not have a bumper sticker. nt MADem Aug 2014 #14
When I'm elected JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #40
Why is there no "No, but I'll support her, if she's nominated" option? ColesCountyDem Aug 2014 #24
I reckoned that would be covered by the grudgingly option. n/t Kurska Aug 2014 #27
My support wouldn't be 'grudging', though. ColesCountyDem Aug 2014 #31
I thought that was the 'grudginly vote for her' option rpannier Aug 2014 #28
No. Grudginly vote for her in GE (most likely) rpannier Aug 2014 #26
Yes underpants Aug 2014 #29
du skews lefty and hilary is not dembotoz Aug 2014 #32
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt wyldwolf Aug 2014 #33
Good thing DU decides all American elections. Kurska Aug 2014 #36
President Kucinich...remember him? Ikonoklast Aug 2014 #39
Yes. A great president ably helped by Vice President Wesley Clark CJCRANE Aug 2014 #43
How could I forget our first elven president. Kurska Aug 2014 #44
Yep, but I'm not wed to her rock Aug 2014 #42
No. Just No. (nt) bigwillq Aug 2014 #59
Of course I'd vote for her in the general AndreaCG Aug 2014 #62
Clintons=Global economy and Bernie=Local economy belltower Aug 2014 #63
Bill Clinton is out of step with humans? AgingAmerican Aug 2014 #80
How about bigtonka Aug 2014 #65
PAUL MOONEY. bravenak Aug 2014 #67
Now you are talking! Mooney for President, I am so onboard. Bluenorthwest Aug 2014 #72
He helped inform my world view. bravenak Aug 2014 #73
No, either Kucinich or Bernie Sanders would be my pick Liberal_from_va34 Aug 2014 #76
Yes she is my first choice. hrmjustin Aug 2014 #77
I marked "just plain no" fadedrose Aug 2014 #79
Celestia / Luna 2016 - Vote Sky Tyrant Scootaloo Aug 2014 #86
Yes Princess Celestia!!nt bravenak Aug 2014 #89
I'd vote for her in a close primary if it was down to her and Cuomo or something to help steer the TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #88
Hey Hillary ...check out your fan clubs... L0oniX Aug 2014 #91
I wouldn't vote for her if her opponent was Jeb Bush. Enthusiast Aug 2014 #92
But...but then she wouldn't be able to appoint corporate SuperFriends that will rubberstamp TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #93
Confusing poll, because "vote for her" can mean in the primary OR general. Warren DeMontague Aug 2014 #95
She probably wouldn't even be my 20th choice. N/t hughee99 Aug 2014 #99
How can I have a choice when we have no candidates? BainsBane Aug 2014 #100
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