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Sun Sep 21, 2014, 12:16 AM Sep 2014

Just curious about what people believe has to be done to fix anything [View all]

Last edited Sun Sep 21, 2014, 12:11 PM - Edit history (2)

There is so much wrong at the moment. Too much. Every problem is important. Depending on who you ask, one problem is more important than any other.

I want to get a feel for what those of us that call ourselves liberals, progressives and sometimes still Democrats, believe has to be done first.

This is the first poll I have created so I am not exactly sure how it works. If you think I left something big out and are not able to add it to the poll yourself, please let me know and I will add it.

Thanks for participating

On edit: I cannot add more. Evidently 10 is the limit. I replaced 2 items no one had voted for with the first 2 suggested items, instant runoff elections and term limits for SCOTUS Justices

Second edit: since there have been no votes for the SCOTUS term limits, I have replaced it with "revolution." I do not mean taking up arms against the government. But if that should be what you think, please note it in the comments.

Jesus, this is really scary.

30 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Getting out the vote
1 (3%)
Reenacting or replacing the demolished VRA
0 (0%)
Instant run off elections
0 (0%)
Money out of politics
24 (80%)
Reinstating bank regulations and prosecuting those that brought down the economy
0 (0%)
Equality in law via Amendments including, but not limited to, the ERA
0 (0%)
Laws that will hinder global warming
0 (0%)
Staying out of wars everywhere, including the middle east
2 (7%)
over population has to be addressed
2 (7%)
Time for a revolution. Too late for conventional means
1 (3%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I would add to my poll vote, two things. 99Forever Sep 2014 #1
I'm sorry. I am not familiar with the term marym625 Sep 2014 #3
You rank all of the candidates as to your preference. 99Forever Sep 2014 #5
interesting marym625 Sep 2014 #6
You are most welcome. 99Forever Sep 2014 #13
Sweet dreams! eom marym625 Sep 2014 #15
I agree with 99forever! rogerashton Sep 2014 #34
I am going to remove marym625 Sep 2014 #37
I added runoff elections marym625 Sep 2014 #40
You are most welcome. 99Forever Sep 2014 #49
If it had existed back in 2000 marym625 Sep 2014 #50
The wrld would be a different place. 99Forever Sep 2014 #51
almost makes me want to cry. marym625 Sep 2014 #53
I'm up in the air over instant run offs ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2014 #103
Good suggestions marym625 Sep 2014 #113
Getting money out of politics solves or greatly alleviates most of these issues. LostInAnomie Sep 2014 #2
That's what I think marym625 Sep 2014 #4
+2 nomorenomore08 Sep 2014 #8
In order to get money out of politics, Jamaal510 Sep 2014 #7
But without it out marym625 Sep 2014 #10
All of 'em MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #9
Have to get them to run marym625 Sep 2014 #11
I do. MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #12
I hope you are right marym625 Sep 2014 #14
I have never asked for recs before marym625 Sep 2014 #16
Consider it done, and as to your poll Uncle Joe Sep 2014 #17
Thank you Uncle Joe! marym625 Sep 2014 #18
I almost voted for the Vegetable Rights Association as the most important, but thought, 20score Sep 2014 #19
The vegetables rights act is SO important! marym625 Sep 2014 #20
Until this government is demilitarized, the dog whistle will always bring down everything else. rug Sep 2014 #21
Good point! marym625 Sep 2014 #22
14 Wars/conflicts since 1960 marym625 Sep 2014 #23
"That's insane." Kath1 Sep 2014 #30
It's far past time marym625 Sep 2014 #35
Thank you. Kath1 Sep 2014 #87
Thank you! marym625 Sep 2014 #89
I think there should be Unknown Beatle Sep 2014 #24
Yeah marym625 Sep 2014 #25
That amendment would be extremely difficult to pass. 20score Sep 2014 #26
Then we need to do it marym625 Sep 2014 #29
That may sound good on the face of it because Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito 20score Sep 2014 #73
excellent marym625 Sep 2014 #74
I added that choice. Thank you! eom marym625 Sep 2014 #52
Getting the money out of politics is the first move that is needed davidpdx Sep 2014 #27
Looks like the majority agree marym625 Sep 2014 #28
I think liberals have to stop attacking the only party that supports liberal policies: The Democrats baldguy Sep 2014 #31
interesting comment marym625 Sep 2014 #41
Do you think the GOP would allow any discussion of policies of interest to liberals? baldguy Sep 2014 #81
We already are eom marym625 Sep 2014 #84
So, Pres Rand Paul is an acceptable alternative to the less-than-perfect Hillary Clinton? baldguy Sep 2014 #85
I used to believe that. marym625 Sep 2014 #86
Am I getting deja vu? baldguy Sep 2014 #88
As I said marym625 Sep 2014 #90
If it's not working, it's only because people are discouraged from getting involved. baldguy Sep 2014 #91
I would never not vote marym625 Sep 2014 #93
The main problem America has is there are too many RW Republicans with power & influence. baldguy Sep 2014 #96
wow marym625 Sep 2014 #97
I pay very close attention. baldguy Sep 2014 #98
nowhere did I say I don't support third parties marym625 Sep 2014 #99
Interesting that you've stooped to using RW epithets for those who disagree with you baldguy Sep 2014 #100
Again WOW marym625 Sep 2014 #106
i got a vibe about this one. dionysus Sep 2014 #121
care to explain? marym625 Sep 2014 #123
You've been deemed impure. neverforget Sep 2014 #130
But, I haven't even posted marym625 Sep 2014 #131
ETA: even if specific policies are not as liberal as you would like to see. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2014 #104
Most definitely. baldguy Sep 2014 #109
Oh Noes ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2014 #111
Why not take a Star Trek-style transporter to get home? baldguy Sep 2014 #112
I knew you would catch my drift! 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2014 #115
Take public transportation marym625 Sep 2014 #136
Your smug self-righteousness is noted. baldguy Sep 2014 #152
You're truly just nuts. marym625 Sep 2014 #153
I'm not the one asking for solutions to important issues baldguy Sep 2014 #154
Gee I thought the marym625 Sep 2014 #156
I'm with you marym625 Sep 2014 #114
The decision seems clear ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2014 #116
What does it say about the marym625 Sep 2014 #120
As much as DU bucks ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2014 #122
She wouldn't have been marym625 Sep 2014 #125
Actually ... 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2014 #138
I thank you for the discussion and marym625 Sep 2014 #148
Not a problem. 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2014 #149
As do I marym625 Sep 2014 #150
A lesson I really should learn. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Sep 2014 #151
I selected bringing back JustAnotherGen Sep 2014 #32
Suppression of voters' rights is my 2nd choice marym625 Sep 2014 #43
Looks like most everyone agrees that a seismic shift in politics is the way to break things free Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2014 #33
Well said. marym625 Sep 2014 #44
Non-partisan redistricting - a great idea. CrispyQ Sep 2014 #56
I would say the banks need more public money, and Iraq needs a-bombing! Romulox Sep 2014 #36
Don't forget the militarization of the police! marym625 Sep 2014 #45
I voted "pass." All the issues have merit. But #1 is... Eleanors38 Sep 2014 #38
Very true marym625 Sep 2014 #46
A short answer: Who will take the money out? Eleanors38 Sep 2014 #58
I agree with you marym625 Sep 2014 #59
I have mused politically to blank walls many times... Eleanors38 Sep 2014 #68
I love that Eleanor! marym625 Sep 2014 #69
My dumb phone went on the fritz, should be corrected. Eleanors38 Sep 2014 #70
I like it marym625 Sep 2014 #71
I really like this app idea marym625 Sep 2014 #129
Pass/Other: Organizing groups that educate the people about the issues stevenleser Sep 2014 #39
Another good point. marym625 Sep 2014 #47
+1 Jamaal510 Sep 2014 #79
All symptoms of the elephant no one wants to touch - TBF Sep 2014 #42
Oh capitalism sucks marym625 Sep 2014 #48
You've got it backwards my dear - TBF Sep 2014 #57
Thanks, sweetums marym625 Sep 2014 #60
I don't know what else I can say TBF Sep 2014 #61
I am not putting up any smokescreen marym625 Sep 2014 #66
Sure - see you on the streets TBF Sep 2014 #72
Revoke corporate personhood. CrispyQ Sep 2014 #54
Great comment marym625 Sep 2014 #62
give every family in the world a laptop and internet access--it'll be fixed in 30 years. librechik Sep 2014 #55
I think 30 years is too late marym625 Sep 2014 #63
yeah, you're right--I was trying to be optimistic. librechik Sep 2014 #64
Several of the above. LWolf Sep 2014 #65
of course not marym625 Sep 2014 #67
It's not something that can be 'fixed' really, only mitigated. Magical, childish thinking. 20score Sep 2014 #75
Magical, childish thinking marym625 Sep 2014 #77
Two term max for all politicians, repeal citizens united peacebird Sep 2014 #76
Not sure what I think about the 2 term limits marym625 Sep 2014 #78
Two terms for Senators, maybe madville Sep 2014 #80
That was going to be my reply but I would also add justiceischeap Sep 2014 #141
That's a good one! marym625 Sep 2014 #155
None of any of that will make the least bit of difference to any of the real, actual problems... Spider Jerusalem Sep 2014 #82
yep. and there's more marym625 Sep 2014 #83
Well, aren't you just a little ray of sunshine? MH1 Sep 2014 #118
Get the money out of politics. Brigid Sep 2014 #92
No doubt, you're right marym625 Sep 2014 #94
Money out of politics (nt) Shankapotomus Sep 2014 #95
Keep the GOP out of power. lpbk2713 Sep 2014 #101
Pssst! So do the Democrats...[n/t] Maedhros Sep 2014 #102
THANK YOU! marym625 Sep 2014 #108
"they're" dionysus Sep 2014 #124
Thank you marym625 Sep 2014 #126
any time. their versus they're is a pet peeve. dionysus Sep 2014 #127
It is one of mine as well marym625 Sep 2014 #128
It's bullshit like that which keeps people from voting for their own best interests. baldguy Sep 2014 #110
This. bigwillq Sep 2014 #139
Three basic things hifiguy Sep 2014 #105
If we could somehow accomplish marym625 Sep 2014 #107
I picked overpopulation, but prerequisite to that is women's reproductive freedom MH1 Sep 2014 #117
Oh I like that marym625 Sep 2014 #119
money out of politics liberal_at_heart Sep 2014 #132
Next poll marym625 Sep 2014 #133
good question. It will be hard to do as long as the two parties who benefit from liberal_at_heart Sep 2014 #134
Same here. marym625 Sep 2014 #135
Somebody Should Do Something About All the Problems NaturalHigh Sep 2014 #137
Are you the author? marym625 Sep 2014 #143
No. I wish! NaturalHigh Sep 2014 #144
It's a good one! Thanks for posting! eom marym625 Sep 2014 #147
An Inconvenient Truth: Only revolution can lead to taking the money out of politics. Zorra Sep 2014 #140
I would k&r this if I could marym625 Sep 2014 #145
What about a mixture off all of the above Chisox08 Sep 2014 #142
as far as what has to be done marym625 Sep 2014 #146
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