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Sun Sep 28, 2014, 09:11 AM Sep 2014

Please grade Barack Obama's performance as president [View all]

119 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Unlimited
42 (35%)
22 (18%)
27 (23%)
16 (13%)
3 (3%)
9 (8%)
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I gave him a B DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #1
I don't think he deserves any blame for anything madokie Sep 2014 #4
We are going to get our asses handed to us in the midterms DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #6
The successes are not capitalized on. n/t RKP5637 Sep 2014 #8
That's why I gave him a B/NT DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #11
Same here. n/t RKP5637 Sep 2014 #12
Says you madokie Sep 2014 #14
What do I and the Republican press say? DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #18
how can he do what you think he should be able to? madokie Sep 2014 #23
Whether or not we get our asses handed to us in the mid terms isn't a matter of opinion. DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #25
And I keep telling you there is no one turning on that biggest bullhorn, its silent madokie Sep 2014 #30
I completely agree with you. we are as propagandized as Germany was BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2014 #73
thank you madokie Sep 2014 #76
The difference was the govt was controlling the message. DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #87
I wish he could. Cable news was given legal right to lie to the public. BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2014 #92
hopefully you are wrong here. tiredtoo Sep 2014 #143
President Obama has asked for our help a dozen million times. Major Hogwash Oct 2014 #174
A Plus! I wish he could run again. 3rdwaydem Sep 2014 #2
He gets an A+ from me madokie Sep 2014 #3
He sure looks swell! Caretha Sep 2014 #5
He looks very good. Autumn Sep 2014 #13
A for the Pres. safeinOhio Sep 2014 #7
Yep, therein lies the root cause of most of the problems in this country! n/t RKP5637 Sep 2014 #9
Just add my name to your posts marym625 Sep 2014 #21
Ditto for your posts too, add my name! There are millions and millions of people RKP5637 Sep 2014 #47
exactly marym625 Sep 2014 #50
B+ rogerashton Sep 2014 #10
k&r for exposure marym625 Sep 2014 #15
I used to get criticized because people felt my options represented an agenda DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #19
Well that's ridiculous marym625 Sep 2014 #20
I think my system used to consist of DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #32
seems reasonable to me marym625 Sep 2014 #37
Looks like you caught marym625 Sep 2014 #105
C -- Like Clinton and Carter before him, a mere caretaker DerekG Sep 2014 #16
Clinton was no "caretaker". He led. marble falls Sep 2014 #24
Carter gave us probably the most visionary energy policy ever Art_from_Ark Sep 2014 #40
Carters plan would of had the deficet paid off by 1990, but People orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #53
Abd more or less the same foreign policy as ever Scootaloo Oct 2014 #153
Carter got bad advice on Afghanistan Art_from_Ark Oct 2014 #168
Unfortunately... Scootaloo Oct 2014 #169
And none of our leaders know everything about everything Art_from_Ark Oct 2014 #170
"Overthrowing a government via armed religious nutjobs" seems a universally bad idea Scootaloo Oct 2014 #171
James Earl Carter, Jr served in the nuclear submarine program in the United States Navy! Major Hogwash Oct 2014 #172
The neutron bomb Art_from_Ark Oct 2014 #173
All true, but he also gave back the Panama Canal and worked with the Sandinistas Hippo_Tron Oct 2014 #221
I would liken Obama to Clinton, but not Carter. ozone_man Oct 2014 #225
A lamp_shade Sep 2014 #17
+1 flamingdem Sep 2014 #127
I would have gave him an A, but his globalist free trade crap is a loser! B Calm Sep 2014 #22
i keep reading about this globalist free trade crap madokie Sep 2014 #26
why here. cali Sep 2014 #41
I think that in 100 years philosslayer Sep 2014 #27
I'm not sure about top 3, but ... JoePhilly Sep 2014 #36
Anyone giving him an A is so partisan as not to be able to actually cali Sep 2014 #28
I gave him a C ibegurpard Sep 2014 #29
I love your post! Quackers Sep 2014 #31
Disrespecting other DU members, nice. JoePhilly Sep 2014 #33
You would never NEVER do such a thing. LOLOLOLOL morningfog Sep 2014 #57
I gave him a B and a poster took umbrage DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2014 #35
I am giving him an A and I will be glad to tell you why Peacetrain Sep 2014 #38
Continuing and aggressively expanding Bush policies that directly assault the Constitution woo me with science Sep 2014 #51
The Constitution is not some infallible static document with divinely-inspired authority YoungDemCA Sep 2014 #114
Yes!!!11!1! woo me with science Sep 2014 #116
The constitution is a living document that can change meaning depending on the party in power. hughee99 Sep 2014 #147
I don't think it's an A but, if others do, that's fine by me. bigwillq Sep 2014 #59
For real. Funny how somefolks are simply never happy just having an opinion without declaring it THE Number23 Sep 2014 #94
Yeah, I know-- like this: Marr Oct 2014 #181
Thanks for giving me yet another example to send to the admins about your idiotic stalking Number23 Oct 2014 #182
Oh, god-- this line again? Marr Oct 2014 #184
Only people with desperate social issues REPEATEDLY harass and respond to people who have REPEATEDLY Number23 Oct 2014 #185
So you admit your accusation was BS. Marr Oct 2014 #186
You are beyond ill. There is no other word for it Number23 Oct 2014 #187
Again, I will respond to any post I like. Marr Oct 2014 #188
You are the one who refuses to leave ME alone. How the hell is that ME bullying YOU??! Number23 Oct 2014 #189
Oh, I think it's obvious to anyone reading this. Marr Oct 2014 #190
In my 6.5 years on this site, there have been four of you that I've asked to put me on ignore Number23 Oct 2014 #191
Well, congratulations-- I guess your bullying worked once or twice. Marr Oct 2014 #192
Leaving someone alone when they've identified you as toxic, abusive person that they want nothing Number23 Oct 2014 #193
Why don't you just put me on ignore? Marr Oct 2014 #194
Because you are the one incapable of NOT responding to me. Time and again you see my name, Number23 Oct 2014 #195
Um, we're both responding to *each other* here. Marr Oct 2014 #202
My only response to you is the same every time -- LEAVE ME ALONE Number23 Oct 2014 #209
It isn't a "tactic", it's the truth. Marr Oct 2014 #212
Comment was in response to being attacked by another poster Number23 Oct 2014 #216
Projection. /nt Marr Oct 2014 #217
I can't even believe the nerve.... Liberal_Stalwart71 Oct 2014 #196
Oh, I can believe it. And from what I've seen of the jury results that have been sent to me Number23 Oct 2014 #197
Excuse me? Marr Oct 2014 #203
I'm accusing you of being exactly what you are. The only good thing that's come of this is that Number23 Oct 2014 #207
Count the insults this little subthread. Marr Oct 2014 #208
And as I said, when you contribute something here other than personal attacks and stalking Number23 Oct 2014 #210
Again, I'll respond to any post I please. Marr Oct 2014 #214
"You just cannot refrain from responding to me, can you?" Number23 Oct 2014 #218
You just keep telling yourself you look good here, Number23. Marr Oct 2014 #219
If he had a functioning Congress and SCOTUS, I would give him a B. Rex Sep 2014 #74
I think many are grading on a Bush curve. adirondacker Sep 2014 #93
Same here Doctor_J Sep 2014 #104
They only gave him an A because Capt. Obvious Sep 2014 #108
Partisan? Excuse me, the other Parti is full of traitors! flamingdem Sep 2014 #130
Thank you for clarifing this grading tiredtoo Sep 2014 #145
This is a majority of the constituency anymore Cali. Puzzledtraveller Oct 2014 #158
Insulting DUers treestar Oct 2014 #176
+1 Marr Oct 2014 #180
I knocked him down a peg for his 'no-accountibility' handling of financial crisis, but pluses for... dmosh42 Sep 2014 #34
What is being done to this country, under this administration and the last, woo me with science Sep 2014 #39
Ha! OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #55
No-I don't consider sustained assaults on the Constitution and the foundations of democratic govt. woo me with science Sep 2014 #58
That's an "A" then, right? OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #60
"You're still posting on the internet." woo me with science Sep 2014 #62
Your argument is facile, at best. OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #69
Well, there's a facile argument around here somewhere... woo me with science Sep 2014 #86
Bravo! marym625 Sep 2014 #100
excellent post questionseverything Sep 2014 #141
well done. nt navarth Oct 2014 #154
I just read through your part of this thread marym625 Sep 2014 #97
Dead on. PeteSelman Sep 2014 #101
You do us a service Woo, thanks again. Puzzledtraveller Oct 2014 #157
I give him an A for being forced to go it alone. Rex Sep 2014 #42
A for effort, B for results equals B+ BeyondGeography Sep 2014 #43
D+ LittleBlue Sep 2014 #44
That was a stellar post. woo me with science Sep 2014 #54
I think that was the best post I have seen in years Autumn Sep 2014 #61
So just 1 degree of separation from Bush!?!?! sunnystarr Sep 2014 #72
Only if you assume Bush barely flunked LittleBlue Sep 2014 #75
The only thing funnier than that post is the Amen Choir that followed. And apparently continues to Number23 Sep 2014 #99
+ 1,000,000,000 What You Said !!! WillyT Sep 2014 #139
I would like to think my mediocre rating is not a condemnation tech3149 Sep 2014 #45
I have him a C mainly because he squandered the huge yeoman6987 Sep 2014 #46
No, he really couldn't. jeff47 Sep 2014 #118
That just pisses me off yeoman6987 Sep 2014 #119
Well, Democrats actually believe in government jeff47 Sep 2014 #122
Your post makes no sense yeoman6987 Sep 2014 #132
Democrats believe government can do good things jeff47 Sep 2014 #136
After a good nights sleep, yeoman6987 Sep 2014 #137
Reagan had a Democratic Senate for only 2 years, Art_from_Ark Sep 2014 #135
So true davidpdx Oct 2014 #164
He did not have 7 months. He had 4 months karynnj Sep 2014 #138
Your probably right about the 60 yeoman6987 Sep 2014 #140
Best president of my entire life MohRokTah Sep 2014 #48
It would have been an interesting time to be alive davidpdx Oct 2014 #165
Corporate. eom JEB Sep 2014 #49
Which more and more equals ANTI-democratic. woo me with science Sep 2014 #52
I used to say that Republican is interchangeable with money grubbing, corporate sellout, JEB Sep 2014 #56
The business party. woo me with science Sep 2014 #66
It's become a political society with no aisle, they all refer to us as them . orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #67
Obama rates a solid C BillZBubb Sep 2014 #63
Agreed, Shrub would get expelled . orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #68
The President we all hoped for, dreamed of MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #64
C,,, I mean on your comedic comment . orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #65
No question that it sucked as comedy MannyGoldstein Sep 2014 #70
You got it!!!!! Warren/2016 orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #71
I was going to give him a B but then I changed it to a A just to piss off the haters to see another William769 Sep 2014 #77
Poll does not include my favorite category, President for Life or Until Kingdom Come! freshwest Sep 2014 #79
... William769 Sep 2014 #83
Oh what the hell, They hate us anyway freshwest~ sheshe2 Sep 2014 #102
funny, I did the opposite demwing Oct 2014 #223
I give him a B Prophet 451 Sep 2014 #78
C: too much time spent shining the shoes of his kkkorporate masters XemaSab Sep 2014 #80
A+ and a DU rec. ucrdem Sep 2014 #81
What if he had closed Guantanamo, got single payer health care, and ended all the wars? Nye Bevan Sep 2014 #85
In that alternative universe ucrdem Sep 2014 #88
This poll is a nice surprise flamingdem Sep 2014 #126
For corporations/Wall Street/1% or for "the people?" polichick Sep 2014 #82
I'd probably give him a B+. BlueStater Sep 2014 #84
I've been very critical of Obama. I still give him a B. flvegan Sep 2014 #89
Is the "E" for Effort? nt LiberalElite Sep 2014 #90
Given the cards he was dealt, he has performed miracles. tritsofme Sep 2014 #91
210 votes in. 63% of respondents give the president marks well beyond passing (B and up) Number23 Sep 2014 #95
Shrill screams? Trajan Sep 2014 #115
The A's are saying he's a crypto fascist Republican? Number23 Sep 2014 #117
I'm glad to know the silent majority of DU gives Obama an A flamingdem Sep 2014 #124
Exactly. May explain why a certain contingent seems so "energized" today Number23 Sep 2014 #125
the negative outcomes of our latest war actions in the ME G_j Sep 2014 #96
A solid B.... revmclaren Sep 2014 #98
I think I will pass on assigning a grade. Brigid Sep 2014 #103
I don't think grading him A-F captures the situation - hedgehog Sep 2014 #106
Definitely an A+ for performance. lamp_shade Sep 2014 #107
B- TBF Sep 2014 #109
D. He's done nothing at all to address income inequality. He's done nothing to protect our privacy Erose999 Sep 2014 #110
I am voting a C, did not do anything special but did not completely F it up either. dilby Sep 2014 #111
i think a B is fair. hrmjustin Sep 2014 #112
Solid B, maybe B+ YoungDemCA Sep 2014 #113
Interesting - the "neocon sellout" brigade seems to be out of town... brooklynite Sep 2014 #120
No, they're here. But on the sidelines where they belong Number23 Sep 2014 #131
They're diversifying their portfolio here. But I'll go with the future, instead: freshwest Sep 2014 #146
A solid C. ozone_man Sep 2014 #121
Obamacare saved my finances flamingdem Sep 2014 #123
B- Barack_America Sep 2014 #128
Bank bailouts, mandatory insurance, dragnet spying, forever wars... you tell me. nt Romulox Sep 2014 #129
A minus or B plus. La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2014 #133
Our country is going bankrupt thanks to the 1% and Obama is doing nothing to stop it and liberal_at_heart Sep 2014 #134
DDH. Donald Ian Rankin Sep 2014 #142
C NCTraveler Sep 2014 #144
322 votes now. 63% still give him exceptional marks. Looks like DU has spoken. CLEARLY Number23 Sep 2014 #148
You think getting only 63% high marks on a Democratic site is something to crow about? BillZBubb Oct 2014 #149
85% give him a passing grade. 63% of that 85% (the vast majority) give him VERY high marks Number23 Oct 2014 #150
Whatever. BillZBubb Oct 2014 #159
NAFTA, failured to do anything constructive about derivatives, amandabeech Oct 2014 #162
This is Democratic Underground and this forum is General Discussion. Are you familiar with them? Number23 Oct 2014 #163
Back to 85 now Number23 Oct 2014 #179
Maybe so, but in retrospect there are a lot of things Clinton did that davidpdx Oct 2014 #166
The job's too big and varied to condense into an overall grade. Scootaloo Oct 2014 #151
C- taught_me_patience Oct 2014 #152
Hey, that GPA is a solid C! BillZBubb Oct 2014 #160
My family is struggling more it seems with each passing year. Puzzledtraveller Oct 2014 #155
No pluses or minuses? KamaAina Oct 2014 #156
They gave E's at some school in New Jersey in the late 50s or 60s. Systematic Chaos Oct 2014 #206
I remember those. Stellar Oct 2014 #222
I give Obama an A, while the Republican Congresscritters get an F. Jamaal510 Oct 2014 #161
I Give Him An A Sparhawk60 Oct 2014 #167
Friendly kick Number23 Oct 2014 #175
It's hard to grade him when he's just staring at me like that. AleksS Oct 2014 #177
On social issues I'd give him an "A" tularetom Oct 2014 #178
This thread is a breath of fresh air (although I didn't read every response--didn't want to press my Stardust Oct 2014 #183
B Warren DeMontague Oct 2014 #198
I think he tried his best... AsahinaKimi Oct 2014 #199
Solid B a kennedy Oct 2014 #200
I think a diving score would be more accurate. riqster Oct 2014 #201
A, probably A+ given the enormous amount of crap he's had to deal with. Frank Cannon Oct 2014 #204
Soooo... Do I grade him from the beginning of his presidency or the whole thing thus far? Xyzse Oct 2014 #205
that's what makes him a C for me Skittles Oct 2014 #215
I gave him a D star14 Oct 2014 #211
C+ roamer65 Oct 2014 #213
This thread has managed to prove one thing: Systematic Chaos Oct 2014 #220
Wow! demwing Oct 2014 #224
A + Melynn Oct 2014 #226
Big ball- C, C-. Small ball- A, A- agentS Oct 2014 #227
B because he didn't go after wall street and didn't realize soon enough the repugs were evil racists kimbutgar Oct 2014 #228
He gets a B. DemocraticWing Oct 2014 #229
I don't know. ZombieHorde Oct 2014 #230
kick Number23 Nov 2014 #231
kick nt steve2470 Nov 2014 #232
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