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Prophet 451

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Sat Nov 22, 2014, 10:51 PM Nov 2014

Should Churches Be Taxed? [View all]

So I finally got Star membership and thought I'd celebrate by uploading my own avatar (same one use on everything) and creating my first poll in ages.

Simple question: Should churches be taxed?

88 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
60 (68%)
14 (16%)
Yes, but exempt their charitable actions (i.e. soup kitchens)
13 (15%)
I like clicking things
1 (1%)
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Should Churches Be Taxed? [View all] Prophet 451 Nov 2014 OP
Hell, yes! QuebecYank Nov 2014 #1
Does that call for them ALL to be taxed though? Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #2
Churches can play politics. Just can't endorse or oppose individual candidates. joeglow3 Nov 2014 #16
Tax 'Em All!!! QuebecYank Nov 2014 #30
Rather a broad bursh, I think Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #40
Wait Munificence Nov 2014 #77
Keep the government out of churches and synogogues Emelina Nov 2014 #75
I think a lot depends on the church and what percentage of its holdings go to charity Wella Nov 2014 #3
What would you consider an acceptable percentage? Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #4
Not totally sure. I'd have to have more info on general operating expenses Wella Nov 2014 #5
That's fair enough Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #6
I saw that, but it leaves out education Wella Nov 2014 #8
I can't get Biblical about it Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #12
Fair enough. Wella Nov 2014 #14
Anyone paid a salary is taxed already TexasMommaWithAHat Nov 2014 #90
Tithes generally Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #94
I meant from a "moral" perspective TexasMommaWithAHat Nov 2014 #95
Option three is not a good option, because that is the status quo. cbayer Nov 2014 #124
Being British, I didn't know how US tax law works. Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #143
See #122 for an overview. cbayer Nov 2014 #146
Well, that's good because that is what happens currently. cbayer Nov 2014 #123
Churches are usually tax exempt because they are non-profit. branford Nov 2014 #7
I was under the impression that was already the law Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #10
The area of law is a little wobbly, and not my personal area of expertise. branford Nov 2014 #17
Sure but... Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #21
As I said, mutually assured destruction. branford Nov 2014 #23
Non-profit does not mean tax exempt Major Nikon Nov 2014 #68
+1 TexasMommaWithAHat Nov 2014 #91
This is the right answer. I'm glad you get it. cbayer Nov 2014 #125
Churches shouldn't even be legal Niko Nov 2014 #9
And that's just extremist nonsense n/t Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #11
Want to know what's extremist? Niko Nov 2014 #15
Yes, yes, you've fulfilled your proselytizing quota Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #18
Atheists can't proselytize Niko Nov 2014 #34
Bullshit Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #37
I agree with you. I went and googled and I was shocked at the number of articles MADem Nov 2014 #52
It's actually not all that common Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #53
The trend towards atheism as a faith is growing, as well. MADem Nov 2014 #55
Atheism isn't a faith Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #56
That's not really true as a legal matter. branford Nov 2014 #60
So then faiths without supreme beings wouldn't be regarded as faiths, either...? MADem Nov 2014 #61
Only some atheists believe Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #88
I dunno.... MADem Nov 2014 #93
It's rare that someone will try to prove the negative.... Oktober Nov 2014 #62
It's not rare for people to try to prove so-called "negatives". stone space Nov 2014 #80
And yet Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #87
So you pretty much agree with me then Niko Nov 2014 #65
You are proselytizing Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #86
Is it OK for Democrats to "proselytize"? trotsky Nov 2014 #107
And your point is? Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #108
Republicans have made it quite clear they aren't interested in our point of view. trotsky Nov 2014 #109
Yes, Republicans have made that clear Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #110
That's a very broad brush. trotsky Nov 2014 #111
You do love playing the martyr don't you? nt el_bryanto Nov 2014 #131
I see no need to make this personal, el_bryanto. trotsky Nov 2014 #132
I'm not making it personal el_bryanto Nov 2014 #138
Actually, yes, you did. trotsky Nov 2014 #141
Don't take the bait, trotsky. I am not proselytizing Niko Nov 2014 #147
Well there is one linking belief el_bryanto Nov 2014 #148
They're committing fraud Niko Nov 2014 #150
Nods - so if someone says to you "I think Moby is the best electronica act of the 1990s" el_bryanto Nov 2014 #151
You give normal atheists with a shred of humanity a bad name. Maedhros Nov 2014 #137
It's all about salvation, Prophet. cbayer Nov 2014 #127
Yes yes... We've all read it... Oktober Nov 2014 #59
+1 sarcasmo Nov 2014 #81
Well, you are certainly free to advocate changing the First Amendment branford Nov 2014 #20
Does the First Amendment cover outright fraud? Niko Nov 2014 #29
Faith is not legally fraud. branford Nov 2014 #32
And I'm saying it should be Niko Nov 2014 #35
First, I never said all religions are always positive. branford Nov 2014 #38
So you basically don't believe in the bill of rights or religious freedom? hrmjustin Nov 2014 #74
It's FRAUD Niko Nov 2014 #82
So to be clear do you think churches should have the right to exist? hrmjustin Nov 2014 #83
Post removed Post removed Nov 2014 #106
Yeah!! Let's outlaw churches, that's the ticket. cbayer Nov 2014 #126
Welcome to DU. Hey I paid $6.99 for an album on I-Tunes yesterday - el_bryanto Nov 2014 #130
Did you get what you paid for? Niko Nov 2014 #149
I do get what I want out of my faith - a closer connection to God. el_bryanto Nov 2014 #152
What would you replace them with? ismnotwasm Nov 2014 #134
I think we would need a new federal agency, branford Nov 2014 #140
A church, as a congregation that truly does God's work, should not be taxed. flvegan Nov 2014 #13
Define "doing God's work" Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #19
I've been repeatedly told on television that God = America. branford Nov 2014 #22
That's Republianity for you Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #25
Acting selflessly. flvegan Nov 2014 #24
Only if you feel the need to Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #26
I don't feel that I need to. flvegan Nov 2014 #28
I think everyone knew what you meant, i.e., engaging in true and selfless charity. branford Nov 2014 #27
The god of the Bible is a selfish, psychotic dickhead, though. Arugula Latte Nov 2014 #136
I'm a believing Jew, but George Carlin's bit about a mean but loving God was fantastic. branford Nov 2014 #139
God (pun intended) I miss George Carlin. Arugula Latte Nov 2014 #142
No arguement there Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #158
Ask him to send down a list and I'll see if I agree.... Oktober Nov 2014 #63
Ahhhh, there is no God. Nt Logical Nov 2014 #97
Tased? Hell yeah! Droning Predator Nov 2014 #31
Gave me a heart attack there Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #33
If they would keep their preaching in the pulpit and quit telling people how to vote, Jamastiene Nov 2014 #36
I'm sorry you experienced that Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #39
The First Amendment clearly would prohibit a crime of hate speech. branford Nov 2014 #45
There's a church where I live... Initech Nov 2014 #41
What were they going to do with it? Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #42
No they were turning it into a new facility for their church. Initech Nov 2014 #43
Then tax them, I agree Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #44
Why? branford Nov 2014 #46
I know that Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #49
Why should a big church be treated differently than one that is small. branford Nov 2014 #58
Yes. They are profit making businesses. Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2014 #47
Some are, sure Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #48
As are other businesses and corporations. Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2014 #54
Absolutely. BeanMusical Nov 2014 #50
Yes but exempt their charitable outreach activities so long as they are offered to ALL MADem Nov 2014 #51
They need to be treated as any other non-profit. Nothing else is constitutional. pnwmom Nov 2014 #57
They should be treated like other non-profits. NancyDL Nov 2014 #64
Does this include other houses of worship? hrmjustin Nov 2014 #66
Yes, I was using "church" in the general sense n/t Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #144
Yes (nt) bigwillq Nov 2014 #67
If you tax churches and other houses of worship then you open up the possibility they can hrmjustin Nov 2014 #69
They already are with a nudge, wink and outright proclamations in some cases. Lars39 Nov 2014 #70
True but if they do it from the pulpit it might have more force. hrmjustin Nov 2014 #71
And I have no doubt at all that is already happening. Lars39 Nov 2014 #72
Yes but there should be consequences to them for breaking the law. hrmjustin Nov 2014 #73
Yes. LWolf Nov 2014 #76
I was thinking of exempting charitable activities truebluegreen Nov 2014 #78
I think religious organizations should be taxed if they publicly state political opinions, --- northoftheborder Nov 2014 #79
Churches are already taxed for "non-church" activities. branford Nov 2014 #84
Of course they should SoCalDem Nov 2014 #85
Why should they be taxed? TexasMommaWithAHat Nov 2014 #89
Well, Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #92
Their pastor pays taxes on his salary TexasMommaWithAHat Nov 2014 #96
Nice Avatar! ScreamingMeemie Nov 2014 #98
Thanks dude! Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #99
Yes davidpdx Nov 2014 #100
I think the tax structure should encourage good works. Notafraidtoo Nov 2014 #101
It's a bit different here (UK) Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #103
This would help me break tithing to our church. ileus Nov 2014 #102
Yes, as regular income demwing Nov 2014 #104
"regular income"? Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #105
The black church a few blocks away from me Calista241 Nov 2014 #112
Yes ProfessorGAC Nov 2014 #113
I'm British Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #114
Was Not A Criticism Proph! ProfessorGAC Nov 2014 #116
Sorry, my misunderstanding Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #118
No Apology Needed ProfessorGAC Nov 2014 #121
I am with Frank Zappa hifiguy Nov 2014 #115
Don't know any Frank Zappa Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #117
Yes. If one is operating properly, it will pay no taxes anyway. Xithras Nov 2014 #119
The argument, as I understand it... Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #120
The lack of understanding on this subject and the emotionally based responses are embarrassing. cbayer Nov 2014 #122
yes. too many churches are little more than tax-exempt republicans headquarters... spanone Nov 2014 #128
If churches are truly non profit I would say no upaloopa Nov 2014 #129
Priests, ministers, rabbis, imams, and all other types of religious leaders, officials and employees branford Nov 2014 #133
Of course. (n/t) Iggo Nov 2014 #135
Yes and start with the Mormon church. savalez Nov 2014 #145
Yes, but there are churches that are hurting right now. louis-t Nov 2014 #153
The government should treat certain churches differently than others, including tax preferences? branford Nov 2014 #155
That's what I'm saying. Progressive tax, but why does it have to be all non-profits? louis-t Nov 2014 #156
Churches are tax-exempt under the same tax code provisions as other nonprofits and charities, branford Nov 2014 #157
Tax churches in the same way we tax people......or should tax people. PDJane Nov 2014 #154
No. n/t SylviaD Nov 2014 #159
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