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Tue Dec 9, 2014, 09:26 PM Dec 2014

Should President Obama continue to shelter war criminals? [View all]

33 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
He's not sheltering any war criminals
3 (9%)
Continue sheltering
0 (0%)
No more sheltering
28 (85%)
Manny, get off of my lawn
2 (6%)
Other (please elaborate)
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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I had to vote "continue". It is too late for Obama to stop disappointing me. Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #1
Does that include Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Rumsfeld? no_hypocrisy Dec 2014 #2
Yup. Octafish Dec 2014 #22
Yes. nt woo me with science Dec 2014 #26
other, he should have never sheltered them PowerToThePeople Dec 2014 #3
he was never going to do that, if people wanted that they shouldn't have supported him for President JI7 Dec 2014 #6
So who should they have supported? sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #49
maybe a Future President will do something about it, have any potential Pres candidates JI7 Dec 2014 #4
No vasilios1991 Dec 2014 #5
Should poll question wording continue to shelter polling bias? Fred Sanders Dec 2014 #7
Are drone attacks war crimes? (nt) Nye Bevan Dec 2014 #8
It depends. MannyGoldstein Dec 2014 #9
Yes. Indydem Dec 2014 #12
They can be, depending on the circumstances Scootaloo Dec 2014 #15
Probably. hifiguy Dec 2014 #35
Yes,and so is forced feeding. hugo_from_TN Dec 2014 #45
When Bush was doing it, drone strikes were horrible war crimes. sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #50
No (nt) bigwillq Dec 2014 #10
If he jailed Cheney? RobertEarl Dec 2014 #11
Is this more of that adult conversation you were pining for?...nt SidDithers Dec 2014 #13
Epic. nt MannyGoldstein Dec 2014 #14
Sid always has so much to add to the conversation. (nt) malokvale77 Dec 2014 #58
What's your answer, Sid? Scootaloo Dec 2014 #16
Is snark a type of cricket? Warren Stupidity Dec 2014 #20
Nailed it. nt msanthrope Dec 2014 #17
Thanks for the laugh, Sid! Control-Z Dec 2014 #18
Nah Andy823 Dec 2014 #21
Time to prosecute! n/t hrmjustin Dec 2014 #19
I just LOVE the classic ... NanceGreggs Dec 2014 #23
Did you notice that Bush's being a war criminal is MannyGoldstein Dec 2014 #24
Implicit in your OP?!? NanceGreggs Dec 2014 #31
So I meant *other* war criminals. MannyGoldstein Dec 2014 #36
I took another look at your OP. Raine1967 Dec 2014 #42
I think that 1. applies MannyGoldstein Dec 2014 #43
+1 nt steve2470 Dec 2014 #25
So we all agree BuchCo is guilty LondonReign2 Dec 2014 #28
Besides hire them, you mean? nt Dreamer Tatum Dec 2014 #32
Keep trying ... NanceGreggs Dec 2014 #33
Obama was VERY CLEARLY LondonReign2 Dec 2014 #48
Your hysterical bolding of subjects doesn't remove them from the obvious context whatchamacallit Dec 2014 #55
So...."continue sheltering" then. Thanks. DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2014 #37
You owe him an apology Capt. Obvious Dec 2014 #41
+1...nt SidDithers Dec 2014 #44
kick woo me with science Dec 2014 #27
Look, Manny...yeah, well, we tortured some folks. But the hard working folks whose job it is Zorra Dec 2014 #29
And they need to release Former CIA agent John Kiriakou from jail & honor him as a HERO RiverLover Dec 2014 #30
of course not. hifiguy Dec 2014 #34
He has no choice. Sorry, that is the way it is. NCTraveler Dec 2014 #38
Right... whatchamacallit Dec 2014 #53
"...I think a basic principle of our constitution is nobody above the law, Obama Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2014 #39
No. Should he sign more Wall Street and campaign finance deregulation? woo me with science Dec 2014 #40
kick woo me with science Dec 2014 #46
Too late for Obama to Not shelter Bush fadedrose Dec 2014 #47
And we get the usual choie Dec 2014 #51
People actually chose #1?!? whatchamacallit Dec 2014 #52
Scary, isn't it. (nt) malokvale77 Dec 2014 #59
He's not just sheltering war criminals from prosecution, Maedhros Dec 2014 #54
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ woo me with science Dec 2014 #56
Should he also continue beating his wife? True Blue Door Dec 2014 #57
I don't think Manny... malokvale77 Dec 2014 #60
Asking if the President has stopped beating his wife is fair and honest polling? True Blue Door Dec 2014 #61
I stand by my statement malokvale77 Dec 2014 #62
And it's obvious this thread is troll bullshit. True Blue Door Dec 2014 #63
You're amusing if nothing else (nt). malokvale77 Dec 2014 #64
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