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220. But the swooning worship has all but killed the party
Thu Dec 25, 2014, 11:53 PM
Dec 2014

Those like yourself who cheer for heritage care, drone murder, austerity, extension of the Bush tax cuts, continued war in the middle east, failure to prosecute Bush and Cheney, TPP, and the rest of the republican policies pushed by the president, have completely run off millions of hopeful new voters from 2008. And then you pile on by calling them racists. After they voted him into office.

My advice would be to try to develop some actual principles by which you want to live your life, then stick with them. If you believe in the things I mentioned above, I'd say that you're closer in ideology to Bush or Romney than to Sanders or Grayson, and should vote accordingly. Regardless, calling those who disagree with the policies I listed above racists is not helping the president, the party, or yourself.

Look at yet people who write and rec such idiocy. geek tragedy Dec 2014 #1
+1 Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #5
+1 Tarheel_Dem Dec 2014 #36
Yes ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2014 #39
Ahh shit, he came back for more after getting locked giftedgirl77 Dec 2014 #56
GG, looks like he got locked out of his latest foray as well Number23 Dec 2014 #97
For calling the President "O'Bummer".. like some rw idiot and he thinks he can flaunt that around Cha Dec 2014 #102
After the thread last night with him it doesn't surprise giftedgirl77 Dec 2014 #109
Oh no.. there will be another one tomorow on Christmas trying to get recs with some Cha Dec 2014 #114
psssst.... yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #116
Happy Holidays to you, yuiyoshida! Cha Dec 2014 #118
That is such yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #123
I got it from babylonsister.. I had to have it! :) Cha Dec 2014 #124
there are a lot heaven05 Dec 2014 #167
Now, Cha you know that calling the president O'Bummer is just righteous, PRINCIPLED criticism!1 Number23 Dec 2014 #111
Yeah, it's righteous with online baggers! Who don't possess the intellect to come up with Cha Dec 2014 #122
Personally I want to know why Obama hasnt fixed all the problems created NoJusticeNoPeace Dec 2014 #201
Post removed Post removed Dec 2014 #190
Only a 4-3 hide for it & 19 reccs for that garbage OP giftedgirl77 Dec 2014 #105
says a lot heaven05 Dec 2014 #168
Which part of this statement from the hidden post above is true? A-Schwarzenegger Dec 2014 #209
Oh, I'm going to say that's where he got it from giftedgirl77 Dec 2014 #212
Oh yeah.. LOL the exalted ones/the self proclaimed know it alls. Rofl you can see how much they Cha Dec 2014 #98
That ass showing Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #241
Not surprising at all. ismnotwasm Dec 2014 #72
He Did It Again billhicks76 Dec 2014 #90
BOOM. You could not have nailed it harder Number23 Dec 2014 #96
There are definitely valid criticisms of Obama.... AZ Mike Dec 2014 #2
The known tactic is to get democrats NOT to vote, there are thousands of operatives hired NoJusticeNoPeace Dec 2014 #3
+1 Hekate Dec 2014 #4
It's true- if one doesn't support Clinton, it's because they work for Rove. arcane1 Dec 2014 #6
If one has a choice in November in the presidential election of voting for Clinton, the repub NoJusticeNoPeace Dec 2014 #9
^^^^THIS^^^^ SunSeeker Dec 2014 #19
Totally!!!! calimary Dec 2014 #65
The election hasn't even started yet AgingAmerican Dec 2014 #32
agreed...I hope Bernie or Liz get in.... NoJusticeNoPeace Dec 2014 #34
Amen to that! Clinton will continue to do Wall Streets bidding. Support Bernie to run as a Dustlawyer Dec 2014 #173
True, but the statement was twisted. MH1 Dec 2014 #71
+1000 K&R ffr Dec 2014 #50
how does that work if one lives in a solid blue state? frylock Dec 2014 #58
Then I suppose you could vote for Mickey Mouse, if that made you feel good. NoJusticeNoPeace Dec 2014 #61
Oh please. If someone votes for the person they wish to become president cui bono Dec 2014 #153
^^This^^ 99Forever Dec 2014 #172
Agreed! raindaddy Dec 2014 #176
+1 L0oniX Dec 2014 #180
+1 heaven05 Dec 2014 #170
I'm still waiting for Carl's check. n/t Alkene Dec 2014 #166
All I got is some shitty McDonalds Happy Meal coupons. L0oniX Dec 2014 #189
Well if Hillary is our only heaven05 Dec 2014 #169
I was thinking more about primaries than the general. The dem will get my vote. arcane1 Dec 2014 #205
Thread Winner! Tarheel_Dem Dec 2014 #63
And posts like yours actually lend credence to your own theory Scootaloo Dec 2014 #66
...^ that 840high Dec 2014 #91
Thank you. cui bono Dec 2014 #154
IKR? laundry_queen Dec 2014 #225
So we want more conservative Democrats!? Phlem Dec 2014 #77
Case in point. Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #121
Bizzaro much? L0oniX Dec 2014 #179
DU has become one the best anti-Obama, anti-Democrat sites around... SidDithers Dec 2014 #7
+ ten million NoJusticeNoPeace Dec 2014 #10
+1 nt steve2470 Dec 2014 #11
You don't have to venture out of the comfort of the BOG. Outside we have posters rhett o rick Dec 2014 #24
"the President's soft sell on torture." SunSeeker Dec 2014 #29
Ok, you tell me how you describe his "we tortured some folks" speech. nm rhett o rick Dec 2014 #43
I figured you had nothing. SunSeeker Dec 2014 #62
I stated my opinion. I asked your opinion. It's you that have nothing. rhett o rick Dec 2014 #74
Maybe the President is smarter than you think? Maybe he knows more than YOU do? 7962 Dec 2014 #136
Sad the lengths you will go to to exonerate your leader. Are you suggesting that the report isn't rhett o rick Dec 2014 #139
Apparently ... NanceGreggs Dec 2014 #158
Poor things are grasping to that straw that it was their last hope on Earth. "But, but, but, the Cha Dec 2014 #108
And precisely who is being indicted.... paleotn Dec 2014 #131
And, nobody "worships" him. Cha Dec 2014 #132
Indeed..... paleotn Dec 2014 #133
They object to the use of an informal term "folks" as it relates to torture LordGlenconner Dec 2014 #247
Until there's a link to the Attorney General prosecuting some of the masterminds... Orsino Dec 2014 #178
"No one here hates the President"... SidDithers Dec 2014 #38
It's not naivete. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2014 #42
Nailed it...nt SidDithers Dec 2014 #53
No, it's not. nt Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #67
I think you mistake anything other than pure adulation as hate. It makes it easier for you. rhett o rick Dec 2014 #44
And I think you agree with much of the hate, so you don't see it for what it is...nt SidDithers Dec 2014 #45
I find it ironic that those that want to lock and hide all posts that don't conform to their rhett o rick Dec 2014 #52
Nailed it. ctsnowman Dec 2014 #160
Double nailed it! L0oniX Dec 2014 #182
Make that a triple. 840high Dec 2014 #235
I love the President. He is a great dad and brilliant man. Though not perfect. WillTwain Dec 2014 #184
Raising the minimum wage would have been a hard fight but that is all the more reason to rhett o rick Dec 2014 #188
Love it: Your post is perfect. I hope the opposition will consider it. WillTwain Dec 2014 #192
+1 LordGlenconner Dec 2014 #248
No.. they just deny deny deny.. familiar pattern. Cha Dec 2014 #115
Why should people objecting to LIES have to confine themselves to the BOG? n/t pnwmom Dec 2014 #59
You define "LIES" as anything contrary to your idea that Pres Obama can do no wrong. rhett o rick Dec 2014 #80
That's NOT how I define "lies." A lie is an intentional misstatement of fact, pnwmom Dec 2014 #85
Of course Obama, supported a higher minimum wage. He did not get it, though. WillTwain Dec 2014 #185
Can you see the difference? pnwmom Dec 2014 #207
Not really, the poverty rate fell from 15% in 2013 to 14.5 in 2014 and that's the first decline Bluenorthwest Dec 2014 #60
I stand corrected. I was looking at 2012 data. It has dropped but still significantly above 2008 rhett o rick Dec 2014 #82
KnR sheshe2 Dec 2014 #26
So disagreeing with Obama is being anti-Obama. LOL, ok. nt Logical Dec 2014 #27
it's isn't about disagreeing w/Obama. It's the stupidity of some of the attacks KittyWampus Dec 2014 #31
I can imagine if some like you were admins. Every complaint would be locked. nt Logical Dec 2014 #33
And, they know that too.. just playing obtuse like they always do. Same with the "fucking used pos Cha Dec 2014 #110
Overt strawman noted, disenginous at best uponit7771 Dec 2014 #41
And racist hatred Doctor_J Dec 2014 #246
+1 uponit7771 Dec 2014 #40
+1000. It's sickening, isn't it? BlueCaliDem Dec 2014 #81
LOL. "anti-Democrat" cui bono Dec 2014 #155
Great points: He also has publicly praised Reagan numerous times WillTwain Dec 2014 #186
Considering Obama is a LIBERAL, progressive DEMOCRAT, the constant, non-stop criticism NYC Liberal Dec 2014 #204
First off, Obama is NO WHERE NEAR being a liberal or a progressive Dem. cui bono Jan 2015 #250
You are completely and totally wrong. NYC Liberal Jan 2015 #252
Oh really.... you don't even know he is a self-described moderate Republican, cui bono Jan 2015 #253
.... 840high Dec 2014 #236
* L0oniX Dec 2014 #181
Yeah, word is out.. popping up daily.. finding their new instant bffs on DU. I got Cha Dec 2014 #213
Pitt can call Onama a piece of shit used car salesman... SidDithers Dec 2014 #214
Yeah, I thought of that too.. Cha Dec 2014 #215
Did you get blocked from that thread? Capt. Obvious Dec 2014 #8
That thread is stupid. bravenak Dec 2014 #12
lol but what passes for full intellectual know it allsim among the exalted. Cha Dec 2014 #119
The President lobbied hard for the recent budget bill with perks for 1%ers. Not so much NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #13
Lies Cali_Democrat Dec 2014 #14
It's funny isn't it Andy823 Dec 2014 #28
Wow, Obama made a speech asking Congress to raise the minimum. That's what passes NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #92
Well spill it then Shivering Jemmy Dec 2014 #104
He did more than make a speech, apparently. NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #112
So what bill did you want him to make calls for? Shivering Jemmy Dec 2014 #117
Thanks NDD: This is the truth that the "Blind Faithers" do not want to believe WillTwain Dec 2014 #183
Didn't the military get 840high Dec 2014 #93
No, 1% was just the pay raise. NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #125
Thanks for clarification. 840high Dec 2014 #134
That's a blatant LIE.. here are the FACTS. Please Read and Digest it.. then maybe you won't go Cha Dec 2014 #126
This is from March. What actually passed in December & what did Obama man the phone NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #140
I read that other thread Andy823 Dec 2014 #15
A "new" poster, surely...nt SidDithers Dec 2014 #16
...better believe it! SunSeeker Dec 2014 #22
Airplane! BlueCaliDem Dec 2014 #83
I am serious and Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #239
Nailed it! greatauntoftriplets Dec 2014 #17
K & R Thinkingabout Dec 2014 #35
Yeah, that's a dumb argument. bemildred Dec 2014 #18
But attacking the Democratic President baldguy Dec 2014 #20
I would expect Democrats to recognize that holding elected representatives accountable is rhett o rick Dec 2014 #49
exactley Phlem Dec 2014 #73
It's really shocking to see the depth of that here... laundry_queen Dec 2014 #228
My point exactly, criticizing Obama does not make one a racist troll WillTwain Dec 2014 #197
Well reasoned post Cali_D flamingdem Dec 2014 #21
And to think I woke up today with gratitude in my heart for that guy. byronius Dec 2014 #23
K & R SunSeeker Dec 2014 #25
...and I respond with a Merry Christmas to your Meta.... ScreamingMeemie Dec 2014 #30
+10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Phlem Dec 2014 #46
Then be contrayrian when it doesn't call for it? That's a lot of what I see, heavily caveated uponit7771 Dec 2014 #68
This. nt Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #70
^^^This!^^^ eom BlueCaliDem Dec 2014 #87
The OP does plenty of that. nt Hissyspit Dec 2014 #135
Remember when you tried to pimp Jonathan Turley on DU? Cali_Democrat Dec 2014 #141
I've called you out on plenty of falsities you've posted. Hissyspit Dec 2014 #143
You brought up Turley even after he advocated for the impeachment of Clinton Cali_Democrat Dec 2014 #145
Just stop it. Hissyspit Dec 2014 #146
You probably shouldn't have even replied to this thread and tried to call me out Cali_Democrat Dec 2014 #147
I had every right to respond to that person. Hissyspit Dec 2014 #148
Of course....you were in the Christmas spirit as you tried to call me out Cali_Democrat Dec 2014 #149
I didn't call you out. Hissyspit Dec 2014 #150
"The OP does plenty of that" Cali_Democrat Dec 2014 #152
Yeah but Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #151
It was factually correct and made an important point. Hissyspit Dec 2014 #193
It was your opinion. nt Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #202
And to think I almost posted in that thread... TreasonousBastard Dec 2014 #37
Post removed Post removed Dec 2014 #47
"Facts?" He don't need no stinkin' facts! but, he did "O'bummer" himself right out of his own Cha Dec 2014 #127
Fact: He did not twist arms enough to pass a minimum wage increase. Fact. WillTwain Dec 2014 #200
Oh, you're whining because President Obama.. and that's "Obama" did not make the rw do what he Cha Dec 2014 #208
but, but, but... Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #210
Because the poster is clairvoyant? LOL Cha Dec 2014 #211
..... Phlem Dec 2014 #48
I can't take many of the defenders of Obama seriously. Marr Dec 2014 #51
.... 840high Dec 2014 #94
It will be interesting to see what happens to them when Obama is out of office. L0oniX Dec 2014 #191
Putting the finishing touches on Mt. Rushmore? Capt. Obvious Dec 2014 #244
DU rec for pissing off all the right people...nt SidDithers Dec 2014 #54
Heh. ismnotwasm Dec 2014 #75
Noticed that too, did ya? Number23 Dec 2014 #99
I read a few replies in "another" OP. lpbk2713 Dec 2014 #55
I can't argue with you about this at all. K&R MineralMan Dec 2014 #57
Nobody's gonna see me criticizing our President. calimary Dec 2014 #64
You'd think Discussionist would be enuf for them, but they get to have the whole internet. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2014 #69
You'll never see a complaint from me regarding the minimum wage as far as Obama is concerned JonLP24 Dec 2014 #76
That's the issue isn't it? Phlem Dec 2014 #78
The things that were blocked or things were the legislative math didn't work I don't fault him over JonLP24 Dec 2014 #95
I hear ya bud. Phlem Dec 2014 #103
He gets all the blame, and no credit around here. JoePhilly Dec 2014 #79
And Republicans continue to get a pass. Uneffingbelievable. BlueCaliDem Dec 2014 #84
Not on DU they're not. n/t cui bono Dec 2014 #156
If that thread that you refer to madokie Dec 2014 #86
Oh, you mean just because the OP got a HIDE for calling the President "O'Bummer"? Nah, no Cha Dec 2014 #129
Yet you spend hours defending TBF Dec 2014 #88
Cali's OP was spot on. Glad we have Cali on board here at DU fighting back against the disingenuous Cha Dec 2014 #130
You didn't answer the question - TBF Dec 2014 #174
11 dimenions of excuses. blkmusclmachine Dec 2014 #89
Amen Brother. Phlem Dec 2014 #113
No, we just ask that criticism be rational. geek tragedy Dec 2014 #128
This message was self-deleted by its author Hissyspit Dec 2014 #144
No, you try to twist people's words and define them as Paulbots and such cui bono Dec 2014 #157
Rational!? Phlem Dec 2014 #216
Treating Republican control of Congress as nothing but geek tragedy Dec 2014 #221
Well if your an adult then I'm a freaking mummy. Phlem Dec 2014 #223
You have yet to offer a single coherent, rational reason geek tragedy Dec 2014 #224
I'm sorry bud but I Phlem Dec 2014 #226
He has mentioned it in his speeches--not his fault geek tragedy Dec 2014 #227
yep, I should not have wasted my time. I get this same Phlem Dec 2014 #230
OK Chief Phlem Dec 2014 #229
You are espousing the Green Lantern theory geek tragedy Dec 2014 #231
No That Is Not what I said. Phlem Dec 2014 #232
You said the problem was that Obama wasn't trying hard enough. geek tragedy Dec 2014 #233
#128 Phlem Dec 2014 #234
No, but one expects adults to understand basic civics. BainsBane Dec 2014 #137
so , according to "basic civics", the president isn't m-lekktor Dec 2014 #163
In reality BainsBane Dec 2014 #206
let me add i guess we "adults" shouldn't have blamed Bush m-lekktor Dec 2014 #164
For alot of us, it's been that way for a long time. Number23 Dec 2014 #100
A lot of OPs are hard to take serious. Autumn Dec 2014 #101
Too many are so dripping with venom.. I take them for what they're worth. There was also Cha Dec 2014 #106
"Too many are so dripping with venom" Phlem Dec 2014 #107
People who are dense enough to believe that shit aren't worth $0.50 an hour. nt Ykcutnek Dec 2014 #120
Obama has had to endure the worst GOP attack in history project_bluebook Dec 2014 #138
Mahalo project_bluebook Cha Dec 2014 #142
They are the worse and pretending they aren't and willfully trying to meet dead wrong somewhere in TheKentuckian Dec 2014 #195
Spot on. Phlem Dec 2014 #217
your argument has some validity, but not much. obxhead Dec 2014 #159
Oh my. 99Forever Dec 2014 #161
If Obama was out advocating for Progressive causes I would be with you on this. harun Dec 2014 #162
This thread should come with a BOG warning despite being in GD. BeanMusical Dec 2014 #165
U mad bro? nt geek tragedy Dec 2014 #171
Nope. Was just making a suggestion. BeanMusical Dec 2014 #199
It comes with a "trash" option. Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #175
So BOG = Trash. Got it. BeanMusical Dec 2014 #198
Um, okay. Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #203
I think he was trying to say that he doesn't appreciate President Obama supporters.. And, I say.. Cha Dec 2014 #242
lol Bobbie Jo Dec 2014 #243
But BOG! Cha Dec 2014 #249
excellent suggestion! Phlem Dec 2014 #218
a lot of those in GD lately Doctor_J Dec 2014 #222
Then you and I are living in different worlds! raindaddy Dec 2014 #177
You bet he does. 840high Dec 2014 #237
Don't you see - he's not WISHING hard enough!!1! True Blue Door Dec 2014 #187
I don't always criticize President Obama, but when I do ... dawg Dec 2014 #194
Totally agree and I would expand that to some usernames in general on any topic. Rex Dec 2014 #196
.... Phlem Dec 2014 #219
But the swooning worship has all but killed the party Doctor_J Dec 2014 #220
...^ that 840high Dec 2014 #238
0-7 to leave your post alone. delrem Dec 2014 #240
It makes it difficult to carry on any rational conversation Atman Dec 2014 #245
Exactly--when he starts vetoing those proposals for a fifteen or twenty dollar federal minimum wage, MADem Jan 2015 #251
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