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Fri Jan 9, 2015, 03:07 AM Jan 2015

Who here has had the flu this season? [View all]

It seems like everyone around me is sick as a dog with the flu recently. It's shaping up to be a pretty bad year. I got my shot but am nervous since about half of the strains mutated. I am just wondering who here has had or has the flu this season and if you got shots or not?

It's early so I don't expect this poll to be that great of a measure, just curious how it is shaping up on DU so far and if the shots are doing much good.

Only answer that you got the flu if you are very sure it was the flu and not something else.

By the way, I still think it is very important to get your flu shots. In no way is this post meant to suggest you should not get them.


Influenza Map: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/usmap.htm

36 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Got the flu this season didn't get my shots
7 (19%)
Got the flu this season and did get my shots
5 (14%)
Have not come down with the flu yet and didn't get my shots.
8 (22%)
Have not come down with the flu and did get my shots
16 (44%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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did not get the shot this year.... chillfactor Jan 2015 #1
I don't get the flu shot. SheilaT Jan 2015 #2
Same here and your age HockeyMom Jan 2015 #23
A bit younger pecwae Jan 2015 #25
62 years old and haven't had a flu shot in 40 years livetohike Jan 2015 #31
In my 50's cwydro Jan 2015 #32
My mother was pregnant with me when she got the Asiatic flu. ladyVet Jan 2015 #62
I want my money back Telcontar Jan 2015 #3
I got a flu shot early in the season. Mugu Jan 2015 #4
I got the shot -- I caught the Flu my Dr. giggled at me! easychoice Jan 2015 #5
Really sorry you got so sick. Also sorry your doc seems a bit strange. Time for a switch? nt Hekate Jan 2015 #11
Actually we do well together. easychoice Jan 2015 #12
Glad to hear that you guys are simpatico and that you're better now! Hekate Jan 2015 #16
I hope you stay well too. easychoice Jan 2015 #19
Never got shots. Had a flu one time: c. 1962. Luck? Zorra Jan 2015 #6
Luck. You won the genetic lottery. nt Hekate Jan 2015 #9
Got the shot. Warpy Jan 2015 #7
no shot irisblue Jan 2015 #22
You were lucky. xmas74 Jan 2015 #27
I had the shakes and topped out at 102.6 Warpy Jan 2015 #33
I suspect exhaustion was part of my problem. xmas74 Jan 2015 #52
Got the shot; still okay. Fingers crossed about the mutated virus. Hekate Jan 2015 #8
I forgot to get my shots. kentauros Jan 2015 #10
I got a flu shot -- freebie because of the ACA -- but I'm in California so haven't been tested yet Journeyman Jan 2015 #13
Haven't had the flu yet MissDeeds Jan 2015 #14
Never gotten a flu shot, but I was under the impression that it was mainly for the elderly and young nomorenomore08 Jan 2015 #15
The researchers combine more than one strain and make their best guess as to the mutation... Hekate Jan 2015 #18
I do have a much stronger than average immune system, but then again I'm still young. nomorenomore08 Jan 2015 #20
That used to be me: at one point I figured I only got it about every 7 years. Hekate Jan 2015 #36
I had a mild case. WhiteAndNerdy Jan 2015 #17
Haven't had the flu since the Hong Kong flu outbreak in 1968. hobbit709 Jan 2015 #21
The most "lucky" people are all old HockeyMom Jan 2015 #24
Actually elderly folks have been exposed to a lot more viruses over their lives Quixote1818 Jan 2015 #41
I had the flu shot the first week of October xmas74 Jan 2015 #26
"The Flu" - which "Flu?" Hari Seldon Jan 2015 #28
Don't get the flu shot as I am allergic to the oil that it is prepared in - leads to pretty signific MillennialDem Jan 2015 #29
I am surrounded at work laundry_queen Jan 2015 #30
Washing hands and don't touch your face. tammywammy Jan 2015 #35
I'm lucky laundry_queen Jan 2015 #54
Use hand wipes on your desk phone's receiver if other people are likely to have been using it, too. Hekate Jan 2015 #38
That's a good idea laundry_queen Jan 2015 #57
Even if you do catch the mutated strain your simptoms should be more tolerable Quixote1818 Jan 2015 #48
I got my flu shot, but whenever I leave the house, the first act upon my return home... MohRokTah Jan 2015 #34
No flu and no shots damnedifIknow Jan 2015 #37
The last time I had the flu Aerows Jan 2015 #39
Where are the "I never have had the flu so don't need the shot" people? Nt Logical Jan 2015 #40
kick for more voting Liberal_in_LA Jan 2015 #42
Why NOT get the flu shot if you don't have any specific health problem with the vaccine? CTyankee Jan 2015 #43
No reason not to. Some just like to brag they didn't get it. No idea why. nt Logical Jan 2015 #44
thanks. I was thinking that there was something I didn't get... CTyankee Jan 2015 #45
And then if they do get the flu they spread it around unnecessarily Quixote1818 Jan 2015 #47
So true!!! nt Logical Jan 2015 #49
Had a shot. No flu, so far. bigwillq Jan 2015 #46
No shot, got the flu this year rufus dog Jan 2015 #50
Dang. You had to post this and bring the flu on... Ms. Toad Jan 2015 #51
I've been oddly healthy lately. Agschmid Jan 2015 #53
I never did get flu or colds very much. lpbk2713 Jan 2015 #55
I don't know if I had actual influenza, or just some other crappy virus. scarletwoman Jan 2015 #56
I haven't had the flu and yes, I've had the shot HeiressofBickworth Jan 2015 #58
You can tell the people you live with they should get vaccinated too. It's standard... Hekate Jan 2015 #60
They've had their flu shots HeiressofBickworth Jan 2015 #61
If it's the same strain we had in Asia, you do not want this flu Recursion Jan 2015 #59
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