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I'd feel better voting mostly el_bryanto Jan 2015 #1
My dad told us about how he attended a KKK picnic in NW Iowa in the 1920s. He was 4 years old. jwirr Jan 2015 #18
The giant cross on their robes is kind of a dead give away about who they THINK they are. Fred Sanders Jan 2015 #2
Yes, who they think they are. davidsilver Jan 2015 #5
Is this edhopper Jan 2015 #3
Actually yes, but some are arguing that religion can't be a motivation for mayhem./NT DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #6
Well edhopper Jan 2015 #9
Can you point to a link where someone is arguing that religion can't be a motivation for mayhem? el_bryanto Jan 2015 #17
I voted no as Klan membership and being a true Christian are mutually exclusive. davidsilver Jan 2015 #4
I'm a UU JustAnotherGen Jan 2015 #13
That's a nice innoculation. Igel Jan 2015 #19
That may be true SwankyXomb Jan 2015 #28
There are also many Corporatist Third-Wayers who claim to be Democrats davidsilver Jan 2015 #31
Exactly. Boomerproud Jan 2015 #38
That is known as the "no true Scotsman" fallacy gollygee Jan 2015 #36
Not sure that setting fire to the most revered symbol of a religion is a sign of adherence to it. Nye Bevan Jan 2015 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author m-lekktor Jan 2015 #25
Absolutely. zappaman Jan 2015 #8
Yes and No REP Jan 2015 #10
Yours is the best answer. Behind the Aegis Jan 2015 #22
Well they ain't Rastafarians. nolabear Jan 2015 #11
That is abosolutely the stupidest question I have ever heard. There are over 200 denominations jwirr Jan 2015 #12
Unless your liberal church is involved in Klan activities then the question does not apply Bjorn Against Jan 2015 #14
Your logic is flawed. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #15
You're doing the whole/part thing backwards. Igel Jan 2015 #20
That was the point I was trying to make. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2015 #23
They used the symbols of Christianity and met in churches while acting contrary to Christianity uppityperson Jan 2015 #16
The Klan was like Hamas. Igel Jan 2015 #29
I voted no because they are not particularly Christian. rogerashton Jan 2015 #21
They called and still call themselves a Christian organization. n/t gollygee Jan 2015 #37
While many people would consider "white supremacist" and "Christian" to be mutually exclusive nomorenomore08 Jan 2015 #39
No disagreement -- rogerashton Jan 2015 #45
True enough. And yes, it is "supremacism" when speaking of a belief system. nomorenomore08 Jan 2015 #46
Well, since the dictionary agrees with you, you must be right. rogerashton Jan 2015 #48
Yes they were. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #24
Honesty is always better than denial. nomorenomore08 Jan 2015 #40
Water is also wet Gothmog Jan 2015 #26
To the extent that ISIS and AQ are Islamic terror groups, yes. n/t cherokeeprogressive Jan 2015 #27
Oh, Hell, Yes! libodem Jan 2015 #30
"Yes" and "arguably but basically not", respectively. Donald Ian Rankin Jan 2015 #32
The KKK is the only federally designated terrorist group that can openly protest in America... uponit7771 Jan 2015 #33
No. A Christian follows the example of Jesus Christ. NaturalHigh Jan 2015 #34
This a trick question? Katashi_itto Jan 2015 #35
they seriously fail in their quest to be termed christian...they're chickenshits. spanone Jan 2015 #41
No MFrohike Jan 2015 #42
is the KKK the same thing as neo-nazi's, or are we differentiating here? Calista241 Jan 2015 #43
The Klan can be considered a neo-Nazi (or Christian Identity) group. nomorenomore08 Jan 2015 #47
No, it was a racist group. former9thward Jan 2015 #44
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