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Sat Feb 14, 2015, 11:10 AM Feb 2015

Poll: Should videos from Russia Today be allowed on DU? [View all]

IF those videos are of known Leftists, such as Noam Chomsky?

51 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, RT videos with known Leftists should be allowed
46 (90%)
No, RT is too awful to risk this
5 (10%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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"Russia Today" is Putin's pet propaganda outlet. Archae Feb 2015 #1
No more than CNN or BBC America is... MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #63
I'm saying no, because RT controls the editing in such a case. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Feb 2015 #2
And ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, PBS, and BBC America aren't? MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #68
I don't think anything of them because I don't watch them. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Feb 2015 #82
I'll say! That was simple alright… and REVEALING... MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #94
+100% - sad to profess an opinion based only on hearsay and innuendos -- n/t mazzarro Feb 2015 #116
Abby Martin and Cross Talk are also excellent, from the Left Pov of course. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #129
I don't watch ABC, CBS, etc. nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Feb 2015 #174
You sure don't... MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #177
Well la di friggin' da Bluzmann57 Feb 2015 #201
so you watch FOX. ND-Dem Feb 2015 #207
I'd measure the truths from Thom Hartmann over any other "mainstream" news programs... cascadiance Feb 2015 #203
Very well said. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #237
LOL ...got nothing ...attack the messenger is soooo old. Purists will stay with all the others... L0oniX Feb 2015 #184
RT isn't the 'messenger' when playing videos of other people. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Feb 2015 #191
rt doesn't edit hartmann, or most of the other independents on its air space. ND-Dem Feb 2015 #211
Thanks for that clarification. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Feb 2015 #258
I don't bother clicking on HappyMe Feb 2015 #3
Of course. polly7 Feb 2015 #4
^^^ +1000 nt magical thyme Feb 2015 #51
thank you for a common sense answer. guillaumeb Feb 2015 #141
Thank you, Polly. onyourleft Feb 2015 #172
Putin is an autocrat and that's being generous. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #5
RT.com is not sunlight attempting to illuminate the truth. randome Feb 2015 #7
That's why I referred to the slickly produced Russian cable television station... DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #10
RT is not the same as Russian television. It is produced here in the US with mostly sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #45
I didn't pay attention to where it was produced. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #48
What the hell does this mean? MattSh Feb 2015 #97
Because it lacked all nuance, the announcers spoke in stilted English, and was boringly predictable. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #102
What did you expect? Enthusiast Feb 2015 #238
This message was self-deleted by its author 2banon Feb 2015 #222
What part of "That being said I oppose censorship and I would allow the videos" don't you understand DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #224
Didn't read your posts through to the end, My Bad. 2banon Feb 2015 #226
No problem DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #227
How the fuck is this even a question? sibelian Feb 2015 #6
+1000 nt Logical Feb 2015 #13
Fox News should be reported on an equal basis with everything else? randome Feb 2015 #26
+ another Scuba Feb 2015 #27
^ What sibelian said ^ MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #69
People who are willing and capable of thinking critically Maedhros Feb 2015 #175
During the Scottish referendum campaign it was RT and ONLY RT that accurately reported the violence sibelian Feb 2015 #8
RT was the only network that covered the anti-Putin demonstrations in Russia also. It always sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #16
Abso-fricken. sibelian Feb 2015 #20
lutely! MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #73
sigh... SidDithers Feb 2015 #104
The BBC is part of the US Corporate Media?? Since when? sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #106
Your claim was "RT was the only network that covered the anti-Putin demonstrations in Russia"... SidDithers Feb 2015 #107
I filled in what you tried to leave out. I can understand your attempt to change the meaning of sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #118
I left nothing out, sabrina... SidDithers Feb 2015 #140
And?? You choose to misinterpret that post. The BBC is not a US media outlet, I will make sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #150
Keep spinning, sabrina... SidDithers Feb 2015 #154
there are two here spinning Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #157
Who are the 'Putiin Boot Lickers' on DU? Seriously, people want to know. I want to sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #158
People already have figured that out Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #162
IF there are trolls on DU, which is what sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #168
If there are trolls here and there have been Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #170
Sid says there are trolls here. You are getting things a bit mixed up. IF he sees sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #188
I have no idea Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #190
I know what he posted also, and have said repeatedly and will do it once again, sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #264
and you would be wrong again Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #266
I'm sure a list will be produced soon. polly7 Feb 2015 #242
I see you are still fine Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #244
I see you are still fine with someone/anyone/everyone (as no one was excluded) polly7 Feb 2015 #245
He never said "all" once again, I will type slower Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #246
My, my ......... you do go on and on and on. polly7 Feb 2015 #247
and, once again Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #248
Post removed Post removed Feb 2015 #249
once again Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #250
Getting to work on that shrine, time is money! polly7 Feb 2015 #251
here is the difference Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #252
Hey, at least I was brave enough to specify. polly7 Feb 2015 #253
so you like to insult a DU member by name and take credit for it Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #254
I give what I get. polly7 Feb 2015 #255
"I give what I get." Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #256
Let me try it another way: Who is NOT a 'Putin Boot Licker' on this site? sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #265
I would think about 99% Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #267
Surprised, you did not answer any of my questions. all I hear is "crickets" Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #272
There are actual fucking sockpuppets. In great numbers. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #239
Skinner has spoken about obsessive troll hunting. Apparently the message is not getting through. L0oniX Feb 2015 #186
I luv Putin. There ...happy now? L0oniX Feb 2015 #185
They can afford to be objective about another country that has nothing to do with them at the moment treestar Feb 2015 #78
And everything they report is done with the spin that the West is bad... SidDithers Feb 2015 #88
You make your posts and takes your chances on any topic. aikoaiko Feb 2015 #9
Yes, they should be allowed... SidDithers Feb 2015 #11
If the hate site, Little Green Footballs is allowed here ANY source is better than that piece of sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #18
LOL... SidDithers Feb 2015 #21
I know a great deal about LGF. They were part of the Right Wing Noise Machine that went after sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #36
Sure you do, sabrina... SidDithers Feb 2015 #39
LGF's proprietor, Johnson, contributed to the extreme hatred, in fact inspired it, and had sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #56
The Breivik thing is actually a lie. OilemFirchen Feb 2015 #187
No, it is not a lie. He followed Little Green Footballs at the time they were feeding the hatred sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #189
Yes it is. OilemFirchen Feb 2015 #195
aka "Little Green Goofballs" nt bananas Feb 2015 #57
Yes, they did a great deal of harm during the Bush era. They spread vile bigotry sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #103
Sid doesn't do names. polly7 Feb 2015 #22
Don't need to... SidDithers Feb 2015 #24
Who are they, Sid? polly7 Feb 2015 #25
that would be a callout and you know it Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #30
I'm not trying for anything. polly7 Feb 2015 #31
Make the post and chance the jury Fumesucker Feb 2015 #40
What he just did IS a callout. He has called out all DUers as 'Putin boot lickers'. If that is not sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #62
Not all Duers treestar Feb 2015 #65
I believe Sid can speak for himself. He has called DUers 'Putin Bootlickers'. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #70
As I said, do you have the same rule for people who call other DUers treestar Feb 2015 #74
Post a link to where I have ever called ANYONE here ANY NAMES? sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #77
OK, I'll look out for that treestar Feb 2015 #79
That's a fair question. Personally I don't think name calling, especially if it's a collective smear sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #111
... NuclearDem Feb 2015 #85
Thanks for posting that. As I said, I don't call people names, I prefer to be direct giving them sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #117
Your "comment" was nothing more than a baseless, inflammatory smear. NuclearDem Feb 2015 #142
No, that is how I read your comment, and was honest enough to give you a chance to correct sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #160
How the blue hell did you extract THAT from my post? NuclearDem Feb 2015 #166
so now you remove "ALL" Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #83
"He has called out all DUers as 'Putin boot lickers'" Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #66
Everyone does NOT know. Is he, or you, eg, calling ME a Putin bootlicker?? You can sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #75
do you take back the "all" comment or not? Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #86
Sid calle Duers 'Putin boot lickers'. Supposedly we all know who they are. If YOU know, because I sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #100
you are the one that added "all" Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #105
I agree with her ...... if you're not specifying certain individuals, polly7 Feb 2015 #110
you do not add things to a quote Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #119
I added NOTHING. polly7 Feb 2015 #123
sabrina 1 did, not you Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #126
No, I explained why being too * to specify who you're talking about polly7 Feb 2015 #127
Sids own words Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #133
So WHAT is your point? polly7 Feb 2015 #135
she did in this case Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #146
No, she did NOT. polly7 Feb 2015 #148
One more time Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #151
How could everyone possibly know who the 'Putin boot-lickers are' polly7 Feb 2015 #155
Once again Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #156
Baloney treestar Feb 2015 #145
Backatcha. polly7 Feb 2015 #149
Yes, that is what I said and I will repeat it. If someone launches a collective smear sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #159
He is refusing to do that because of DU rules Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #161
I changed NOTHING. I offered my own interpretation of the collective smear sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #164
you said "He has called out all DUers as 'Putin boot lickers'." Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #169
I thought I repeated that twice already. By refusing to name the 'trolls' he is sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #173
"Do you speak for him btw?" Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #176
Hey ........ I was told I was humping Putin's leg just yesterday, lol. polly7 Feb 2015 #89
You just can't hide anything around here, polly. Caught in the act were you? sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #200
Yeah, I wasn't so thrilled with being accused of being a leg humper. polly7 Feb 2015 #240
LOL! 2banon Feb 2015 #225
I just post what Sid said Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #182
Oh my. OilemFirchen Feb 2015 #193
Some people seem to think that they can twist what someone wrote two inches away from where it's Number23 Feb 2015 #180
Yes, it's clear as day-- just read the string. Desert805 Feb 2015 #192
This thread is all kinds of awesome... SidDithers Feb 2015 #263
RT is watched now by over 50 million US households, Sid. zappaman Feb 2015 #269
That number is way off Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #270
Nice to see you Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #271
I don't know who they are. You just called DUers 'Putin boot lickers' so unless you are either sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #41
but, lots of these guys…. MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #80
An update on Little Green Footballs War Horse Feb 2015 #38
Don't confuse 'em with facts... SidDithers Feb 2015 #42
They were cited for their hate filled attacks on Muslims and then hid them. And you are correct, the sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #44
Yes, while they were criticizing others for doing the same thing, polly7 Feb 2015 #47
Don't confuse anyone with what actually happened... MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #81
I'm not expecting to change any minds War Horse Feb 2015 #64
I know they had their internal rift and followed it with some sense of schadenfreude at the time. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #137
"The fact is that the Norwegian mass killer was inspired by Charles Johnson." OilemFirchen Feb 2015 #196
I believe the mass murderer's own assessment of who he was influenced by. Johnson was one of the sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #205
As I said, despicable. OilemFirchen Feb 2015 #210
And you leave out WHY the mass killer said he was angry at Johnson. And that is despicable. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #216
And nothing about Schaeffer or Brock. OilemFirchen Feb 2015 #217
Did Brock spew hateful bigoted rhetoric for YEARS against Muslims? I do not recall that. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #219
Bravo. OilemFirchen Feb 2015 #228
Exuse me, wait a minute. Warren was a bigoted hater?? Wow, you really are getting desperate sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #229
I didn't accuse Warren of being "a bigoted hater". OilemFirchen Feb 2015 #233
I'm not aware that they aren't. Tommy_Carcetti Feb 2015 #12
"lacking in objectivity" - yeah that;s bullshit sibelian Feb 2015 #23
Most of what Parry writes these days, concerning Russia and Ukraine, is conspiracy garbage... SidDithers Feb 2015 #99
'You' posted that. polly7 Feb 2015 #108
We're all (or mostly) adults here. elias49 Feb 2015 #14
People should post whatever they want, but posting crap from known bigoted organizations comes with Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #15
Does Noam Chomsky qualify as "crap"? nt MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #95
Did I say he is crap? No, you are attempting to exploit Chomsky as a wrapper for the actual issue Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #167
RT is an effective propganda too for Putin etherealtruth Feb 2015 #17
Could you provide some examples of the programming on RT that are 'propaganda for Putin' sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #35
It is well known that it is Russian state media Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #19
Noam Chomsky? left-of-center2012 Feb 2015 #28
Should videos from Fox News be allowed on DU? Iggo Feb 2015 #29
Fox News isn't goverment controlled so it's objective Fumesucker Feb 2015 #43
no but it is allowed to criticize the government treestar Feb 2015 #67
LOL. Iggo Feb 2015 #112
Yes. Of course they should. Again... sibelian Feb 2015 #132
Word order and that squiggly line over the dot at the end. Iggo Feb 2015 #134
Oh, poot. Now you've got me all confused. sibelian Feb 2015 #138
RT is trash. Censorship is trashier. Nuclear Unicorn Feb 2015 #32
That's this whole debate in a nutshell. Panich52 Feb 2015 #260
We need a two-prong test for locking threads: 1) unacceptable media; AND 2) unacceptable message. leveymg Feb 2015 #33
I find the RT propaganda kind of amusing. Nye Bevan Feb 2015 #34
Sure, people can post them all they like. NuclearDem Feb 2015 #37
Compare RT to corporate media Man from Pickens Feb 2015 #46
"Non-corporate information sources" NuclearDem Feb 2015 #49
....... polly7 Feb 2015 #54
And if you can find where I've said I trust corporate media in the West NuclearDem Feb 2015 #55
It's utterly ridiculous to call ALL of those mouthpieces for the world's bankers and 1% polly7 Feb 2015 #59
Hell, I'm convinced! HappyMe Feb 2015 #58
RT would be more like whitehouse.gov treestar Feb 2015 #76
Why would you compare RT to corporate media? randome Feb 2015 #121
Why not edhopper Feb 2015 #50
Yes (nt) bigwillq Feb 2015 #52
RT, Fox, and all rightwing sites are nonexistent to me, never click on them randys1 Feb 2015 #53
RT is a Left Wing site, the antithesis of Fox. Amazing how people will offer opinions of sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #60
RT is a propaganda site controlled by Putin...period, that is ALL I need to know randys1 Feb 2015 #61
Sooooo left wing they believe climate change is a hoax! NuclearDem Feb 2015 #71
RT is a jingoistic Tiger Beat for the Pooter. Very little "Left Wing" about it. Throd Feb 2015 #84
No, it isn't. It's extremely left wing which is why the Right hates it so much. The only sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #98
"Alex Jones on Climategate: Hoax of all time a global Ponzi scheme" NuclearDem Feb 2015 #109
Yes, they do give voice to all sides, wacko CT even, then they are refuted. They allow Right Wingers sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #113
There is no "other side" to climate change. NuclearDem Feb 2015 #139
The BBC has also had Alex Jones the air. Good for them. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #144
There is no "other side" to climate change, and the media has no business NuclearDem Feb 2015 #147
So censorship works, is that what you are stating? If books are banned, or confined to a small sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #152
We've already been down that road. No more. NuclearDem Feb 2015 #165
So censorship works, is that what you are stating? If books are banned, or confined to a small sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #152
Fox News, Alex Jones Join Forces to Race Bait polly7 Feb 2015 #115
RT = Vlad Sez Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #72
DU has always been a heavily censored site due to trolls Chuuku Davis Feb 2015 #87
Yeah, but it used to be right wing voices that were not welcome Fumesucker Feb 2015 #91
If you don't want to see Left voices on the air, you won't like RT. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #171
These are last century Straight White Men you list. They, like you, seem to think that a person or Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #273
I think the gatekeepers of GD should be left alone to do their self-appointed job. Rex Feb 2015 #90
Yes! Snarkoleptic Feb 2015 #92
Where else are you going to see William K. Black on tee vee? Octafish Feb 2015 #93
And you know the "statute of limitations" (whether "real" or not) has run, or is running out.. 2banon Feb 2015 #114
FBI knew, yet DoJ said, ''Fuggedaboudid.'' Octafish Feb 2015 #163
I wonder if that Swiss Bank Lansky bought is UBS? 2banon Feb 2015 #213
Where else are you going to see Max Keiser discuss the HSCB law breaking and benefit from QE? MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #96
Love Max and Stacey Oilwellian Feb 2015 #197
Many can't view RT objectively because... MattSh Feb 2015 #101
Yes! n/t wildbilln864 Feb 2015 #120
I love these polls LittleBlue Feb 2015 #122
Of course they should...and then they should be given the response they deserve brooklynite Feb 2015 #124
But that also could mean an "Alert" with Jury Post Lock..... KoKo Feb 2015 #136
Absolutely. It streamlines the process of determining who ... 11 Bravo Feb 2015 #125
And a post alert and lock? KoKo Feb 2015 #143
The difference betwen RT and FOX news is the source of the propaganda. Agnosticsherbet Feb 2015 #128
Spoken from experience of watching? Seriously doubt it... MrMickeysMom Feb 2015 #130
No, the difference between Fox and RT is that RT has actual, professional reporters sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #131
RT is not independent news. They are Russian national propoganda. Putin's private network. kwassa Feb 2015 #198
I asked some specific questions of another poster I believe, because I am seeing comments, such as sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #199
Here is an expose of the RT propaganda apparatus. kwassa Feb 2015 #202
Here is another look at the RT propaganda machine kwassa Feb 2015 #204
Something from RT itself, not the corporate media's 'opinion' of RT. Again, it appears you are not sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #206
Oh bullshit. Read the very long Buzzfeed expose, full of specifics. You are disingenuous. kwassa Feb 2015 #208
Bullshit yourself. I reject liars who led this country to war, and now set themselves up as sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #209
You shoot the messenger rather than debate the specifics in the Buzzfeed expose. kwassa Feb 2015 #212
The WSJ is OWNED by Right Wing Global Propagandist, Rupert Murdoch. The trick is to allow a few sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #215
Your avoidance technique is fascinating. False, but fascinating. kwassa Feb 2015 #218
Omg, Liz Wahl!! Do you know anything about her?? Clearly not. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #220
"I do not comment on anything I am not educated about." OilemFirchen Feb 2015 #230
???? What is your point? Or are you trying to make MY point? That the US media is being sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #231
you are arguing with someone who wont face the truth Ramses Feb 2015 #232
Yes, I know. Our propaganda media appears to have had the desired effect sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #261
True Renew Deal Feb 2015 #223
troublemaker reddread Feb 2015 #178
sure. we allow NYT & broadcast ABC, NBC, CBS, and they lied us into war. NuttyFluffers Feb 2015 #179
Exactly! polly7 Feb 2015 #243
Well done, Manny. zappaman Feb 2015 #181
Enjoyed the show, did you? Number23 Feb 2015 #214
See this: Lithos Feb 2015 #183
Yes they should be, I'm not in favor of censorship. People don't want to watch it no one Autumn Feb 2015 #194
Yes, but only in these two groups Renew Deal Feb 2015 #221
#JeSuisRT Violet_Crumble Feb 2015 #234
Why I didn't like either option Jim Lane Feb 2015 #235
Oh, dear, we might be influenced! Enthusiast Feb 2015 #236
Should DU stop beating its wife? Tommy_Carcetti Feb 2015 #241
No vote from me. MineralMan Feb 2015 #257
Very good post Duckhunter935 Feb 2015 #259
Yes, but with caveats... Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #262
'Allowed' is the wrong word LeftishBrit Feb 2015 #268
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