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Sat Apr 28, 2012, 11:20 PM Apr 2012

I realized tonight that America's 99% are fucked for years to come [View all]

I was listening to Tavis Smiley in the car. He was interviewing folks who'd been jobless for years. Some homeless at times. People who had good jobs and good lives previously, but now they're in dire straights. America has changed.

And it struck me like lightning that here's no light visible at the end of this tunnel. One political party is calling for austerity against the 99%. Our other political party is calling for austerity against the 99% while throwing us a few little treats. "Free" trade, more bank deregulation, and civil liberties down the drain. Citizen's United. Avarice, cowardice, and incompetence.

Poverty, homelessness and hunger are increasing, increasing. Meanwhile, the wealthy grow wealthier as they suck what little bits are left to suck from the rest of us. No help on the horizon, sorry.

I hope we get past this, but it will take a long while. Not fun to think about: but here we are.

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There is a lack of will thus far to do what must be done. But wealth can be coalition_unwilling Apr 2012 #1
We elect people to do the job MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #2
The People We Elect Are At The Mercy Of The 1% Due To Citizens United cantbeserious Apr 2012 #34
And what is the explanation/excuse for their actions before that putrid ruling? Mnemosyne Apr 2012 #52
+ a gazillion n/t chervilant Apr 2012 #129
This message was self-deleted by its author Tesha Apr 2012 #71
Then The Bigger Fish Theory Applies - Disappoint Koch Brothers And One Better Watch Out cantbeserious Apr 2012 #80
I'm afraid we will have to do this ourselves. Jake2413 Apr 2012 #116
Ummmm...... Coyote_Bandit Apr 2012 #118
We no longer have a National Will Joe Bacon Apr 2012 #82
I hope you will consider fashioning this into an OP, as what you say and predict coalition_unwilling Apr 2012 #86
Joseph Schumpeter said it better Joe Bacon Apr 2012 #121
Yep. And very few "treats" at that. HiPointDem Apr 2012 #3
Tens of ProSense Apr 2012 #4
Millions more thrown into poverty each year MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #6
Action, ProSense Apr 2012 #10
Has the President backed Harkin's bill? MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #12
Does ProSense Apr 2012 #13
Until the Democratic Party leadership embraces real change MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #16
Well, ProSense Apr 2012 #31
I campaigned for, donated to, and voted for Change MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #33
Doesn't matter ProSense Apr 2012 #36
Rising poverty, homelessness and hunger are petty? MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #39
No ProSense Apr 2012 #46
"the Change agent called me 'fucking retarded'" was shorthand MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #50
I don't know ProSense Apr 2012 #56
We have rising poverty, homelessness and hunger MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #58
I recommend you stop giving us the blue links from hell nadinbrzezinski Apr 2012 #91
"Hey at least the Cartels are not shooting the place up?" socialist_n_TN Apr 2012 #93
Actually to be fair nadinbrzezinski Apr 2012 #100
+1 bvar22 Apr 2012 #105
Not just no, but ProSense Apr 2012 #111
post as many links as you want nadinbrzezinski Apr 2012 #124
Oh, and ProSense Apr 2012 #114
Not one of those proposals.. sendero Apr 2012 #75
Thanks, ProSense. You rock. SunSeeker Apr 2012 #66
excellent info SwampG8r Apr 2012 #68
I am one of the ones who have been poor for decades and what I am afraid of is that we will be jwirr Apr 2012 #45
Yes, ProSense Apr 2012 #77
I agree that 2016 will be too late for many of us. The number of persons relying on the safety net jwirr Apr 2012 #97
What can you do? We are the largest debtor nation on Earth banned from Kos Apr 2012 #5
FDR's America did it. MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #9
The 'debt' is a bugaboo bandied by right-winger and coalition_unwilling Apr 2012 #11
Well said MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #15
Washington's $5 trillion interest bill dkf Apr 2012 #20
Not sure what your purpose is in posting this pablum from CNN. If long-term coalition_unwilling Apr 2012 #27
Demand for U.S. Debt Is Not Limitless In 2011, the Fed purchased a stunning 61% of Treasury issuance dkf Apr 2012 #37
Treasury Yields Drop as Fed Buys Longer-Term Securities dkf Apr 2012 #30
A couple of things to keep in mind: PSPS Apr 2012 #14
Debt has nothing to do with it. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #67
FDR's era went from 32% taxes on the top tier nadinbrzezinski Apr 2012 #92
And if we doubled the taxes on the top 20%........ socialist_n_TN Apr 2012 #94
You're right Manny. obxhead Apr 2012 #7
I agree. Times aren't going to get better for most people. closeupready Apr 2012 #8
Excatly white_wolf Apr 2012 #18
"America has changed." You're so right, Manny. nt gateley Apr 2012 #17
This is the fourth year of a recession. Swede Apr 2012 #19
Fourth year - with nothing changing as far as the eye can see. MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #22
Your a glass half empty kind of guy,Manny. Swede Apr 2012 #24
I disagree. MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #26
I'm a glass half full kinda guy. Swede Apr 2012 #48
But what do you see, specifically, MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #51
why is 3.1 million new jobs not a positive thing? hfojvt Apr 2012 #69
Less than breakeven, after population gain MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #78
While job growth is possitive nadinbrzezinski Apr 2012 #102
I have a service job now hfojvt Apr 2012 #110
16 million children go to bed hungry at some point during each week. But coalition_unwilling Apr 2012 #28
Sadly, the good years of America, post WWII, might have been an RKP5637 Apr 2012 #21
At the end of WW II, the US had half the industrial capacity in the world, and all gold in Ft Knox FarCenter Apr 2012 #23
I see you live in reality. mmonk Apr 2012 #25
At the risk of sounding like an Obama apologist, Jamaal510 Apr 2012 #29
I believed Obama called for 2 jobs bills - and one did pass MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #32
Per usual I like to remind folks of history nadinbrzezinski Apr 2012 #35
Even in 1929, America was four years from change MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #38
Really? ProSense Apr 2012 #40
The same dynamic that we had in 2008. MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #43
Again ProSense Apr 2012 #54
I will work for change - but only with people who also want it MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #57
Please do ProSense Apr 2012 #59
Or 2012, remember the changes came due to pressure form the streets nadinbrzezinski Apr 2012 #41
Nadin, thank you MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #49
That is why the one percent woo me with science Apr 2012 #81
Trust me city council IS a snoozer nadinbrzezinski Apr 2012 #87
Dramatic changes in society seem to occur abelenkpe Apr 2012 #122
In all fairness... white_wolf Apr 2012 #126
Manny, are you familiar with the recently released book "Why Nations Fail" by bullwinkle428 Apr 2012 #42
I will load the first chapter into my Kindle MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #44
You didn't have to pawn your Kindle for dog food!?! alcibiades_mystery Apr 2012 #53
Actually, the Goldsteins are doing reasonably OK MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #60
Well, we're trying to get more support for the General Strike on Tuesday, May 1. Zorra Apr 2012 #47
I have to check that out MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #61
Look here. U4ikLefty Apr 2012 #63
I want to set up a business and my mind has been working over time Cleita Apr 2012 #55
Join Occupy. U4ikLefty Apr 2012 #62
+1000 blackspade Apr 2012 #64
DU Rec. It's not just a bad economy. It's a purposeful restructuring of where the wealth goes, woo me with science Apr 2012 #65
^^^this KG Apr 2012 #73
Occupy. Nt xchrom Apr 2012 #70
Occupy and achieve what? estiparanoic Apr 2012 #72
Disperse? We haven't gone anywhere. Zorra Apr 2012 #88
Revolution is a noble goal which I fully support estiparanoic Apr 2012 #95
Do you believe Occupy needs to employ violent actions in order to achieve our goals? nt Zorra Apr 2012 #101
Seeing that I am not a member of Occupy I cannot nor will not speak for them estiparanoic May 2012 #132
Ture Occupy is still arownd estiparanoic May 2012 #134
Occupy has changed the converstion MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #98
You're right. I give up. WilliamPitt Apr 2012 #104
I know I am right that is why I posted it. estiparanoic May 2012 #133
Occupy is fluid, when 'dispersed' in one place, it finds another level to operate. sabrina 1 Apr 2012 #107
+1 woo me with science Apr 2012 #115
There are no easy answers but... kentuck Apr 2012 #74
Too many people cliff48 Apr 2012 #128
Please ProSense Apr 2012 #76
A return to the politics of dead center, Throckmorton Apr 2012 #79
Yes we are. It's very frustrating that we elect Autumn Apr 2012 #83
That's ProSense Apr 2012 #84
Of course we don't vote for every Senator Autumn Apr 2012 #85
And ProSense Apr 2012 #89
Thanks for sharing your opinion Autumn Apr 2012 #90
why don't they just borrow 20 grand from their parents? arely staircase Apr 2012 #96
K&R. Want to watch this one. n/t Egalitarian Thug Apr 2012 #99
Just tonight? WilliamPitt Apr 2012 #103
You can know things intellectually, bvar22 Apr 2012 #106
That's it. That's exactly it. MannyGoldstein Apr 2012 #108
There is some hope Manny. bvar22 Apr 2012 #109
This is post-Obama first term? Zax2me Apr 2012 #112
I realized over 30 years ago that America's 99% were fucked for years to come NNN0LHI Apr 2012 #113
You just learned this? rrHeretic Apr 2012 #117
Many 99-ers have (and continue) to f*ck themselves. radhika Apr 2012 #119
Everyone is Screwed, except for those who Enjoy our Present Economic Climate fascisthunter Apr 2012 #120
Conditions will dictate - TBF Apr 2012 #123
Nothing is over until WE decide it is.... DAngelo136 Apr 2012 #125
Heck. On TV tonight the Government was defending torture. For the Homeland you know> n/t Bonhomme Richard Apr 2012 #127
There is a massive hole in the safety net DearAbby Apr 2012 #130
Just think about it....the 99% work their whole lives, many of them, just glinda Apr 2012 #131
Too many DUMB voters is the problem! dmosh42 May 2012 #135
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