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7. His daughter is LUCKY to have a masculine symbol for a Dad.
Mon Mar 2, 2015, 02:24 PM
Mar 2015

She gets taken seriously by way of her Dad's defense of her honor.....and the school is taking legal action against the abuser as a result.

MOST ATTACKS ON WOMEN RESULT IN---THE WOMAN HAVING TO LIVE WITH IT, go into hiding, avoid the abusers, learn self-defense, move to a new location, get therapy the rest of their lives, be told by people supposedly on their side that they're lying........

While the trolls and abusers usually go on their merry way. Their smirking, ego-maniacal, destructive, unrepentant, merry way.

Here's the piece of crap, Nagel: Arugula Latte Mar 2015 #1
Ewww. BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2015 #2
I know. Sorry for the giant photo. It's the only one I could find. Arugula Latte Mar 2015 #3
Oh c'mon Blanche Oilwellian Mar 2015 #19
A Limbaugh wannabe. lpbk2713 Mar 2015 #5
I see Jaz Hoyt from "Oz" let his hair grow and got a radio gig. Doctor_J Mar 2015 #31
He has that "sober, fully conscious women never sleep with me" look. Ken Burch Mar 2015 #45
You know what they say-the bigger the head, the smaller, the more useless and the more shriveled... Ken Burch Mar 2015 #46
My feelings for Curt Schilling aside, glad to see that asshole get what he deserved. Arkana Mar 2015 #4
Unfortunately that guy was only one of several young men threatening rape, assault, and so on. Arugula Latte Mar 2015 #8
these are pretty much ALL white, affluent, college attending children, and I mean children." seabeyond Mar 2015 #24
aren't thugs? Doctor_J Mar 2015 #32
And then their idiot friends were contacting Schilling and telling him to lighten up, that he tblue37 Mar 2015 #38
Kind of puzzled why he brought politics into the issue: mainer Mar 2015 #6
I think he was basically saying: "Look, I'm used to being made fun of and trollish comments from Arugula Latte Mar 2015 #9
It's a persecution complex, combined with some projection. Mariana Mar 2015 #11
Curt is a tea bag douchebag.....that's why he mentioned Democrats. trumad Mar 2015 #15
+1 mountain grammy Mar 2015 #22
+another dreamnightwind Mar 2015 #44
His daughter is LUCKY to have a masculine symbol for a Dad. BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2015 #7
and this would be the second half of it i did not get into. you are absolutely right on. lets be seabeyond Mar 2015 #21
yep. happy Women's History Month. BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2015 #26
Outing someone making vile threats is hardly revenge, it's basic responsibility. Nuclear Unicorn Mar 2015 #10
when roaches see light, they run irisblue Mar 2015 #12
Well done, Mr. Schilling Jack Rabbit Mar 2015 #13
Sorry. Whats the backstory? Did he have previous vendetta against Schilling for some reason? ErikJ Mar 2015 #14
LOL trumad Mar 2015 #16
bcuz Schilling is a Republican? ErikJ Mar 2015 #25
Funny thing is brucefan Mar 2015 #28
by, by, asshat. blackspade Mar 2015 #17
Hells to the Yeah! Don't know the guy, don't care, not going to psychoanalyze the guy - badly - Hestia Mar 2015 #18
It's the other guy who is worse in the postings than the dj guy. Spread this around: Hestia Mar 2015 #27
I was very nice when I emailed them. Just made them aware of the article Hestia Mar 2015 #29
Um, no. Schilling had no bad words for the Gamergate trolls for threatening feminists. Dark n Stormy Knight Mar 2015 #49
this is what we are saying. it has to be called out each and every time. too many boys/men are seabeyond Mar 2015 #20
and it illustrates why women need male allies. BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2015 #30
Excellent, and I hope all the harassers go to jail. I tweeted support to Shilling and his daughter stevenleser Mar 2015 #23
What a great father! Sissyk Mar 2015 #33
If there were laws that made it possible for women to easily boston bean Mar 2015 #34
Schilling is a tool DefenseLawyer Mar 2015 #35
Why the fuck does him saying his daughter is going to pitch cause these idiots to react cui bono Mar 2015 #36
That was the 1st question that popped into my head. Inkfreak Mar 2015 #39
Well, see, she's a young FEMALE! Arugula Latte Mar 2015 #47
That's what I didn't get ballabosh Mar 2015 #48
He nailed another one, too. tblue37 Mar 2015 #37
Schilling is a right-wing asshat, but ... 11 Bravo Mar 2015 #40
UPDATE : One of the fuckwads was a part-time Yankees employee. bullwinkle428 Mar 2015 #41
a little bit of repercussion goes a long way, for society as a whole. nt seabeyond Mar 2015 #42
Internet bullies. Frankly, they're lower than whale shit. Frankly, they just Dave for the bottom. Stinky The Clown Mar 2015 #43
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