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4. Voted for education
Sun Mar 8, 2015, 07:11 AM
Mar 2015

Private profit is at the heart of the expensive, oppressive, fear-inducing standardized testing which directly attacks the primary aim of enlightened education. These tests do not test learning; they test compliance as it is impossible to provide educated (meaning knowledge-based) responses.
Privately-owned profit-geared testing intends to foster a sense of failure, for administrators, teachers, students and parents, because most (if not all) the purchased testing regimes, under the guise of rigor, impose their built-in impossibility of success through use of age-inappropriate, due to development and abilities, content and presentation, and are purposely convoluted, meaning confusing and badly written.
As these rounds of top-down imposed standardization of testing is the means to benefit the status-quo or those in charge of top-down controls, the first step was to attack teachers, teacher unions and create the myth of "bad" parenting especially exemplified by those who are economically disadvantaged.
No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top are a disaster for the children and for the raising of an active, informed and independent-thinking citizenry.

campaign financing and lobbying Douglas Carpenter Mar 2015 #1
That ^^^^^, too! Stardust Mar 2015 #2
+1000000 woo me with science Mar 2015 #12
I voted for health care. lovemydog Mar 2015 #3
Voted for education Euphoria Mar 2015 #4
It's good that you put "the market" in quotes rogerashton Mar 2015 #5
All of them, plus... 99Forever Mar 2015 #6
I went with finance Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #7
CEO salaries. randome Mar 2015 #8
Other: All necessary infrastructure. LWolf Mar 2015 #9
And index it all to inflation. randome Mar 2015 #11
Yep. nt LWolf Mar 2015 #13
Eeyup. This is the correct answer. hifiguy Mar 2015 #16
I voted for the 'healthcare system.' We are a wealthy enough society now that universal KingCharlemagne Mar 2015 #10
If you have three Colas, and you drink one Cola, what are you left with? Refreshment! Electric Monk Mar 2015 #14
Probably best de-privatize and de-corporatize the government first TheKentuckian Mar 2015 #15
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