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Sun Apr 12, 2015, 08:56 AM Apr 2015

"Fuck Your Breath" [View all]

Video shows Tulsa man’s last moments alive after accidental police shooting (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)



It was a mistake.

That’s the blasé explanation Oklahoma officials gave after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white deputy who accidentally pulled his gun when he meant to use his Taser.

The botched encounter was captured on a disturbing video released by police on Friday — nine days after the fatal Tulsa shooting.

“He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath,” Eric Harris says as he struggles on the ground following the April 2 shooting, which flew under the radar until video emerged a week later.

“F--- your breath,” a callous officer can be heard saying. “Shut the f--- up!”


another video:
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"Fuck Your Breath" [View all] kpete Apr 2015 OP
OMG what a monster. L0oniX Apr 2015 #1
Evil n2doc Apr 2015 #2
omg. marym625 Apr 2015 #3
The police profession seems to attract homicidal bullies tabasco Apr 2015 #4
Not 'just' a symptom, but I take your point. During Occupy Los Angeles, we KingCharlemagne Apr 2015 #7
"The police are the domestic version of national defense" KansDem Apr 2015 #20
When the power holder in any group gives a bullyboy someone to bully, he cements tblue37 Apr 2015 #28
That is EXACTLY why Walker exempted police unions. Still In Wisconsin Apr 2015 #63
You may have zeroed in on a very, very important dynamic. "... occupied some special status GoneFishin Apr 2015 #46
Back in December, Matt Taibbi published a little-noticed op-ed piece in Rolling Stone that KingCharlemagne Apr 2015 #53
Thanks for the link. I also like this choice quote regarding Eric garner : GoneFishin Apr 2015 #62
OT, but I teach English as a Second Language so, of course, I'm thinking about how I would teach KingCharlemagne Apr 2015 #64
'scheming guttersnipes' is good. Even "scheming" by itself is pretty versatile when discussing GoneFishin Apr 2015 #69
Howard Zinn on "the guards:" yallerdawg Apr 2015 #49
Some of my Socialist comrades refer to this same cadre as the "Labor Aristocrats," workers given KingCharlemagne Apr 2015 #61
"The Global Proletariat" yallerdawg Apr 2015 #66
I agree completely. blackspade Apr 2015 #106
jack London referred to "arthurist" unions in the iron heel shaayecanaan Apr 2015 #108
Ah, I had forgotten Mr. London's contributions to our understanding of the class struggle. I find KingCharlemagne Apr 2015 #109
Here is some information about why some cops have the same mindset of criminals Maraya1969 Apr 2015 #72
We need to deal with this on a national level. Local authorities seem to have lost control. marble falls Apr 2015 #5
Have they 'lost control' or are the police merely executing (npi) their actual KingCharlemagne Apr 2015 #8
Either way its detrimental to all citizens: disproportionally so if the executed is black, male... marble falls Apr 2015 #25
And detrimental to the notion of a 'republic,' I think. What do you think President KingCharlemagne Apr 2015 #37
I agree. Its a national disaster and it needs a Federal response. marble falls Apr 2015 #39
Working class? Seems like a color problem to me NoJusticeNoPeace Apr 2015 #51
Yeah, I take your point. My experiences have been colored by the time KingCharlemagne Apr 2015 #56
White and latino homeless and mentally ill.... Dont call me Shirley Apr 2015 #107
Creating a national federal police force won't work either, why? 951-Riverside Apr 2015 #57
absolutely, positively donot want a national police force on the streets..... marble falls Apr 2015 #74
Could you live with "within 15 miles of the municipality" if necessary? jmowreader Apr 2015 #80
Those cops still employed? Nt abelenkpe Apr 2015 #6
I'm guessing this cop is either a sociopath or psychopath. NT Trillo Apr 2015 #9
the cop that shot him is 73 years old. dixiegrrrrl Apr 2015 #83
..... BlancheSplanchnik Apr 2015 #10
I hate to say this, cilla4progress Apr 2015 #11
"I been sayin it"!!!!! heaven05 Apr 2015 #14
Agreed. Just the thought he'd be nominated in 2008 drove some people crazy and there were racist freshwest Apr 2015 #19
Was just reading today's NYT op-ed cilla4progress Apr 2015 #22
May I humbly suggest the words "cretins or troglodytes or bigots" as labels for libdem4life Apr 2015 #34
You certainly may! cilla4progress Apr 2015 #48
Again, thank you. I get similar lessons from the young 'uns myself and keep on learning. libdem4life Apr 2015 #90
That seems to have happened in some quarters, aided and abetted by big money. freshwest Apr 2015 #84
I think you are completely right. If you are cop and a raging racist under the surface, GoneFishin Apr 2015 #47
I can assure you this backlash is real and takes place in business too, the story I could tell NoJusticeNoPeace Apr 2015 #55
Some of it is also the general fear of black people getting "uppity".... Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2015 #87
+1, somethin uponit7771 Apr 2015 #99
and it goes heaven05 Apr 2015 #12
Do these Human Hunters get a Cryptoad Apr 2015 #13
And THIS, my fellow Americans 2naSalit Apr 2015 #15
" So what ARE WE going to do about it?" WHEN CRABS ROAR Apr 2015 #86
"who "said he" accidentally pulled his gun"< Just wanted to add a necessary correction. n/t jtuck004 Apr 2015 #16
I am so sick of this shit! ybbor Apr 2015 #17
I think this really may have been a mistake B2G Apr 2015 #18
Is the cop saying, "F_ your breath," not the same one who shot the man? nt tblue37 Apr 2015 #31
No, I believe it's a different cop B2G Apr 2015 #33
Thanks. I am too deaf to understand words on videos, so I wouldn't be able to tell tblue37 Apr 2015 #35
You mean treating a black man like a piece of spoiled meat? Or the "accident". ? jtuck004 Apr 2015 #44
I'm aghast that they were using a 73 year old retired officer on the street TorchTheWitch Apr 2015 #101
According to RawStory the cop was 73 years old. NorthCarolina Apr 2015 #21
More info here. B2G Apr 2015 #24
But he gave them lots of shiny toys, so he can play cop now, and shoot people, too! hatrack Apr 2015 #30
What?? Rich people are allowed to BUY a badge and rough up poor people???? arcane1 Apr 2015 #76
No, it's Oklahoma Runningdawg Apr 2015 #78
Where I live, Cook County Illinois used to give out badges to ... Hassin Bin Sober Apr 2015 #81
I need to go back to bed. Sometimes ignorance is indeed bliss. arcane1 Apr 2015 #82
The guy bought his right to be a pretend cop? dixiegrrrrl Apr 2015 #85
I can't watch it..... daleanime Apr 2015 #23
Their entire attitude in a nutshell. Posters and posts should spread this tblue37 Apr 2015 #26
The murderous thugs, police, are getting worse. Madmiddle Apr 2015 #27
They're the same. Iggo Apr 2015 #38
Pathologicalů EOM MrMickeysMom Apr 2015 #29
How did they come to have a 73 year old still on the street with a gun? treestar Apr 2015 #32
Unpaid reserve deputy, playing cops and robbers for free. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #58
while they are paying zero treestar Apr 2015 #71
Cops. Iggo Apr 2015 #36
When will Thespian2 Apr 2015 #40
Another story: B2G Apr 2015 #41
How is the officer's sentiments toward the man different from that of the Nazi SS? Enthusiast Apr 2015 #42
Just replace the uniforms, use black & white film, and substitute "you have a tail light out" with GoneFishin Apr 2015 #52
Class traitors is absolutely correct JEB Apr 2015 #43
If they chase someone in a vehicle AgingAmerican Apr 2015 #45
"Stuff happens!" "Democracy is messy."~~~Donald "Tamiflu" Rumsfeld. WinkyDink Apr 2015 #50
Is that voluntary or involuntary manslaughter? Downwinder Apr 2015 #54
Just watched the video...that's it, something WILL be done otherwise there is NoJusticeNoPeace Apr 2015 #59
Time for us to become 840high Apr 2015 #67
Exactly, I marched in seattle for "I cant breathe" but I dont know what else to do NoJusticeNoPeace Apr 2015 #68
I've been engaging cops 840high Apr 2015 #73
Awful beyond words...k and r..nothing else to say.. Stuart G Apr 2015 #60
Kick for Police training where fatally wounded suspects get nothing but a knee on their head. Octafish Apr 2015 #65
fuck the police. nt awoke_in_2003 Apr 2015 #70
Our police problem must be addressed sooner rather than later(NT) The Wizard Apr 2015 #75
Finally watched the video. Even the TASER was excessive, if you ask me. arcane1 Apr 2015 #77
the use of a taser at the moment it was fired (as a gun) did not appear necessary tomm2thumbs Apr 2015 #89
Same wtih Oscar Grant: when face-down and cuffed, a taser is nothing but torture. arcane1 Apr 2015 #91
How the fuck does Oklahoma or any other place let untrained volunteers wield a gun and Taser? Mayberry Machiavelli Apr 2015 #79
There is something seriously wrong with the recruiting, hiring, firing and determination of JDPriestly Apr 2015 #88
Abusive cops are a national crisis. What will it take to make it stop? Cheese Sandwich Apr 2015 #92
More cell phones and normal citizens who are brave enough to send it to a news outlet. libdem4life Apr 2015 #93
"And the truth is, Alkene Apr 2015 #94
Murder blkmusclmachine Apr 2015 #95
Fire them all and make them re-apply for their old jobs after strict review. WillTwain Apr 2015 #96
So...police officer as psychopathic murderer... PatrickforO Apr 2015 #97
I just put this on my FB page Catherine Vincent Apr 2015 #98
Cold.. Callus Murder... The cop will get a medal, he will be praised and given time off with pay uponit7771 Apr 2015 #100
Charge him with murder. lovemydog Apr 2015 #102
The investigation... Jesus Malverde Apr 2015 #103
There is another new disturbing cop video out. rainmaker21 Apr 2015 #104
I hadn't seen the long version of the video. Jesus Malverde Apr 2015 #105
There are a lot of folks who are no friend of the Left who are also outraged about this Jetboy Apr 2015 #110
Sick fuck. blackspade Apr 2015 #111
The inhumanity of 'Fuck your breath' should stop all of us cold napkinz Apr 2015 #112
Goldie Taylor tweet ... napkinz Apr 2015 #113
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