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39. debt, it stinks
Sat May 5, 2012, 05:51 PM
May 2012

I've put gasoline and groceries on a credit card just to get by to the next payday. Needed it to get to work so I could keep the job. Paid doctors and pharmacies with a credit card to get healthy, so I wouldn't miss work and lose pay. Car died, no money, took on debt for a car, so that I could work to get money to pay off my credit cards.

Debt is a trap for many people as they need to borrow money just to be able to work and make money. Sometimes when you are lucky you can climb out. But with just a little bit of bad timing and bad luck, this becomes a lifelong treadmill of misery.

It's like a modern form of slavery or serfdom. All for the benefit of being able to maintain a very small super-rich class in lives of unimaginable excess and luxury. And then they think they earned it.

Interesting suggestions, but my 1st reaction is that they're politically unrealistic beyond the pale Scuba May 2012 #1
So was the TVA and the CCC. nt CK_John May 2012 #2
So you basically force high school grads to put their lives on hold for five years, MadHound May 2012 #3
+1,000,000,000 x 1,000,000,000 - n/t coalition_unwilling May 2012 #5
1 out 2 grads can't get a job and carry at least 80,000 in loans. Sad thing is jobs CK_John May 2012 #6
A lottery for higher ed? MadHound May 2012 #9
while you're at it how about reducing the standard workweek down to about 30 hours.... limpyhobbler May 2012 #4
Good idea 4 day week (32hr) 3 days off. CK_John May 2012 #8
Notice a conspicuous absence of any increase of taxes on the coalition_unwilling May 2012 #7
How do I get one of the jobs in the job broker firm. postulater May 2012 #10
Details, details, they do get in the way. We'll make the FTC a super brokertc CK_John May 2012 #11
Wow, further politicizing this cluster fuck. MadHound May 2012 #12
When you admit there is a problem, then you must offer solutions. From these CK_John May 2012 #14
I've offered solutions upthread MadHound May 2012 #15
I believe you are relying on false facts. Technical advances has cut the number of jobs CK_John May 2012 #16
No, you are condemning generations to a life of McJobs MadHound May 2012 #18
Who should do the "McJobs"? FrodosPet May 2012 #23
I don't object to McJobs per se MadHound May 2012 #25
Wow, I'm glad you're not in charge of anything. (nt) Posteritatis May 2012 #13
I would do it in a more demand-side way.... kentuck May 2012 #17
If you pay it off every month then it is zero interest. dkf May 2012 #19
Is this you Mitt?? kentuck May 2012 #20
Debt is the root of most problems. dkf May 2012 #21
Can't disagree with that... kentuck May 2012 #26
the rich get richer because they start out rich and poor get poorer because they they are poor CreekDog May 2012 #37
debt, it stinks limpyhobbler May 2012 #39
How can you be poorer than zero assets if you have no debt? dkf May 2012 #40
you can be debt free and still lose your job, your shelter, your health care, your means to eat CreekDog May 2012 #42
Which then becomes provided by the government. dkf May 2012 #51
If you can pay off your credit cards every month you obviously don't need credit cards lunatica May 2012 #31
Credit cards aren't supposed to be used for income. dkf May 2012 #41
The older generation had enough money to live within their means lunatica May 2012 #45
My grandparents came to work on the Hawaiian plantations. dkf May 2012 #47
The Constitution would have a few problems with your King dreams. Zax2me May 2012 #22
I don't think so, we have lots of regulated brokers, stocks,real property, planning,etc.. CK_John May 2012 #24
Fortunately, those with actual responsibility tend to think before they act bhikkhu May 2012 #27
With ideas like those, mythology May 2012 #28
If only you could be God lunatica May 2012 #29
The 1st one is the one I have the most issue. white_wolf May 2012 #30
Free eduction is the good start to a real solution lunatica May 2012 #32
True but the OP does identify an issue that few are willing to acknowledge TheKentuckian May 2012 #33
Making it possible for there to be one breadwinner in the family is a start lunatica May 2012 #35
Which is why it is important... kentuck May 2012 #44
What about "Free For Graduates"? FrodosPet May 2012 #48
I don't think it would solve anything except provide fodder for a Dostoyevskian plotline. aikoaiko May 2012 #34
That balance of terror is already a fact now lunatica May 2012 #36
for some yes, but its not someone's job to create it for all. aikoaiko May 2012 #38
Horrible idea. People have a right to a higher education, if they can afford it. Honeycombe8 May 2012 #43
Higher ed has never been about education but for providing a qualified workforce for CK_John May 2012 #46
No, higher education has always been about broadening your horizons, MadHound May 2012 #49
This is true. It is about providing discussion and thinking of a myriad of ideas and topics.... Honeycombe8 May 2012 #52
Newt? that you? piratefish08 May 2012 #50
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