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Wed Apr 29, 2015, 09:07 PM Apr 2015

Poll: If you could have Hillary Or Bernie for President, who would you pick?? [View all]

Forget if you think they are electable.

If you could magically pick the next president, who would you pick??

425 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Unlimited
37 (9%)
388 (91%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Damn. linuxman Apr 2015 #1
Right? n/t. bvf Apr 2015 #27
I'm sorry, I'm not laughing.. This is where we are in the party.. OLDMADAM May 2015 #293
Not really. merrily May 2015 #302
We may disagree, but I hope you are right, and I am wrong.. OLDMADAM May 2015 #326
My exception was to "if you are honest, you have to agree with me." merrily May 2015 #327
I misunderstood, I thought you you were talking about Hillary.. OLDMADAM May 2015 #328
Again, my exception was to your imputing dishonesty. merrily May 2015 #329
Please accept my apology, I simply couldn't understand.. OLDMADAM May 2015 #331
One last try to make my point clear. merrily May 2015 #332
Have it your way.. OLDMADAM May 2015 #335
yikes. merrily May 2015 #339
oh my!!! yuiyoshida Nov 2015 #453
Don;t worry. You were the bigger person for apologizing. MohRokTah May 2015 #376
says the conventional wisdom frylock Jun 2015 #389
Well at least you admit, I am not out on a limb.. ha! OLDMADAM Jun 2015 #408
Hey, is it okay to steal your Bernie logo? I've love to have that on my posts too. trillion May 2015 #367
sure. ichingcarpenter made them for anyone to use. No stealing involved. merrily May 2015 #368
"True progressives"? So you decide who is a true progressive? still_one Jun 2015 #401
.. Well, yes.. perhaps you were so busy collecting 35,000 hits to see the fax.. OLDMADAM Jun 2015 #407
My my are you sensitive, to start and insinuate something with the number of posts I have. In fact still_one Jun 2015 #412
What in the Hell is wrong with us? OLDMADAM Jun 2015 #413
I am not fighting you. I was just commenting on some of your assumptions. I agree, I will still_one Jun 2015 #415
Lets take it to them, and WIN in 2016.. Thank you.. OLDMADAM Jun 2015 #416
We will have to agree to disagree. I believe Bernie can win, & Hillary cannot. peacebird Jun 2015 #429
I agree, about Hillary, and it appears that a great many D's do too.. OLDMADAM Jun 2015 #431
Just wanted to see if you changed your mind about electability Android3.14 Dec 2015 #455
Not in the least.. If there has been any change.. OLDMADAM Dec 2015 #456
Bernie Vice and or Castro Vice. Skink Apr 2015 #2
I've been a registered Green for decades. I've not voted for a Democrat or any other party for Luminous Animal Apr 2015 #3
surprise surprise... VanillaRhapsody Apr 2015 #11
Bernie is polling obnoxiousdrunk Apr 2015 #24
But I think that Bernie has much more potential and his numbers will totodeinhere Apr 2015 #99
Where was Obama 2 years before the primaries? sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #122
Bernie is a more forceful and concise speaker than is JDPriestly May 2015 #300
What does that even mean? RiverNoord Apr 2015 #155
The Iowa Caucus is 8+ months away. Bernie could gain an awful lot of ground from now till Jan 2017 INdemo May 2015 #272
Not a fair comparison rufus dog May 2015 #163
Kuchinich Meme Fail AgingAmerican May 2015 #219
Helps keep life interesting... daleanime Apr 2015 #26
It's bad that Bernie is bringing new people to the Democratic Party? Ken Burch Apr 2015 #36
I've campaigned for more Dems than any other party combined. San Francisco is Luminous Animal Apr 2015 #49
Another San Franciscan for Sanders here! arcane1 Apr 2015 #58
See you in the trenches! Luminous Animal Apr 2015 #61
Another 5th generation San Franciscan for Bernie Sanders here!!! CountAllVotes May 2015 #217
AND ME TOO! yuiyoshida Nov 2015 #454
Green party backing is something they should definitely consider. F4lconF16 Apr 2015 #30
I figure that I can invest time in the early stages and then switch to local when those campaigns Luminous Animal Apr 2015 #50
Do you have to register Dem to vote for Bernie in the primary? merrily May 2015 #287
It is a bit complicated in California. I can vote Dem IF the party, prior to election, designate Luminous Animal May 2015 #291
Great. As I said on another thread, Bernie's run is doing great things for the party, including merrily May 2015 #295
PS, It might be good to send the Democratic Party of California a reminder about allowing merrily May 2015 #296
Good idea. And I will pass that to our Democrat club to pass that on to other state Luminous Animal May 2015 #297
visit berniesanders.com and contribute I did. Vincardog Apr 2015 #152
Yoda your archetypal form is. Jackpine Radical May 2015 #325
As much as I love Bernie, frankly I couldn't bear to watch him be torn apart like so many Dem Stardust Apr 2015 #4
I know, right! Poor Hillary... emails, Benghazi, IWR, it's unrelenting! Cosmic Kitten Apr 2015 #18
Same will happen to any candidate AgingAmerican Apr 2015 #47
LOL !!! - HE... Is Gonna Get "Torn Apart" ??? WillyT Apr 2015 #48
+1 Segami Apr 2015 #73
+2 L0oniX Apr 2015 #97
Speaking the truth is hardly a defense against getting torn apart. gcomeau Apr 2015 #149
President Obama still seems to be in one piece. Elmer S. E. Dump May 2015 #279
Which is not the equivalent of him never getting torn apart in the media. -eom gcomeau May 2015 #281
He seems no worse for wear to me. Elmer S. E. Dump May 2015 #282
Might want to check... gcomeau May 2015 #283
My hair turned white before 50. And I think BO is a "sticks or stones" kinda guy. Elmer S. E. Dump May 2015 #284
It's not just about his feelings about it. gcomeau May 2015 #285
I think he understands that they are racists and rednecks Elmer S. E. Dump May 2015 #289
It's what he wanted--twice. Loving a candidate too much to vote for him doesn't ring true. merrily May 2015 #288
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #419
Bernie can handle himself just fine. I would not worry about that. n/t totodeinhere Apr 2015 #100
Ok, thank you. I get discouraged from time to time. Go Bernie, I've got your back. Let's do this! Nt Stardust May 2015 #244
The GOP will be torn apart by Bernie AgingAmerican May 2015 #220
Oh yeah, they'll brand him a democratic socialist and he'll just smile;) grahamhgreen Jun 2015 #396
he won't just smile ... he'll start EXPLAINING MisterP Jun 2015 #426
Got to school some folks! grahamhgreen Jun 2015 #432
tee hee n/t Oilwellian Apr 2015 #5
you made me tee hee! Luminous Animal Apr 2015 #52
I'm still tee hee'ing Oilwellian May 2015 #204
magically pick? KMOD Apr 2015 #6
I guess I am all in at this point.. yuiyoshida Apr 2015 #7
OT - Who is that beautiful pop star in your sig line pic? Dragonfli Apr 2015 #10
stop it... yuiyoshida Apr 2015 #13
If you can sing, the career is yours for the taking! Dragonfli Apr 2015 #15
I don't sing... yuiyoshida Apr 2015 #17
I guess it is subjective but to these eyes you're cuter and it isn't particularly close. TheKentuckian Apr 2015 #85
She is quite a personallity yuiyoshida May 2015 #186
She's wrong. hifiguy Apr 2015 #136
LOL yuiyoshida May 2015 #184
He's not eligible; he's literally an illegal alien Scootaloo Apr 2015 #34
While that is techncally true.... yuiyoshida Apr 2015 #46
Not unless we see a long-form birth certificate! arcane1 Apr 2015 #59
Maybe the Kents yuiyoshida Apr 2015 #78
If Superman flies around the Earth fast enough (past the speed of light), bvar22 Apr 2015 #117
Now that you mention it.. Stryder Apr 2015 #156
oh that would be interesting... yuiyoshida May 2015 #189
Superman ever been invited, and attended a Bilderberg conference ??? orpupilofnature57 Apr 2015 #153
You would have to ask the folks at DC ... or yuiyoshida May 2015 #185
That's an interesting question jberryhill Apr 2015 #8
If such a choice were possible? Dem2 Apr 2015 #9
It is a choice in the Democratic primary, Bernie is running!!!! /nt Dragonfli Apr 2015 #12
The question was if I could magically pick the winner of the primary and general... Dem2 Apr 2015 #19
Cast your primary vote for who you want and hope for the best! /nt Dragonfli Apr 2015 #21
I'm looking forward to it ;) nt Dem2 Apr 2015 #22
Actually, Elizabeth Warren is my first choice, but I'd be happy with Bernie. SheilaT Apr 2015 #14
Great points! Nt Logical Apr 2015 #16
If she loses the primaries again awoke_in_2003 Apr 2015 #102
Sanders/Warren 2016? I'd be happy. n/t denverbill Apr 2015 #103
Sanders/Warren 2016 nationalize the fed Apr 2015 #20
That would be a dream ticket. WDIM May 2015 #183
That'd be hard for the real progressive cause in the senate HereSince1628 May 2015 #224
Agree. VP versus popular, high profile, liberal Senator? I'd stay in the Senate. merrily May 2015 #311
If I could choose, definitely Sanders mvd Apr 2015 #23
I'd pick a Democratic Congress treestar Apr 2015 #25
There you go... Blanks Apr 2015 #90
That's some amazing poll numbers... John Poet Apr 2015 #28
"Maybe they're only real loud." magical thyme Apr 2015 #82
That was my reaction, too. Ms. Toad May 2015 #218
Bernie in a heartbeat. Ed Suspicious Apr 2015 #29
These results are really something. The minority of Hillary supporters sure do make a metric ton of Ed Suspicious Apr 2015 #31
+1000 nt Logical Apr 2015 #32
not once you put them on ignore. lol. liberal_at_heart Apr 2015 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Apr 2015 #54
. Ed Suspicious Apr 2015 #67
LMAO L0oniX Apr 2015 #105
Really? KMOD Apr 2015 #38
I don't see a lot of Clinton supporters names in there. joshcryer Apr 2015 #66
You don't? merrily May 2015 #315
Another response a week+ later. joshcryer May 2015 #319
Would you prefer we leave? hrmjustin Apr 2015 #108
Not at all. Just commenting that you all sound a lot bigger than you are. Ed Suspicious Apr 2015 #113
We are bigger in the party. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #114
and the country. just not du. especially in a poll about magically picking candidates. nt La Lioness Priyanka May 2015 #267
Of course they would because they are bullies at heart... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #125
I noticed that some posters are thrilled that the Sanders group has more subscribers than... hrmjustin Apr 2015 #127
I am not going to denigrate Senator Sanders or his supporters... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #129
Sanders is a classy guy. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #130
I like a lot of his ideas and find him to lack pretense or artifice. DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #131
I wanted to join the HRC group but was banned before I had the chance. tridim May 2015 #166
The HRC room is for supporters. hrmjustin May 2015 #168
I was undecided at the time I was banned. tridim May 2015 #169
You can petition the head host to unban you. hrmjustin May 2015 #170
Yes they would, even though I'm sure they'll say otherwise. DU has long been inhospitable to Metric System Apr 2015 #142
Well we are not going anywhere and they will just have to deal with it. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #143
Damn right. Metric System Apr 2015 #146
. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #147
Hear, hear!!! Beacool May 2015 #175
Viability in the general election is a valid concern that's explicitly excluded geek tragedy Apr 2015 #119
An HRC nom will bring every R out to vote against her. peacebird Apr 2015 #151
I agree with you. I don't think she can win nationally, unless her opponent is someone Marr May 2015 #229
So the GOP wants her to run. Wow ...that's what I call a centrists dream. L0oniX May 2015 #365
I think Hillary is vulnerable because her nom will bring every R out to vote against her. peacebird May 2015 #227
and DU represents the majority view of all Democrats by your inference still_one Jun 2015 #403
Well that's awkward! Fearless Apr 2015 #35
To be fair it's a web poll and I don't see some of the people whom I know are H supporters Ed Suspicious Apr 2015 #37
It shows momentum as I said. Otherwise people wouldn't care. Fearless Apr 2015 #39
Yes, this poll is definitive. KMOD Apr 2015 #40
You are thinking I said what you wanted me to say. Which, in fact I didn't. Fearless Apr 2015 #42
I'm gonna wait for the polls. KMOD Apr 2015 #44
He isn't appearing on television very much yet, so beyond DU he's still unkown. arcane1 Apr 2015 #63
Yeah, he's only unknown because the media doesn't cover what he says. PatrickforO Apr 2015 #70
Great poll. Bravo, DU. AtomicKitten Apr 2015 #41
What if Geronimoe Apr 2015 #43
I detonate with sheer joy. AtheistCrusader Apr 2015 #55
Then we lose two good senators awoke_in_2003 Apr 2015 #104
If Hillary keeps it up it'll be a coin toss. joshcryer Apr 2015 #45
Would anyone believe her if she did? zeemike Apr 2015 #56
Once it comes out, she can make a case. joshcryer Apr 2015 #60
How many believe her prison speech? zeemike Apr 2015 #68
Eh, she's been saying this stuff for awhile. joshcryer Apr 2015 #74
The Democrats including Clinton are still in favor of the drug war Fumesucker Apr 2015 #80
That remains to be seen. joshcryer Apr 2015 #81
What I see happening is that cannabis will be "legalized"... Fumesucker Apr 2015 #83
That's sort of happening now. joshcryer Apr 2015 #86
Oh, they'll take the "grow your own" away soon enough Fumesucker Apr 2015 #92
You mean the last time she was running for POTUS? zeemike Apr 2015 #91
She's got her eye on the issue! lol Cosmic Kitten Apr 2015 #109
Posted like a true Bernie supporter since Day1! merrily May 2015 #304
Bernie is against TPP. joshcryer May 2015 #313
Dude, what on earth are you going on about? merrily May 2015 #316
Damn straight nevermind. joshcryer May 2015 #320
love to see it! grahamhgreen Jun 2015 #397
Whoever the Democratic nominee is still_one Apr 2015 #51
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Apr 2015 #53
Not really mylye2222 Apr 2015 #57
We don't play into 'corruption doubts' AgingAmerican Apr 2015 #62
Nope, the DU knows Hillary is not a true liberal! Nt Logical Apr 2015 #93
Well, it's at least refreshing Iwillnevergiveup Apr 2015 #64
BEST POLL EVER!!! chknltl Apr 2015 #65
It's a no-brainer. Bernie, of course. PatrickforO Apr 2015 #69
I'm for Bernie, but this poll shocks me... tokenlib Apr 2015 #71
It's not shocking. LWolf Apr 2015 #87
No, they're all voting on this poll... MelungeonWoman Apr 2015 #95
They can only vote once. Octafish Apr 2015 #121
I think in the context of this poll they "took their ball and went home". n/t cherokeeprogressive May 2015 #290
Do you think your needs, wants and dreams are that different from those of other USians? merrily May 2015 #306
They're all the same people, I think! grahamhgreen Jun 2015 #398
The DU polls usually seem like Bernie has more support on DU. Cheese Sandwich Jun 2015 #399
I hope Thom Hartmann mentions this poll chknltl Apr 2015 #72
I want to hear their actual positions on a number of issues, before I decide. Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #75
behold Ed Suspicious Apr 2015 #94
I am a bit of a political junkie, so I am familiar with Bernie's track record. Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #124
R&K Would love to see Bernie in the WH! /nt RiverLover Apr 2015 #76
Don't know enough about Sanders's administration skills. Recursion Apr 2015 #77
actually, the first is just making good hiring decisions. As to handling the media... magical thyme Apr 2015 #84
Well he's been in Congress 24 years - TBF Jun 2015 #410
Mayor of a city should allow people to see some administrative chops. Ed Suspicious Jun 2015 #414
So it's true what I read here. MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #79
dreamers and fools too. Warren Stupidity Apr 2015 #88
Yer bad! L0oniX Apr 2015 #98
Bernie in this binary world of the primary. Either of them in the real world of the general. n/t pampango Apr 2015 #89
Wow! DUers choose Bernie over HRC 10 to 1? Rex Apr 2015 #96
Yes and it's very significant. People who participate at DU are more likely to be opinion totodeinhere Apr 2015 #101
Very true, every election cycle I drive carloads of people to vote that cannot make it. Rex Apr 2015 #144
Bernie, not even close. n/t Daniel537 Apr 2015 #106
Tally looks like the disparity between the HRC room membership and DU in general Cosmic Kitten Apr 2015 #107
Good point! Nt Logical Apr 2015 #110
Bernie, with 535 in Congress like him. lovemydog Apr 2015 #111
Bernie!!! Melissa G Apr 2015 #112
But..but...Hillary has the support of 80-150% of liberals!! Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2015 #115
lol BrotherIvan May 2015 #260
90% Bernie as of this typing. hifiguy Apr 2015 #116
Bernie. Eleanors38 Apr 2015 #118
Wow, I really didn't expect this result. tridim Apr 2015 #120
Oh no, she's losing an unscientific online poll! She's DOOMED!!! Metric System Apr 2015 #134
She's not doomed, she's just not attracting support on DU. tridim May 2015 #167
Kicked chknltl Apr 2015 #123
Bernie - Bernie - Bernie cantbeserious Apr 2015 #126
For those with ears listen, and with clear eyes, look . orpupilofnature57 Apr 2015 #128
If you ever needed proof that DU exists in its own bubble, this is it. Metric System Apr 2015 #132
LOL, if you need proof Hillary supporters are jealous of Bernie, your post is it! nt Logical Apr 2015 #133
Are you actually arguing that this poll means anything outside of DU? Metric System Apr 2015 #138
So the DU is a magical place that only attracts bernie supporters? Or that we know Hillary.... Logical Apr 2015 #140
DU attracts people that tend to be further to the left than most Democratic voters. You say that Metric System Apr 2015 #145
If it were the other way around, all of a sudden DU would be representative of the country sabrina 1 May 2015 #199
no, there is no proof of this, and much proof of the other statement. La Lioness Priyanka May 2015 #268
Or maybe PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #135
My bubble will burst IF he can pulls these numbers in a real poll. I'm waiting... Metric System Apr 2015 #139
If it were a scientific poll I would be worried. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #137
Yep, you said it........... Beacool May 2015 #177
It's amazing how some on DU have managed to belittle and demonize Hillary supporters when their Metric System May 2015 #192
Your poll was from Oct. 6th, 2014 LondonReign2 May 2015 #200
Read this one then, same difference. Beacool May 2015 #206
So what you are telling me is that in April the only declared candidate was way ahead? LondonReign2 May 2015 #212
I wouldn't describe the preference for Sanders as a "bubble" but ladjf May 2015 #182
So Hillary supporters aren't level headed and caring, even though we comprise the majority of Metric System May 2015 #191
You read a whole lot more into what I said than I was thinking when ladjf May 2015 #225
No, corporations are amoral and wars are wicked, my friend. TheKentuckian May 2015 #275
If I could perform magic I would make Bernie a woman and vote for her. undeterred Apr 2015 #141
Haha..47 seven votes for Hillary! PassingFair Apr 2015 #148
K&R Pooka Fey Apr 2015 #150
I had to think about it, for about half a second.. mountain grammy Apr 2015 #154
Really? That long? merrily May 2015 #317
A snipet of my FB post on Bernies presser. Stryder Apr 2015 #157
+1000 nt Logical Apr 2015 #158
kicked again. chknltl Apr 2015 #159
LOL, I doubt it! nt Logical Apr 2015 #160
Right now, they're neck-and-neck, neck-and-neck, Art_from_Ark May 2015 #309
Getting a kick out of this. chknltl Apr 2015 #161
Me too! nt Logical May 2015 #171
I'd pick Bernie. herding cats May 2015 #162
Wow! Jamastiene May 2015 #164
'nother lil kick before I turn off the ol brain for the night chknltl May 2015 #165
. chknltl May 2015 #172
Hillary workinclasszero May 2015 #173
The results are not surprising considering that this is DU. Beacool May 2015 #174
It doesn't mean much, but it's not utterly meaningless. cali May 2015 #178
Primaries are for the base of the party, the GE is for the nation at large. Beacool May 2015 #188
It doesn't mean much, but it's not utterly meaningless. cali May 2015 #179
LOL, i agree, real world meaning wall street! Nt Logical May 2015 #181
Real world meaning actual Democratic voters. Beacool May 2015 #187
Get ready for disappointment. I think she will run a terrible campaign in the GE. nt Logical May 2015 #193
I guess you prefer a Republican to win the presidency. Beacool May 2015 #202
Lol, if I wanted the GOP to win I would not be worried about.... Logical May 2015 #207
I think that it's you who needs to think a little harder. Beacool May 2015 #211
If she wins the nomination i will of course vote for her..... Logical May 2015 #214
how many times are we going to have to listen to this tired old line? Time to use the ignore liberal_at_heart May 2015 #210
Nothing.... PassingFair May 2015 #197
A minority within the party. Beacool May 2015 #203
Just remember that we are a tiny minority when your preferred conservative candidates LondonReign2 May 2015 #241
"Now conduct that poll in the real world..." R. Daneel Olivaw May 2015 #369
K&R! darkangel218 May 2015 #176
I'm encouraged by the large majority on DU that preferred Sanders ladjf May 2015 #180
k AtomicKitten May 2015 #190
Take this as a hint Ms. Clinton democrat2thecore May 2015 #194
Easy. I picked the Dem. ucrdem May 2015 #195
+1000 nt Logical May 2015 #198
Kick PassingFair May 2015 #196
If I could magically pick the next president? Spider Jerusalem May 2015 #201
To that I would add Abe Lincoln's hat zappaman May 2015 #205
I'll take Bernie. Charisma to me is honesty, integrity, courage, strength of character. sabrina 1 May 2015 #209
Holy shit, am I reading those numbers right? Marr May 2015 #208
That's what amazed me too... LOL! In real world Bernie raised more $$$ in first 24 hours than any R peacebird May 2015 #228
This poll is quite the shocker. Autumn May 2015 #213
In a choice straight up between Clinton and Sanders, I'd choose Sanders. Iggo May 2015 #215
K&R because this is amazing. n/t MadrasT May 2015 #216
A reminder that in 2008, John Edwards won these polls at DU. onehandle May 2015 #221
I would argue it was Kucinich. PeaceNikki May 2015 #235
I agree Kucinich had the supermajority of DU support. FSogol May 2015 #385
Interesting. n/t DirkGently May 2015 #222
k and r for Bernie! nashville_brook May 2015 #223
I like the things Sanders says The Second Stone May 2015 #226
I also like the way Sanders has consistently voted. Cal33 May 2015 #231
As I have noted earlier, I beieve there are more Progressives in DU than in the general Cal33 May 2015 #230
Most of the general population is turned off by politics The Second Stone May 2015 #232
I believe there are people working at getting more of the population to register. At the Cal33 May 2015 #243
Kicked chknltl May 2015 #233
Kucinich would have kicked Obama's ass here in 2007. PeaceNikki May 2015 #234
Why have the Lesser of Two Evils, when you can have someone Good? [n/t] Maedhros May 2015 #236
When has that ever happened in presidential electoral politics? The Second Stone May 2015 #238
Your attitude sickens me. Maedhros May 2015 #245
Nixon, Reagan and Bush sickened me The Second Stone May 2015 #248
Whoa, let's get the history correct here. lovemydog May 2015 #298
And McGovern was running against an entrenched, Art_from_Ark May 2015 #303
George Wallace was run as an American Independent to get the racists The Second Stone May 2015 #305
I knew people in Arkansas who had supported Bobby Kennedy, Art_from_Ark May 2015 #307
Yep. Splitting the vote is a disaster for the portion of the electorate doing it. The Second Stone May 2015 #321
You are repeating memes designed to take the country right. No Presidential election is explained merrily May 2015 #318
This poll sheds light on the elephant in DU's room chknltl May 2015 #237
+1000 nt Logical May 2015 #239
From the moment I first saw your poll... chknltl May 2015 #240
Great point, something to think about. nt Logical May 2015 #242
Kickety kickety chknltl May 2015 #246
Hands down! Bernie! n/t wildbilln864 May 2015 #247
KICK ...best poll evah. L0oniX May 2015 #249
I think its pretty clear darkangel218 May 2015 #250
Oh this needs another kick chknltl May 2015 #251
Bookmark it. 1000words May 2015 #252
Oh I have! chknltl May 2015 #253
This site is most definitely "managed." 1000words May 2015 #254
kick nt Quixote1818 May 2015 #255
Last year it was Eddie, before that Jules ucrdem May 2015 #256
Did someone say Eddie? arcane1 May 2015 #257
omg ucrdem May 2015 #258
Eddie the 'Ed, 2016! arcane1 May 2015 #259
Okay, that's awesome...I'm stealing it. nt U4ikLefty May 2015 #375
Steal away! I found it in an online search anyway arcane1 May 2015 #377
Very cool. I would love to make a t-shirt of this for the next Maiden show. U4ikLefty May 2015 #378
Iron Maiden has already solved world peace anyway. arcane1 May 2015 #380
Having attended a few (7 since 1983) Maiden shows, I agree. U4ikLefty May 2015 #382
Agreed 100% about Sam Dunn! I loved the hell out of his movie, and was pleased to hear he had a show arcane1 May 2015 #383
. chknltl May 2015 #261
kick delrem May 2015 #262
My goal is to see which side reaches 100 or 1000 first. chknltl May 2015 #263
. chknltl May 2015 #264
After finding out Bernies pro 2A stance, I'd have to go Bernie all the way. ileus May 2015 #265
if i were magical i would pick warren. La Lioness Priyanka May 2015 #266
Kick L0oniX May 2015 #269
LOL. 9 to 1. That 1 being a very loud group here on DU. Rex May 2015 #270
Damn! Thespian2 May 2015 #271
I voted for bernie and always will donnasgirl May 2015 #273
DU has spoken...my interpretation of the oracle. hay rick May 2015 #274
K&R! Omaha Steve May 2015 #276
K&R for Bernie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SamKnause May 2015 #277
K&R!!! Rex May 2015 #278
Poll: Hillary Clinton Dominates in Iowa, Bernie Sanders Second workinclasszero May 2015 #280
That's actually good news for Bernie that after only a few days he has already passed totodeinhere May 2015 #286
A few days vs 15-20 years, little name recognition vs. maximum possible name recognition, little merrily May 2015 #308
10 to 1 ...kick L0oniX May 2015 #292
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words May 2015 #341
Woot! darkangel218 May 2015 #294
I voted for Bernie Sanders lovemydog May 2015 #299
K&R for Bernie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SamKnause May 2015 #301
kick woo me with science May 2015 #310
Every time I come across this poll, the numbers get higher, but the percentages stay the same. merrily May 2015 #312
Bernie, but obviously I can't pick the president at all, let alone by magic LeftishBrit May 2015 #314
It's not even a real question. True Blue Door May 2015 #322
+1000 nt Logical May 2015 #323
kick merrily May 2015 #324
These numbers are impressive, indeed! Thanks for posting. eom Purveyor May 2015 #330
Kickity Kick kick! Rex May 2015 #333
Well that settles it Cali_Democrat May 2015 #334
K&R woo me with science May 2015 #336
give some love to Hillary Liberal_in_LA May 2015 #337
Bernie Sanders, hands down. bobjacksonk2832 May 2015 #338
Kick woo me with science May 2015 #340
kickity! NYC_SKP May 2015 #342
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words May 2015 #343
Bernie. enigmatic May 2015 #344
Are we sure that the far Left is Autumn May 2015 #345
It amazes me that 91% picked Bernie. When I started this poll I guessed maybe 60-40 for Bernie! nt Logical May 2015 #346
Are you sure you are really the far left? Agschmid May 2015 #356
So I've been told. Autumn May 2015 #357
And you listened? Agschmid May 2015 #358
kick woo me with science May 2015 #347
Astroturfing campaigns use on average ten online personas per employee. woo me with science May 2015 #348
I bet in 2008, you would have had similar results with Kucinich winning. eom MohRokTah May 2015 #349
Bingo! B Calm May 2015 #350
It's not 2008. Kucinich isn't running. morningfog May 2015 #351
Sanders is the Kucinich of 2016. MohRokTah May 2015 #352
Hillary is the Hillary of 2008. morningfog May 2015 #353
. MohRokTah May 2015 #354
So many DUers wanting to go back to having an old white dude as president. (nt) Nye Bevan May 2015 #355
Or, most likely, *finally* having their economic worldview represented. myrna minx May 2015 #381
As my friends in the Wood says "it is what it is." DemocratSinceBirth May 2015 #359
I am confident she can lose the lead again like in 2008!! nt Logical May 2015 #361
She blew a twenty point lead last time. She has a fifty point lead this time: DemocratSinceBirth May 2015 #363
She lost a 30 point lead last time. Nice try. nt Logical May 2015 #364
Still off by twenty points.Nice try. DemocratSinceBirth May 2015 #366
Kick L0oniX May 2015 #360
Looks like Bernie is starting to slip. ucrdem May 2015 #362
It's been awhile since I kicked this chknltl May 2015 #370
wow. It's a landslide. Cheese Sandwich May 2015 #371
I'll have to see how Sanders handles a national campaign before I can answer Recursion May 2015 #372
This isn't even close. It's nearly a 10 to 1 ratio in favor of Bernie. Exilednight May 2015 #373
I've really grown to like Bernie romanic May 2015 #374
I'd pick Bernie over Hillary. By a long way. cheapdate May 2015 #379
bump L0oniX May 2015 #384
Kick for fun! Nt Logical Jun 2015 #386
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #387
...but the Poll data does brooklynite Jun 2015 #390
Kicked. nt chknltl Jun 2015 #388
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #391
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #392
You know that a subsequent DU poll had Bernie Sanders down to about 70%? brooklynite Jun 2015 #393
Hands down! Bernie! n/t wildbilln864 Jun 2015 #394
Bernie is edging ahead with 90%, maybe he'll win this DU poll, lol! grahamhgreen Jun 2015 #395
kicked again. chknltl Jun 2015 #400
Bernie Bluzmann57 Jun 2015 #402
Interesting results at this stage. All things considered wrt to this site. 2banon Jun 2015 #404
I Will No Longer Settle For The Lesser Of Two Corporate Evils - Go Bernie Go cantbeserious Jun 2015 #405
I'll take either one of them. B Calm Jun 2015 #406
Bernie Sanders n/t bobthedrummer Jun 2015 #409
The results speak for themselves. nt hifiguy Jun 2015 #411
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #417
This never gets old PowerToThePeople Jun 2015 #418
Holy sh*t! MelissaB Jun 2015 #420
Rebooting. L0oniX Jun 2015 #421
WOW...I never saw this! SoapBox Jun 2015 #422
Yeah! I am not surprised. nm rhett o rick Jun 2015 #423
If anyone has links to the rest of the album.... Kalidurga Jun 2015 #424
"do I want someone who identifies and then addresses problems, or do I want my genitals and knees MisterP Jun 2015 #425
Regardless of the fact that I believe Clinton is not electable tularetom Jun 2015 #427
K&R Katashi_itto Jun 2015 #428
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #433
Between the two, definitely Senator Sanders. n/t demmiblue Jun 2015 #434
Wow. aikoaiko Jun 2015 #435
762 for Bernie! I never thought there were that many people here! SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #436
As DU goes, so goes the Democratic Party... brooklynite Jun 2015 #437
Kucinich lost along with Hillary. What do you mean again? SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #438
As I recall, he was the preferred "real Democrat" in these parts. brooklynite Jun 2015 #439
I'm sure there were a lot of people that preferred Hillary, the real Democrat? SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #440
. chknltl Jun 2015 #441
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #442
.. chknltl Jun 2015 #443
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #444
Lest we forget, DU is a tiny, tiny subset of the Democratic base. Orsino Jun 2015 #445
Thats a no brainer madokie Jun 2015 #446
Maybe Bernie with a Dem house and senate. Hillary with what we have. bettyellen Jun 2015 #447
. chknltl Jul 2015 #448
Kicked chknltl Aug 2015 #449
. chknltl Aug 2015 #450
I will make up my mind on June 7, 2016, when California holds its primary. Agnosticsherbet Aug 2015 #451
K&R. Ed Suspicious Aug 2015 #452
This message was self-deleted by its author potisok Apr 2016 #457
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