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Warren DeMontague

(80,708 posts)
Sat May 9, 2015, 06:09 PM May 2015

Should it be against the law, in the United States, to blaspheme or "insult a Deity"? [View all]

Simple question.

86 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Yes. Blasphemy or Deity-insulting is not or should not be protected speech, under the 1st Amendment.
0 (0%)
No. Blasphemy or Deity-insulting is constitutionally protected speech.
86 (100%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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WTF is this? It is protected speech! CaliforniaPeggy May 2015 #1
yeah, that is my take, too. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #4
If your all-powerful supreme being gets his feewings hurt by what I say NightWatcher May 2015 #2
It has nothing to do with ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #16
Oh hey, I'm still waiting for the official list of "Religions Deemed "not real" by Nance". PeaceNikki May 2015 #17
If you believe that Scientology is a religion ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #22
Maybe because PeaceNikki is tired of the hypocrisy? beam me up scottie May 2015 #23
I don't consider Scientologists ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #26
Yes, we know all about your belief that scientologists aren't "real" religious folks. beam me up scottie May 2015 #30
Check out ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #42
Yes, but we're discussing your need to question only one group of religious folks. beam me up scottie May 2015 #44
I didn't "question" Scientology. NanceGreggs May 2015 #49
You claimed their religion isn't real when they obviously think it is - that's offensive. beam me up scottie May 2015 #51
Do you stalk everyone on DU? NanceGreggs May 2015 #61
LMAO! You're stalking me, Nance! beam me up scottie May 2015 #62
If you think respecting others ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #70
Do you respect Darth Cheney, Nance? How about lil boots Bush? beam me up scottie May 2015 #71
Conflating religious beliefs ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #76
No, it's not stupid at all. We should be able to criticize and mock any harmful ideology. beam me up scottie May 2015 #78
You are free to do as you please. NanceGreggs May 2015 #98
I don't need your permission, although giving it seems to be "what gets you off". beam me up scottie May 2015 #100
Sang it , sister! PeaceNikki May 2015 #102
Way down upon the swaaaaaaaaneeeeeeee riverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... beam me up scottie May 2015 #122
As I said ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #104
Why do you care so much how and why I get off? beam me up scottie May 2015 #111
I don't care what gets you off. NanceGreggs May 2015 #115
Then why do you keep bringing it up? beam me up scottie May 2015 #117
We should all mock/question the beliefs of Scientology. NCTraveler May 2015 #251
Why would you want to mock only one kind of religious belief? beam me up scottie May 2015 #257
What's your definition of "religion"? Is it possible it's subjective and impervious to your scorn? cherokeeprogressive May 2015 #31
The better question would be ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #33
Which leaves the question I asked you open and unanswered. cherokeeprogressive May 2015 #53
Deal with it. n/t NanceGreggs May 2015 #146
God DAMN that hurts... it's gonna leave a mmmmmmark. cherokeeprogressive May 2015 #157
Boy did you avoid that question tkmorris May 2015 #142
Exactly what led you to think ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #144
Simple: Claiming that something ISN'T what someone else claims it IS. cherokeeprogressive May 2015 #158
I don't consider Scientologists to be "religious people". AlbertCat May 2015 #186
Well, talk about false equivalencies ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #190
Looks like you pissed a Sino off. nt. NCTraveler May 2015 #252
You're saying I'm a scientologist? beam me up scottie May 2015 #258
I was made to believe that you were an Operating Thetan IV. Why the fuck were you auditing me? PeaceNikki May 2015 #266
The Evil Atheist Vermin Conspiracy's home office sent me out to investigate you. beam me up scottie May 2015 #267
Shit, they must be the ones who called my mom!!! PeaceNikki May 2015 #268
That's great! beam me up scottie May 2015 #269
I believe they are all equally bullshit peddled by hucksters. PeaceNikki May 2015 #24
I never said Scientology is "not real". NanceGreggs May 2015 #32
Damn, Nance. I believe you've done been swarmed! 11 Bravo May 2015 #48
Hey, old friend! NanceGreggs May 2015 #52
+1,000! nt MADem May 2015 #103
Well, at least people aren't launching personal attacks at Nance Chathamization May 2015 #114
Let's take a look at Saint Nance's posts, then: beam me up scottie May 2015 #120
She seems like a nice lady tkmorris May 2015 #143
*sol* beam me up scottie May 2015 #147
This is who I hear. PeaceNikki May 2015 #149
Oh Jeebus Cripes, their names are even similar. beam me up scottie May 2015 #150
And that's only in this thread. There's heaps more peppered round DU... Violet_Crumble May 2015 #288
:D beam me up scottie May 2015 #289
Here's something you might have missed today... Violet_Crumble May 2015 #290
:o PeaceNikki May 2015 #293
You just made my day! beam me up scottie May 2015 #294
Imagine if one of us were to question the beliefs of muslims and claim their religion isn't "real". beam me up scottie May 2015 #34
I suspect maybe she's not a "Real Athiest™" PeaceNikki May 2015 #39
I do believe you're right. beam me up scottie May 2015 #43
Not all of them. I followed the Church of bluejuice until its sad demise last year... Violet_Crumble May 2015 #221
It's about the 1A, and there's no gray area, period. DisgustipatedinCA May 2015 #28
Nobody has the right to not be offended. backscatter712 May 2015 #37
It's not a matter of ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #46
Do you scold people who mock Republicans too? beam me up scottie May 2015 #50
Well, as we all know ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #94
You feel like you're at FreeRepublic because you're protecting religion from its victims. beam me up scottie May 2015 #97
I am an atheist. NanceGreggs May 2015 #101
The religious have well funded, hugely successful, coordinated attacks against MY fucking PeaceNikki May 2015 #106
So fight the infringers ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #112
Will do!! And you keep on wagging that finger thinking you're some moral arbiter. PeaceNikki May 2015 #116
And you keep pretending ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #123
Challenging misogyny and homophobia is moral. PeaceNikki May 2015 #125
Defending that ideology because it's religion is unconscionable. beam me up scottie May 2015 #130
We're being called intolerant for disrespecting religion and SHE feels like she's on FreeRepublic? beam me up scottie May 2015 #129
If I call my beliefs "sacred" will she respect them? PeaceNikki May 2015 #131
She'd say your beliefs weren't as worthy of respect as a "real" religion. beam me up scottie May 2015 #133
So in other words ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #226
No, Nance, telling folks to respect bigoted religious beliefs is a Republican thang. beam me up scottie May 2015 #227
Nowhere have I told anyone ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #229
"everyone who has a religious faith should be free from being "mocked" beam me up scottie May 2015 #230
And it's the end result of your flailing around trying to paint me as the one in the wrong. AlbertCat May 2015 #236
Nance only wants people to criticize one group of religious believers. beam me up scottie May 2015 #261
Do you not understand the difference ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #240
So mocking religion is the same thing as calling people "disgusting fatties"? beam me up scottie May 2015 #259
One more time ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #263
Keep hurling those straw men! Who said people are idiots for practicing their religion? beam me up scottie May 2015 #264
Well any real atheist can see you're just being hysterical. beam me up scottie May 2015 #113
Why should we tolerate hateful religious beliefs? beam me up scottie May 2015 #107
Why does religion get a Magical Superimpermeable Protective Holy Bubble? Arugula Latte May 2015 #179
Ikr? Why should women and lgbt people respect people who treat us like we're second class citizens? beam me up scottie May 2015 #188
Please provide a link ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #191
Your need to protect the feelings of believers in misogynistic and homophobic sects is a bit strange Arugula Latte May 2015 #207
And your need to mischaracterize ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #213
Your need to protect religions is strange Yorktown May 2015 #219
I don't protect religions. NanceGreggs May 2015 #225
Religions are harmful ideologies Yorktown May 2015 #228
Riiiight -- I'm not a progressive because I think we should be free to criticize & satirize Arugula Latte May 2015 #242
For the zillionth time ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #243
If someone says "women are inferior because they came from Adam's rib" I am not Arugula Latte May 2015 #244
Who said you had to respect ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #245
So in my example it is disrespectful of me to call out someone who says women are inferior Arugula Latte May 2015 #246
First of all ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #248
"adherence to religious beliefs is EXACTLY the same as adhering to political beliefs" Warren Stupidity May 2015 #235
Why is it decent to not offend people demanding to inflict their superstition on me? backscatter712 May 2015 #59
"I'm an atheist. I offend simply by existing." LostOne4Ever May 2015 #63
Well, you just go with that then. NanceGreggs May 2015 #68
Mockery of dumb ideas is natural and healthy. Yorktown May 2015 #220
So any belief to you is sacred? Roman gods? Aztecs? nt Logical May 2015 #67
When others hold religious beliefs to be sacred ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #72
LOL, so you are OK with people using religion to attack gays? Wow, you are fucking clueless.... Logical May 2015 #81
So you're okay with ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #95
You look silly on this topic. And refuse to address the direct question. Do you have an issue.... Logical May 2015 #99
This discussion ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #128
Simple question for you Nance , can I disrespect a religious belief.... Logical May 2015 #134
The pope just sent out priests to forgive women for having abortions. beam me up scottie May 2015 #139
Their "sacred beliefs" include interfering with the autonomy of women and LGBT PeaceNikki May 2015 #83
She is so clueless! +1000 for your post. nt Logical May 2015 #84
,+1 840high May 2015 #88
+1,000,000 beam me up scottie May 2015 #91
Why should someone else's HATEFUL beliefs about others be respected? beam me up scottie May 2015 #93
I'm waiting for a reason I should care... Oktober May 2015 #138
I don't think you have grasped the concept ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #148
Thought you were discussing... Oktober May 2015 #151
I am not the least bit "testy". NanceGreggs May 2015 #160
Then why get rude? I think you realize you looked terrible in this post. nt Logical May 2015 #172
OMG!!! NanceGreggs May 2015 #204
LOL, taking an ass kicking in this thread has made you grumpy! Nap time!! nt Logical May 2015 #171
Poor Logical ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #187
You really believe that? beam me up scottie May 2015 #192
Mocking people who thinks all gays go to hell is 100% ok, maybe you agree with the religion?? nt Logical May 2015 #194
Have you bothered to check out ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #200
say you are saying the holy books of the abrahamic faiths are "beyond ludicrous"? Warren Stupidity May 2015 #233
So what if they're offended? alarimer May 2015 #274
And no one *needs* to be offensive ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #276
"leave those who adhere to a religious faith should be free to do so without ridicule" Oktober May 2015 #286
Blasphemy is a victimless crime. eom MohRokTah May 2015 #3
I used to have that bumper sticker. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #5
Not just no, hell no! nt haikugal May 2015 #6
"a Deity" implies there are more than one Major Nikon May 2015 #7
I dont even have time to insult the dainty doilies my doggie does doo-doo on. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #8
Absolutely it should be allowed. And some deities deserve to be insulted anyways. Shoulders of Giants May 2015 #9
Zeus has persistent foot odor. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #11
And Thor is always leaving Mjolnir on the toilet! backscatter712 May 2015 #79
Don't try to lift the hammer, lift the seat. TheKentuckian May 2015 #181
Insulting deities is a civic obligation. True Blue Door May 2015 #10
You are GOD DAMN right it should be legal!!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!(nt) LostOne4Ever May 2015 #12
by Jove, I think you've got it. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #13
I was just going to say that some people I know would have little to say, in that case. libdem4life May 2015 #35
... on a cracker. Arugula Latte May 2015 #178
Waiting for the but-heads to show up. beam me up scottie May 2015 #14
Lol @ but-heads PeaceNikki May 2015 #15
Like ringing a dinner bell. beam me up scottie May 2015 #45
I wouldn't do it but.. KinMd May 2015 #18
Is there anyone here ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #19
Looking at the results of the poll, the answer to that question seems to be "no." Chathamization May 2015 #118
Yeah, it's "Strawman Underground" now. NanceGreggs May 2015 #119
I suppose it's easier than actually addressing an opponents arguments Chathamization May 2015 #162
Depends on which Deity... ileus May 2015 #20
Nope, and after observing Southern Baptists for the last 35 years or so, Lars39 May 2015 #21
They have equal ambiguity about the definition of "sin", as well. Lots of "depends". libdem4life May 2015 #36
No. (Except, of course, for the Flying Spaghetti Monster) Binkie The Clown May 2015 #25
You can't lock people up just for something they say... Salviati May 2015 #27
Hell no and I say that as a believing Christian. hrmjustin May 2015 #29
this is a joke, right? niyad May 2015 #38
NO! But there SHOULD BE some way to insert a little logic into some brains. napi21 May 2015 #40
What about Republicans? oberliner May 2015 #183
You don't have to even try to icite a Pubbie! napi21 May 2015 #195
If you can prove any deities exist, I will consider the question. nt Rex May 2015 #41
Has anyone proposed that? rug May 2015 #47
However ann--- May 2015 #54
So blasphemy should only be legal if it doesn't provoke people to violence? beam me up scottie May 2015 #56
Gives ISIS a heckler's veto. backscatter712 May 2015 #73
Yep, and if they do act out it's on them. beam me up scottie May 2015 #77
Oh for fucks sake. backscatter712 May 2015 #64
GASP! beam me up scottie May 2015 #66
So cartoon contests involving Moses and Mohammad are okay? Dr. Strange May 2015 #74
|:-} beam me up scottie May 2015 #80
The fuck, you say. X_Digger May 2015 #90
No it should not, and it's stupid to even suggest it. nt Codeine May 2015 #164
It is creating a public nuisance. HubertHeaver May 2015 #182
If i burn down a CVS because you mocked my belief in Leprechauns, are YOU the guilty one? NoJusticeNoPeace May 2015 #254
No, it shouldn't be against the law DawgHouse May 2015 #55
I'd never insult any diety. BlancheSplanchnik May 2015 #57
My newest discovered way to insult Islam... backscatter712 May 2015 #58
Hell yes! It's Yahwey or the highway! DanTex May 2015 #60
It shouldn't be illegal, but Blue_In_AK May 2015 #65
I, personally, wouldn't do it Terra Alta May 2015 #69
It should be required. cherokeeprogressive May 2015 #75
Fuck no. PeteSelman May 2015 #82
Most forms of dirt stupid hatred are quite legal. 99Forever May 2015 #85
I keep reading in that supposedly magic book that gay sex insults a deity. backscatter712 May 2015 #87
Also women who are not submissive. PeaceNikki May 2015 #89
Ever eat shellfish or pork? Wear blended fabrics? backscatter712 May 2015 #92
Injecting a little levity here ... Arugula Latte May 2015 #287
156 to 1 BainsBane May 2015 #96
DU needs to follow Oklahoma and place a ban on Sharia Law ASAP Chathamization May 2015 #126
No, most people don't. Most people understand the 1st Amendment. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #135
One person said it should be illegal. beam me up scottie May 2015 #140
and other people have been making the same argument. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #141
Well the 1st Amendment isn't important to some people. beam me up scottie May 2015 #144
No, incitement of violence BainsBane May 2015 #282
The poor Spaghetti Monster would be sauced. Historic NY May 2015 #105
You disrepected my god. I kill you. Yorktown May 2015 #154
No. They are all equally non-existent. truebrit71 May 2015 #108
Is there a competition on DU among atheists guillaumeb May 2015 #109
It's a simple question. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #136
It is a simplisitc question. guillaumeb May 2015 #165
Well, i happen to think the 1st Amendment is pretty fucking important. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #176
I agree that the First Amendment is crucial. eom guillaumeb May 2015 #196
Indispensable. At the same time we can say we will do almost anything including risk NoJusticeNoPeace May 2015 #255
Any ideology can be criticized. And mockery is a good tool to expose the silliness of religions. Yorktown May 2015 #155
You are undoubtedly correct. guillaumeb May 2015 #166
The entire purpose of this site is to "mock other people's beliefs". PeaceNikki May 2015 #168
Understood. guillaumeb May 2015 #169
But but but, nothing. PeaceNikki May 2015 #170
I understand your point. guillaumeb May 2015 #197
We need less religion in secular society and in politics. PeaceNikki May 2015 #199
I believe in the absolute separation of church and state. guillaumeb May 2015 #201
Anger is a powerful, scary emotion Lordquinton May 2015 #231
Anger, like acid, can as easily harm the user. guillaumeb May 2015 #247
If an adult phil89 May 2015 #177
Satire is effective. Yorktown May 2015 #214
Satire IS effective. guillaumeb May 2015 #253
Religion is powerful Yorktown May 2015 #277
Dialogue is also a good way. But extremists and ideologues guillaumeb May 2015 #278
Right now, try having a critical dialogue about Islam in Pakistan. Yorktown May 2015 #279
And no one in the US government can give a rational explanation for our actions. guillaumeb May 2015 #280
Do not underestimate the needs of the Caliphal Empire Yorktown May 2015 #284
religion is often linked to patriotism. guillaumeb May 2015 #291
Very true. Religion displays clear parasitic features. Yorktown May 2015 #300
"the silliest reason to insult religion?" beam me up scottie May 2015 #159
see my post #166 eom guillaumeb May 2015 #167
I don't want to have a conversation with christian bigots. beam me up scottie May 2015 #185
So you can never find anything to agree on with Christians? guillaumeb May 2015 #198
No I don't know any christians. beam me up scottie May 2015 #203
I have never lived in the Bible Belt. I live near Chicago now. guillaumeb May 2015 #208
I moved here from Vermont. beam me up scottie May 2015 #209
you went from Bernie Sanders to the Bible belt? guillaumeb May 2015 #210
Oh yeah. beam me up scottie May 2015 #212
She is back in Illinois. guillaumeb May 2015 #215
Country music is an incestuous industry that censors non-conformists. beam me up scottie May 2015 #217
Thanks for the sentiment. Also glad she is back here. guillaumeb May 2015 #222
I'm forced to deal with country music because of where I live. beam me up scottie May 2015 #223
we did not listen to US style country music at home. guillaumeb May 2015 #224
It deserves much of it's criticism I feel Lordquinton May 2015 #232
Side stepping the issue? Yes, a time out, so to speak. guillaumeb May 2015 #250
it is religions that produce the silliness we mock, and they do that in an astounding abundance. nt. Warren Stupidity May 2015 #234
It should be against the law to post ignorant push polls on DU. U4ikLefty May 2015 #110
Cyborgs don't sweat, Jacko. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #137
30 seconds would seem like a week. A week would seem like an eternity. eom guillaumeb May 2015 #202
Considering all the havoc deities are alleged to have done... Kalidurga May 2015 #121
It's all Zeus's fault Art_from_Ark May 2015 #124
"Only the road that is no road is long enough to go nowhere."--eridani-san, honored Duer. panader0 May 2015 #127
No. ismnotwasm May 2015 #132
Not only no but HELL, NO!!! hobbit709 May 2015 #152
There's a difference between legal and socially unacceptable. n/t Calista241 May 2015 #153
Insulting a diety is not socially unacceptable. It's part and parcel of our culture Bluenorthwest May 2015 #161
nope Liberal_in_LA May 2015 #156
On the other hand.. sendero May 2015 #163
:/ Go Vols May 2015 #173
No. If the deity is offended it can do its own smiting (n/t) Retrograde May 2015 #174
One would think, right? Warren DeMontague May 2015 #175
Of course not. That's completey stupid. Iggo May 2015 #180
No (nt) bigwillq May 2015 #184
What an absurd question! bobjacksonk2832 May 2015 #189
Yeah, isn't it? Until recently, I wouldn't have thought to even ask it, not here. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #193
I think clumsy mocking that's lacking in humour should be illegal... Violet_Crumble May 2015 #205
256-1 is still considered 100% Renew Deal May 2015 #206
Alles, was nicht pflicht ist, ist verboten. rogerashton May 2015 #211
Jesusfuckingchrist...No! Tom Ripley May 2015 #216
Odd's Bodkin, Christ on a crutch, and by the Prophet's beard, Jackpine Radical May 2015 #218
Good thing we cleared that up. el_bryanto May 2015 #237
I'm sure we'll get the "I'm sorry my accusations turned out to be BS" post any day now... N/T Chathamization May 2015 #275
This message was self-deleted by its author Hiraeth May 2015 #238
Hasa Diga Eebowai! (show tune reference) LeftinOH May 2015 #239
Insulting an imaginary being a crime? we can do it May 2015 #241
Just wanted to give BlueJazz a little company. nt. NCTraveler May 2015 #249
I was wondering about that. KamaAina May 2015 #271
Heh. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #281
No. That's just fucking stupid. PoutrageFatigue May 2015 #256
Note to the two Yes voters: We can see you. KamaAina May 2015 #260
It seems you actually didn't see them. Chathamization May 2015 #270
No doubt, we're all all entitled to illustrate our character via valid satire... LanternWaste May 2015 #262
Hey, anything to counter the simplistic & omnipresent scolding and villifying of Arugula Latte May 2015 #285
While still others have been told no assistance because they were born on the wrong side of an imagi LanternWaste May 2015 #296
No, fictional supreme sky beings and their superstitious stories need insulting Matrosov May 2015 #265
I can think of no legal basis under which such speech could be criminalized. n/t malthaussen May 2015 #272
You mean insulting like this...? countryjake May 2015 #273
Jesus Christ is ACTUALLY on a trailer hitch. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #283
Is Tom Brady considered a Deity? FSogol May 2015 #292
Your creeping sharia is noted Capt. Obvious May 2015 #295
Oh, I'm sure Santorum would be on board. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #297
Yes nearly a percent of DU for example. Shocking. nt el_bryanto May 2015 #298
The people who had lists of decades-old scotus decisions to rationalize their arguments that Warren DeMontague May 2015 #299
One man's sharia law Capt. Obvious May 2015 #301
I don't see "Sharia Law" as a real threat in the US. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #302
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