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Wed Jun 24, 2015, 02:36 PM Jun 2015

I've Had Enough... [View all]

More than enough, in some ways, and in many areas. These are some of the things I keep hearing in many places on the Internet. I read more than DU, and the items of which I've had enough are expressed at many of the places I read. Here's a partial list:

I've had enough of equating Democrats with Republicans. They are not the same.
I've had enough of failing to recognize progressive actions when they occur.
I've had more than enough of people calling our Democratic President vile names.
I've had enough of Democrats attacking other Democrats, while ignoring Republicans.
I've had enough of exaggerations and untruths about a broad range of Democratic officeholders.
I've had enough of people who support individual Presidential candidates being accused of ruining everything.
I've had enough of the belief that a majority of congressional districts would gladly elect a truly progressive candidate.
I've had more than enough of seeing GOTV dismissed as useless and a waste of time.
I've had enough of a majority of Democratic voters treated as the enemy.
I've had enough of people who believe that they alone can speak for "the People."
I've had enough of the idea that 99% of the population shares the same goals or has the same needs.
I've had enough of the belief that the answer to everything is to kill corporations or destroy capitalism.
I've had enough of ridicule of people who suggest that reality and practicality matter in politics.
I've had enough of people being treated as "traitors" if they don't share some particular belief about some issue.
I've had enough of the fantasy that any single politician or elected official can effect sweeping changes alone.
I've had enough of fantastic thinking that ignores how things actually function.
I've had more than enough of single issue politics overriding everything else that is happening.
I've had enough with a disappointment with one outcome meaning that everything is lost.
I've had way more than enough of the idea that it doesn't matter if the Republicans control all three branches of government.
I've finally had enough with declarations that anyone would refuse to vote for the Democratic nominee for President.

Maybe you've had enough, too. So, what have you had enough of? You can post it in a reply to this thread.

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I've Had Enough... [View all] MineralMan Jun 2015 OP
I call those folks of which you correctly opine as "accidental Republicans". Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #1
Could not rec this enough. taught_me_patience Jun 2015 #2
Same here. calimary Jun 2015 #68
Absolutely. It's going to be very hard for some to MineralMan Jun 2015 #74
Bernie Sanders has already vowed to do this, which I deeply respect and appreciate. calimary Jun 2015 #92
Yeah, NOBODY in the Senate will work HARDER to get Hillary elected than Bernie randys1 Jun 2015 #102
I've had enough of straight people telling me who DURHAM D Jun 2015 #3
I'm sure that's true. MineralMan Jun 2015 #72
I have too. DemocraticWing Jun 2015 #93
hey demwing Jun 2015 #226
Thanks! DemocraticWing Jun 2015 #241
Damn right. okasha Jun 2015 #134
K & R. n/t FSogol Jun 2015 #4
I have had enough of this BS OP. PowerToThePeople Jun 2015 #5
+1 bahrbearian Jun 2015 #8
Then, you can trash the thread and you won't have to see it. MineralMan Jun 2015 #9
And you could ignore all of the folks who post things you've 'had enough of'. It's easy. nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2015 #35
I could, of course. However, I choose not to do that. MineralMan Jun 2015 #63
Maybe that's why you're so fed up? demwing Jun 2015 #223
Dont know about MM but for me that is hard to do, you see I work very hard along with others randys1 Jun 2015 #105
too many vanity threads these days Doctor_J Jun 2015 #13
The op is a Sanders supporter. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #21
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha PowerToThePeople Jun 2015 #25
More smilies please. My little niece likes what you did here. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #27
"She wants to grow up quick to take part,,," < uh... jtuck004 Jun 2015 #95
Its getting rare to see actual "adult content" here, 7962 Jun 2015 #116
Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' MineralMan Jun 2015 #31
some think if you don't hate the president or Clinton JI7 Jun 2015 #33
LOL, sure. Marr Jun 2015 #224
A Sanders supporter, really? BeanMusical Jun 2015 #230
Hahahaha...you really hung your behind out there on that one...! MADem Jun 2015 #157
ha. no debate allowed! 7962 Jun 2015 #111
True colors.... CherokeeDem Jun 2015 #117
+1 Marr Jun 2015 #222
I have had enough of hyperbolic outrage. zeemike Jun 2015 #248
But then you couldn't come up with any better response treestar Jun 2015 #264
Here here! All this and more. wyldwolf Jun 2015 #6
Well, you've done a nice job of getting around the "no disruptive meta" rule. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2015 #7
This is a meta thread, but it is about far more than DU. MineralMan Jun 2015 #10
No need for the conditional if/then. I know what I'm talking about. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2015 #15
A backhanded one? kjones Jun 2015 #138
Sort of, insofar that it exposes what the poster is up to. But the admiration was real. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2015 #175
I've had enough pretend Democrats. Eom 99Forever Jun 2015 #11
Yeah, me too. Eom. MineralMan Jun 2015 #12
Especially those that collude with Republicans to ram legislation through...... 99Forever Jun 2015 #30
Skinner and EarlG okasha Jun 2015 #153
Absolutely. wyldwolf Jun 2015 #16
100% nt. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #22
Same here. Rex Jun 2015 #26
Yep, that's mine too! Those that wear the democratic label but are republicans RKP5637 Jun 2015 #67
word up frylock Jun 2015 #168
"I've had enough of this stuff that DOESN"T HAPPEN AT DU" tkmorris Jun 2015 #14
Oh, it happens here, too. But DU is not the only place MineralMan Jun 2015 #19
lol! Yup. HappyMe Jun 2015 #20
Great song. Wilms Jun 2015 #17
yes! lovemydog Jun 2015 #260
Oh shit. Sorry for blowing up the thread. lovemydog Jun 2015 #261
I think you covered it ismnotwasm Jun 2015 #18
I would only add this to your words: freshwest Jun 2015 #56
"You can post it in a reply to this thread." Rex Jun 2015 #23
Look at me meta threads pintobean Jun 2015 #24
"You can post it in a reply to this thread!" Rex Jun 2015 #29
Not everyone takes the time pintobean Jun 2015 #32
Oh no you did'ent! Rex Jun 2015 #60
Oh, I'm a meatspace entity. MineralMan Jun 2015 #70
Just answering a question raised earlier. MineralMan Jun 2015 #44
I clicked on it thinking it was a GBCW pintobean Jun 2015 #47
That was the point... Rex Jun 2015 #52
You're not going to see that from me. Sorry. MineralMan Jun 2015 #61
Have you ever said or thought that pintobean Jun 2015 #163
I have no idea. MineralMan Jun 2015 #166
It's a Manny call out. HappyMe Jun 2015 #48
It usually is, but not obvious. Rex Jun 2015 #55
The top one percent of USians (as a group) own something like 35% of all the wealth merrily Jun 2015 #114
And a dessert topping pintobean Jun 2015 #57
A floor polish, too. MineralMan Jun 2015 #77
It's not. It's a response to the question he posed. MineralMan Jun 2015 #76
You should have posted your rant in that thread then. HappyMe Jun 2015 #79
While I appreciate your suggestion, MineralMan Jun 2015 #107
DUers needn't take orders from you either. HappyMe Jun 2015 #136
I'm not giving any. MineralMan Jun 2015 #144
K&r... spanone Jun 2015 #28
I've had enough "compromise" when it comes to my well-being Fearless Jun 2015 #34
I've had enough of Loyalty Oaths however they are disguised. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2015 #36
+1 MILLION. hobbit709 Jun 2015 #53
Indeed... truebrit71 Jun 2015 #62
+10 840high Jun 2015 #249
Capitalism and corporations are doing a fine job of destroying themselves. hifiguy Jun 2015 #37
Of course they will, they have willing accomplices right here on a supposed progressive forum. Rex Jun 2015 #39
--- hifiguy Jun 2015 #42
Yep, that's the question. I'll probably be dead before the final death throes, but my Nay Jun 2015 #127
I've had enough of frazzled Jun 2015 #38
Absolutely. kjones Jun 2015 #148
I've had enough of the one liner snarky comebacks Sheepshank Jun 2015 #172
McDonalds. H2O Man Jun 2015 #40
I agree about that. MineralMan Jun 2015 #41
Right on, brother. byronius Jun 2015 #43
Thank you. MineralMan Jun 2015 #46
Great OP Gothmog Jun 2015 #45
I really appreciate your reply. MineralMan Jun 2015 #51
I agree-There is a ton of work ahead Gothmog Jun 2015 #83
i only want to address one point of yours questionseverything Jun 2015 #49
Most of the 99% have those things. MineralMan Jun 2015 #58
no offense mm but you do not live in my neighborhood questionseverything Jun 2015 #73
No, I do not. I live in an affordable neighborhood in MineralMan Jun 2015 #75
are you saying my neighborhood does not work hard? questionseverything Jun 2015 #97
That is exactly how I took it. SamKnause Jun 2015 #185
ty for the kind words sam questionseverything Jun 2015 #199
I agree. SamKnause Jun 2015 #200
I don't think working hard to keep your head above water is "doing okay." CrispyQ Jun 2015 #281
Well, I've been working hard to keep my head above water since MineralMan Jun 2015 #283
What a self-absorbed response. CrispyQ Jun 2015 #286
No. It's my personal experience. MineralMan Jun 2015 #287
I've had enough of being sold out by politicians who seek to pad their own pockets peacebird Jun 2015 #50
I've had enough of politicians who make promises to the Working Class, bvar22 Jun 2015 #177
I for one don't want to kill capitalism, neither does Sanders. SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #54
Of course Sanders doesn't want that. MineralMan Jun 2015 #64
Okay, I misunderstood. Sorry SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #66
Not in any way. Senator Sanders has never said any of the MineralMan Jun 2015 #71
I know, but socialist is getting all kinds of play and redefinitions. SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #87
I've had enough of petulant moralizing by people telling me what they've had enough of. LanternWaste Jun 2015 #59
Yeah, me too. MineralMan Jun 2015 #65
Well I think the idea that there needs to be a group upaloopa Jun 2015 #69
Kickety Rec, MM. Hekate Jun 2015 #78
We take it as a given that Republicans are bags of shit, but really we're always calling them out. Ed Suspicious Jun 2015 #80
Thank you! I agree! n/t BeeBee Jun 2015 #81
Yeah? Enough to scurry back to FR? whatchamacallit Jun 2015 #82
Uh, no... MineralMan Jun 2015 #85
And you were a member of that dump for how long? BeanMusical Jun 2015 #232
7 years. nt DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2015 #292
7 years? BeanMusical Jun 2015 #297
When will you put your foot down? CreekDog Jun 2015 #84
I've had enough lectures from supporters of the status quo. OnyxCollie Jun 2015 #86
Geez. Me too. Enthusiast Jun 2015 #149
+1000 BeanMusical Jun 2015 #228
Oh YES!!!!! 840high Jun 2015 #250
K&R Andy823 Jun 2015 #88
I've had enough of your posts. Maedhros Jun 2015 #89
Ha! SammyWinstonJack Jun 2015 #198
But you're still down with whatchamacallit Jun 2015 #90
:snort: BeanMusical Jun 2015 #238
Actual Firefox Search Suggestions for, "I've had enough of ..." demmiblue Jun 2015 #91
This post should have hundreds of recs! greatauntoftriplets Jun 2015 #94
You would think so Andy823 Jun 2015 #99
Why? ablamj Jun 2015 #243
So have these guys... lame54 Jun 2015 #96
Bravo! You speak for me, Mineral Man. McCamy Taylor Jun 2015 #98
yes but what to do about it Romeo.lima333 Jun 2015 #100
You hit my pet peeve lark Jun 2015 #101
point by point MisterP Jun 2015 #103
I've not said I'm the greatest Sanders supporter. MineralMan Jun 2015 #110
On the contrary, you ARE Sander's greatest DU supporter ConservativeDemocrat Jun 2015 #214
I thank you for that. MineralMan Jun 2015 #215
That has to be one of the most colossally stupid reasons to not vote for a particular candidate... WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2015 #234
Mind you that's not the basis of my decision... ConservativeDemocrat Jun 2015 #257
The term "3D chess" nt B2G Jun 2015 #104
Could not log in fast enough to rec this Peacetrain Jun 2015 #106
Thanks! MineralMan Jun 2015 #118
I've had enough of people who tell us that MannyGoldstein Jun 2015 #108
Thanks for the reply, Manny. MineralMan Jun 2015 #115
With you, cilla4progress Jun 2015 #109
Thank you. MineralMan Jun 2015 #119
I've had more than enough of the Look at me!!!! OPs. Autumn Jun 2015 #112
Thanks for YOUR point of view. MineralMan Jun 2015 #123
Well it was YOUR idea. Autumn Jun 2015 #132
Yup. Thanks again. MineralMan Jun 2015 #146
+1 Well said. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2015 #124
^^^ Autumn Speaks For Me ^^^ MannyGoldstein Jun 2015 #135
Only if you posted it Manny! Autumn Jun 2015 #142
I'll make a wager: MannyGoldstein Jun 2015 #147
Posted Autumn Jun 2015 #156
OK, let's see how it goes MannyGoldstein Jun 2015 #162
Locked as meta. QC Jun 2015 #171
This is why Autumn Jun 2015 #186
Sad but true. BeanMusical Jun 2015 #237
7 Years a Freeper's post stands, but Autumn's gets locked. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2015 #288
"Your post was unsuccessful Duppers Jun 2015 #180
Another host deemed it Meta. Technically it was a copy cat Autumn Jun 2015 #183
You can still rec even though it's locked. MerryBlooms Jun 2015 #269
Yep. I did that yesterday. Duppers Jun 2015 #282
I've had a enough of the double standards in modding. Marr Jun 2015 #229
Yes but some people have mastered the art of butt-kissing to a nauseating level. BeanMusical Jun 2015 #236
Oh, I just saw who locked it. BeanMusical Jun 2015 #239
It explains everything. n/t QC Jun 2015 #240
Cool. I'll match your donation. MineralMan Jun 2015 #209
Thank you, Bernies up 150 now. Autumn Jun 2015 #216
Good. I wish I could donate more. MineralMan Jun 2015 #217
I do a monthly donation. When my SS arrives I'll kick in another 25 on top. Autumn Jun 2015 #218
My income is too irregular to commit to MineralMan Jun 2015 #219
Thank you. n/t QC Jun 2015 #158
+1 Duppers Jun 2015 #167
so will MM delete their OP as is the usual, or just start a pity party? MisterP Jun 2015 #184
I wish that I had more than one "+1" to give. Marr Jun 2015 #227
....and get off my lawn, you darn kids. aikoaiko Jun 2015 #113
Everyone's welcome on my lawn. MineralMan Jun 2015 #129
^ The "get with the times/cranky old man" comments kjones Jun 2015 #155
LOL! MineralMan Jun 2015 #159
Well, you might not like the neighborhood kids... MattSh Jun 2015 #294
Bazinga! MineralMan Jun 2015 #295
You said it well MM mcar Jun 2015 #120
So did you. MineralMan Jun 2015 #133
well said! n/t Sheepshank Jun 2015 #176
you nailed it SCantiGOP Jun 2015 #121
Thanks for your kind words. MineralMan Jun 2015 #137
+1 kjones Jun 2015 #122
I've had enough of corporatists conning voters by pretending to be populists. polichick Jun 2015 #125
BRAVO! Stuckinthebush Jun 2015 #126
And thank you for replying! MineralMan Jun 2015 #139
This one's easy Not Sure Jun 2015 #128
Mortaiity is tough enough BeyondGeography Jun 2015 #130
Thanks for adding your thoughts. MineralMan Jun 2015 #140
Kick and highly recommended! William769 Jun 2015 #131
Thanks, William. MineralMan Jun 2015 #141
I give credit where credit is due. William769 Jun 2015 #145
I've Had Enough... Mike Nelson Jun 2015 #143
Absolutely! MineralMan Jun 2015 #151
Yeah! n/t freshwest Jun 2015 #182
I've had enough of the FUD that produce those memes of which you speak! MADem Jun 2015 #150
FUD! Yes! MineralMan Jun 2015 #154
K & f'n' R! Politicub Jun 2015 #152
Okay. LWolf Jun 2015 #160
Thanks for posting your list. MineralMan Jun 2015 #161
well said!!! Sheepshank Jun 2015 #181
Thank you for your list of the truly vile stuff JEB Jun 2015 #251
Perfect, thanks! DJ13 Jun 2015 #255
Amen Rose Siding Jun 2015 #164
"I've had enough of equating Democrats with Republicans. They are not the same." Unknown Beatle Jun 2015 #165
I had to read this again. I think I'll bookmark it McCamy Taylor Jun 2015 #169
I like turtles frylock Jun 2015 #170
I've had enough of posters who incessantly criticize one individual or another. lovemydog Jun 2015 #173
I've had enough of the generation that fucked up our country jeff47 Jun 2015 #174
I've had enough of being maligned for things I've never even thought, let alone said Colorado Liberal Jun 2015 #178
I am going to trash this thread because to avebury Jun 2015 #179
Ive had enough of ,,, Cryptoad Jun 2015 #187
Looking like a Showdown seveneyes Jun 2015 #188
My cat's breath smells like cat food. n/t QC Jun 2015 #189
My Post For Freddie Jun 2015 #190
Thank you for your thoughtful reply. MineralMan Jun 2015 #194
I've had enough of net nannies spewing META TBF Jun 2015 #191
It's time to put an end to all forms pointless tyranny Prism Jun 2015 #192
I love your post! MineralMan Jun 2015 #195
Isn't that the truth: demmiblue Jun 2015 #196
oh yeah! that one Kali Jun 2015 #210
THANK YOU!! MoonRiver Jun 2015 #193
And thank you, as well. MineralMan Jun 2015 #201
Can't recommend this enough, thank you. nt betsuni Jun 2015 #197
I appreciate your comment so much. MineralMan Jun 2015 #202
"I've finally had enough with declarations that anyone would refuse to vote for the Democratic Cha Jun 2015 #203
I suppose so. MineralMan Jun 2015 #204
I've had enough of those who have no clue how a trade agreement gets written or how a bill is passed Hekate Jun 2015 #205
Learning how things work takes time. MineralMan Jun 2015 #206
Or as Barbie whined about math, it's hard work. Hekate Jun 2015 #207
Well I've had enough BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2015 #276
Thanks. It was a Sunday post, I think. MineralMan Jun 2015 #279
I've had enough of hearing that Bernie can't win freedom fighter jh Jun 2015 #208
In my younger days got poison 840high Jun 2015 #253
Rec'ced on the first enough cuz that was enough enoughs. ucrdem Jun 2015 #211
Wish they would bring back GD:P since GD is overflowing w/OP's bashing DU/DUers. JTFrog Jun 2015 #212
I've had enough of... 40RatRod Jun 2015 #213
I've had enough of the term "ODS" being applied to progressives demwing Jun 2015 #220
I've had enough of people twisting themselves into pretzels to be offended. Thor_MN Jun 2015 #221
You want, maybe we should get off your lawn too? Fuddnik Jun 2015 #225
Lol! BeanMusical Jun 2015 #231
I've had enough of people pretending to be Bernie supporters that are not. nt Bonobo Jun 2015 #233
THIS! BeanMusical Jun 2015 #244
I have had enough of Hillary hatred. hrmjustin Jun 2015 #235
I've had enough beer. I'm going to bed. Fuddnik Jun 2015 #242
Enough of the Combustible hair Club's struting around when ... JoePhilly Jun 2015 #245
I've had enough of Democrats like Tom Bakk dflprincess Jun 2015 #246
I don't think you've had enough Martin Eden Jun 2015 #247
well said. thank you. riversedge Jun 2015 #252
I am tired of perpetual presidential campaign mode. longship Jun 2015 #254
Some of these Jamaal510 Jun 2015 #256
And I can't get enough of it. Betty Karlson Jun 2015 #258
You're fighting the good fight sub.theory Jun 2015 #259
It's always been that way Fumesucker Jun 2015 #265
K&R B Calm Jun 2015 #262
Agree treestar Jun 2015 #263
I've had enough of my Republican congressman running unopposed... Number9Dream Jun 2015 #266
That's it! I've had enough too! Violet_Crumble Jun 2015 #267
........... Hotler Jun 2015 #268
k&r. There's a lot of "I'll take my ball and go home if I sufrommich Jun 2015 #270
I almost posted an OP about kid's games and the MineralMan Jun 2015 #271
Well... PatrickforO Jun 2015 #272
Thanks for your post. MineralMan Jun 2015 #273
Huzzah BumRushDaShow Jun 2015 #274
I have no poms poms to join you. mmonk Jun 2015 #275
I'm not looking for cheerleaders, frankly. MineralMan Jun 2015 #277
I had enough with 8 years of Bush to know. .. LynneSin Jun 2015 #278
I'm sure that the vast majority of Democratic voters MineralMan Jun 2015 #280
I've been saying that the whole time. d_legendary1 Jun 2015 #289
Thank you. MineralMan Jun 2015 #290
I've had enough also.... daleanime Jun 2015 #284
You've not benefited in any way from this administration? MineralMan Jun 2015 #285
To you really think I'm upset because I haven't been completely satisfied? daleanime Jun 2015 #291
I have no idea what you think nor do I know anything MineralMan Jun 2015 #293
GOTV is action we need more of MineralMan saidsimplesimon Jun 2015 #296
I agree about GOTV! MineralMan Jun 2015 #298
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