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Serena played a great match today! MiniMe Jul 2015 #1
Serena and her family have never forgiven Sharapova's father malaise Jul 2015 #2
Really? BronxBoy Jul 2015 #13
What is your source for that claim? oberliner Jul 2015 #28
Go Spain! Snow Leopard Jul 2015 #3
A vile person? What has she done to give you that impression? n/t 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #4
Don't you get tired of this shit? BronxBoy Jul 2015 #14
I don't know, yet ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #16
Freaking wow - Chris Evert just apologized to Richard Williams for their ridicule malaise Jul 2015 #48
When she threatened the lines woman Snow Leopard Jul 2015 #31
Okay. Who else is on that list. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #32
huh? Snow Leopard Jul 2015 #35
Actually, I have seen folks do far worst ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #36
why? Snow Leopard Jul 2015 #37
Just wanted to see the list. Thanks. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #38
Did you hate McEnroe too? cwydro Jul 2015 #40
Why on earth would you call her vile? Do you know her? underahedgerow Jul 2015 #8
Why would you call her "vile?"... TeeYiYi Jul 2015 #9
OMG I was going to say the identical thing and I pulled it back! Then when I read what you wrote underahedgerow Jul 2015 #11
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! malaise Jul 2015 #26
Can we get an answer as to why you think she's vile? bigwillq Jul 2015 #18
Based on what??????? Nt Logical Jul 2015 #20
WTF?! sam_i_am Jul 2015 #22
Vile? Are_grits_groceries Jul 2015 #23
21 slams coming up malaise Jul 2015 #42
Bwaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahaha malaise Jul 2015 #44
I know, but I had hoped for a better match. cwydro Jul 2015 #5
I love her losing. She is so annoying! Nt Logical Jul 2015 #21
we are often annoyed by those who illustrate our own irrelevance. LanternWaste Jun 2016 #55
LOL, thesaurus guy! And really stalking this time. Kicking a old post. LOL you are silly! nt Logical Jun 2016 #56
Serena set up house in Sharapova's head years ago. Are_grits_groceries Jul 2015 #24
Beautifully stated malaise Jul 2015 #27
She may have built an entire guest cottage there. Are_grits_groceries Jul 2015 #39
Imagine if she had actually gotten in shape throughout most of her career taught_me_patience Jul 2015 #6
'Gotten in shape'? From the time she was 8 years old, trainers and coaches and pros were calling underahedgerow Jul 2015 #10
Look at all those matches against Venus RockaFowler Jul 2015 #15
Huh? malaise Jul 2015 #29
when.she.cures.cancer KittyWampus Jul 2015 #30
WTF? You apparently know nothing about her or the sport. nt Logical Jul 2015 #33
Lol! cwydro Jul 2015 #46
a frequent critique in her younger days, but one that time has proven completely false fishwax Jul 2015 #53
kick Liberal_in_LA Jul 2015 #7
If you ever find yourself in the same room as Serena Williams, you should just know that... Yavin4 Jul 2015 #12
I'd go with global... who else can compare, if you stack up longetivity, number of wins underahedgerow Jul 2015 #19
Woo Hoo! bigwillq Jul 2015 #17
Go Serena Go! ellie Jul 2015 #25
She's amazing fishwax Jul 2015 #34
It takes a lot to go up against Steffi Graf's records - TBF Jul 2015 #41
I was a huge fan of Graf, but i agree fishwax Jul 2015 #43
Would Graf have won so many titles if the Spaniard wasn't attacked malaise Jul 2015 #45
do you mean Seles (she was Hungarian/Yugoslavian) fishwax Jul 2015 #52
Yes -and you're right malaise Jul 2015 #54
Will she get a calendar cwydro Jul 2015 #47
Well as she said this is the first time she won all three malaise Jul 2015 #49
Me too! cwydro Jul 2015 #50
A good match, and I'm glad Serena won. cwydro Jul 2015 #51
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