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405. Citing precedent-setting 2015 Idaho remote-controlled drone law...
Thu Jul 30, 2015, 10:22 PM
Jul 2015

...(Idaho is one state north of Utah, where I currently reside.)

Trespass, Privacy, and Drones in Idaho: No Snooping Allowed!
(published in the Idaho State Bar Advocate Magazine, Mar/Apr 2015)
(by) Arthur B. Macomber

In Idaho, regardless of the lawful geographic position of the drone operator, Idaho law prohibits the flying of drones1 into properly posted private property airspace without permission of the title owner or possessor of that airspace.2

In Idaho, real property includes land3 and land includes airspace.4 Rights in and limitations on the use of airspace in Idaho are governed by state statute and federal law, the latter through the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.5 However, in Idaho Code “Flight in aircraft over the lands and waters of this state is lawful. . . ,” which implies a person inside the aircraft, not flight of a remote-piloted drone.6


Civil trespass and drones

Since property in Idaho includes the air space above it, a person flying a drone into airspace owned by another without permission is trespassing, subject to the right of flight. If a person without permission enters the real property of another with notice that such entry is a trespass, “and nonetheless continues his trespass, the landowner plaintiff may be entitled to punitive damages.”31 Therefore, while the definitions of “permission” and “entry” will refine the issue, flying a drone into private property airspace should initially be analyzed as a common-law tort.


Privacy and drones

Certain uses of unmanned aircraft in Idaho are prohibited without “written consent,”
even if entry into the airspace owned by another does not occur.39 These activities, “absent a warrant,” (except for emergency responses for health and safety), include surveillance of persons or property, gathering evidence or information about a person or property, “photographically or electronically record[ing] specific [ ] persons or specific [ ] private property is a dwelling, “farm, dairy, ranch or other architectural industry.”40

Thus, even if an unmanned aircraft system operator in Idaho stands on a public street where she is legally allowed to be, she cannot fly her unmanned aircraft in the air above that public street to watch specific persons or specific private property that may abut that public street without written consent of the persons being watched or the property owner.41 For this reason, the statute as written is overbroad because it prohibits photographic aerial capture of then-presently occurring “constitutionally-protected speech activity, such as protests, speeches, or rallies.”42

- See more at: http://macomberlaw.com/advocate-article-trespass-privacy-and-drones-in-idaho-no-snooping-allowed/#sthash.OtGRP4K3.dpuf

Utah law already places strict limits on the use of drones by law enforcement. http://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2014/04/utah-governor-signs-bill-to-restrict-drone-use/

I have no doubt that private property laws in Utah, trump drone operators' desire to invade my privacy through invasion of privately owned airspace. It may end up in court but I am confident about the jury finding, as a landowner, in my favor.

This ammosexual needs to be arrested before he carries out his threat... stone space Jul 2015 #1
My anti gun side would tend to agree with you but... liberal N proud Jul 2015 #2
I have no sympathy for the drone. (AI hasn't come far enough for that!) stone space Jul 2015 #8
If you are going to post a rightious anger post, get the facts straight Telcontar Jul 2015 #11
Yep, to me they threatened him twice! A drone in his back yard, WTF, and then threatening him RKP5637 Jul 2015 #46
+1! I would have done the same thing except I would take the case up to get an appellate ruling if Dustlawyer Jul 2015 #70
I agree and there's more to the story... jakedsname Jul 2015 #77
I really can't blame him for what he did. n/t RKP5637 Jul 2015 #89
Ok, so the drone owners, who called the guy an asshole, are quickly losing "cred" here. MADem Jul 2015 #140
hey that is a good idea, shoot water at the drone.!! actually that is a lot safer then using a gun. Sunlei Jul 2015 #176
I think the drone operators were trying to get views of the teen girls in the house, so MADem Jul 2015 #184
In my opinion, those drone operators should be arrested as the peeping toms they are. (eom) Petrushka Jul 2015 #404
Neat! an anti drone water balloon gun mitch96 Jul 2015 #361
I hate all the gun violence, but I have to agree with you on this one CanonRay Jul 2015 #113
Exactly. If I saw one hovering over my property I would try to knock it out of the sky too.... peacebird Jul 2015 #368
But would you shoot them if they crossed onto your property to rertieve their dead drone? (nt) stone space Jul 2015 #416
No, nor did he. He never unholstered his handgun. peacebird Jul 2015 #422
Threatened him how? stone space Jul 2015 #415
Four guys roll up in a car and call you an SOB. CanonRay Jul 2015 #417
A big enough threat to shoot them if... stone space Jul 2015 #418
If four guys attacked me on my front lawn CanonRay Jul 2015 #419
Silly post. Not what happened. Strawman. peacebird Jul 2015 #423
Bingo! haikugal Jul 2015 #115
Agree totally hueymahl Jul 2015 #121
The guy also has a right to protect his property and himself Bluzmann57 Jul 2015 #211
and he had a 16 year old daughter awoke_in_2003 Jul 2015 #340
I agree. nt Mojorabbit Jul 2015 #402
Are you daft? sendero Jul 2015 #19
I have to agree with you on that, Mbrow Jul 2015 #32
Agree!!! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2015 #47
I hate guns and threats and violence, phylny Jul 2015 #56
Damn right. (nt) paleotn Jul 2015 #60
Best reply. n/t tavernier Jul 2015 #141
Completely agree. The Green Manalishi Jul 2015 #160
Complete agreement. Lizzie Poppet Jul 2015 #181
To shoot a gun in a neighborhood is wrong, unless there is threat to ones life. Sunlei Jul 2015 #183
There might be laws... sendero Jul 2015 #193
can't you shoot water at it with your garden hose? why think gun as first choice? Sunlei Jul 2015 #194
I don't know at what altitude it was hovering.. sendero Jul 2015 #206
the cheaper ones..1k? I don't know..don't fly very high or far Sunlei Jul 2015 #209
The owner claimed.. sendero Jul 2015 #213
one I want is about $7,000. to much for me to afford, but I can dream :) Sunlei Jul 2015 #214
Couple of thing, the threat in this story was from the four men that first A Simple Game Jul 2015 #35
Oddly enough, I agree with the homeowner. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #61
Some in this thread assume that the homeowner was a young strong lad able to fend off A Simple Game Jul 2015 #123
Agreed. n/t Adsos Letter Jul 2015 #312
If four angry men came to my house and cntrygrl Jul 2015 #54
You got that right. Their first words: "Are you the son-of-a-bitch..." would have raised.. BlueJazz Jul 2015 #68
angry enough to shoot them while they stood next to their truck on the public street? Sunlei Jul 2015 #196
I didn't finish the article GummyBearz Jul 2015 #240
I don't know. my context is I've had 'angry neighbors' drive up and yell. I didn't 'wave a gun' or Sunlei Jul 2015 #248
Really, you have had angry neighbors drive up and yell at you? djean111 Jul 2015 #330
'sounds like' you're misinterprting several messageboard posts by Sunlei Jul 2015 #333
No. Just pissed off enough to let them know that if they have come to attack/hurt/maim me, it ... BlueJazz Jul 2015 #251
Kinda' makes me want to get a shotgun... TeeYiYi Jul 2015 #253
Did that happen? frylock Jul 2015 #345
He didn't threaten to shoot them on the public street. christx30 Aug 2015 #425
Aren't you guys forgetting that the FOUR guys are threatening him? jwirr Jul 2015 #246
Stay off other folks property... Positrons Jul 2015 #332
Four men who you have never met and are obviously pissed and heading toward you pipoman Jul 2015 #391
It was a total invasion of the mans privacy.. haikugal Jul 2015 #112
If the drone is low enough to "look" into my windows TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2015 #127
Agree, I don't fault any of the actions or words of this homeowner....at all. nt haikugal Jul 2015 #147
but all your neighbors can see in your window with telescope or handheld camera zoom Sunlei Jul 2015 #200
Bright light outside. Dimmer inside. They can't see. TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2015 #202
many camera drones and toy drones are dirt cheap and on sale. Get used to drones, they're legal. Sunlei Jul 2015 #207
Get used to more stories like this.. frylock Jul 2015 #347
lol, glad you're not my neighbor. get a taller fence if your Neighborhood regulators allow it. Sunlei Jul 2015 #352
if you approve of spying on neighbors with a UAV, then I don't want you as a neighbor either. frylock Jul 2015 #355
500 feet and lower is generally considered part and parcel of private property. LanternWaste Jul 2015 #229
No. Everything above the ground belongs to the FAA. jeff47 Jul 2015 #262
So if I string a tarp across the yard, attached to my house and some of my trees Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #353
You do. jeff47 Jul 2015 #384
No, everything does not "belong" to the FAA. James48 Jul 2015 #378
You better go let the FAA and NTSB know that they're wrong. jeff47 Jul 2015 #383
Depends on where you are, what you're doing and what you are doing it with. The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2015 #380
Yep, was using "own" in a vernacular sense instead of a legal sense. (nt) jeff47 Jul 2015 #385
I don't agree with the way the property owner handled the situation BUT I also believe that drones kelliekat44 Jul 2015 #7
There are now drones with weapons mounted on them for firing. It was posted recently. Here it is. RKP5637 Jul 2015 #50
"Flying guns are legal in Connecticut" alcina Jul 2015 #73
"Unless serious accidents or crimes made by gun-toting drones happen, it's unlikely FAA RKP5637 Jul 2015 #81
I think it is illegal to hunt animals from/with remote controled mounted guns. Sunlei Jul 2015 #136
I am glad that that video is up there, making the rounds. MADem Jul 2015 #153
OMG - and it'll happen, just a matter of time. "Invasion of the Drones," like a fifites RKP5637 Jul 2015 #169
Very well done kiva Jul 2015 #295
if i gave you a million dollars beergood Jul 2015 #409
Post removed Post removed Jul 2015 #10
He threatened them with murder. stone space Jul 2015 #12
Nope, not what he threatened at all Telcontar Jul 2015 #13
Threatening cold blooded murder with a gun in hand. stone space Jul 2015 #16
More factually incorrect statements Telcontar Jul 2015 #18
Wearing a gun. (nt) stone space Jul 2015 #24
The difference is key, gun in hand is brandishing, gun in holster is not Telcontar Jul 2015 #27
He threatened a shooting while armed. stone space Jul 2015 #31
Let me type this slow so you can understand Telcontar Jul 2015 #48
I like that. (type this slow) BlueJazz Jul 2015 #72
He told them he would defend himself skepticscott Jul 2015 #51
I am very anti-gun Kelvin Mace Jul 2015 #158
And that was sufficient to send four potentially violent men packing Kelvin Mace Jul 2015 #156
Self defense is not murder. The Green Manalishi Jul 2015 #164
Your interlocutor rejects the idea that a woman has a right to shoot an attacking rapist. Nuclear Unicorn Jul 2015 #281
He's on ignore The Green Manalishi Jul 2015 #299
where did he post that? irisblue Jul 2015 #356
Manalishi wasn't speaking to Telcontar in the post I replied to. nt Nuclear Unicorn Jul 2015 #370
So when you said just above skepticscott Jul 2015 #53
Another shooting liberal N proud Jul 2015 #25
So what, exactly, do you suggest he was threatening to shoot, mr blur Jul 2015 #161
Idiot assholes threatening him with violence? frylock Jul 2015 #357
There was nothing cold-blooded about it, to be fair on that particular issue. Joe Chi Minh Jul 2015 #84
Earlier post refers to his daughter sunbathing in the backyard. 7962 Jul 2015 #101
what stops the next second story homeowner from looking out their window? Sunlei Jul 2015 #116
Depends if they're staking it ou like police surveillance!! Not just Joe Chi Minh Jul 2015 #120
people are allowed to sit at their window all day long if they want.I agree its creepy but its legal Sunlei Jul 2015 #128
There are peeping tom laws in most areas. And that is also why we have curtains and wooden jwirr Jul 2015 #270
Yes and no. xmas74 Jul 2015 #309
Homeowners do no not own a view. They often however, own the air space up to a few hundred feet LanternWaste Jul 2015 #232
was there a two story or better building nearby? eom yawnmaster Jul 2015 #396
Nuff said Joe Chi Minh Jul 2015 #122
I saw at least one mention of his 16 year old daughter sunbathing out back Blue_Adept Jul 2015 #102
Apparently he had a 16 yr old daughter who was laying out.... blackspade Jul 2015 #145
now he knows all his male neighbors were taking a peek at the teen next door. Sunlei Jul 2015 #226
You know, words MEAN THINGS. Please look up "cold blooded". Romulox Jul 2015 #130
True. Joe Chi Minh Aug 2015 #430
Um.. the gun was never in his hand Kelvin Mace Jul 2015 #152
Just gonna point out that it's attitudes like this that make it so people like JoeyT Jul 2015 #398
No, he said there would be another shooting. djean111 Jul 2015 #22
That's a threat. stone space Jul 2015 #26
It's a warning skepticscott Jul 2015 #52
All he did was draw a line in the sand meeting threat with threat liberal N proud Jul 2015 #185
Stone, from your post, he did NOT threaten cntrygrl Jul 2015 #58
WRONG - Not murder, self defense hueymahl Jul 2015 #126
When the KKK tried to march on my family's farm, we threatened them with murder too. ieoeja Jul 2015 #166
No you didnt, you informed that you would protect yourself. No murder intended nt 7962 Jul 2015 #189
Nope. Lizzie Poppet Jul 2015 #182
I'd say they threatened him first. Marr Jul 2015 #237
he threatened to defend himself against physical harm.. frylock Jul 2015 #349
^^^^^this is why I donate to the Brady campagin^^^^^^ and I say anyone donating to the NRA Fred Sanders Jul 2015 #138
Sorry, the NRA does NOT work for gun owner Kelvin Mace Jul 2015 #150
So you are officially announcing yourself as a GOP supporter brentspeak Jul 2015 #220
Thanks for exposing yourself! Nt Logical Jul 2015 #254
Yup. Agschmid Jul 2015 #292
So you donate to right wing causes Bradical79 Jul 2015 #275
Wrong response Android3.14 Jul 2015 #34
Based on what? stone space Jul 2015 #36
Is your name Neo? Android3.14 Jul 2015 #129
Okay. Stop the thread. This response wins the internets for at least the next week... truebrit71 Jul 2015 #203
Normally I might agree with you... paleotn Jul 2015 #59
The gun on his hip is probably the only reason he wasnt attacked 7962 Jul 2015 #97
While I find stone's response bizarrre, you just wondered off into paranoid land. ieoeja Jul 2015 #173
Its not paranoia if they're really after you! 7962 Jul 2015 #403
if you read the story the man is not an "ammosexual". But HEY, you got to use a cool term KittyWampus Jul 2015 #144
That term is offensive on several different levels but, you know a jury would give it a pass. Hiraeth Jul 2015 #201
Agreed. And by "cool," I mean "bigoted." Lizzie Poppet Jul 2015 #215
You can get hidden using "hoplophobe," but not "ammosexual" Eleanors38 Jul 2015 #319
Here's more information on the topic--the shooter is calling for more drone laws! MADem Jul 2015 #163
You should start another thread with that link TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2015 #208
You can, if you'd a mind to--I usually stay away from "gun threads" but MADem Jul 2015 #224
Talk about a stretch Reter Jul 2015 #247
it reminds me of a joke hfojvt Jul 2015 #258
Your tacit acceptance sarisataka Jul 2015 #301
Well, in this case, I'm with him. I hope lots of these invaders of people's privacy sabrina 1 Jul 2015 #351
Why are you defending assholes who fly drones - with cameras - into people's back yards? Matariki Jul 2015 #365
Considering Augiedog Jul 2015 #3
I would try and get it down any damned way I could. djean111 Jul 2015 #9
The guy could stop threatening to murder people with his guns for a start. stone space Jul 2015 #15
How would that prevent a drone from invading his property and privacy? djean111 Jul 2015 #30
Why don't you explain to us what part you think the four men played in this confrontation? A Simple Game Jul 2015 #39
He was one guy, confronted with FOUR guys, one of whom was angry & hostile. Demit Jul 2015 #41
If the drone only had a gun......... Fuddnik Jul 2015 #78
Which he didn't do. truebrit71 Jul 2015 #204
Or... hear me out, OR you could stop lying about him threatening murder. frylock Jul 2015 #359
so if someone peeks over 'their' fence, does that give you the right to shoot the fence? Sunlei Jul 2015 #71
This is about drones with cameras hovering in back yards. djean111 Jul 2015 #79
no, you call the police on them. Sunlei Jul 2015 #110
Call the police on whom? How is anyone supposed to know who owns a drone hovering KittyWampus Jul 2015 #154
those toys are line of sight. Its one of their next door neighbors. probably because the drone owner Sunlei Jul 2015 #172
This message was self-deleted by its author goonk298 Jul 2015 #406
The shooter is well aware of such things skepticscott Jul 2015 #107
sounds like he was ready & waiting for his neighbors 'toy' to cross over his side. Sunlei Jul 2015 #142
Do you know how prolific #8 birdshot is? Any upland bird hunter does. Eleanors38 Jul 2015 #320
What if a strawman peeks over your red herring? frylock Jul 2015 #360
peek a boo! Sunlei Jul 2015 #366
See post #50. I would be damn concerned too if some unknown drone were RKP5637 Jul 2015 #55
We're going to have to start tinfoiling our windows now. nt valerief Jul 2015 #4
here in Floriduh, we onethatcares Jul 2015 #33
I'm an anti-gun type Fortinbras Armstrong Jul 2015 #5
^^ This ^^ n/t KarenS Jul 2015 #14
He lost my sympathies the moment he pivoted from attacking a drone to... stone space Jul 2015 #20
I don't know where you got your law degree jberryhill Jul 2015 #40
Equating self-defense with "murder" skepticscott Jul 2015 #57
At no point did he threaten murder Kelvin Mace Jul 2015 #167
Why do you continue to lie to support your stance? frylock Jul 2015 #362
It's hilarious; the way everyone thinks you're being serious. You had me going too, but I caught on. cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #407
No one who has had to deal with him takes him seriously LostOne4Ever Jul 2015 #408
I was being totally facetious. n/t cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #420
Me too. LuvNewcastle Jul 2015 #28
I thought about wanting a drone for about 5 minutes. But after flying it up and down, Hoppy Jul 2015 #6
I want one for photography but the good ones cost to much :( Sunlei Jul 2015 #114
Have you tried attaching an old digital camera to a kite? woodsprite Jul 2015 #143
I love kites of all kinds, so many powerlines around my house along the easements. I'd Sunlei Jul 2015 #148
Yeah, we can't do it anyplace around home because of the space required. woodsprite Jul 2015 #151
I don't have a problem with someone taking out a spying drone A Little Weird Jul 2015 #17
I agree Locrian Jul 2015 #43
Agree! Well said! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2015 #62
yeah it's all fun and games Locrian Jul 2015 #239
They invariably come out of hyperspace too close, though. A HERETIC I AM Jul 2015 #272
heh Locrian Jul 2015 #354
lol beergood Jul 2015 #410
Good for him. blackspade Jul 2015 #21
No excuse for this ammosexual to threaten murder while armed. (nt) stone space Jul 2015 #29
Your facts are off by a country mile on this. blackspade Jul 2015 #37
He was acting defensively. You're way off on this one. Demit Jul 2015 #42
So, you have no problem with people threatening murder while NOT armed? Kelvin Mace Jul 2015 #171
Define the criteria in your imagionary law! Nt Logical Jul 2015 #257
Not sure what your asking. blackspade Jul 2015 #326
10 feet? 25 feet? 100 feet? nt Logical Jul 2015 #343
? blackspade Jul 2015 #367
You are the one that said "into people's back yards", not me. So you define what.... Logical Jul 2015 #371
So, you have no stance other than harassing me for my opinion. blackspade Jul 2015 #372
LOL, I guess you have no opinion. Just random thoughts with no basis. But to each their own. nt Logical Jul 2015 #374
LOL indeed. I stated my opinion. blackspade Jul 2015 #377
It was one question. Even you can come up with an answer to one question. nt Logical Jul 2015 #379
I'm really torn on this but something else too it could be an important case azurnoir Jul 2015 #23
Yeah, that "air space" two feet from my daughter's window TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2015 #195
Currently the federal government sets the general limit at 500 feet in uncongested areas. Glassunion Jul 2015 #302
I have to say that if it was my backyard I would want to do the same, Or at least capture the drone. Ford_Prefect Jul 2015 #38
I would do the same thing to a drone invading my privacy . . . if I had a gun. Vinca Jul 2015 #44
sorry, but if I had a gun I'd shoot down a trespassing, hovering, videotaping drone too. magical thyme Jul 2015 #45
Drones, IMO, will become nothing more than mechanized Peeping Toms. djean111 Jul 2015 #49
The vast majority are remote control Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #67
yup - and that's why i am against them being flown in populated areas HFRN Jul 2015 #119
you may have just found your "million dollar idea". KittyWampus Jul 2015 #159
Here it is, the Drone Net Gun! RKP5637 Jul 2015 #69
I found this disturbing at that link... Moostache Jul 2015 #108
Yep, it sounded like protection from a drone invasion. I think I'm in that same time too, like RKP5637 Jul 2015 #124
That's a wildlife capture gun, repurposed!!! MADem Jul 2015 #190
Only $850 liberal N proud Jul 2015 #212
I know! Didn't they used to do the same thing with a few rocks tied to the corners of a net, and a MADem Jul 2015 #223
We need anti-drone drones Renew Deal Jul 2015 #86
Now yer talkin'!!!!!! djean111 Jul 2015 #94
How do we keep privacy invading drones out of our backyards? HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #63
Problem: RC drones count legally as planes. DetlefK Jul 2015 #64
Planes don't hover ten feet over the ground TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2015 #85
Ok, if they're legally planes, according to FAA regulations.. Fuddnik Jul 2015 #91
Do you have a link to that regulation? I'm trying to understand the legal aspects of this. stevenleser Jul 2015 #146
FYI- if you own property, you own the right to build X feet up into the air. KittyWampus Jul 2015 #165
Doesn't matter if you can build there. jeff47 Jul 2015 #243
"I'm trying to understand the legal aspects of this." PoliticAverse Jul 2015 #177
Good stuff. Right off though, the summary in the first link includes this nugget stevenleser Jul 2015 #179
In February the FAA released 195 pages of proposed regulation... PoliticAverse Jul 2015 #188
Also this... stevenleser Jul 2015 #180
FAR 91.119 Minimum safe altitudes (general) (FAR-AIM FAA Publication) Fuddnik Jul 2015 #373
Political averses links break that out more. UAV are below 500 feet. They're not stevenleser Jul 2015 #375
Thanks to a link from someone else, I know that regulation only applies to fixed wing aircraft. stevenleser Jul 2015 #187
Exactly. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #210
RC planes. They have different rules than manned aircraft. jeff47 Jul 2015 #265
Every community has limits on how tall a house might be. So we do own the rights KittyWampus Jul 2015 #162
That's just the building-code. That doesn't mean you own the airspace. DetlefK Jul 2015 #168
legally, we don't even "own" land or airspace. What we own is the RIGHT to use it- KittyWampus Jul 2015 #178
Nope. You do not own the rights to the airspace above your property. jeff47 Jul 2015 #252
You are simply incorrect. One does have a right to airspace above one's house. How much, and how Romulox Jul 2015 #260
FAA regulations apply to all airspace. Even the airspace above your house. jeff47 Jul 2015 #264
You make a basic mistake: you assumed the definition of "airspace" Romulox Jul 2015 #266
Need a mirror? jeff47 Jul 2015 #273
Oh dear. *You* made a claim. You can't support it. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #279
I did support it. Again, the article has links to regulations and law. jeff47 Jul 2015 #283
No. That's not how legal proof works. Don't worry about it. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #286
So you apparently need me to copy-and-paste the links from the article for you. jeff47 Jul 2015 #287
Not exactly. They are subject to differenet regulations than manned aircraft. The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2015 #386
Ah...idiots with guns JackInGreen Jul 2015 #65
I see it as "Idiots with Drones"----hoping to capture something risque' to post on the internets. WinkyDink Jul 2015 #90
my little brother has tied a camera on his remote control truck & drives it on lawns Sunlei Jul 2015 #66
I would think it depends on how much in intrudes on others privacy? liberal N proud Jul 2015 #75
If he drove it into my back yard he might not get it back. n/t djean111 Jul 2015 #76
Totally agree! avebury Jul 2015 #80
yards are pretty close in most neighborhoods, what if his pet wearing camera vest climbed fence in Sunlei Jul 2015 #103
So, you are okay with little cameras invading property and privacy? djean111 Jul 2015 #109
well google map shows your backyard to the world. you ok with that? Sunlei Jul 2015 #111
So - are you really saying that everyone has a right to spy on others? djean111 Jul 2015 #117
he can't get his TOY into backyard because of fence, but some places use invisable fence for dogs. Sunlei Jul 2015 #139
Google does not take pictures INSIDE my house TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2015 #217
any camera or telescope can look through your windows. be sure to tin foil and keep drapes closed. Sunlei Jul 2015 #221
Can you post your home address.. frylock Jul 2015 #363
follow the manure roller border collie of doom Sunlei Jul 2015 #421
Google also alters images showing people in their street view and maps liberal N proud Jul 2015 #411
Very true. christx30 Aug 2015 #427
Does it go into back yards and take pictures at windows? TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2015 #88
OTHER people's lawns? Why? Let him play in his own damn yard. Unless, of course, it's okay for the WinkyDink Jul 2015 #93
False analogy hueymahl Jul 2015 #133
Hey--ladders and telephoto lenses are legal! Why not photograph your neighbors sunbathing with a giant ladder!!!! Romulox Jul 2015 #135
or mount a camera in your tree thats taller then the fence blocking the 'view'. Sunlei Jul 2015 #205
That would *also* be invasion of privacy. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #233
so call the police and have the VOYEUR arrested. but be prepared for them to say, I was photographin Sunlei Jul 2015 #238
No. I would likely engage in "self help" and let YOU (the peeper) call the police. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #250
Cuius est solum, eius est usque ad caelum et ad inferos paleotn Jul 2015 #74
Thank you azurnoir Jul 2015 #83
K&R! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2015 #98
The SCOTUS in US v Causby rejected that doctrine as it applies to airspace. See political averse's stevenleser Jul 2015 #191
He was charged with Criminal Mischeif and Wanton Endangerment Renew Deal Jul 2015 #82
I'd take that one to trial if I were him. TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2015 #92
Same here! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2015 #99
The wanton endangerment fails because he used bird shot. tclambert Jul 2015 #104
He needs to demand a JURY TRIAL. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #132
Am I supposed to side with the Drone-Boys? Because I do not. WinkyDink Jul 2015 #87
I think only one or two people here are siding with them. nt djean111 Jul 2015 #95
In a previous drone-thread, I was taken to task by a DU drone-owner. J/S. WinkyDink Jul 2015 #96
I agree with this guy's behavior, and I support what he did. NBachers Jul 2015 #100
I don't think people 'think' before they shoot. we have laws against peeping at people. Call 911. Sunlei Jul 2015 #105
And that is creepy. And just because Google does it, does not make it right. djean111 Jul 2015 #186
Google maps doesn't show real-time Kermitt Gribble Jul 2015 #324
on google street view you can see close in cars and thats interesting in russia street view lol. Sunlei Jul 2015 #325
Google maps use a combination of satellite and aerial imagery. Glassunion Jul 2015 #346
having recieved a death threat this year i have greater sympathy for the guy with a gun dembotoz Jul 2015 #106
Not a gun owner rosesaylavee Jul 2015 #118
If you take out the fact that the drone was involved flying_wahini Jul 2015 #125
Do you have a link to the applicable laws? I don't think it's that simple in this situation. stevenleser Jul 2015 #157
What happened to all the drone-defenders from the last thread??? nt Romulox Jul 2015 #131
The one where the guy with the baseball bat beat the drone on public property? jberryhill Jul 2015 #199
Yeah. The one where our "legal experts" posited that one may film into a persons' home, Romulox Jul 2015 #234
Yeah, that's right jberryhill Jul 2015 #236
No. It's not. Invasion of privacy is not solely dependent on the location of the camera. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #249
You are entitled to believe that jberryhill Jul 2015 #276
It's simply a fact. You want to muddy the waters, of course. Romulox Jul 2015 #285
I would have done something similar Kelvin Mace Jul 2015 #134
Not owning a gun, I would have to find other means liberal N proud Jul 2015 #192
Again, paintball guns are perfect for drones Kelvin Mace Jul 2015 #274
Your own drone? Eleanors38 Jul 2015 #323
Drone crash derby liberal N proud Jul 2015 #413
The foul ball fence for spectators will be a grand chicken coop... Eleanors38 Jul 2015 #424
I'd have been at bit at a loss. Lizzie Poppet Jul 2015 #198
Well, ya need a paiunt ball gun for drone varmints Kelvin Mace Jul 2015 #268
That'd be fun! Lizzie Poppet Jul 2015 #294
There are legal questions here need answering. I honestly don't know the answer. stevenleser Jul 2015 #137
with your connections, I hope you find the answers. I find this topic incredibly interesting. KittyWampus Jul 2015 #175
Re question 2, it's "yes" in virtually every state. sir pball Jul 2015 #278
I can't wait to see how many drones Amazon loses Blue_Tires Jul 2015 #149
A friend of mine shot down a drone near Greenville, SC. DemoTex Jul 2015 #155
He could sell the non-broken parts on E-Bay!! nt MADem Jul 2015 #174
I don't blame the home owner for blasting the drone. DawgHouse Jul 2015 #170
the people with the drones are gun owners too olddots Jul 2015 #197
Good point, olddots... TeeYiYi Jul 2015 #228
Glad to see this conversation. oldandhappy Jul 2015 #216
Google does not take photos INSIDE of your house TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2015 #219
Yes oldandhappy Jul 2015 #304
No apologies necessary! TexasMommaWithAHat Jul 2015 #308
Sounds like a righteous shooting ileus Jul 2015 #218
Good for him. Anyone using a drone with a camera is probably a pervert. Zorra Jul 2015 #222
roof inspection, solar panel inspection, power line inspection. camera drones are here to stay. Sunlei Jul 2015 #241
You forgot breast and vagina inspection. If they are here to stay, then a $100,000 Zorra Jul 2015 #313
lol, probably something police would love to have as law. just for private citizens. Sunlei Jul 2015 #315
The Sex Crime of Voyeurism Zorra Jul 2015 #321
yes, more then we need to assume about why the drone flew into the neighbors 'airspace' Sunlei Jul 2015 #322
I really, really don't like this guy. And those who think all drones are nefarious are...something. randome Jul 2015 #225
Firing a weapon at an aircraft is against federal law. He fired at a remote-controlled aircraft. jeff47 Jul 2015 #271
Not sure if it qualifies as an 'aircraft' but point taken. randome Jul 2015 #296
Nope, the FAA rules start at the end of whatever is attached to the ground. jeff47 Jul 2015 #298
So, theoretically, a drone could hover right in front of your face and legally you could do nothing. randome Jul 2015 #300
If it's close enough, you might be able to claim self-defense. jeff47 Jul 2015 #303
Airspace rules... TeeYiYi Jul 2015 #307
What you wrote is for fixed wing aircraft only. Drones, what stevenleser Jul 2015 #335
I don't believe that differences in aircraft classification... TeeYiYi Jul 2015 #339
There are links above that explain it all in greater detail. You don't have the right to stevenleser Jul 2015 #358
Maybe not... TeeYiYi Jul 2015 #369
Wrong kind of aircraft. jeff47 Jul 2015 #382
That's true... TeeYiYi Jul 2015 #387
Except the FAA says they can fly it there too. jeff47 Jul 2015 #390
Where do they say that RC aircraft... TeeYiYi Jul 2015 #393
By not recognizing the concept of a landowner's private airspace. jeff47 Jul 2015 #394
The regulation... TeeYiYi Jul 2015 #395
i am as anti gun as they come restorefreedom Jul 2015 #227
I kind of feel the same way liberal N proud Jul 2015 #230
totally. nt restorefreedom Jul 2015 #235
Please -- won't someone think of the drones? Buns_of_Fire Jul 2015 #231
Mr. Meredith had every right to do... slor Jul 2015 #242
Except he actually doesn't. jeff47 Jul 2015 #277
Good for him (nt) bigwillq Jul 2015 #244
Lol, great analysis as usual! Nt Logical Jul 2015 #261
Interesting comment thread here. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #245
Maybe it demonstrates that for many of us its about control of the guns liberal N proud Jul 2015 #256
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2015 #288
It is encouraging sarisataka Jul 2015 #297
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2015 #255
Hope he gets arrested, a night in jail would be good for him! Nt Logical Jul 2015 #263
Post removed Post removed Jul 2015 #282
Ahhh, someone needs a nap! Nappy time! nt Logical Jul 2015 #284
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2015 #293
yeah I'm gonna buy me a shotgun to blow away them drones ! olddots Jul 2015 #259
Here is a pic of the nut Logical Jul 2015 #267
Would the conversation be different if he'd dropped it with a slingshot? lumberjack_jeff Jul 2015 #269
There are several facets to the issue, for me that would make one of them less "bad" stevenleser Jul 2015 #334
For anyone thinking of shooting down a drone, it is actually against the law to do so. jeff47 Jul 2015 #280
I would do the same thing. Throd Jul 2015 #289
I'm think I'm ok with this Bradical79 Jul 2015 #290
This is a rare instance where I also side with the guy with the guns DFW Jul 2015 #291
Obviously there's nothing new to be said here tularetom Jul 2015 #305
+1. The main learning outcome I see here is when shooting down a perv-drone, petronius Jul 2015 #342
We're going to need some Drone Rules at some point here. DirkGently Jul 2015 #306
Coming to your neighborhood soon - the anti drone drone. yellowcanine Jul 2015 #310
I so hope that this goes to court. Glassunion Jul 2015 #311
I don't see why trespassing laws wouldn't apply to remote controlled and automated devices... Humanist_Activist Jul 2015 #314
Is stalking. Which neighbor is keeping track of when you are there, and when your kid is alone? n/t jtuck004 Jul 2015 #329
Stalking is a crime that invariably requires more than one instance of bad behavior. stevenleser Jul 2015 #337
in texas flying adrone to conduct "survellance" is illegal rdking647 Jul 2015 #316
They passed that law after a drone captured footage of a business dumping illegally Major Nikon Jul 2015 #399
I have no ohheckyeah Jul 2015 #317
The homeowner is in the right here steve2470 Jul 2015 #318
Good. Nothing but a flying stalker - and the operator is threatening my family. n/t jtuck004 Jul 2015 #327
I knew people would start shooting them down. TNNurse Jul 2015 #328
I would have done the same thing, except used a slingshot or rocks to knock it down. Avalux Jul 2015 #331
no.pity for the drone owner Liberal_in_LA Jul 2015 #336
Kentucky holds a special place in my memories. saidsimplesimon Jul 2015 #338
I don't have any guns, LWolf Jul 2015 #341
If some yahoo flies a drone "in my face", jomin41 Jul 2015 #344
Mass marketing of drones, great idea!... Dont call me Shirley Jul 2015 #348
This message was self-deleted by its author olddots Jul 2015 #350
Not sure what the applicable laws are... Mr_Jefferson_24 Jul 2015 #364
Finally a justified shooting. ruffburr Jul 2015 #376
I wouldn't shoot the drone down The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2015 #381
I agree with him shooting the drone down bluestateguy Jul 2015 #388
The threat of 4 angry men coming onto his christx30 Aug 2015 #429
He was completely justified in shooting down the drone and issuing the warning. the band leader Jul 2015 #389
For the record, I hate guns and I hope he walks Jack Rabbit Jul 2015 #392
Hey the NSA is spying on us all the time. What's a little drone spying? Hell what if it was a Amazon L0oniX Jul 2015 #397
Stand my ....er....air Sancho Jul 2015 #400
Snort. lonestarnot Jul 2015 #414
Good for him. LeftyMom Jul 2015 #401
Citing precedent-setting 2015 Idaho remote-controlled drone law... TeeYiYi Jul 2015 #405
Very helpful. It helps underline the words, phrases and concepts involved. KittyWampus Jul 2015 #412
I don't blame him one bit. Kali Aug 2015 #426
I agree with the sentiment, BUT AleksS Aug 2015 #428
I thought that when I first moved to our city liberal N proud Aug 2015 #433
UPDATE: New telemetry suggests shot-down drone was higher than alleged Blue_Tires Aug 2015 #431
Can a shot gun shoot straight in the air to that altitude with enough force to hit the drone? liberal N proud Aug 2015 #432
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