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5. This country is starting to suck.
Sat May 19, 2012, 05:40 AM
May 2012

Police release some of 9 arrested in Bridgeport
No charges against those who've been let go


Police found books in the apartment that included one with selected writings by Karl Marx. The resident said police handcuffed him and his roommate, ignored their complaints the cuffs were too tight, repeatedly called them communists and used anti-gay slurs.

kick for visibility HiPointDem May 2012 #1
And people wondered what all these laws they've been passing were for. sabrina 1 May 2012 #2
"if you're not with us, you're with the terrorists" at work. dougolat May 2012 #3
These days I laugh when I see Western governments attacking malaise May 2012 #4
Instead of laughing lets take the horse May 2012 #38
This country is starting to suck. limpyhobbler May 2012 #5
When I went to sleep last night, three were still locked up. n/t- EFerrari May 2012 #6
Yes I think they have a bond hearing at noon today. limpyhobbler May 2012 #7
Starting? nt TBF May 2012 #18
Starting to suck more I guess? nt limpyhobbler May 2012 #43
Yes it's pretty chilling for those who resist in any serious way. nt TBF May 2012 #44
Hmmm. Yeah maybe the repression is getting worse because people are actually starting to resist. limpyhobbler May 2012 #46
It is very disconcerting. TBF May 2012 #50
True. limpyhobbler May 2012 #51
Post removed Post removed May 2012 #32
commie fags? jeez so its 40 years ago all of a sudden? nt arely staircase May 2012 #41
Chilling suffragette May 2012 #8
Even though we've been on this slope for a long time EFerrari May 2012 #9
That it is suffragette May 2012 #21
I don't understand why Chicago was chosen for NATO. EFerrari May 2012 #22
I don't get it either suffragette May 2012 #24
Well, Obama comes out of Chicago, so there might be considerations EFerrari May 2012 #26
Good points and I share your hope suffragette May 2012 #27
Post removed Post removed May 2012 #33
Why in bloody hell would you NOT blame him? lets take the horse May 2012 #36
How, precisely, does one 'set up' a defendant who of their own free will, goes and purchases gas, msanthrope May 2012 #74
i think that is right - it is the president's home town and i don't think protests were even part of arely staircase May 2012 #48
Because it's an Illuminati thang, dear. lets take the horse May 2012 #31
Welcome to DU. EFerrari May 2012 #35
Enough of the cliches and 'bot-like responses. lets take the horse May 2012 #37
You're not my beautiful wife. EFerrari May 2012 #39
Post removed Post removed May 2012 #28
which is its very point arely staircase May 2012 #11
Yes. n/t EFerrari May 2012 #13
Exactly, it's to preempt dissent suffragette May 2012 #19
This is what a police state looks like - n/t coalition_unwilling May 2012 #10
Thank God a Federal judge struck down indefinite detention. n/t Zalatix May 2012 #12
It is obvious as to why McCain and Graham placed the amendment. Dawson Leery May 2012 #15
Could you say more about this -- I don't think I know what you mean. n/t EFerrari May 2012 #23
John McCain (Mythical Maverick) is quite the authoritarian. Dawson Leery May 2012 #66
The irony gets stronger all the time.. Fumesucker May 2012 #14
Last night I read on Twitter that one cop was recounting to another cop EFerrari May 2012 #16
Remember the threads here about the NDAA? me b zola May 2012 #17
Yup. And also remember how anyone who is subjected to a loss of civil liberties EFerrari May 2012 #20
Um...did we mean NDAA? lets take the horse May 2012 #29
lol, indeed me b zola May 2012 #45
This has nothing to do with the NDAA bhikkhu May 2012 #57
They were charged as terrorists me b zola May 2012 #67
The Patriot Act is the one that matters here bhikkhu May 2012 #75
What about the explosives? bhikkhu May 2012 #25
What about them LYING THRU THEIR TEETH? lets take the horse May 2012 #30
They seem to be the central issue that is skirted around bhikkhu May 2012 #40
Do you believe everything you read? randome May 2012 #59
The authorities have said that the beer making equipment that the protesters had me b zola May 2012 #47
That's very plausible bhikkhu May 2012 #53
The 'beer-making' meme is a defense strategy that I debunked in this thread-- msanthrope May 2012 #71
Kindly cite that? Can you provide an actual quote from the 'authorities' that indicates that msanthrope May 2012 #70
Agents provocateur, same as Cleveland: Fire Walk With Me May 2012 #34
They're being charged undo the NDAA. So all of those DUers who told use we were over reacting to the Puregonzo1188 May 2012 #42
Especially since a Federal judge threw out a part of the NDAA that many said doesn't exist! Zalatix May 2012 #49
Yeah, I noticed that. Someone needs to tell the judge! Puregonzo1188 May 2012 #52
They're being held under Patriot Act provisions bhikkhu May 2012 #58
Ah yes, the USAPATRIOT Act, another abomination of a law. Zalatix May 2012 #60
They're in military detention? bhikkhu May 2012 #54
It's evil. That's all that matters. randome May 2012 #55
Forget it, he's rolling. Robb May 2012 #56
They're being charged under Illinois law, not NDAA frazzled May 2012 #61
No, but it looks a HELL of a lot like retaliation....... socialist_n_TN May 2012 #62
You really think anyone gives a shit about some stupid UTube video? randome May 2012 #63
Why yes, I DO think that cops think like this........... socialist_n_TN May 2012 #65
Like the one that lost the cops case against Occupiers last week EFerrari May 2012 #68
Lol, are you serious? It's clear you have not followed events since last September. sabrina 1 May 2012 #78
How, precisely, did CPD make one of the defendants purchase gas in a container, carry it to the msanthrope May 2012 #72
They've been doing this sort of thing for ages. The privileged are catered to in this country, Marr May 2012 #64
Suppose the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act will be reintroduced? sad sally May 2012 #69
Only if they need more hype. As it is, the urban armies don't seem to care much EFerrari May 2012 #73
Did you see this article today? sad sally May 2012 #76
Yep. EFerrari May 2012 #77
This bs about the President not being aware of the arrests is the height of government double-talk. sad sally May 2012 #79
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