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32. 'It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his
Tue Aug 18, 2015, 10:24 AM
Aug 2015

not understanding it'

Upton Sinclair

It is a very interesting fracture line indeed. arcane1 Aug 2015 #1
The "hire US workers first" is riddled with easy to exploit loopholes strategery blunder Aug 2015 #2
The prevailing wage rules are hard to enforce too Recursion Aug 2015 #3
Re unemployment in IT strategery blunder Aug 2015 #4
It may be a generational thing; my Bachelor's was in liberal arts Recursion Aug 2015 #6
That wouldn't surprise me strategery blunder Aug 2015 #7
There's still 2.5 million people working in IT Recursion Aug 2015 #8
Most H1B visa holders transitioned from student visas. lumberjack_jeff Aug 2015 #42
And who paid the tuition? strategery blunder Aug 2015 #43
Mom and dad. They paid out of state tuition too, which makes colleges happy. n/t lumberjack_jeff Aug 2015 #44
But the IT industry is a lot more heavy with contract jobs than permanent ones today... cascadiance Aug 2015 #11
And that's the fault line I mentioned Recursion Aug 2015 #13
Democratic voters are NOT "slightly in favor of the TPP" brentspeak Aug 2015 #22
You can disparage polling organizations all you want. Are there ANY polls showing that Democratic pampango Aug 2015 #25
You don't give up, do you? brentspeak Aug 2015 #27
And you never post a poll that shows Democrats are anti-TPP as you claim. Though you are pampango Aug 2015 #29
it is not that you can hire H1B's if they are cheaper, it is supposed to be hollysmom Aug 2015 #14
PERM Fake Job Ads defraud Americans to secure green cards FrodosPet Aug 2015 #5
We will just end up pay the H-1Bs higher wages. nt kelliekat44 Aug 2015 #9
Why would they need to hire H-1B's if they had to pay them the same? n/t pnwmom Aug 2015 #10
The perception is they're "better" in addition to being cheaper Recursion Aug 2015 #12
That perception would be false.. I think most of their top 5% probably stays there... cascadiance Aug 2015 #15
two reasons 1) econ 101 more supply, lower wage for all, and 2) They're indentured nt HFRN Aug 2015 #35
I do hope that this does not mean we Democrats will now be expected to be FOR H-1B visas. djean111 Aug 2015 #16
Are you saying you are for zero H-1B visas being issued? Recursion Aug 2015 #17
The program needs to be scaled back and policed for abuse davidn3600 Aug 2015 #18
I am saying that anyone who is on record as saying H-1B visas need to be increased - no vote. djean111 Aug 2015 #19
How have you observed it being abused? Recursion Aug 2015 #21
Your "play dumb about H1-B abuse" posting approach is sort of funny brentspeak Aug 2015 #23
'It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his HFRN Aug 2015 #32
Here is one - I applied for an IT position at a large company where I had referrals djean111 Aug 2015 #24
A little old, but... MannyGoldstein Aug 2015 #26
H Clinton on H-1b visas HFRN Aug 2015 #31
Bernie Sanders on H-1b visa HFRN Aug 2015 #33
+100 n/t lumberjack_jeff Aug 2015 #46
and I can't find anything about Martin O'Malley on H-1b visa HFRN Aug 2015 #34
Other than eliminating the corporate tax and promoting right-to-work laws, Trump's economic policy pampango Aug 2015 #20
Is it the H1, H2's or the L1, L2's that are causing the damage? One_Life_To_Give Aug 2015 #28
why can't this party ('of working people') talk honestly about H-1b visa? HFRN Aug 2015 #30
I have the same question Recursion Aug 2015 #36
Great - can you tell me O'Malley's position on H-1b visa? nt HFRN Aug 2015 #37
I cannot. He has not spoken about it. Recursion Aug 2015 #38
'I think he disagrees with me on this particular question' HFRN Aug 2015 #39
I think we need to reduce our H1-B numbers by about 25% Recursion Aug 2015 #40
'I think O'Malley wants to reduce them by about 50%.' HFRN Aug 2015 #41
This "honest talk" should encompass the effect of all labor immigration. n/t lumberjack_jeff Aug 2015 #45
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