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Thu Aug 20, 2015, 01:42 PM Aug 2015

MSNBC Threw Liberals Under The Bus And Is Now The Lowest Rated News Network [View all]

MSNBC claimed that they were boosting their ratings by dumping their liberal hosts and switching to news, but over the last 4 weekdays, they have been the lowest rated cable news network three times with the key 25-54 demo audience.

On August 13, the daytime demo viewership numbers via TVNewser were FNC: 236,000 | CNN: 118,000 | MSNBC: 75,000 | HLN: 102,000. The next MSNBC rose to third place during the day by beating Headline News in the demo 103,000 to 88,000. On Monday, August 17, it was Headline News 102,000 and MSNBC 92,000. MSNBC lost to Headline News again yesterday by a margin of 98,000 demo viewers to 81,000 demo viewers.

Maybe the problem at MSNBC wasn’t that viewers did not want liberal politics. The problem was and remains that viewers would like programs that are interesting. MSNBC’s primetime is not great shape either. The network’s primetime lineup is mired in third place and losing ground to CNN on a daily basis. The Rachel Maddow Show is the only thing that is keeping MSNBC primetime from last place


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MSNBC needs to ditch Scarborough, Mitchell, and now Todd. nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Aug 2015 #1
+1 daleanime Aug 2015 #41
I can't stand them now. Even Rachel and Lawrence are muzzled. It frees up my night. TheBlackAdder Aug 2015 #51
I turned Rachel off this evening emsimon33 Aug 2015 #106
Last night - ONLY covered GOP candidates, NO DEMS, and a 10 minutes on the 2 Female Army Rangers. nt TheBlackAdder Aug 2015 #112
Dear MSNBC: Pleaae give RON REAGAN a show! Mike Nelson Aug 2015 #2
Excellent choice! AndreaCG Aug 2015 #10
I agree on both points tech3149 Aug 2015 #17
Yes... Mike Nelson Aug 2015 #91
Agree! Mike Nelson Aug 2015 #90
That is my complaint. She wastes time which wastes our time. emsimon33 Aug 2015 #107
And John Fugelsang! cui bono Aug 2015 #105
I love John True Blue American Aug 2015 #124
Totally agree briloop Aug 2015 #120
Yep! They did it. Reap what you sow. So very sad! nt 7wo7rees Aug 2015 #3
I am not surprised riverbendviewgal Aug 2015 #4
Aljazeera True Blue American Aug 2015 #62
I just read the articles on-line plus Jim Beard Aug 2015 #100
I have switched to Aljazeera myself. emsimon33 Aug 2015 #108
App True Blue American Aug 2015 #118
Only a matter of te before Rachel is INdemo Aug 2015 #5
The exact opposite. Right now I think they are kissing her feet the moment she walks in the building stevenleser Aug 2015 #9
That isnt the way corporatists/Republicans think though INdemo Aug 2015 #39
It's exactly the way they think. She is the only one bringing in ad $$$. nt stevenleser Aug 2015 #40
The Rachel Maddow Show Control-Z Aug 2015 #6
The old MSM T.V. is like radio: Dying off with the population using them. Eleanors38 Aug 2015 #7
See: Limbaugh's ratings. Ikonoklast Aug 2015 #69
I'm putting on my Cleita Aug 2015 #8
and you weren't the only Marty McGraw Aug 2015 #45
Lock Down 24/7 Oh, good. jwirr Aug 2015 #57
That's part of the equation. The Limbaugh sponsor boycott also had a side effect of hastening Chakab Aug 2015 #64
Eh. I find Chris and Rachel better liberals than Ed. DirkGently Aug 2015 #11
http//www.freespeechtv murray hill farm Aug 2015 #13
I will look into this -- thank you! n/t DirkGently Aug 2015 #14
You will love it. murray hill farm Aug 2015 #27
Bernie Sanders MadCrow Aug 2015 #58
also on ROKU Jim Beard Aug 2015 #101
IMO Thom Hartman has best political talk show on TV by far. And check out FSTV documentarys too. ooky Aug 2015 #96
And Link TV! True Blue American Aug 2015 #65
Thank you for the mention of freespeechtv nt/ truedelphi Aug 2015 #77
Oh, I am True Blue American Aug 2015 #121
Since Comcast took over all of these programs have changed. I watched jwirr Aug 2015 #60
Bingo, bango, bongo! Comcast executives in control changed MSNBC. Morning Joe and daytime was always RW, so Quelle surprise! Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #78
I don't see Republicans dominating on Chris / Rachel. DirkGently Aug 2015 #115
I do not view news and commentary programs as entertainment so I jwirr Aug 2015 #117
Have you seen True Blue American Aug 2015 #123
Actually I saw him on Ed's web site as a guest. I thought it was kind of jwirr Aug 2015 #129
Bad business decisions by Comcast. PatrickforO Aug 2015 #12
And I think you are right...they don't care. zeemike Aug 2015 #22
Yeah, but they still have Prison Porn on weekends JustABozoOnThisBus Aug 2015 #15
I'm down to just Faux pas Aug 2015 #16
Me too katmondoo Aug 2015 #18
Yep Faux pas Aug 2015 #19
I watch Matthews and Maddow SCantiGOP Aug 2015 #20
Matthews Faux pas Aug 2015 #23
Quit watching when they dumped Keith... Contrary1 Aug 2015 #21
Rehire Schultz, fire Todd from both networks Cherry Creek Native Aug 2015 #24
Yep MissDeeds Aug 2015 #49
My day dream is that Keith, Ed, and all the remaining liberals who are jwirr Aug 2015 #63
Many are True Blue American Aug 2015 #119
I know several of my grandchildren are getting some pretty good deals. jwirr Aug 2015 #128
Yes to all your suggestions flamingdem Aug 2015 #93
MSNBC is now Trump 24/7 olddots Aug 2015 #25
Except for Scarborough. ooky Aug 2015 #94
And I assume you know what would be interesting to their audience? brooklynite Aug 2015 #26
Where is MSNBC going to find a loyal audience? JDPriestly Aug 2015 #42
"I can't afford to watch" doesn't seem to be what the OP is suggesting... brooklynite Aug 2015 #47
Their shows have become so repetitive of each other too aint_no_life_nowhere Aug 2015 #28
This is perhaps their biggest problem. Atman Aug 2015 #46
I hesitate repeating this but Jim Beard Aug 2015 #102
When one of you "stars" is Scarborough.... wolfie001 Aug 2015 #29
We all knew this would happen martigras Aug 2015 #30
Trump? Trump! Trump, Trump jberryhill Aug 2015 #31
I'm having Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump beaked beans Trump Trump Trump and Trump! nt eppur_se_muova Aug 2015 #44
Eggs, Trump, baked beans, bacon and Trump! jberryhill Aug 2015 #48
You forgot Donald Trump. 24/7 all day every day. Donald Trump! nt Stellar Aug 2015 #71
I couldn't agree more! nt jonno99 Aug 2015 #75
Trump Trump! jberryhill Aug 2015 #76
I have no gift to bring pa trump trump trump trump aint_no_life_nowhere Aug 2015 #80
My Trump jberryhill Aug 2015 #81
All that MSNBC is interested in is selling vodka and Lincolns to 27 year old stock brokers. leveymg Aug 2015 #32
...with toenail fungus, ulcerative colitis, and erection problems. jberryhill Aug 2015 #82
Rachel is the only show I'm consistently watching on MSNBC. Vinca Aug 2015 #33
And kissing up to Trump with endless coverage of the toad turns off their regular viewers. nt kelliekat44 Aug 2015 #52
TRM is the only progam I watch there exclusively. I've been thinking about sacrificing the... marble falls Aug 2015 #34
MSNBC has an agenda that viewers will not embrace. Enthusiast Aug 2015 #35
That nailed it right there............................... turbinetree Aug 2015 #38
Somebody who gets it! NOVA_Dem Aug 2015 #103
Kicked and recommended! I hope MSNBC hits rock bottom. Enthusiast Aug 2015 #36
MSNBC was not a station on the low-priced list of stations in my area of Los Angeles. JDPriestly Aug 2015 #37
I'm not familiar with what stations are senseandsensibility Aug 2015 #53
It depends on where you live. I get MSNBC in the low cost package in MN. jwirr Aug 2015 #70
Not in bottom tier in NY or TN (nt) sunnystarr Aug 2015 #97
This does not seem to make sense. Wonder how they decide? jwirr Aug 2015 #116
I didn't know it was sunnystarr Aug 2015 #127
We have the cheapest package with Direct TV. jwirr Aug 2015 #130
FOX is free. That's one reason their #'s are always good. The other reason is... napi21 Aug 2015 #104
I already could not stand Maddow, sadly. Sad to see final death of Air America progressive talk. Leopolds Ghost Aug 2015 #43
as if they care... NRaleighLiberal Aug 2015 #50
The channel really sucks now... SoapBox Aug 2015 #54
I agree True Blue American Aug 2015 #122
To fix at least the evening shows they need to free their hosts so that jwirr Aug 2015 #55
Maybe not enough Liberals watch TV kwolf68 Aug 2015 #56
Liberals select their shows. The shows we are talking about in this thread jwirr Aug 2015 #73
I think comcast is deliberately driving down the ratings. Jim__ Aug 2015 #59
Why go through the subterfuge? brooklynite Aug 2015 #66
One reason would be CYA. Jim__ Aug 2015 #72
I have to agree...drive down ratings, switch to RW like they always intended to at the right time. Fred Sanders Aug 2015 #79
I'm not surprised. Blue_In_AK Aug 2015 #61
One reason it happened: C-O-M-C-A-S-T! 66 dmhlt Aug 2015 #67
Amen! True Blue American Aug 2015 #125
I think MSNBC is trying to spoon feed us Republic0n BullS***, to start a new competition with Stellar Aug 2015 #68
A problem we face as critical thinkers olddots Aug 2015 #74
I took a look a the commercials on Fox a while back, and, yeah jberryhill Aug 2015 #84
they didn't switch to news, they switched to trumpteevee spanone Aug 2015 #83
soon even the commercials on MSNBC will feature trump aint_no_life_nowhere Aug 2015 #87
It amazes me that DUers do not notice...Trump is not just a Republican candidate, he's a Republican Bluenorthwest Aug 2015 #111
Leave Mitchell alone. NYCButterfinger Aug 2015 #85
Andrea Greenspan sucks ass. TheKentuckian Aug 2015 #92
Please. ProudToBeBlueInRhody Aug 2015 #113
Same story hour after hour is not news. oldandhappy Aug 2015 #86
And Rachel is not that great. She wants to thing she is, but.... Hotler Aug 2015 #88
They need to start over. Get rid of everyone and find some talent livetohike Aug 2015 #89
I wish they would have more actual "news" of the world. cleanhippie Aug 2015 #95
I still think of them as the network that dumped Phil Donahue. lpbk2713 Aug 2015 #98
You are not alone. Donahue True Blue American Aug 2015 #126
CNN has a Trump problem... DAMANgoldberg Aug 2015 #99
25-54 year olds are too busy working to watch much tv these days SoCalDem Aug 2015 #109
It's unwatchable. AngryOldDem Aug 2015 #110
Free Speech TV now. lonestarnot Aug 2015 #114
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