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61. "Cat caught in the lawnmower horrible"
Thu Sep 10, 2015, 11:32 AM
Sep 2015

How can one extricate that metaphor from ones brain?


(Totally appropriate, however.)

It was horrible! Cat caught in a lawnmower horrible! tavernier Sep 2015 #1
"Cat caught in the lawnmower horrible" longship Sep 2015 #61
Sorry, bad example ... tavernier Sep 2015 #71
Both are good, really. longship Sep 2015 #72
Better. tavernier Sep 2015 #73
Good grief. She's horrible. nt. polly7 Sep 2015 #2
And the Grifter says, Wellstone ruled Sep 2015 #3
I've been so drunk, I changed my pants in a parking lot shenmue Sep 2015 #4
the psychedelic community takes no responsibility for this one. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #6
Do we have to? ChairmanAgnostic Sep 2015 #11
Maybe she ate some "Mad Moose"? nt AnotherDreamWeaver Sep 2015 #25
Meth, lots of meth, and Red Bull is my guess. hifiguy Sep 2015 #67
Did you take pictures? brer cat Sep 2015 #14
Nah shenmue Sep 2015 #16
I went through the 60s and I never heard anyone on any substance sound like that. Warpy Sep 2015 #30
Yeah. There is something Not Right shenmue Sep 2015 #31
You said it! smirkymonkey Sep 2015 #36
More like word cold slaw CanonRay Sep 2015 #52
Probably Meth malaise Sep 2015 #39
You are so funny ! Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2015 #48
Thank you shenmue Sep 2015 #63
back when girls wore panty hose, my friend went into the ladies Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2015 #77
No problem, but inquiring minds gotta know why. Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #65
I stand corrected... catbyte Sep 2015 #54
She is drunk off of stupidy again SummerSnow Sep 2015 #7
Don't give him any ideas shenmue Sep 2015 #32
All I can say is.... BooScout Sep 2015 #8
Some might be. Others aren't. cyberswede Sep 2015 #20
... BooScout Sep 2015 #44
Just to show how little clout she has in AK now, Blue_In_AK Sep 2015 #9
Thanks! We needed that. n/t Judi Lynn Sep 2015 #43
Did you notice.... WiffenPoof Sep 2015 #10
I just...I couldn't do it! Hydra Sep 2015 #12
Trailin' Palin.. ElodaAnne Sep 2015 #13
The rally is sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots and the Zionist Organization of America. dixiegrrrrl Sep 2015 #26
Welp, THERE's a pair to draw to. hifiguy Sep 2015 #68
Welcome to DU! catbyte Sep 2015 #58
pink kaleidoscope? progressoid Sep 2015 #15
Her blog writers are meme riffin' again nt Monk06 Sep 2015 #46
She's not even entertaining now. closeupready Sep 2015 #17
I think one has to have 'had' it before they can 'lose' it... Wounded Bear Sep 2015 #18
What the fuck was that? shenmue Sep 2015 #19
Marvin disavows all responsibility. hifiguy Sep 2015 #69
"sweat is my sanity" cyberswede Sep 2015 #21
Yeah, sweat and very little else! smirkymonkey Sep 2015 #37
She told Katie Couric that back in 2008! Tanuki Sep 2015 #81
I can't bear to listen to her screechifying truebluegreen Sep 2015 #22
I had to mute. Seriously, I cannot take it. CanonRay Sep 2015 #53
I agree. truebluegreen Sep 2015 #64
She is so pathetic. How does she even draw a crowd any more? lpbk2713 Sep 2015 #23
Is there something wrong with her?? ram2008 Sep 2015 #24
Word salad that no BLUE cheese or ranch dressing could fix yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #27
Oh yes, Sarah! Yes! You tell it, Girlfriend! Tell it! Raster Sep 2015 #28
I saw/heard quite enough in a brief clip on MSNBC. 3catwoman3 Sep 2015 #29
She is animated. That's good. rusty quoin Sep 2015 #33
OMG! WTF? LOL! NT Tom Kitten Sep 2015 #34
Speakin' American! uppityperson Sep 2015 #35
Can someone please translate? smirkymonkey Sep 2015 #38
She doesn't know what she said either malaise Sep 2015 #41
As KO would say madokie Sep 2015 #40
When did she ever have it? JHB Sep 2015 #42
There's something seriously wrong with her. leftyladyfrommo Sep 2015 #45
I've said it before IDemo Sep 2015 #47
... catbyte Sep 2015 #55
man, had to turn it off - made me feel ill. But, she actually said something good about Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2015 #49
The sad thing is that to baggers, that's a negative and a sign of "weakness." catbyte Sep 2015 #82
Sarah in the Sky with Diamonds... kentuck Sep 2015 #50
Grifter in Chief, Victim in Chief. Scuba Sep 2015 #51
She is real good at pointing that finger at everyone but her own family. Rex Sep 2015 #56
An inflamed and pustulent boil on the buttocks of the body politic. hifiguy Sep 2015 #70
Thats the part of the anatomy they all focus on. Historic NY Sep 2015 #76
The desperation for attention just keeps getting worse. Upping the ante is all she has left. L. Coyote Sep 2015 #57
Didn't Trump say that he'd tap her to be his Energy Secretary? catbyte Sep 2015 #60
How can anyone understand her logic? UCmeNdc Sep 2015 #59
Why do people even pay attention to her anymore? WI_DEM Sep 2015 #62
That "sentence" would keep a roomful of English teachers hifiguy Sep 2015 #66
do her fans even realize she makes no fucking sense? Skittles Sep 2015 #74
What, do NONE of you liberals recognize performance poetry when you see it? Bucky Sep 2015 #75
Jesus Christ that flag at 1:45 looks like an intestinal fluke. nt thereismore Sep 2015 #78
Voices of Meth Generic Brad Sep 2015 #79
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo... nt Unrepentant Fenian Sep 2015 #80
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