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80. probably makes it easy for a sherrif to deny a gun permit to Blacks or any other person
Sat Oct 3, 2015, 11:06 PM
Oct 2015

Ever wonder why Donald trump has a pistol permit and a lot of other people have trouble getting one.

He is rich and white. Its an easy process for him.

Good question Duckhunter935 Oct 2015 #1
The British still use guns in hunting and sport. How do they keep gun violence among humans... ChisolmTrailDem Oct 2015 #2
That doesn't address the question asked dumbcat Oct 2015 #23
Well, for one thing, they don't use hand guns Warpy Oct 2015 #54
Canadians have hunting rifles Aerows Oct 2015 #81
Gun love is a sickness that's difficult to treat. hunter Oct 2015 #3
You didn't address the question asked dumbcat Oct 2015 #24
I think wanting to own a gun for anything other than utilitarian reasons... hunter Oct 2015 #51
Then, your answer to the question is dumbcat Oct 2015 #53
We don't. enlightenment Oct 2015 #4
So if I read your reply correctly dumbcat Oct 2015 #25
Yes, you're reading correctly. enlightenment Oct 2015 #75
Yes, that idea was properly not well received. However... sudenlyseymour Oct 2015 #5
Thank you for your thoughtful reply, but dumbcat Oct 2015 #26
I am as useless as so many others who have replied. sudenlyseymour Oct 2015 #84
We could look twice at those who feel the need to pose on social media with guns. cwydro Oct 2015 #6
No they don't. Just the ones you happen to remember who happened to do that. Warren Stupidity Oct 2015 #8
Every one of the most recent had pictures of themselves with guns. cwydro Oct 2015 #9
Cedric G. Prather Warren Stupidity Oct 2015 #11
I love people who cannot post without using profanity. cwydro Oct 2015 #12
'horseshit'? seriously? that is what you are responding to? Warren Stupidity Oct 2015 #13
It's a sign of class dumbcat Oct 2015 #43
I agree with you there. cwydro Oct 2015 #79
And hundreds of thousands did not Duckhunter935 Oct 2015 #37
That is backwards logic, or would it be illogical? uppityperson Oct 2015 #21
After you look twice, then what do you do? dumbcat Oct 2015 #27
Oh fuck that. Every other country that had a mass shooting problem did the obvious: Warren Stupidity Oct 2015 #7
What kinds of limits and regulations? LWolf Oct 2015 #14
^^^This Post^^^ -none Oct 2015 #16
That's far too sensible to ever work in this country. Crunchy Frog Oct 2015 #49
I know, but I can dream can't I? -none Oct 2015 #67
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2015 #69
Cars are, by law, licensed and insured to run on the street. Their purpose is transportation. -none Oct 2015 #76
Classy. And non-responsive dumbcat Oct 2015 #28
Sorry to say that happens a lot Duckhunter935 Oct 2015 #40
Mexico has strict gun laws Travis_0004 Oct 2015 #59
Mexico. Seriously? Warren Stupidity Oct 2015 #60
Overall homicides are higher in mexico Travis_0004 Oct 2015 #62
Well go ahead and talk about anything other Warren Stupidity Oct 2015 #68
You require a permit to purchase a gun. NutmegYankee Oct 2015 #10
I like the Vermont and Maine procedures better... Kang Colby Oct 2015 #17
In practice all town Police Chiefs or First Selectman have requested references. NutmegYankee Oct 2015 #19
They both have vastly lower population densities than CT. Crunchy Frog Oct 2015 #55
That's the closest I've seen yet to an answer dumbcat Oct 2015 #29
I can try to explain Connecticut's laws NutmegYankee Oct 2015 #77
probably makes it easy for a sherrif to deny a gun permit to Blacks or any other person Travis_0004 Oct 2015 #80
Considering that Connecticut doesn't have sheriffs, that won't happen. NutmegYankee Oct 2015 #82
Ban all guns! n/t PowerToThePeople Oct 2015 #15
Non responsive to my simple request dumbcat Oct 2015 #30
You have yet to answer what should be done to gun owners like Vice President Joe Biden, kelly1mm Oct 2015 #61
Ideally, turn over all his guns. PowerToThePeople Oct 2015 #70
Ok, I suppose that if passing laws (or in this case amending the constitution) is what you propose kelly1mm Oct 2015 #72
They are winning currently PowerToThePeople Oct 2015 #73
Man, I sure hope Vice President Biden, who you deem a domestic terrorist, is not our nominee kelly1mm Oct 2015 #74
What's your answer to the problem of guns coming across the borders if they're banned? cherokeeprogressive Oct 2015 #71
I think we just have to cut down on the number of guns treestar Oct 2015 #18
Non responsive to the question asked dumbcat Oct 2015 #31
this replies deals with "Many of -THESE- had -SOME- indication of -MENTAL ILLNESS- HereSince1628 Oct 2015 #20
So, did all that long reply boil down to dumbcat Oct 2015 #34
No it boiled down to HereSince1628 Oct 2015 #38
OK. Do you have an answer to the question posed in the OP? dumbcat Oct 2015 #41
I think focus on mental illness is mostly wrongheaded and hugely reliant on bigotry HereSince1628 Oct 2015 #47
Well, thanks anyway dumbcat Oct 2015 #52
I'm not into the Manicheasim of yes and no of conservatives and HereSince1628 Oct 2015 #57
I think we are in violent agreement dumbcat Oct 2015 #64
Yup. Conflating many problems into simple ones doesn't work. uppityperson Oct 2015 #45
E.O. Wilson says the dilemma of human existence stems from HereSince1628 Oct 2015 #50
Here is the link to your last idea, rather than a reply I gave uppityperson Oct 2015 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author dumbcat Oct 2015 #35
Simple... Require them to become... farmbo Oct 2015 #32
You want to determine who is a potential danger to others dumbcat Oct 2015 #36
Yes... Read the the text of the 2nd Amendment farmbo Oct 2015 #42
You are still non-responsive to the question dumbcat Oct 2015 #44
Respectfully,it is responsive. I'm linking gun purchases to a 'well regulated militia' farmbo Oct 2015 #85
I do not know how to ID potential mass murderers uppityperson Oct 2015 #33
Thank you for the most direct, honest answer in this thread dumbcat Oct 2015 #39
No, you can't simply identify anyone who might potentially commit an act of violence Crunchy Frog Oct 2015 #46
Thank you for your thoughtful and honest reply dumbcat Oct 2015 #48
"I am not about limiting your rights and freedoms"? you wanted to give this power to teenagers on uppityperson Oct 2015 #56
That other post was a proposition dumbcat Oct 2015 #63
Thank you for acknowledging it was absurd. I wasn't sure, especially due to your replies saying uppityperson Oct 2015 #78
Granted, I don't like living in a gun saturated society, Crunchy Frog Oct 2015 #66
I posted a similar request yesterday. Here are the responses Evergreen Emerald Oct 2015 #58
Your question was much, much broader than mine dumbcat Oct 2015 #65
My answer is different smilingwen Oct 2015 #83
This ain't much different than your other pre-crime thread, huh. Iggo Oct 2015 #86
If you say so dumbcat Oct 2015 #87
I'm glad you agree. Iggo Oct 2015 #88
Freeedumb isn't strictly the domain of the right. Sen. Walter Sobchak Oct 2015 #89
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