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Thu Oct 22, 2015, 09:23 PM Oct 2015

Thank you Bernie supporters for your graciousness [View all]

I am a Hillary supporter.

I have been increasingly saddened by the tone of the posts as the primary season has unfolded. I know for myself I will HAPPILY support whomever the democratic nominee is. It's not that I don't like Bernie, I just like Hillary better.

Today I saw a graciousness and supportive tone from the Bernie group that has made me extremely grateful to be a part of this group and has erased my sadness. So I want to reiterate my support to you as well.

Thank you.

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K&R JoePhilly Oct 2015 #1
Yup. Agschmid Oct 2015 #2
K&R mcar Oct 2015 #3
Much love to them as well. ronnykmarshall Oct 2015 #4
No problem. Blue_In_AK Oct 2015 #5
An especially vicious one. JDPriestly Oct 2015 #27
Yes, same here, thanks for mentioning it. dreamnightwind Oct 2015 #58
K&R BootinUp Oct 2015 #6
Ditto. Thank you,Sanders supporters. nt sufrommich Oct 2015 #7
One must give credit where credit is due! The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2015 #8
And we'll vote for her too if Bernie doesn't win the nom NightWatcher Oct 2015 #9
Hey, I'm a Bernie guy but the Pukes just provided Hillary with an 11 hour campaign commercial. OffWithTheirHeads Oct 2015 #10
Ironically ZX86 Oct 2015 #11
k/r Dawson Leery Oct 2015 #12
Hear! Hear! Sanders supporters have been very gracious and supportive. BlueCaliDem Oct 2015 #13
Agreed. Darb Oct 2015 #14
I never had a doubt she could handle them. HRC is a Democratic woman and strong one in the vein of LiberalArkie Oct 2015 #15
I was not here or able to watch MuseRider Oct 2015 #16
I'm a Bernie voter but Horizens Oct 2015 #17
Classy FreakinDJ Oct 2015 #18
I appreciated that too Rose Siding Oct 2015 #19
What happened today was a disgrace. She handled herself brilliantly. truebrit71 Oct 2015 #20
I did my best! retrowire Oct 2015 #21
This is what sets Dems a part from the GOP. kelliekat44 Oct 2015 #22
I didn't watch any of the hearing bigwillq Oct 2015 #23
I wish all of them were gracious.....some were wearing the tinfoil hat......... thelordofhell Oct 2015 #24
I hear you. I wish there was more reasoned discussion of issues nilram Oct 2015 #81
Indeed... 2naSalit Oct 2015 #25
Good going, Hillary. FuzzyRabbit Oct 2015 #26
Yes! Agreed! NurseJackie Oct 2015 #28
I think most of the unpleasant posts on *both* sides have been by a small but very active minority tblue37 Oct 2015 #29
You have a kindred spirit here. jen63 Oct 2015 #39
Me 3 Leith Oct 2015 #54
Yes, lately on DU it feels like we're in a republican primary forum, so mean-spirited. JudyM Oct 2015 #80
+1 FLPanhandle Oct 2015 #74
I agree eom noiretextatique Oct 2015 #88
I supported Hillary Bjornsdotter Oct 2015 #30
I just said to my hubs stopwastingmymoney Oct 2015 #31
I've already tried to make it clear I like them both but lean toward Sanders. Stinky The Clown Oct 2015 #32
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2015 #33
It's so much better when Democrats are united. BlueCheese Oct 2015 #34
Thanks so much Bernie fans workinclasszero Oct 2015 #35
It was a great Day for DU no matter who you support! nt LostOne4Ever Oct 2015 #36
Yes shenmue Oct 2015 #37
I love this post and I agree. complain jane Oct 2015 #38
We're all in this together. MynameisBlarney Oct 2015 #40
Absolutely - - I hated the way they spoke to her -- so hostile and disrespectful.. whathehell Oct 2015 #62
You're welcome, Happyhippychick. She did a fine job putting those POSs in their place. nt ChisolmTrailDem Oct 2015 #41
Their attempt to bring her down blew the fug up in their faces. She handled herself well. GoneFishin Oct 2015 #42
She was stellar tonight Boomer Oct 2015 #43
K & R SunSeeker Oct 2015 #44
HRC is extraordinarily presidential. Such amazing grace! slumcamper Oct 2015 #45
Yes, thank you!!! beaglelover Oct 2015 #46
This avid Bernie supporter watched every second of it and rooted for her all the way, despite silvershadow Oct 2015 #47
K&r Politicub Oct 2015 #48
You Are Welcome cantbeserious Oct 2015 #49
As aBernie supporter, I second that notion stevebreeze Oct 2015 #50
I'm a Bernie supporter. stage left Oct 2015 #51
I think everyone knows the real purpose of this hearings. To take down HRC. YOHABLO Oct 2015 #52
You're welcome. Hillary kicked ass today . . . Triana Oct 2015 #53
Ditto. smirkymonkey Oct 2015 #57
we may feel passionately , but DonCoquixote Oct 2015 #55
She won allot of fans today... MrWendel Oct 2015 #56
We do understand that they will do the same to ANY Democrat eridani Oct 2015 #59
K and r. cwydro Oct 2015 #60
. mmonk Oct 2015 #61
Don't you know ohheckyeah Oct 2015 #63
Solidarity forever. joshcryer Oct 2015 #64
Feels like the DU I signed up for in 2001, thanks to ALL OF US HERE!!! winstars Oct 2015 #65
thanks...we share one thing. .. joeybee12 Oct 2015 #66
Thank you! I'm a Bernie fan, but I have a new-found respect for Hillary for the way she secondwind Oct 2015 #67
Good for Hillary but bad for the country. DrBulldog Oct 2015 #68
KnR!!! KansDem Oct 2015 #69
I certainly respect HRC but wish I felt she would work primarily for the 99%. rhett o rick Oct 2015 #70
She kicked GOP ass. blackspade Oct 2015 #71
K & R davidpdx Oct 2015 #72
Hillary is one of our own, and I can't stand to see her being treated this way. PotatoChip Oct 2015 #73
Yeah, as acrimonious as things have been... Jester Messiah Oct 2015 #75
Yes. aquart Oct 2015 #76
No prob, HHC..... N_E_1 for Tennis Oct 2015 #77
And it's very gracious of you to say so. bvf Oct 2015 #78
And Thank You, for taking the time to thank us. MasonDreams Oct 2015 #79
We should try our darndest to hold that thought... dorkzilla Oct 2015 #82
All Democrat supporters are against this unfair percecution for political reasons. LiberalLovinLug Oct 2015 #83
K&R for Solidarity McCamy Taylor Oct 2015 #84
You're welcome. Hillary did a great job! Too bad she has to lose, haha;) grahamhgreen Oct 2015 #85
De nada. KamaAina Oct 2015 #86
Civility countryken Oct 2015 #87
If she's nominated I'll gladly vote for her lunatica Oct 2015 #89
Its bullshit what they're doing to her and our tax dollars d_legendary1 Oct 2015 #90
I'd thank them, but I'm still suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome" Blue_Tires Oct 2015 #91
Judging a group of people based on the actions of one person who simply claims to be in that group Bluenorthwest Oct 2015 #94
Whole lot of DUers seemed to support that sentiment Blue_Tires Oct 2015 #99
I might be wild, DocMac Oct 2015 #92
It is a political witch hunt awoke_in_2003 Oct 2015 #93
I would say something RoccoR5955 Oct 2015 #95
Giving this another kick. Because yesterday felt so good around here. ronnykmarshall Oct 2015 #96
GREAT thread, Happyhippychick! Thank you for posting this! calimary Oct 2015 #97
Wish I could reply to everyone, I love all of you and appreciate my home here. Happyhippychick Oct 2015 #98
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