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19. In my experience people who say they don't see race are deluding themselves.
Sat May 26, 2012, 05:15 AM
May 2012

I think you would have to deliberately chose to ignore race to somehow not see it. And if you ignore race, that means you are ignoring racism too, I think.

It's quite convenient to be colorblind all of a sudden after centuries of race-based theft and discrimination where all the benefits went to one race.

Now that people have stopped accepting that kind of theft and are pointing it out, trying to take back some of what was stolen, it's not at all surprising that some people in the dominant group want everyone to be colorblind.

Some other people sincerely want to be colorblind I guess, because they want to live out MLK's dream where people are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

It's a worthy goal and I respect people who take that attitude if they are sincere, but mostly I think it involves a heavy dose of self-delusion at best. At its worst the "colorblind" attitude ends up being one of the biggest enforcers of racism.

Is it ironic that not seeing race can make you a huge racist? Yeah, that's funny, but it's true. But not all the time. Just usually. Glad I could clear that up for everyone. You're welcome.

Dear “Colorblind” people, [View all] MrScorpio May 2012 OP
Makes sense to me. Behind the Aegis May 2012 #1
The key to respecting each other's cultures and colors is to recognize them... MrScorpio May 2012 #3
Exactly. Behind the Aegis May 2012 #6
That whole attitude and the idea that talking about racism is racist EFerrari May 2012 #2
Exactly MrScorpio May 2012 #4
It works like an erasure, a denial of being. EFerrari May 2012 #5
let's examine this Suji to Seoul May 2012 #7
No, your assumption is just wrong. Scootaloo May 2012 #9
so, if i am understanding this completely, colorblind people only see the color brown Suji to Seoul May 2012 #11
No, you're not Scootaloo May 2012 #12
It's always driven me up the wall Scootaloo May 2012 #8
Nice. nt BlueIris May 2012 #10
Damn skippy! nt MrScorpio May 2012 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author kickysnana May 2012 #25
wait a minute; so if you don't think racism should exist, you're racist? cali May 2012 #14
That's not what's being said Scootaloo May 2012 #15
but that is what's being said: cali May 2012 #20
It's a bit of selective reading on your part, I think Scootaloo May 2012 #23
Check this out: MrScorpio May 2012 #17
I think the "it" refers to "color-blind racial ideology." Behind the Aegis May 2012 #21
everyone is racist ibegurpard May 2012 #16
That's it exactly Scootaloo May 2012 #22
A few weeks ago I got flamed here for discussing my own racial prejudice. Jim Lane May 2012 #27
lol on the money azurnoir May 2012 #18
In my experience people who say they don't see race are deluding themselves. limpyhobbler May 2012 #19
I think studies that do this sort of blanket crap are more harmful to racial issues than they are h YellowRubberDuckie May 2012 #24
What I first thought of when I saw your subject line krispos42 May 2012 #26
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