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Nye Bevan

(25,406 posts)
Wed Dec 16, 2015, 10:56 PM Dec 2015

As a child, did your parents/guardians tell you that Santa brought you gifts at Christmas? [View all]

61 votes, 6 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, and I'm happy that they did
50 (82%)
Yes, but I wish they hadn't
7 (11%)
No, but I wish that they had
1 (2%)
No, and I'm glad that they didn't
3 (5%)
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I am glad 100% agree with me GummyBearz Dec 2015 #1
My parent did not Beringia Dec 2015 #2
My first introduction to critical thinking nt Xipe Totec Dec 2015 #3
I do not remember specific talks about Santa from when I was young. Snobblevitch Dec 2015 #4
yes and around the same time logosoco Dec 2015 #5
My dad was a Santa liberal N proud Dec 2015 #6
Did you see your mommy kiss Santa Claus when you were a kid? meow2u3 Dec 2015 #36
Yes liberal N proud Dec 2015 #40
It was the first BIG lie. MasonDreams Dec 2015 #7
Death on Belief from The Hogfather hobbit709 Dec 2015 #12
That is it exactly. Pratchett is one of the wisest humans who ever was. nt Hekate Dec 2015 #25
For goodness sake! Dorian Gray Dec 2015 #30
It's also a good idea to teach one';s children the difference between dishonesty and speculation LanternWaste Dec 2015 #59
. RandySF Dec 2015 #82
I was a product of the times and the place. elias49 Dec 2015 #8
Nope, but they did not tell me about Hanukah Harry either nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #9
No, nor Mother Nature, nor Lady Justice, nor Libertas Bad Thoughts Dec 2015 #10
I was usually threatened with the Krampus. hobbit709 Dec 2015 #11
The Krampus is coming Dorian Gray Dec 2015 #31
They told us that if we peeked through Grandma's front curtians, Thor_MN Dec 2015 #13
My parents made me swear a blood oath Orrex Dec 2015 #14
Nope, as my family is Jewish sakabatou Dec 2015 #15
I figured it out at around 6 yrs Go Vols Dec 2015 #16
As a child I was told that I came from the cabbage patch me b zola Dec 2015 #17
Yes, Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #18
Yes, and I still managed to grow up to be a productive member of society. SMC22307 Dec 2015 #19
Unfortunately, the number of presents dropped off ManiacJoe Dec 2015 #20
Yeah. romanic Dec 2015 #21
Yes, although very early my critical thinking brought reality to bear. That being said underahedgerow Dec 2015 #22
I'm glad to hear you did that. My mom's impoverished childhood taught her the opposite lesson... Hekate Dec 2015 #24
Love this. peace13 Dec 2015 #34
yes, and we were not christians either JI7 Dec 2015 #23
Yes get the red out Dec 2015 #26
The stocking were the most important because Santa applegrove Dec 2015 #27
We always got an orange too. nt B2G Dec 2015 #45
Yes The2ndWheel Dec 2015 #28
Santa actually handed me presents. So, I merrily Dec 2015 #29
Childhood shouldn't be fun.... ileus Dec 2015 #32
Bingo. cwydro Dec 2015 #69
When my son was growing up each Christmas Santa had a special wrapping paper. peace13 Dec 2015 #33
Yes, and we watched him come up from the cellar and put our presents under the tree and drink milk boston bean Dec 2015 #35
Yes and I've got wonderful childhood memories because of it. Vinca Dec 2015 #37
Yes. I'm glad they did. bigwillq Dec 2015 #38
We made our gifts. tazkcmo Dec 2015 #39
I wish they hadn't, but it worked out okay in the end. Iggo Dec 2015 #41
kids need that... Javaman Dec 2015 #42
Big guy? Red suit? Drinks a lottta Coca Cola? Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #43
Sure. Never believed that crap and just made them liars though. whatthehey Dec 2015 #44
Yes...and no Maeve Dec 2015 #46
Of all of my childhood traumas (mostly my parents arguing, which I hated) believing CTyankee Dec 2015 #47
No, and we continued that tradition with our son. He was fine with it. We did Nay Dec 2015 #48
What's wrong with bringing some happiness to a child? Octafish Dec 2015 #49
What's wrong with honest happiness whatthehey Dec 2015 #54
What makes that more honest than mine? Octafish Dec 2015 #65
More honest than telling them Santa exists? Are you REALLY asking that??? whatthehey Dec 2015 #66
Gee. I guess that was dishonest of me. Octafish Dec 2015 #68
It's not a problem to me that you chose to create magic for your kids by needlessly lying to them whatthehey Dec 2015 #70
Thanks. I understand you now. Octafish Dec 2015 #72
Rude! nt PassingFair Dec 2015 #75
And I understood you already whatthehey Dec 2015 #86
My parents told me Santa brought me gifts at Christmas justiceischeap Dec 2015 #71
+1 n/t FSogol Dec 2015 #61
It made Christmas fun LibertyLover Dec 2015 #50
And when I figured it out, I was thrilled to keep the secret TexasMommaWithAHat Dec 2015 #51
You feel so important and grown-up. Nye Bevan Dec 2015 #52
Yep! TexasMommaWithAHat Dec 2015 #53
As a grownup, my dad STILL does. ScreamingMeemie Dec 2015 #55
I dimly recall it being fun, but wish I'd not been lied to. n/t Orsino Dec 2015 #56
No, they did it as adults. Iggo Dec 2015 #57
Started out with it but 2naSalit Dec 2015 #58
I thought Santa rode a Harley Facility Inspector Dec 2015 #60
Santa brought the stocking stuffers. Family gave the big presents. Tommy_Carcetti Dec 2015 #62
That Reindeer roast on the Christmas Dinner table must have come from somewhere. hunter Dec 2015 #63
I was a mall Santa for years Omaha Steve Dec 2015 #64
I was told Santa didn't exist mythology Dec 2015 #67
When I was a kid I believed that Santa SheilaT Dec 2015 #73
Sort of yes Zing Zing Zingbah Dec 2015 #74
Yes, and it made me happy. I just remember the sense of smirkymonkey Dec 2015 #76
Just have to say that dhol82 Dec 2015 #77
My 4-1/2-year-old great nieces like to pretend they are dogs and horses. greatauntoftriplets Dec 2015 #78
I don't think they did..... SouthernLiberal Dec 2015 #79
I thought it was the guy kissing mommie....... Historic NY Dec 2015 #80
Are we seriously going to have a Santa debate? RandySF Dec 2015 #81
The DU admins could add a clause to the site rules prohibiting that. Nye Bevan Dec 2015 #83
I wasn't scarred by it Liberal_in_LA Dec 2015 #84
Yes and I had a messed up childhood... a la izquierda Dec 2015 #85
No, My family is Buddhist yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #87
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