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Tue May 31, 2016, 05:54 AM May 2016

So is a new trend? (IMAGE WARNING: ROASTING PIG) [View all]

Yesterday my neighbors pulled out this giant metal box, filled it with charcoal, and roasted a whole Pig on there. I did not participate as I do not eat pork, but wondered if this was a new thing... instead of the back yard barbecue, having a ton of people over for a whole roast pig.

I know that fried Turkey was a thing for a while...but its too damn dangerous.. So..is this the new deal?
How many of you have tried this? I am just curious if this is a new trend...

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Done it!
40 (78%)
Never done it...
0 (0%)
I would never do it
4 (8%)
Cool! I would do it!!
3 (6%)
2 (4%)
I don't care what they do so long as the smoke stays outside!!
2 (4%)
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AUGH this needs a disclaimer, it is a horrible photo to see for people who love animals and Voice for Peace May 2016 #1
I agree, it's pretty disturbing to all the vegetarians and vegans. Quantess May 2016 #2
Think how us meat eaters feel when we see a salad commercial... Drahthaardogs May 2016 #73
I love that video! Quantess May 2016 #75
That's brilliant! PJMcK May 2016 #77
Ban all Salad-Shooters! nt JustABozoOnThisBus May 2016 #88
I love J.P. Sears! smirkymonkey Jun 2016 #124
Baked Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #137
Well Hell I know that but yuiyoshida May 2016 #3
I think mostly disturbing bc there wasnt a warning before. I know people eat pigs and I don't judge Voice for Peace May 2016 #25
Well the thing is the Pork is not all yuiyoshida May 2016 #30
Europeans brought pigs to the Americas and Native Americans loved them enough to fight braddy May 2016 #59
I note the heat is reflected; i.e., not directly over coals... Eleanors38 May 2016 #93
I am 60 and have attended Mojorabbit May 2016 #52
OK. I give up. Why is eating a pig more tolerable than a dog or cat? HERVEPA May 2016 #76
Because pig tastes better. Most likely. GoneOffShore May 2016 #81
I don't think that's it for most people. Probably the idea of eating what could be a pet, ... HERVEPA May 2016 #96
Agree, it was unpleasant. Give me animals already butchered Hortensis May 2016 #5
Bah! A HERETIC I AM May 2016 #9
In Hawaii and the Philippines I have eaten with them and they have pork like that yeoman6987 May 2016 #51
LOL! Of course the pig is dead, silly Person! A HERETIC I AM May 2016 #61
Lol. Reading my post again gave me a laugh. yeoman6987 May 2016 #62
Reminds me of the old Monty Python bit; A HERETIC I AM May 2016 #64
Pigs as pets 1939 May 2016 #23
aww Voice for Peace May 2016 #34
Good fucking Christ, really? TransitJohn May 2016 #65
Dear random GoodfuckingPoster of Gratuitous Insults Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #116
Warning: what you are about to see may be considered delicious lame54 May 2016 #66
at least you don't presume I am lacking my happy safe place. Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #115
Sorry GulfCoast66 May 2016 #69
it's common here on DU for people to be thoughtful and respect others. Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #117
I do not try to offend GulfCoast66 Jun 2016 #118
yes but you know, suffering does not qualify itself by the number of its nation. Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #122
Respectfully, it is food (n/t) PJMcK May 2016 #84
Says you melman May 2016 #103
all of us are food for something or someone eventually. Voice for Peace Jun 2016 #119
Oh good grief. Codeine May 2016 #97
Trigger Warning Ace Rothstein May 2016 #107
Not a new thing at all-- pig roasts go back millenia... TreasonousBastard May 2016 #4
space is right, they had about yuiyoshida May 2016 #6
Yeah, it is a messy thing to do. Another reason why... TreasonousBastard May 2016 #14
Well I am part Hawaiian Native yuiyoshida May 2016 #18
"The states"?! That's haole talk, that is. Hawai'i is The Islands, and the rest is the Mainland. Hekate Jun 2016 #112
I have asked them many times yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #125
It is called a "Pig Pickin" NT 1939 May 2016 #20
A friend of mine does this every year... BooScout May 2016 #7
The guys were there early in the morning yuiyoshida May 2016 #13
I remember going to pig roasts thirty years ago My Good Babushka May 2016 #8
Seems my neighbors yuiyoshida May 2016 #10
I went to a couple 40 years ago as a child (and was horrified) noamnety May 2016 #11
Its funny in Hawaii yuiyoshida May 2016 #15
cochinillo asado Downwinder May 2016 #12
Wow, that was interesting yuiyoshida May 2016 #35
Pitting a pig is a great way to roast, also. An Iowan tradition in the fall. marble falls May 2016 #16
That brings back some memories, Yui... jmowreader May 2016 #17
When I lived with a Hawaiian roommate many years ago he called it 'Luau Pig' pinboy3niner May 2016 #22
I'll have to try that one jmowreader May 2016 #29
As I said, my family is part Native Hawaiian yuiyoshida May 2016 #28
Looks Yummy! Elmergantry May 2016 #19
Years and years this has been going on. ileus May 2016 #21
Yes, and across all cultures that eat pork Warpy May 2016 #86
thank you Voice for Peace May 2016 #24
The tradition I'm familiar with is Quackers May 2016 #26
In Louisiana it's been part of Acadian (Cajun) culture for centuries. Amimnoch May 2016 #27
In NC it's called a pig picking jmowreader May 2016 #31
I knew about it in Hawaii yuiyoshida May 2016 #32
Originally from LA GulfCoast66 May 2016 #71
Very true! One thing us Cajuns know how to do is make use of every single part of anything Amimnoch May 2016 #83
We always GulfCoast66 May 2016 #87
Those cute litte tree creatures invited me to their "long pig feast"! Warren DeMontague May 2016 #33
Rubb Rubb!!! yuiyoshida May 2016 #36
I have been to pig roasts however I have never personally roasted a pig n/t gollygee May 2016 #37
Very old trend jberryhill May 2016 #38
I've known people to have pig roasts for decades Marrah_G May 2016 #39
I have never seen or heard of one yuiyoshida May 2016 #42
Maybe not totally regional, but perhaps cultural Marrah_G May 2016 #43
A Vietnamese friend does it, too. X_Digger May 2016 #101
I wouldn't do it in San Francisco Prism May 2016 #94
A friend of mine lives in SF. He has his own smoked meat and bbq business and hosts Luminous Animal May 2016 #95
Yeah, BBQs are ok. Prism May 2016 #99
Sounds fun, but... GulfCoast66 May 2016 #102
pig roasts been around as long as people have been hungry beachbum bob May 2016 #40
Hardly a new trend. My Mom's stepfather used to host a pig roast bigwillq May 2016 #41
In the south this is very common... S_B_Jackson May 2016 #44
Did it, but it was a covered pit in the ground and roasted overnight. NV Whino May 2016 #45
That's how my uncle always roasted a pig, in the ground. Then he'd chop it up into the best... ChisolmTrailDem May 2016 #46
We didn't BBQ, but it was darned good pig. NV Whino May 2016 #47
This is how my friend did it: panader0 May 2016 #58
We only went three feet NV Whino May 2016 #63
That's how I did it too. Big overnight party on Friday night, and The Fellas sat around the pit all cherokeeprogressive May 2016 #74
Have you ever seen this down in SoCal or LA?? yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #132
I've only ever done the pig thing in the southeast, but I've been to seafood bakes in NorCal. cherokeeprogressive Jun 2016 #138
I see...naruhodo yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #139
Ib brooklynite May 2016 #48
It bothers me that I could not get some of it to eat. GOLGO 13 May 2016 #49
lesson learned years ago....potential disaster if the weather does not cooperate dembotoz May 2016 #50
There is a case to be made that what you saw is the original and perhaps only tr backyard bbq. aikoaiko May 2016 #53
If it is a big party ripcord May 2016 #54
Seriously? You never have? tavernier May 2016 #55
+1 Hekate Jun 2016 #113
very popular in my area, and has been my whole life Amishman May 2016 #56
Never done it - I almost never eat pork, though. Don't get the fascination my partner has with MillennialDem May 2016 #57
I don't really like pork either. gollygee May 2016 #60
Would have done it back in college KamaAina May 2016 #67
Mmmmmm Roast Pork! Javaman May 2016 #68
roasting a whole pig has been part of american culture for a long time La Lioness Priyanka May 2016 #70
No. Pig roasts have been around forever. Philly-Union-Man May 2016 #72
We haven't done it quite like that MynameisBlarney May 2016 #78
We call it a Couchon de Lait down here ShrimpPoboy May 2016 #79
I went to one but I didn't look at the pig. phleshdef May 2016 #80
Looks yummy PJMcK May 2016 #82
Some people were offended by the image but yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #135
I think it's a new old thing. People have been eating animals since forever. nt thereismore May 2016 #85
I can't image a yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #133
We do it at least once a year, the whole pig on a huge motor-driven Sissyk May 2016 #89
That is so-o-o-o vulgar. Gotta have it. Eleanors38 May 2016 #90
Spanferkel baby. Ellipsis May 2016 #91
Once a summer, happily traumatizing small children Prism May 2016 #92
Not new. JEB May 2016 #98
Two cultures I'm either part of or close friends with do up pig roasts.. X_Digger May 2016 #100
I tried cooking a Pig in the microwave postatomic May 2016 #104
You win the thread yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #108
HAPPY to be a... LenaBaby61 May 2016 #105
Another method is to dig a pit and get a good fire going liberal N proud May 2016 #106
Ugh Liberal_in_LA Jun 2016 #109
Needs to be wrapped in ti leaves & wet burlap and buried in an imu filled with white hot lava rocks Hekate Jun 2016 #110
It would seem so but yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #130
As others have, this is an old time tradition. romanic Jun 2016 #111
don't usually have parties that large quaker bill Jun 2016 #114
It's called a Sparnfarkle in Wisconsin! Greybnk48 Jun 2016 #120
Thanks for that .... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #134
This is not a new thing at all... Glassunion Jun 2016 #121
i've not been invited to a whole roast pig picking before shanti Jun 2016 #123
I was not invited but it was yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #136
This was a regular thing when I lived in Miami dmr Jun 2016 #126
It's a 'rural' thing, very old Nac Mac Feegle Jun 2016 #127
add to this DonCoquixote Jun 2016 #128
Ever been to a luau? Islandurp Jun 2016 #129
Amazingly the answer is no. yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #131
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